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  • vipul_dragneel 14w

    People disguise themselves #brokenheart, #disguise,

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    चाह की आड़ में तूने मुझे है लूट लिया,
    अपने ही वजूद को मेने तुझे है सोप दिया।
    क्या न कर सका में जो मुझसे यू रूठ गया,
    सर झुका खड़ा तेरे दर पर ही टूट गया।
    झाक कर भी देखा न तूने मेरी हालत को,
    राह ताके तेरे दर पर भूल गया मेरी चाहत को।
    पलट के न देखूँगा ये मान लेना तू ,
    आह भर के रोता रहेगा ये जान लेना तू।
    अलग हुए रास्ते अब न तुझसे टकराऊँगा,
    जिस रास्ते से तू चला उस पर कभी न जाऊंगा।

  • hamallaxmi 34w

    she has disguise her
    Emotional trauma just
    To not let her enemy
    Use that against her,

    The barrage of evil
    Thoughts kept killing
    With the passage of the
    Sudden dolefulness

    She was dealing with
    the market full of anxiety
    Looking for happiness
    To sell her fears


  • paruma 35w

    Early morning while going on a walk
    By lane of a school building
    A creature I came across
    Divine knowledge he claimed to have acquired
    But an egotistic jester was he
    Drama I understood not hath he claimed
    But this whole life is a drama itself he reflected naught
    An education building he did own
    Yet he himself was an educated fool
    Judge not a book by it's cover
    Create no bias were the wise words he preached
    His deeds contrasting the words he spoke
    A live epitome did he show
    A narrow mind dwelling in a great place
    Quantity of people to him mattered with least quality

  • _desaiagraja 35w


    All round me are words.
    The words of wise,
    And some words of disguise.
    YOU get to choose
    on what to improvise.

  • likwidsay10 44w


    I play the innocent card
    By acting like a blonde
    I get ditzy, An' laugh at myself
    As I fumble my words
    An' things in my hands
    An' they laugh at me
    Because I'm so dumb
    Some people find
    Other people struggling
    To maintain, amusing,
    As in an awkward situation
    Where you're nervous
    An' you have sweaty hands
    Who needs a sword or shield?
    When you're master of disguise

    I had major loses
    Where I was hit so fucking hard
    I curled up in a ball
    An' hit the floor
    An' bawld cause it hurts
    So damn much
    I was just completely destroyed
    But I couldn't let it kill me
    I needed a brave face
    So I put on my makeup
    Red lipstick, black and red eyeshadow
    I'd dress in black an' white
    An' a black hat
    Cause I was a clown
    It's my own private joke
    On how I like to fool around
    An' play the fool
    I'd cover all the pain inside
    The corners of my lips
    Would turn upwards
    As the pain twisted my spine
    Who needs a sword or shield?
    When you're a master of disguise

    The world is all illusion
    If one truly could comprehend
    If they didn't want
    The extra attention
    Or their rejection.
    To disappear
    You'd need only to hide behind
    The myriad of illusions
    That surround you
    You'd blend in so well
    You could hide in plain sight
    An' no one would see you
    You'd watch them pass you by
    Who needs a sword or shield?
    When you're a master of disguise


  • purrrrr 46w

    I fear

    I fear to look into your eyes
    Because I know, I'll be fooled
    by your disguise.


  • anuradhasharma 54w

    अब तो तन्हाइयों में भी , यही सोचते रहें ।

    आपको खुशमिजाज रखे , कोई गुस्ताख़ी न करे ।

    और आपने तो सरे आम , हमसे धोखेबाजी कर डाली ।


  • seiana23 58w

    Hopefully you can connect ♾♾
    #personality #inner-voice #disguise

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    Heaven Can’t Take me Back

    Oh well, there you are, what do you plan to be today? The nice one or the mean one?
    Do as you please , said the mirror,
    I chose the nice one, smiling brightly
    Hiding all the scars.
    Help? You don’t need it, you have us,
    A thousand shades of yourself;
    With a countless personalities to merge, said again the mirror…
    Why do I prefer them over the others?
    They are me, with my conscience,
    They won’t judge or blame me,
    Neither they think of me as nuisance..
    After all they are a part of me,
    Created by every wound inflicted upon me,
    Each of them survive, within me, with a smile one their faces,
    Shielding the whimpering ME, out of messes,
    What? You gotta be nice. You chose me today after all,
    Yeah I know,
    In the end I chose not to fall.
    Heaven can’t take me back,
    Cause it’s the real ME that I lack…

