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  • _truesayings_ 20w

    कल तो जो कहते थे...
    मरने की फुर्सत नही

    आज वो फुर्सत में बैठ कर
    सोच रहे है जीना कैसे है।


  • a_sapien 37w

    We share the same sun,
    We share the same air,
    But they say
    We aren't same

    Our bloods are red,
    Our hands look same,
    We see with eyes,
    We move with legs.

    But they say we aren't same.

    What on earth, dispel these,
    What on earth,that power is,
    What on earth, makes them say-
    But we aren't same

    They said color, some said race,
    They said God, some said caste
    They said borders, some said flags,
    They said language, some said currencies

    I wondered then, I wondered now
    How they possessed,
    the power of its kind
    To divide, bleed and torture us.

    I wondered then, I wondered now,
    How they transcend across time 
    I went to past, deep and deep
    Just to find their why and how!

    Not so late, i realized that
    It's just a chain that hinders us
    It's just a cloud that blurs vision
    It's just a stone that blocks way

    A time shall come, as we see
    men born free, breaks them all
    For all of us, to be free
    Like a bird in open sky.

  • anuradhasharma 46w

    कुछ बेवकूफ़ , मस्ज़िद की गुंबद रोंधते है ।
    कुछ अक्लमंद , मंदिर की शिखर गिराते है ।

    अव्वल दर्जा पाने की इस हौड़ में ,

    उस अल्लाह , को जाने कितने आंसू रुलाते है !


  • amimmy 58w

    ना बांदो मुझे

    मेरी मौत के बाद किस तरहा मुझे मजहब की बेरियो में बानदो गे,
    किस तरह उस बेजान शरीर को बटवारा करना सिखाओगे,
    कैसे उस बन्द ज़ुबान से नफ़रत के अल्फ़ाज़ बुलवाओगे,
    किस तरह उन अंधेरों में डूबी आंखो को एक ओर भी गहरे अंधेरे कि तरफ ले जाओ,
    कैसे मेरी मौत के बाद मुझे मजहब कि तरफ और मेरे रब्ब से दूर लेके जाओगे।।

  • james_taumas 66w


    Streets under neon
    Rain can't wash clean
    Air a dirty cocktail
    Denizens wander
    Sanctuary in an alley
    Home wrapped in cardboard
    Residents look down
    Glass steel castles
    High rise views
    Sterile apartments
    Divided by circumstance.


  • sayarbadnaam 78w

    रुपये-पैसे, धन-दौलत, अपनापन, प्यार, यादें,
    ऐसी सभी चीजें, अलग अलग हिस्सो मे, लोगो में बाँट देना।
    कोई धोखेबाज निकल भी गया, तो कुछ तो बचेगा, तुम्हारे पास।


  • numerous_shades_of_poetry 80w

    Well this whole content is written by my sweet lil girl fiza khan asked for the copyright then posted ��

    I love and respect each and every religion ❤
    #religion #thoughts #divide #unite #love #god #poems #writings #one #prompt #original #hindu #muslim #writingprompt #poetrylove #mirakee #mirakeeposts

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    बुरा कौन ?

    मैंने गंगा माँ की गोद मे जन्म लिया
    उस माँ की गोद में बचपन गुज़ारा है।
    मैं आरती , भजन भी गाती हूँ ,
    मैने नमाज़ को अपनी रूह में उतारा है
    दुआ की फरियाद करने जब एक हिन्दू ,
    ख़्वाजा के दरबार आ सकता है ।
    तो मैं अपनी फरियाद लेकर केदारनाथ भी जा सकती हूं ।
    तुम यू लड़ते रहो "अल्लाह और भगवान" के नाम पर ,
    ये दोनों ही तुम्हारे है ।
    मैंने होली पर गुजिया भी बनवाई है ,
    दिवाली पर लड़िया भी लगवाई है
    और उसने मेरी ईद पर सिवईयां भी खाई है ।
    तुमने तो रंग को भी बाँट दिया ,
    लेकिन ये तिरंगा कैसे बाँटोगे?
    किसी का मज़हब नही होता बुरा !
    किसी का मज़हब नही होता बुरा !
    बुरा इंसान होता है ।
    कुछ कहना है तो इंसान से कहो
    उसके मज़हब पर क्यों कहते हो ।
    मत लड़ो ,
    मत लड़ो आपस में टूट कर बिखर जाओगे ।
    अल्लाह और भगवान को बांटने वालो
    तुम उनका नाम लिये बग़ैर ही मरजाओगे ।

    (लेखनी फ़िज़ा खान द्वारा )

