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  • keatsazla 27w

    To Be Saved or Not To Be Saved

    #distress #anxiety #dark

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    To Be Saved or Not To Be Saved

    by Keats Azla

    Turbulent, scarring waves,
    under the darkened skies,
    brutally intensified by
    the raging angry storm

    A wretched, fragile bottle
    filled with murky water, barely
    floats against the unpredictable
    currents and formidable winds

    Brimming with uncertainty and
    apprehension further rendered
    the disintegrating bottle,
    obscuring its navigation

    For light and safety.
    A buoy floats somewhere near,
    a guiding light, for those who are
    hopelessly waiting to be found.


  • the_euphoric_writer 35w

    The Stars had promised a Quiet Night

    The stars had promised a quiet night,
    They lied, I knew,
    They flicker when they deceive,
    They flickered tonight,
    I had hoped otherwise,
    Dread describes existence,
    Half-lit eyes, passionate,
    Yet the night is clamourous,
    Abounding stories of grief,
    Overabundant cries of plea,
    Seldom let me sleep,
    Tonight is no different,
    It's the same old page waiting,
    To be turned over,
    Yet the story never proceeds,
    Rather it fades,
    Into memories, into reflections,
    Scrambled, waiting to be solved,
    And somewhere amongst the pieces,
    I belong, of my own will, of my own accord.


  • nemesis_here 39w

    # crumpled #life #distress #autobiography @miraquill @writersnetwork

    ������Crumpled Carpet������

    I was woven by hands. String by string, they tied my parts and made me into one big carpet. I could smell that blood on their hands. The sight of bleeding scratches, that they got because of me, made me resent myself even before I came out in this world. Those hurt hands and those teary eyes made me think why am I even coming into existence? What's the point of all this hurt? Why should I hurt them just so that I could flourish? Why is it like this? I had no control over it. I mean, it isn't like I was asked about this. I always wanted to see this world with my own eyes and feel its beauty. But nobody ever told me about this side of the process. Those hands touched me and I felt their hurt. Those hands poked me with some needles and I endured the pain because I thought that if I turn out to be beautiful, they'll be satisfied. That did happened. I was finally woven into a very beautiful carpet. I had a peculiar scent of flowers. It was as if I was a carpet of flowers but just with a faint metallic smell that only I could notice. I was so soft to touch, as if I was a carpet of clouds. The smiles on their faces were ecstatic whenever they saw me. For all the time that I was there, those hands never healed. And the story continued.

    Now I'm just another carpet, not one of a kind, but amongst the crowds here. I'm a carpet lying here in the storage of an event planning company. And all that surrounds me is just darkness and this sickening scent of grease and soil. Ever since I came out from there and was taken away from protection of the hands that made me, I've always been trampled upon. I've always been trampled upon as if I never mattered and never ever will. They stepped on me with their pointy shoes, hurting me every time. They'd spill hot coffees on me or some icy drinks and won't even have a slightest sense of regret. I think I made a mistake for wanting to come here. Maybe I should never have asked for it. They hurt me so much. I was always there in their happy and sad moments but I don't think they even care. I was there when they were celebrating that birthday when a drunkard used a lawn mower on me. I was there when they had that grand wedding but I was the one who had to taste that champagne even when those broken glasses laid and pierced me. I was there when they were mourning and that man wept, laying his head on me. I was there when that man was shot in head and I had to soak in his blood. I never knew that this is what it takes to become a red carpet. Everytime I thought I had a purpose, they would give me more scars to remind me that I don't matter. If I'm not here, someone else will come to replace me. They all tell me silently with their looks that I'm repulsive. I'm covered in dirt, grease, blood and what not but no one's here to show me some empathy. There is not a single soul around to understand me.

    They say that I'm dirty now. They say they'll get rid of me. I know what that means...It means that I'm going down an incinerator and just like that my existence will remain unnoticed and I'll fade away into the ephemeral clouds of little things. But I'm not sad anymore. I don't know what my purpose was, but I served many feet. I got stomped upon thousands of times and I had bittersweet feelings too, but now when the end is near I don't regret this life anymore. I just think of those anguished hands that made me. They made me and in return I endured so much and I did all that I could. I believe this was my destiny. I just wish that the ones who will come to replace me will understand that even if we aren't shown any special attention or love, it's our responsibility to keep doing our thing, so that we don't end up creating a void. That it doesn't matters if our efforts go unnoticed, we simply can't stop.

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    Crumpled Carpet

    I just wish that the ones who will come to replace me will understand that even if we aren't shown any special attention or love, it's our responsibility to keep doing our thing. That it doesn't matters if our efforts go unnoticed, we simply can't stop.

  • navya_writes 47w

    Knock Knock

    Life often knocks on our door with a flush of emotions and reminiscence (good and bad).
    Some knocks are like treasure, highly valued, bestowing immense happiness.
    Some are unpleasant leading to distress.
    These knocks are beyond one's control.
    However, the ability to deal with it is under one's control.