  • lollipop71 66w

    #mask#disguise#hide picture courtesy of Pinterest

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    In Disguise

    The mask upon my face,
    Invisible to the blind eye
    I have worn for a long, long
    My life has been in disguise
    For far too long.
    The mask upon my face
    Is in the way of me
    Finding my place.
    No longer could I
    Hide behind the mask
    For my mind was ready
    To explode. Holding in
    All the pain and
    Disappointment was
    Possible no more.

  • anas_husain 71w

    She asked for poison
    But died of starvation
    Thats how cruel the world is.


  • teokannan 74w


    Every Advertisement is begging in disguise. Learn to say "No" to beggars.


  • anuradhasharma 76w

    नक़ाब का सही मतलब, रिश्तेदारों से ही बेनकाब होते है।

    कहने को अपने होते है, पर जानें कब गैरों में शामिल होते है।

    मीठी छुरी से कत्ल करके, झूठे आंसू बहाने में माहिर ये

    दो चेहरे रख़, उससे बख़ूबी निभाने वाले काफ़िर ये।

    बेवफ़ाई का सही वक्त, चुनने का हुनर कोई इनसे सीखे।

    परिवार होते हुए, अनाथ बनाना कोई इनसे सीखे।


  • deepflowsoul 80w

    I can only take it with a grain of salt while studying how to use it to my advantage.

    #field #poison #fertilizer #disguise #antidote #anticipate #acid #realize #healing #understanding #truth

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    You pass through my field
    With droplets of poison disguised as fertilizer.
    I anticipate this, and create an antidote
    That morphs your acid to realizer.

  • bleeding__words 86w

    A girl in her teens too naive to understand his malice intentions agreed on travelling back from home with her friend. That day at that place noone would've imagined, this horrendous act to take place..
    After that day she would refer him as the demon she should never have trusted.

    It was 9'o clock in the night they had yet to book the bus they were going to board.He stressed to buy the tickets on his own, maybe this is when she should have taken the hint.As they got on the bus she started looking for her seat number anxiously. It turned out he had booked no seats but a slipper instead.

    Suspicious about how things were turning, she pleaded him not to do anything.She tried to make him realise how wrong it would be to break somebody's trust.Could she have ran away or screamed and gathered people? Yes, but she sat there with a blank face still hoping he will understand since they have known each other from long.He assured her nothing will go wrong that he won't do anything stupid,it's just this was the last bus otherwise we would've got stuck .

    Surfing on their individual phones, it seemed the night is going to pass with calm.As she fell asleep,something came up on her and held her with force.She screamed and writhed in agony, people heard her screaming but didn't bother to help.Many times she panned the door yet noone cared to ask. She was crying with pain while he had tied her mouth with the drape. He deboarded the bus leaving her there all alone..Finding it hard to walk down she called her best friend for some help.

    As soon as she reached home with immense pain, she began sobbing uncontrollably. She was in complete shock how a delightful disguise can so spontaneously change into aggression.In state of despair, she missed on so much she could have done to save herself from this horrendous act.Initially it was all pain, then it turned into grief..

    After a while it became clear he had no idea the repercussions his actions had made on her.She began to hear stories he had passed to his roommates.He had described her in the most flighty manner.Often his roommates would sit and joke about what would she charge them. Her rape had became a reminiscence for them.They would often say, " it is not a rape in a typical sense" But isn't a NO enough to show the disagreement.

    He might have moved on to hurt some other girl but she somewhere misunderstood that intimacy for love.I tell her everyday it was her fault There was no need to be nice, then trust and then not taking stand for herself.He completely misinterpreted the whole situation and might have taken all this as some signals.

    After so many failed attempts to end her life, she changed into a completely different person..Someone who would prefer to push you away instead of telling you mean so much to her. She continues to live her life with self-blame,guilt and disguise.

