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  • amyers 3d

    I still remember you.

    I still remember the first time I picked you up.
    Your eyes were barely open.
    I knew you were the one when I saw you eat so much you couldn't stand. You were fat.
    You always looked in my eyes, you never felt afraid.
    I saw wonder, hope, and love in your eyes.
    Those pretty green and gold eyes.
    You were the perfect shade of blue.
    I'll always love you.
    You saw every tear, cut, bruise, and scrape.
    You never looked at me differently. I always looked in your eyes.
    I adore you. I still talk about you.
    You laid next to me on my darkest nights.
    You let me hold you tight and cry while I hugged you.
    You were the gentleness I needed.
    I'll never know another love like that.
    Your love was true, painless, and endless.
    You were perfect in every way.
    I still think of you. You're a household name.
    You stayed there for me.
    You left me when I was ready to bloom.
    But I'll never forget you.
    The lump In my throat grows, because I miss you.
    A best buddy never came in a truer form.
    I love you.

  • porcupine 1w

    Sam the Bull Mastiff

    The giant sitting over there
    Sam was her name
    A very large dog
    But she was very tame

    Docile and gentle
    Bull Mastiff is the type
    Not with us anymore
    She could no longer fight

    I only knew her briefly
    But I miss her greatly
    Now in doggy heaven
    But remembered infinitely

  • porcupine 1w

    Bo the Rottweiler

    Here is Bo

    On his back
    Having a nap
    Very relaxed

    My sisters dog
    Laying like a log
    But it's not odd

    Great company
    Listens gladly
    He's quite dandy

    He ran away
    One summer day
    Now a stray

    I really miss Bo
    Why did he go?
    We may never know

  • porcupine 1w

    Jonesy the dog

    I have a great picture
    Of a small creature
    Black and white features
    He couldn't be sweeter
    To get petted he is eager
    He has the best teachers
    He is now a senior
    Now known as a geezer
    He is getting weaker
    I hope he never gets a fever
    He is so much more neater
    Than other canine slipper eaters
    Visiting him is just a teaser
    Though I only go at my leisure
    Jonesy meeting you
    Has been my pleasure

  • nishiiiii 2w


    After all the battle of betrayal with this human world
    I finally found the one, my only friend
    He licked my tears and hugged me with his paws
    He loved me no matter how less attention I could give him
    He is and he will be my best friend forever

  • _desaiagraja 6w

    I wake up at 4 sometimes,
    Just to vist the beach before sunrise.

    Also me writing this little piece right here⤵️

    Every weekend got different stories
    Let me tell you one of mines

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    Winter weekend!!!

    The clock ticks six,
    And the alarm bell rings.
    As i curl up in the blanket little more,
    10 mins later the snoozed alarm rings n roar.
    And there I got into real struggle,
    The struggle to get out from the blanket,
    Because it's a winter weekend.

    I wake up,
    Freshen up,
    Drive to the beach near by.
    As fast as I can,
    To not miss the rising red sun,
    And the chirping black birds.

    As the cold breeze passes by,
    I stretch the sleeves beyond my palm,
    And lock both my hands around.

    The palm tree and the plants,
    I love to see.
    The golden brown dog came running to me,
    His dark brown eyes stealing the hearts,
    And the tongue tucked out from his mouth.
    As he curled up in the beach sand lump,
    I ran against the tidy wavy beach hump.

    And as the clock ticks 11,
    Indeed what a dream I wonder,
    Oh no! And i did not wake up.
    I stretched my blanket over my head,
    And I warned them
    "no one is waking me up till 1pm"
    Because who gets out off the bed!
    When it's a winter weekend?

  • unnatural 9w

    Not sure how good the vocab and grammar is ��������
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    #english #poetry #loyalty
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Was walking alone on a scary night,
    Not sure of a path which is right,
    Indeed, there was moon light.

    Felt a sense of touch on my behind,
    "RUN RUN RUN", gossiped the wind.

    Pounding heart told me there is something,
    Hell, I was feeling everything.

    Turned around to see what was it!!!
    Happy to see it was my "CRIT".

    BTW, You know who is CRIT?!!!
    He is my friend's DOG ❤

  • porcupine 10w

    Jonesy is a shark

    Jonesy in the photo
    Taken at Halloween
    Is dressed as a shark
    And he looks very sweet

    All made up
    Halloween night
    He's such a cute pup

    In the photo taken by my friend SJTS Jonesy looks so nice

  • porcupine 10w

    Halloween for Storm

    Storm a tiny little dog I know
    She's dressed up for Halloween
    As a big ferocious dinosaur
    In the photo it can be seen ,
    But , if you knew her personally
    She is anything but mean

  • sunseeker 11w

    For all the wonderful doggies and their existence who are overlooked �� ��

    "������ ������, ��'�� ������������������."
    ��'�� �� ������������ ��������,
    ���������������������� ��������, ����������������,
    �� �������� ������������, �� ��������,
    "������! �� ���������� �������� ���� ������������������ �������������� ���� ������ ���������� "

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    A silent song

    Lingering lifeless lights,
    In sunniest sands,
    Unsung, unnamed, shunned by delight,
    Cold winds, lend tight hands,
    Battling bitter abyss with white eyes.

    A shaggy nomad,
    Etching empty lilies,
    Shaky whiffs, clad,
    Stun the sillies,
    Yet, woof my heart.

    Honour hearty vows,
    Sweet Pats, promisingly poured,
    Worldly lords, I bow,
    Twirl with ticks on floor.