  • loftydreams101 81w

    Prayers of the Overthrown

    Royalty slipped through their fingers
    Like coursing sand
    Dispersed among the dunes
    In the fleeting days past

    There are smoke columns rising
    From the wires in their minds
    All frayed and alight
    Chasing reveries from shadow

    Now they yearn to climb,
    And dream to reel back time
    As they pace for a cure
    Or a signal to revolt

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • purpleenigma 83w

    I did not originally intend on this piece sounding at all like political commentary or statement but rather a brief insight into current climate from my personal perspective (and here's hoping that I do not cause offence as this is certainly NOT (bold, underlined) my intention). #mirakee#mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writershub #writerstolli #writersreadersunite #writersunite #unity #divide #division #perspective @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Can we please not say
    That this
    All of this
    Is for
    We're tearing ourselves apart
    The very fabric of life itself
    We might be unravelling our hearts
    Only to create a mangled mess
    Where hatred and ignorance
    Dance, hand in hand
    Please don't tell me that this is unity
    When the divide is growing
    Day by day.


  • loftydreams101 84w

    An Old Plague's Fury

    Feels like this age is a viper
    Winding around
    The strained effort of my lungs

    Marooned to this place,  
    Sick and enraged   
    Sweeping out the embers   
    Of an old plague’s fury

    Seems like we’re undone  
    Swallowed by the mire
    Snarled in its reeds
    Where we’re claimed by rust

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • alpha_writes 96w

    Money and Love

    Separated by more than 9000 miles ...
    Miles wouldn't have mattered as much as money did

  • pa_luck 105w


    They categorize everything
    classify anything that exist
    in a catalogue, even if it's about nihilism.

    Symmetry isn't always on show
    while everyone's a sheriff
    with a self owned governance.

    Draw partitions on pages
    as ruled by boxes within a brain
    and chambers dividing the heart.

    Trying to sort a mess in mind
    pack people in pockets
    and store sentiments in a casket.

    Define and deny at the same time
    the completeness of a circle
    that surrounds yet suffocates.

    Bench boundaries over infinity
    which they can't tame and take
    as a facade or a face, that ain't a fact.

    Talking about shades, that are shapeless
    they can still sketch differences
    which outlines a lie, beneath their truth.

  • prodyumno 109w


    Peaceful protests turned into dreadful nightmares
    WhatsApp University & Social Media doesn't cares
    Every attempt is being made to oppress
    Opposition playing politics to impress

    Rouge & paid elements won't dilute this fire
    Diversity unites as a weapon trying to inspire
    The disease of violence,vandalism and hatred
    Used as an opportunity for earning corrupt bread

    Real burning issues are crying for attention
    We are still questioning student's intention
    Protesters are being portrayed as the guilty party
    Development of this nation is whose responsibility?

    Taxpayer's money going down the drain
    People are literally losing their brains
    Destruction of public property isn't the way
    Right and left forces will be always in play

    For centuries this game has been played
    Divide and rule policy again being laid
    Common man is always the ultimate loser
    As the game of chess continues among rulers

    In the modern age of digital automation
    Funny how difficult it is to verify information
    No one has the knowledge of complete facts
    None listen & think, everyone wants to react

    Social media dictates the holy grail of knowledge
    Chaos created by the insanity of the misguided
    People & media being used continuously as pawns
    Common man looking forward for a better dawn

    Married yesterday, divorced today, such is politics
    We can disagree vehemently & still be best friends
    Almighty doesn't care about my faith & beliefs
    Who are you to label others as anti- nationals/etc..?

    We are struggling to take care of 136 billion people
    Humanitarian grounds urge us to adjust some more
    Either take everyone or none, seems logical to some
    Why the burden should fall on the Seven Sisters?

    Demonetization didn't have a demarcated plan
    Likewise execution of CAA + NRC looks the same
    From influx control to distribution of resources
    Seems to have no real plan for seamless execution!

  • emyflorencemoses_ 113w

    One man's silver is another man's diamond
    One man's brunch is another's daily meal
    One child's pocket money is another's family income
    Oh humankind, who created money to divide you?