    #rape #horrificrapestory #rapehorrorstory #haunting memories #letherspeak #horrific #guilt #nomeansno #disguise #self blame #pain #agony #horrendousact #shock #grief #disheartening #shewrites #rapestories #emotion#sad#sadstories #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Rape Horror Story

  • ladyraven 88w

    #mirakeeapp #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #poetcommunity #writerscommunity #poetry #womanwhowrite #poetrylovers #herthoughts #thoughts #heartbreak #brokenheart #deceit #betrayal #disguise #mask #sadpoetry #poem #writer #writing #poet #poetess #words #lies #inkedthoughts #poetryisnotdead #showman #writerscorner #writingcommunity #illusion #poetsandwriters #writerslife #writers #poets
    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Those positive glimpses
    Of you I thought I knew
    Turned out to be nothing more
    Than a thinly veiled illusion
    Masking who you really were
    For when the lights went down
    And all the smoke had cleared
    Your charming disposition
    Just like magic disappeared

    A clever master of deceit
    You were always very quick
    To redirect the conversations
    And would focus on the things
    You only wanted me to hear
    Your arrogance was showing
    As your mask began to fall
    And darkness covered many
    Of the faces that you wore

    Those glimpses were a front
    A showman in a costume
    For the audience to see
    Yet behind the velvet curtain
    Hides a very different scene
    The man I thought I knew
    Was just the devil in disguise
    Whose glittery act distracted
    From his trickery and lies


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  • good_soul 90w

    We live in an era where everyone dons a disguise,
    Deeds of the Devil, yet with the most Innocent Eyes.

    They wear distinct 'masks' to keep it all top secret...
    Trust Your Instincts before You ask, They can rob You of Your Intellect.

    Each Mask You see has it's own role to play,
    Some hide Broken Beauty, some are just for You to fall prey.

    Masks aren't only being used to prevent Corona Virus,
    Know that people wear some to hide their personas somewhat like this :


    People who save the day wear the 'Mask of a Hero'
    Making sacrifices yet smiling just like a weirdo.

    People who steal our hearts may wear the 'Mask of a Thief'
    Sneaking in and robbing us of our emotions and beliefs.

    People who work in darkness wear the 'Mask of an Assassin'
    Sadism and Inhumanity for Them has never turned old-fashioned.

    People who have a traumatic life wear the 'Mask of the Nightingale'
    Singing away Their miseries and sorrows,
    just like it's some exciting tale.


    This world's just a Grand Party, We all are playing Masquerade...
    Don't let things go unplanned, starting with not getting swayed.

    Learn to see through deceiving eyes, burn through Their souls if You have to
    Don't keep on believing lies, learn through the holes if you can't be in the classroom.

    Just don't forget that not every mask is a fake
    Respect Their life choices and atleast do not hate...

    For a Mask will say much more than the person in fact would....
    Leave a mark, drag Them to the shore, not to worsen but to only impact good.


    #mask #disguise #party #masqueradeball #venetianmask

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    M A S K S

  • krislyn 94w

    For love

    Did you hear that voice?
    Did you feel that love?
    Did you acknowledge the blessings showered from above?
    Now tell me,
    Did you know better?
    Did you look farther?
    Did you try to be a bit warmer?
    And after it's all said and done,
    when the tide has come and gone,
    Tell me,
    would you call yourself pure like a dove
    if you haven't but lived for love?

  • avatarable 104w


    She loves the rain.
    A perfect disguise for her leaking eyes.


  • ding_ding 104w


    Disguise is the best hideout


  • ladyraven 107w

    #mirakeeapp #mirakee #writersnetwork #poets #readwriteunite #writersofmirakee #poetry #poems #writers #wordsofwisdom #writing #trust #masks #deceit #disguise #thoughts #feelings #spilledink #hermind #womanwriters #brokenheart #poets #fake #poetrycommunity #poetrylovers #poetess #poetryisnotdead #bleedingsoul #lies
    Image Credit: Pinterest

    I wish we could trust
    All the people we meet
    Their intentions sincere
    Not masked with deceit
    But sadly so many
    That we come to know
    Turn out to be players
    Their virtue all show
    Their act is convincing
    So real at the start
    They string you along
    And toy with your heart
    You question and wonder
    How were you so blind
    Replaying each moment
    Again in your mind
    You have to remember
    That you remained true
    And realise that they
    Never did deserve you
    In time you get over
    The hurt and the pain
    You restitch your heart
    But it’s never the same
    There’ll always be people
    Who wear a disguise
    And mask who they are
    Behind well rehearsed lies


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