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  • porcupine 6w

    A poem about dogs

    Dogs are a great thing
    Spending time together
    I can't think of anything
    Better in stormy weather

    Some dogs do not like
    The loud booms
    And owners too I think
    Want to hide in their rooms

    You comfort the dog
    The dog comforts you
    You pet the dog calmly
    The dog protects too

    Side by side
    As the clouds clear
    Both you and the dog
    Together facing your fears

  • porcupine 16w

    The dog days

    My Coco was an amazing dog.
    Even though her life was cut short.
    She'll always be in my heart
    Shes has a lot of people in heaven who she can go say hi to.
    My dad and my aunt Sandy loved her so much.
    She was so cute and adorable.  I will never
    Forget how she used to fill my heart with joy. 
    Oh , how I miss her so much. She was just the best. She'll always be my number one.
    Coco always made me feel better. She loved
    Me as much as I loved her and we played all the time. Those were her favourite times.
    She loved to play at bedtime , I tried to tire her out so she would have a good sleep.
    I will never forget her as long as I'm alive.
    I cant wait until it is my time and I can see her At the pearly gates of heaven. She'll be the first one to run and kiss me I cant wait for that moment.

    My favourite pet was a rottweiler named
    Bear. He was an amazing animal. Such a friendly dog. Loyal and devoted. I was only nineteen years old when he came to me. Right away I knew he was special. He was smart and intelligent. He loved everyone he met.
    He enjoyed going with me everywhere too. He knew all kinds of words and phrases. He was protective of ones he loved. He looked mean but he had the gentlest nature to him.
    He wanted to be friends with any dog he met.
    He disliked yelling and swearing. I could put him in any situation and he was mellow and calm. He loved his dog biscuits and pigs ears.
    And his favourite toy was a tennis ball.
    He collected assorted bones for years and saved them in his cardboard box.
    He liked stuffed animals too. He enjoyed tearing them apart and pulling out the stuffing.
    I wish I could see him again. He is in the heavens now bringing joy to everyone there.
    One day I will see him again and I will be so happy.
    Until then Bear....

    This is a poem by my friend SJTS and I.

  • singhsahil 19w

    I walked of my house for some fresh walk. Someone sitting on my lawn. She was a bit shy, she was young, like a kid. I went towards her, sat down with her and as she tried to run away, I patted at her back and let her know I won't hurt her. She quickly understood, and started running around me and eventually went away happily.

    The next day she came again, this time she was at my door. She looked eager, I couldn't get it at first, but looked like she was hungry. As a kid I was afraid what should I give her. I took a plate and gave her some biscuits. She took of some of it happily. She started running outside my door to and forth again. She was so cute.

    She came like this everyday and I now after a week, I couldn't resist it. I asked my parents if I could bring her. They asked me, "what is so special about her?". I didn't give any heed about it. But I had to wait for some days.

    I went out that day and didn't find her in my lawn. I was confused for a moment. But I saw her yelling on the roadside. She was yelling at a girl who was subconsciously walking in the middle of a very hectic road as cars went one by one continuously. Her size didn't allow her to go up and save that girl. My adrenaline kicked in and I stormed into the way the girl was walking in from the other side of the road. A car coming in fast towards her and I leaped, grabbed that girl and jumped off to the other side of the road with her, falling on my back hard. The car driver stopped his car came out and stopped the cars coming in. They picked the girl up. The girl broke out in tears, because she was trying to commit suicide on the road by getting hit by one car.

    I got up and looked for my visitor, she wasn't anywhere to be found. I saw a big car on the side of the road I came from, stood and two men were looking down in front of the car in a very tensed manner. I sensed something really bad. I got up, and ran towards the both men, and I saw something I never wanted to see.

    Lara, the puppy used to come to my home everyday, have biscuits, play with me, we really had great time. I loved this little creature from the bottom of my heart. And she proved her love for me, when she ran off the road to save me from getting hit by the cars while saving the girl. She barked at the girl, but for me, she didn't had second thoughts. She sacrificed her life for me. I was broken, seeing her lifeless in front of me. I was teary eyed. I cremated her. My heart was proud of this little queen. Dogs really are the best creatures on this planet.

    #dogs #pets #animals #love

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  • abhayrao 20w

    Pets haiku

    Talented dancers
    Mischievous spirits of old
    Hearts filled with love

  • loudestwhisp3r 20w

    Love To Me

    I look at the photo, frayed on the edge
    Sitting on the dusty old wooden ledge

    I can never forget, Those wonderous eyes deep as the sea.
    That toothy grin, which meant the world to me.
    Those warm sunny afternoons under the shade,
    When will these memories ever fade?

    I still can never forget, The long walks under the canopy,
    Those lovely days by the sea.
    Your head in my lap, my fingers through your hair
    Why does my heart feel lost and bare?

    I still can never forget, The twilights we spent mindlessly running around,
    Playfully chasing you, fun simply knew no bounds.
    All those little treats, the carefree squeals...
    It was pure ecstasy.
    Memories of the wagging tail of my puppy-eyed, furry Huskey.