  • tearfulgarden 115w


    still sleep
    on you're

    my love

    it may
    be blind

    my love

    but at least
    it's not


  • slytherousrebel_ 120w

    WHAT IF?! [2]

    What if all the rulers are fake
    All the sinners are the saints

    All the people living in the same world
    But divided by cast and crew

    The richers are sad
    The poor is happy

    All the silver , all the diamonds and the food
    Those gold castles , those beautiful palaces

    Oh! I beg of no use
    Until you are happy or content


  • ghaxi_mohammad 123w

    Lurking from their mighty chair
    They seized our napes of creed
    Made us fight amongst us
    And caused our country to bleed

    Religion was their weapon
    They rose up by every step
    Imbued in the spirit of blinds
    Dogma of violence in depth

    Enemies of each others lives
    Two major groups appeared
    Covered with sectarian blinds
    Were their eyes and ears

    Massacred each other mercilessly
    Polluted this land of peace
    Be it women or children
    They did those horrendous deeds


    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersofmirakee

    #politics #divide #rule #poetry #poems #englishpoetry #poetryporn #poetsofmirakee

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    Lurking from their mighty chair
    They seized our napes of creed
    Made us fight amongst us
    And caused our country to bleed

    Religion was their weapon
    They rose up by every step
    Imbued in the spirit of blinds
    Dogma of violence in depth

    Enemies of each others lives
    Two major groups appeared
    Covered with sectarian blinds
    Were their eyes and ears

    Massacred each other mercilessly
    Polluted this land of peace
    Be it women or children
    They did those horrendous deeds

  • sparklingteja 133w


    Every element that divides people has been opposed with a strong voice but not the Money.


  • jeitendra_sharma 133w

    ants, ain't a metaphor.

    a massive crack
    opened up
    after an earthquake
    the two colonies of ants
    get separated
    it is so heartbreaking and painful
    to see each other on different sides
    Just like two brother countries
    divided in the past
    and now looking at each other
    through the fencing wire
    which they can't cross,

    ants call for the meeting
    all wise ants are invited
    and so the audience
    young kids and adults
    all are waiting curiously
    for the wise solution
    but they couldn't find it
    how to fill the pit
    which seems to be endless in depth
    so dark that kids fear to go nearby,

    all kinds of stories are being whispered
    it is the wrath of God
    the ant God is angry
    so he cursed the land
    now we have to live separately
    he wants us to go in different directions
    we should follow the commands of God
    all wise ant praised the God
    and decided to follow the path shown by God,

    and the rumor spread like wildfire
    that other colony ants are responsible for it
    they started blaming each other
    and throwing all kind of stuff on other sides
    it started a war and killings
    they became so bitter of each other
    that they had put all their efforts and energy in it
    slowly slowly the young ants started dying
    and the population reduced drastically
    the old ones stayed back as they can't fight
    and children are now hungry
    a great famine at the doors,

    and one day a flying bird
    who was watching all this
    thought about the solution
    picked a small stick and
    went near the crack
    placed it on it like a bridge
    the bird did it few more times
    now the bridge is ready
    an old ant was watching this from far
    he understands the situation
    and called for a bilateral meeting
    all gathered near the crack
    and old wise ant who was sitting near the bird
    cleared his throat and said
    God has given us a solution
    see there is a bridge
    now we can go through it
    it had fallen from the sky
    if You don't believe me ask this bird
    who has seen it happening from above
    the bird nodded a yes
    all ants cheered and now they came on one side
    hugged each other, the festival was organized
    they shared their food and sorrow
    they have forgiven each other,

    the old wise ant thanked the bird
    request him not to share the truth with anyone
    bird agreed and take his leave
    all ants start working together
    everything was fine now
    peace had taken its place
    they built a temple nearby the crack
    the old wise ant ask them to keep
    some food materials near the temple area
    as an offer to Almighty God
    in return of his favor
    all agreed, ant aksed bird to accept it
    as a goodwill gesture
    both smiled and lived happily afterward,


  • acksmack 139w


    The cross
    Symbolic of sacrifice
    Less attention to detail
    Poor and privileged alike
    Suffer under humanity's spike
    Piercing the deepest flesh
    Full of unrest
    We all strive to survive
    War rages across
    Distant sands made of plans
    Laid bare without secrets
    There are no hidden corners
    Of the world anymore
    No choices of individuality
    Young and old
    Too many bargains sold
    Outside our own fears
    We find strength and purity
    A small piece of
    Life's adventure and glory
    Endowed at birth
    An illegitimate worth
    Of a thousand dreams unfurled
    Piece by piece
    Dashed against jagged cliffs
    Like so many streaming stars
    We look beyond prison bars
    For hope gestating and waiting
    To be free once more
    This is the time to act
    To take back what's lacked
    For generations back
    The pain of the rack
    That stretches our senses
    Beyond what's realy real anymore
    The love lost long before
    When connections had value
    Along the path
    To righteousness and lore
    When dignity matters
    No more faith
    For what's in store
    Darkness and despair
    Untimely and torrent
    Storms encircle us
    As the world divides
    Building walls outside
    Expensive and tall
    Too much pride
    Before the fall