    "You say, I'm worthless."
    I'm a silent song,
    Sermonizing love, wordless,
    A holy fondle, I long,
    "Aye! I shall rule as whiskered warrior of all souls "

    ↬ sunseeker

  • alltimefamished 13w

    Dogs are man's best friend

    It was pretty dark. The street lights were almost down, and the only light she had was her phone light.

    A guy walked to her. She was frightened but was holding the pepper spray for her safety.

    Even before she could react, the street dog barked loudly and gathered all the other dogs.

    He was surely a new person in the street.

  • porcupine 17w

    Coco (R.I.P.)

    The little dog Coco
    She was a friends dog
    Such a cute animal
    Definitely not a bulldog

    Her owners loved her
    She was so adorable
    Sadly she had to leave
    It made them feel horrible

    I wish I knew more of her
    I only seen her occasionally
    But I can guarantee this
    She is still loved endlessly

  • porcupine 19w


    This is Scruffy
    Having a sleep
    Such a cute puppy
    Don't make a peep

    Dogs always love their
    Napping and resting
    Better leave them be or
    Their patience will be tested

    What I have seen of Scruffy
    That he is very alert
    On his walks exploring
    Sniffing in the dirt

    Always on the lookout
    For something new
    Glancing all around , maybe
    Some bad guys to chew

    He seems very calm
    And relaxed usually
    His owners must be proud
    And love him truly

  • beyond_closed_eyes 20w

    I'll wait for you

    Did you forget about me?
    Cause I feel very lonely, What a tragedy
    I remember the day we first met each other
    It was because of your mother and father
    It was on your birthday
    I still remember that day
    We grew up together
    I wish those days would've lasted forever
    I remember when you fell and scraped your knee,
    You were crying hysterically
    Time flew by so fast, do you still remember that?
    The day you started school was sad for me and you, cause i couldnt see you and it made me feel blue.
    Now you started high school
    And it seems like you don't have time to play
    It's okay, ill wait for you everyday.
    College is around the corner and we still haven't played
    It's okay maybe one day.
    Now you left to school again, i really do miss my old friend.
    Months went by and you came home from school vacation
    I'm ready this time, let's have a celebration.
    Your vacation passed and you didn't play with me again. Now I know i might of lost my best friend
    It's okay I'll wait for you till the end .
    Days passed by and I'm not feeling so good
    I hope you'll come down from school
    So we can play again, best friend
    and make amazing memories again
    As I lay on the ground sick
    I just want to give you one last lick
    But I'm guessing this is it.
    Did you get mad at something I did?
    Did i act bad when you were a kid?
    Was it because I peed on the door ?
    Maybe that's why you don't love me anymore?
    Im sorry if I failed you as a friend
    hopefully one day I can see you agai.........................

  • ekaantvoice 21w

    अपना वही जिसने वक़्त बदला
    मग़र वो बदला नहीं

    Rahul Prajapati

  • bharathkoli 24w

    Saw cute lil pups, so tiny n small, two playful and one's so silent. It explored every small grass, leave and overturned cups, gave them some water and had lil fun. Had no heart to leave them then and there.. If I had taken them, I will be banned forever.
    Just a small spill...❤
    #dog #puppy #post

    Comment your dog name if you have one.. Share to all dog lovers and tag them.

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    Hit by love

    Three cute lil pups random, can make your day awesome
    Had some biscuits with water, they chased me a day longer.
    They knew me right then, came the bonding lasting
    Do they have only pure hearts to love forever!
    Named them Phil, Jack n Jill(actually tommy) they chased all over the hill.
    Will see them cuz the highway's near.
    Will last in my heart forever and ever.

  • alone_ 24w

    It's bad

    Now that I break up, I wonder with whom should I fight.

  • bibliophile3 25w


    The fest began with lot of fun,
    Making the sun shine and grin,
    I shout and say it’s your day,
    My little paw partner Cookie’s birthday,
    So I rejoice and play some music,
    We can all have games and cake,
    it’s you made my life the happiest ..


  • porcupine 26w

    Two friends

    Two of the best pets
    A big fluffy black cat
    And a large gentle dog

    The cat was very calm
    The dog would always yawn
    Walking together on the lawn

    They really loved each other
    As though they were brothers
    Like they had the same mother

    The cat has the very sharp claws
    The dog some very strong jaws
    But both had feet called paws

    They shared the same treats
    Took turns on the comfy seat
    A friendship that's hard to beat

    Waiting up above the ground
    The cat perched ready to pounce
    Surprise the dog as he looks around

    The dog liked chasing the cat
    The cat jumped on the dogs back
    Teasing each other like brats

    I miss them both so very much
    One more time to see and touch
    I will always love them a bunch

  • supasesh 26w

    wondering around my room, as if perplexed by what they're seeing, like they havent been in my room countless times before,
    i beacon for my bed; a slight two tap on the sheets, and for a moment that should have been brief, was extended by their wondering gaze meeting mine,
    And so they turn, and walk to the window, head barely breaking the windows ledge, to see all the grey faces

    again, my hand softly taps the sheets twice, prompting them to come sit on the bed, but it goes unaswered,
    so i join them, slowly getting up and walking to the window,
    "one of those days?" i ask, yet met again with only wondering eyes.
    "yeah me to", i continue.
    and so me and my dog sit by the window,
    and today, we both see the world in grey


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    Today, we can be lonely together