  • mimzchishi 48w

    The Heart's cry

    Those inaudible voices that rambled through her,
    Nobody else hears it but her. She wonders;
    If at all, there is any, any who can hear her.
    Her deplorable cries.

    Those vicious noises, gradually trampled her entirely,
    Her already shredded soul.
    Consequently, converting her heart, from an enticing –
    To a treacherous one.

    This Damsel in Distress longs to embrace an exquisite love,
    As she stays Forlorn. Wondering:
    If at all, there is any, any who can bring back
    Her fatigue heart alive.

  • sayan21 49w

    Everything is readily available,
    Things getting easy,
    Still space....distress?!


  • iris_99 50w

    She is neither a masterpiece nor a disaster ,
    Living in the devil's den, lost all the sanity ,
    Holding back the pain and crawling deep inside the darkest nights,
    Found herself bleeding all the way ,
    Tears of distress with fizzling knees
    Her frail mind played tricks with her
    That she can never escape ,
    Falling deep into the ocean of darkness
    where the light can never set it's foot in...

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    #she #pain #mind #masterpiece #disaster #distress #devil

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    She is neither a masterpiece nor a disaster

  • intiza 51w

    The answers were all there in front of me,
    Woven into beautiful words in the beautiful Quran,
    That lied before my eyes, in my lap,
    It just needed to be read by heart,
    For, the first Verse revealed starts with "read"
    And that's where all the answers lie.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 64w


    The era of damsels in distress,
    is too old-fashioned to survive,
    life of girls is now a cacti of mess,
    she crowns herself with thorns with great pride.

    The pebbles that our society throws,
    getting slipperier with rules as she grows,
    so that she stumbles upon and rolls over,
    her feet plays with each of them as a means to acupuncture.

    Damsels today have worn the cloak of lionesses,
    battling with grace, splitting the situation that distresses,
    times when she needed a masculine back up have been left far behind,
    she is the backbone at home and work, has got the world inclined.

    The only thing she needs is respect, love, care & appreciation,
    the weapons of self-defence and sword of education,
    icy camphor of willpower with ignited flames of aspiration,
    she is the dark horse of the race on the boots of determination.

    #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #damsel #distress

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  • brokengypsysoul 70w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Upset

    #upset #wordprompt #oneliner #distress #words

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    His words caused her much distress

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 70w


    I found paradise in her soul,
    Though my life was distress.


  • recah_ 73w


    It was a night of unexpected events

    My guilt is so intense

    Truly, I had my regrets

    Pardon my foolishness

  • gutzwvw 76w

    As you are Lass

    Come without pageantry.
    Quite gallantly, speedily for sure.
    Detest the pencils and powders.
    Attest to my distress.

    The faces are like smoke.
    Formless, poking at me.
    Asking me to count to three.
    Can I not just live without you and me.

  • shrihari_nandini 77w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #govinda #shri #vishnu #darkness #light #war #between #myself #and #mind #come #lord #plead #request #terminate #distress


    Come before the Dark falls
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Come my Lord of matchless charm
    Fill me in your embrace which is warm
    Let me be a magnet to your feet
    And worry further not for my heaps of sins
    Come Oh Murare, vanquisher of my sigh
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    Oh Lord who measured the skies and the earth
    Infinity times who took various births
    You are birthless, yet you come for the poor
    You are the helper of the helpless in despair
    Come for me too, much dark is this night
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    When Partha lost his way, in the battlefield
    Out of grief, he approached your lotus feet
    When Vibhishan came, grieved by his brother
    You caressed the forsaken like a loving Mother
    Your feet are approached always by the wise
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    You took Rukmini at once, when she called you
    Only you are fit to be approached by hearts which are true
    I am a fallen one, my heart is fraught with lies
    Oh Merciful, still kindly heed to my plight!
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    My Lord above all, the child of Dashratha
    You are well known as Apath Bandhava*
    Your glories are our treasure, your feet are our life
    Pray make me a servant, to those elixir sans pride
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    *Aapath/Aapadh Bandhava means one who gets us out of our troubles and problems.

    If in this life, my darkness comes before he does to protect me, I will sleep surrounded in the darkness deprived of the light he is. If I am not able to see him before my eyes close in the darkness I have always been, my life, my each breath would be worthless, if he doesn't hear my plead to save me from this darkness, I don't know when next would I get a human birth to contemplate on him.

    This human birth is very very precious, use it wisely to sing his praise and come out of darkness for when it ends, you never know when you will be human again and be able to approach him for no other being can do devotion like a human until and unless he is graced by ShriBhagwan or ShriVaishnavas themselves.

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriKrishna

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Come before the Dark falls

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • hated_poet 77w

    Forlorn place for all;
    Mesmerizing the fall!
    The silhouettes ahead,
    Everyone in dread.
    I looked up at the caliginous sky:
    Alas! Moon's hidden-by
    No life, no pain, no gain- nothing to ratify.

