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  • scaredycat2222 2d


    Im sorry
    if the way
    that I love you is too soft
    My hands were bound with promises made With words that meant
    to break them

    My cries were muffled with sheets twisted in silk
    That mopped up the milk That dripped from a broken cereal bowl
    He threw at the wall
    Right above my body
    where my head broke my fall

    I was naive in hoping for the end when I knew it was just the beginning

    I tried to shut my eyes
    but my world just kept on spinning

    My nails numb to the carpet and
    they just cant stop digging
    I cant claw my way outta here
    I can scream or yell my way out,i fear
    the only thing that stops them is ny blood on their hands
    and im just not bleeding yet

    who knew there could be so much pain inflicted
    with out leaving so much as drop baring witness
    to the wickedness that hid inside.

    who knew I could loose faith
    In everything and still beg for anything other than what he was doing to me right fucking now

    I just dont have the strength to fight back right now

    I vowed
    I would never, ever, ever
    never ever, ever again
    trust another person, lover, or friend
    with even the smallest piece of me thag they could beat, bloody, break or bend

    So im sorry
    If the love I give you seems like a tiny quiet cry that gets carried away
    In a soft summer breeze
    when its compared To the way you can love somebody it looks like you love blindly with the greatest of ease


  • thehealer10 1w

    "You save yourself or you remain unsaved."
    - Alice Sebold

    "Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them. "

    - Jessica Valenti

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    Total violation (I)

    Roxy running all through my body
    Asleep in the lobby, they were all on my body
    Couldn't tell no body, nothing to say
    I didn't enjoy it, so I'm gay

    Straight edge is what they would call me
    First time off vodka and weed, down to the knees
    Absent permission to proceed, did you succeed
    Would the result remain the same, with sobriety


  • j_a_yankey 2w

    She couldn’t afford the misplaced inflection of a syllable. It was the difference between sleeping with one eye open or a black-eye.

  • jee_tu 3w

    हाथ तो सभी के बंधे हैं

    बात ये है की जंजीर आपकी खुद की है

    या किसी और की

    खुद की है तो तोड़ सकते हो

    किसी और की है तो बस हाथ जोड़ सकते हो


  • sid_rulz 17w


    I keep my heart emptying every day
    from all those hurting words you say
    it gives me a chance to know you better
    so it will not get repeated another day

    The way you scream over me and slay
    it doesn't suit your manhood, anyday
    i thought things will change and get solved
    and time passes slowly and fades away.

    I want to live with you and want to stay
    i don't know what cost I'm going to pay
    i could have taken many steps but I won't
    because I trust in God and I do regularly pray.

    May be one day you'll realize how you betray
    when I'm not around you to hear or to say
    that day you'll will cry and get to know that 
    the one who loved you was not your prey.


  • the_amorist 18w


    A bang here
    A slam there
    I compare
    Thee to a tempest
    As I sit there helpless
    You disappear
    And the skies are clear
    It's a beautiful day, beautiful life
    Pathetic be your attempts to evoke fear
    In me as you threaten to stab me with a knife
    Merely a puppet to his wife
    Ironic be your phobia of queers
    When she's got her hand up your ass
    We're both cishet yet I'm only one being straight
    When I tell you about all the hate
    That you harbour doesn't aid your ARSEnal
    Neither weapon nor armour
    What you are is a house of glass
    Yet your greatest asset is being crass
    No wonder you're looking for shelter
    And though I wish i could bash
    Your head in, dream it's you I'm beheading
    I know where you be heading
    I'll leave it all to karma and the devil
    Not a satanist but I believe in an evil-doer's inevitable peril
    And it's just pitiful
    How you ridicule us
    In hopes you can break us
    Maybe physically 
    But never psychologically
    For in the mind of a psycho
    Logic be something you'll never see
    Got your head up in the clouds
    Till you get hammered back down to reality
    Fruition of your wicked schemes
    A happenstance that will never be 

  • bhagyshre 21w

    Different countries,
    Different cultures ,
    Different customs,
    Different tradition ,
    Different thinking ,
    Different beliefs ,

    The one thing in common is the women suffering to please men !