    Whenever someone asks me?
    That is love to me



  • rinmawia 20w

    Things that are toxic but often given to DOGS

    1. Chocolate
    2. Onion
    3. Garlic
    4. Caffeine (Coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc)
    5. Xylitol (Toothpaste, jelly, jam, pudding, etc)

  • ehsaas007 27w

    Dogs in the Winter

    Through the gusty winds and the cold breeze..
    Through the chilling nights when water gets freezed..
    They sleep in the open nothing to cover up..
    Shivering in the cold no one to look them up..
    Still in the darkest nights they protect us
    And get pelted with stones if they look for food from us..
    Living out there like a Saint in the woods..
    Nothing to fear and nothing to lose..
    Lend them helping hand in these winters guys..
    For they are the best friends you ever think in disguise..
    Leave them a cloth to sleep upon
    And something to eat they can live upon
    And feel the happiness in their eyes
    Lets be the Human they look for right!

  • sayarbadnaam 27w

    People like Dogs
    But remember !
    Dog's are loyal
    and Bitch too.
    Choose wisely.


  • porcupine 28w

    All the cats and dogs

    I want a large open field
    For all the stray dogs
    With lakes to have a swim
    And trails to go on jogs

    I would like lots of trees
    Stray cats would like
    With branches to perch on
    And hills to go on hikes

    Together cats and dogs
    Living in harmony
    Both running and jumping
    Forever open and free

  • sword_x 30w

    Made for each other

    One day i noticed that my dog is limping, he was having pain on left hand. So i decided to take him to the hospital next day. I applied leave for next day and left for home. On the way i met with an accident and my left arm got fractured. I came home with a plastered hand. My mom was like you were coming to take care of his left hand and now both of you guys left are injured. I replied her "That's y we are made for each other"

  • ehsaas007 31w

    An Appeal

    Dear Readers,
    Hope you all have been doing good!
    Just a Reminder..the winter is all set to drop down the mercury to the lowest..i request you all to help these stray dogs in fighting the chilling cold in night..just drop a cloth or a jute bag or any piece of cloth near by such stray dogs that can help them alleviate the suffering..and see the happiness you get while doing so..Earn blessings..just do it!

  • alltimefamished 35w

    Dogs are man's best friend

    It was pretty dark. The street lights were almost down, and the only light she had was her phone light.

    A guy walked to her. She was frightened but was holding the pepper spray for her safety.

    Even before she could react, the street dog barked loudly and gathered all the other dogs.

    He was surely a new person in the street.

  • heartords 48w


    I want to earn enough to make sure that one day i wake up to retriever pulling my blanket, husky licking all over my face, beagle penduling his tail in joy,rottweiler gazing me like I'm most beautiful thing in the world.... No humans, peace!

  • porcupine 51w


    A gentle dog they are
    They love to snuggle
    Beside you sleeping
    They love to cuddle

    Looks are deceiving
    This dog is not bad
    They may seem mean but
     Seldom are they mad

    They are very strong
    And enjoy doing work
    If it's for their owner
    It would be their perk

    My favourite breed
    Is the rottweiler
    If I were to rate them
    It would be a ten for sure

  • pradeepkumar_radhakrishnan 51w

    If humans had their tails... Emoting Emotions wouldn't have been this complicated.

    #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #pets #dogs #puppies

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    Imagine having a tail and wagging it high, when you meet your favourite person..


  • entanglednerves 52w

    You know who

    I look at those streetdogs
    And then I look at us Humans
    Someone's breathing free
    Someone's untouched by opinions
    Someone's going No strings attached
    Someone's least worried of how it would all end
    Someone's wiser but is on the streets
    Someone's an "evolved" fool, you know who..

    - Shivin

  • kamrie872 53w

    He lived a good life
    Simple and the same
    He didn't need much to make him happy
    Back scratches
    Food and water
    A time to enjoy the outdoors
    He knew the routine well
    He saw familiar faces
    Heard familiar sounds
    But there was one he never heard in the house
    A whistle from afar
    Who would try to take the place of the one he knows
    Instinctively he wanted to respond
    He looked around searching and felt a tug
    His eyes back to focus with a reminder of his good home

  • avishiwrites 54w

    My CompanioN

    i remember my slippers,
    being your new home.
    i held you in my palm,
    and you felt so warm,
    for you were too tiny to holD.

    they said,
    dogs are maniacs,
    and they make your house dirty.
    but i learnt from you,
    that i am no less,
    even when things are
    hard to express,
    even when i am at mess,
    because that's how you have always been.
    even though a lot messy,
    you know how to love me madly.
    you are always jumping around and
    you never let the house be lonelY.

    if i were to be grounded
    for months or weeks,
    i wouldn't mind it,
    with you on my side.
    and only if you were to accompany,
    i wouldn't care being trapped
    a thousand miles away.
    because sweetheart without you ,
    I can't know how to survive a daY.

    ©��������ℎ�� ��ℎ����

    @mirakee #avishiwrites #avishichug #companion #doglover #sweetpoem #mustread #deep #poemfordog #dogs #friendship #truelove

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  • coded_text 55w

    #love #dogs
    Thank you @writersnetwork for ❤️

    Eyes burning
    With often nights spent crying.
    I am numb to my feelings
    Wanted someone to understand me by
    just looking at my eyes.
    Then my good deeds sent you In my life,
    You held my hand
    And now I am on cloud 9.
    You sat beside me when
    I didn’t expect anyone,
    Licked my tears and
    Woofed me not to cry.
    It meant whole and beyond the universe.
    No words can exactly explain
    What that meant to me.
    No bizarre can ruin my life
    When your paw is on my hand.
    But your biting still hurts ;-)


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  • strangewriter2002 58w


    Don't make a lion roar

    Cause when he roar against your barks it won't be just any roar