    Conglomerate! Conglomerate!
    Earth's mingling- tear or joy?
    Conglomerate - vociferated 'The City f Joy'.
    Humans' destruction is visible:
    Epiphany of it is not feasible
    'Earth will be a purgatory!'

    Trees ceased their susurrus dancing,
    Winds stopped flourishing.
    I ran broadway! broadway!
    Struck by the quietude midway!
    Earth's an abandoned ship,
    The lustrous moon, hidden deep.
    Minutes hand slipped -
    Our destiny: nobody can predict!

    Tenebrosity, demonstrating the newborn new,
    No ploughing on the farm, amidst dew.
    Sundry cars parked,
    Dogs in the road barked.
    Everyone locked at home,
    No way to refuse this dome.

    Innocent people suffering;
    With dyspnoea, and tapering!
    No certainty of life and quietus,
    When the evil ambushes us.
    Dark! Dark! Spectral vignette,
    No moonlight, even yet.

    We are humans!
    Worshippers of Prometheus;
    We don't fear the darkness;
    And fight merrily, the ferocious.

    We will endure this belligerent fight,
    Until the exquisite moon sights.
    Infuse courage mates:
    Darkness will fade.

    We will fight
    Everyone will be alright!

    ~Anurag Saha

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee_reposts @writers_paradise #coronavirus #distress #misery #death #worldin2020 #2020

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  • 4walls_and_me 83w

    You are not

    If it is a mirage I hope you are not the image
    If it is the sky I hope you are not the clouds
    If it is the sun I hope you are not an eclipse

    Impeach my thoughts, cause you are not where you say

  • voices_as_thoughts 86w

    Betty's Kirtle

    She is a chef,
    she makes for others a smile,
    atleast three times a day,
    before she tends to her own taste buds
    She is expected to serve everyday of which now she has mastered
    even in her blues and distress, she seems more perfect.
    How she takes a fake spice to make a real taste and hence diffusion,is quite asking how
    her wages is deserving of an novel award and not coins
    Who directs but can't be seen?
    Who listens but can't be heard?
    No self rewards,
    and even what she makes, a smile, has been more or less on her own menu.

  • backstorypoetry 87w

    A poem can touch your heart with every single word that is written by the poet.
    If you have the patience to read it, you will realise the feelings of the person in it..
    Poem by Nidhi S Shetty

    Follow @backstory.poetry for more ❤️

    #trust #think #believe #believeinyourself #wine #shine #amaze #absence #gainallinvain #gloomynight #distress #desire #amaze #dreams #darkness #moon #sun #night #fragile #broken #believeindreams

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    Dim and dark the night seems
    Fragile and broken heart screams
    Shiny stars, vague and absorbed
    To accompany, the lonely sky sobbed
    Gloomy night never sort right!

    Enveloped amidst eerie inky cloud
    Hushed distress heard aloud
    Howling gale wither in dale
    Desire to gain all in vain
    Gloomy night never sort right!

    As old as wine, your intent shine
    Makes me amaze at your gaze
    Mighty moon your absence has no valence
    Gloomy night never sort right ; but
    Your presence can make it bright!
    - Nidhi S Shetty

  • dolencrisel 89w

    Distress just took a short-lived retreat. A vacation that was thought to be a forever; the only forever she believed in.

    Thinking it was long lost gone, she moved forward. Baby steps, one at a time. Cautiously gazing at each bump, analyzing each loop and looking through each turbulence. She was swaddled by a comfortable air of thoughts and assumptions. Thorns seemed like roses, horns seemed like halos and the burning flame appeared to be wings that could set her free. Optimism reigned over. What was thought to be an armor, was an impenetrable blanket of insecurities and fear. What was thought to be a wand, was a sword she readily bestowed upon the world to stab her blistering virtue. She was greeted by judgements and comments of everything that she was and of everything that she wasn't. Surrounded by labels, she battled her way through it all.

    Here she is now. Having a story to narrate, just like the rest of us. Despite constant visits payed by the pain she managed to put behind, she freely survives. Despite the persistent pricking of anxiety, she happily exists. She succeeds in bottling it up and let's the genie handle it. The charmed genie of her wisdom and understanding. Experience is undeniably the best able tutor. Content screams a loud laughter. Her lips, now, curl up to smile ear to ear. As she stands there, glaring at her reflection, she notices her scars, a trophy and a shield of immunity that embellishes. Spreading her charm is her favorite to-do list. She likes what she sees. She loves what she's becoming. And that makes her life worth living today!

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    Spreading her charm is her favorite to-do list


  • poetic_catastrophe 91w


    I've been staring at the mirror a little too much and lately, the reflection's been too unrecognisable; a face too void of smiles. I don't know if I've been a little too lost or lately, it has been hurting too much.