  • fathimagulzar 21w

    An ode to the growing dowry-deaths and to all the sufferings a family goes through while wiping away every penny from their savings.
    #dowry #death #domesticviolence #marriage #society

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    Head held low
    Heavy with the burdened flowers
    Of responsibility, traditions and unwanted obligations.
    Clutched with the golden bangles of restrictions
    Dragging back into the cycle of societal diminutions.

    The very decorative bride
    Is the apple of her parents' eyes
    Tomorrow she is to be
    Her in-laws money laundering vine.
    Greed wrapped into the drapes of presents
    Unfolds barbarity of the minds
    If left unquenched
    The same is draped around her neck
    Hostility further benched.

  • aivsairandhri 21w

    You were the only word
    I begged behind the door
    Whenever your blue love
    Painted my body in smudges
    Of indigo galaxies
    I loved you more
    So that you will look at them
    And change the artistry
    But you were a great artist
    Who ardently took every time
    In ornating my crumpled body,
    Pain puddled in my every breath
    Still I was sure, you loved me
    And then One day
    I became a blue body of lies.
    ©Aiv Sairandhri

    #domesticviolence #cees_doors #miraquill #writersnetwork #challenge #image_prompt

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork

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    And then One day
    I became a blue body of lies.
    ©Aiv Sairandhri

  • isalittlebroken 25w

    Behind the curtain

    I'm not here to hold your fucking hand.
    I may however push you down the stairs.
    Wouldn't that be a trip? 
    I'd pay to see it.
    Money well spent, 
    on fools and divorces.
    I love you, baby. 
                               Now hear this! 
    die for me...


  • bibliophile3 25w

    Generational pass

    Anyone can easily know how he treats me just by looking at the bruises on my face.

    I don’t complain the whole gender.. it’s him and what all he saw in his childhood..
    The way you treat your wife is the way he treats his wife.

    Generations of abuse and domestic violence

  • shruti__ 29w

    so it goes

    and so it goes
    that way again
    he raises his fist
    divides the house
    in two seconds
    his hands on her neck
    she can't even cry
    muffled voices
    inside her mind
    nothing they say
    can make it ever right
    and so it goes
    that way again
    he raises his fist
    across her head

  • scaredycat 30w

    Hands down

    Because I couldn't separate the higherarchy between at work and at home
    You put your hands on me

    Because I didn't turn my back and instead faced forward while you spread your love wherever you felt the need
    You put your hands on me

    Because I didn't shut my mouth when I heard about an indescretion half buried by time with your said you spent with your mom.
    You put your hands on me

    Because I knew better than to trust you but acted like I trusted you to everyone we knew
    You put your hands on me.

    Now I shutter at the thought of any man putting hands on me.

    Now I cringe at the idea of even a trustworthy man putting their hands on me.

    Now I isolate myself in fear of anyone getting within arms reach cause they may put their hands on me.

    Now I can't remember what a loving touch felt like because you put your hands on me.

  • natkhatiwrites 31w


    कोमल हाथों पर,
    ज़ुल्म की छाप है।
    कल रात की दास्तां
    हो रही बयां है।

    महान बनने का नाटक,
    वो सरेआम करता है।
    अकेले में रोज़ वो,
    मारकुटाई करता है।

    कब तक इस राज़ को,
    अपने अंदर छुपाएगी।
    उस दरिंदे को कब तक,
    अपना पति बुलाएगी।

    रात ज़रूर छंटती है,
    भोर कहां टलती है।
    उसके काले कारनामे भी,
    साफ़ दिखाई दे जायेंगे।

    अपनी चुप्पी तोड़ दे,
    हर राज़ से पर्दा खोल दे।
    लौटेगी फिर से बाहर,
    तू पल-पल मरना छोड़ दे।

    तू एक कदम बढ़ा,
    उसके पैर कांप जाएंगे।
    तुझेपे उठनेवाले हाथ,
    धड़ से ही कट जाएंगे।

    डर को अपने त्याग दे,
    शक्ति का दामन थाम ले।
    पहचान अपनी ताकत को,
    खुदको अब थोड़ा प्यार दे।

  • yamiwrites 32w

    Domestic violence

    Thumping hands showering punches,
    accompanied with wooden rod...
    With constant mocks hurled on her,
    shrouding cries she silently sobs...

    Folded hands pleading mercy,
    bearing unbearable pain...
    Old wounds uncured,
    turned fresh bleeding again...

    Concealing the purplish marks,
    she perfectly drapped her saree...
    Hid the agonies under fake smile,
    not showing a single sign of worry...

    Just for the sake of her children,
    she tolerates intolerable torments...
    Collecting shattered pieces of self respect,
    splintered in umpteen fragments...


  • john_felix 32w

    Repeated Fist

    He comes at night,
    Very deep in the night.
    We get scared, so scared.
    He stinks of booze, none will be spared.
    We're doomed, Her more than us.
    We now wait, wait for our turn.
    He walks, no staggers, straight on,
    She covers us, that we may not burn,
    As he marches to us, on and on.

    The door he breaks down,
    A yell he lets out.
    Feed me! You disgust me! You clown!
    Our protector feeds him, he rejects it.
    Stop! You're scaring them, she pleads.
    And she is met with a fist,
    A fist of weakness, a fist of pity.
    Before another, we leave, to the dark,
    The dark of uncertainty, and wait for a repeat.

    The light comes out,
    We are back in.
    His old shell is out,
    And kindness now creeps in.
    He is so good, good to all.
    We can now forget, forget the fist and yell.
    He heads out again, and we read her mind.
    She can't erase them, the repeats,
    Repeats of the usual fists.

  • scaredycat 32w


    I can still feel what it's like
    to have your hands
    gripped around my neck
    And I'm sorry
    If I seem confused
    At how you can apologize and expect
    That i would have it in me
    to forgive and forget
    what you've done,
    You robbed me
    of what made me myself,
    You lied to me so much
    That i can never trust no on else
    when I dig deep down inside
    I hear my finger tips scratching the bottom,
    scratches that echo
    let me know what you did
    can't be undone.
    Everytime youd hit me
    a piece of who I was disappeared
    You beat that piece out of me
    and in its place you left fear
    You go to bed at night
    And wake up each day
    to something shiny and something new
    I stay up all night
    reliving getting my ass beat by you.
    When a person says they love you
    you don't expect
    That love to leave you bruised
    But then again
    I also didn't expect to see you grin
    as you told me you win this round again
    And I loose
    I found out,
    Years after we split
    The no matter how long I sit
    and try to remove the parts of you
    that are embedded in my skin
    And in my brain
    and in my soul
    That nothing
    I do will rid me
    from the terror you caused me
    it's too late
    it's already taking its toll.
    So yet again
    you go on living
    as if any or all of this
    had never taken place
    And I go on unliving
    worried that one day
    In some crowd
    I'll run across your face.

  • akshay_vasu 35w

    Every time he raised his hands on her. He killed a prince from a fairy tale somewhere deep within her heart, brutally.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • miss_angela 35w

    Domestic violence

    You tell me you love me,
    But your actions don't match,
    Just like a cigarette burns
    When it falls in love with a match

    Destined to be hurt,
    I can't take much more
    I believed you had changed
    But again I'm beaten on the floor.

    Why don't I see it,
    The constant humiliation
    The Continued abuse
    And degradation

    My pleas for help
    Just deafening silence
    I pray for it to end,
    This domestic violence

  • miss_angela 35w

    Domestic violence

    You tell me you love me,
    But your actions don't match,
    Just like a cigarette burns
    When it falls in love with a match

    Destined to be hurt,
    I can't take much more
    I believed you had changed
    But again I'm beaten on the floor.

    Why don't I see it,
    The constant humiliation
    The Continued abuse
    And degradation

    My pleas for help
    Just deafening silence
    I pray for it to end,
    This domestic violence