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  • angels_halo_shines 20w

    Was It

    Lately I have been doing all I can do for me. Getting myself into physical therapy. Going to the psychiatrist weekly. And doing as much as I can with my family. My sons, daughter & my husband. You would think that would be enough to make me feel good about myself. It’s hasn’t been though.

    And then it all came together. I been off and on Facebook reading the news on there. Talking to some friends. Watching crystal sales. 🤓 I need to chill on that. But, then I saw how I been feeling. A friend of mine on there, she is a few years younger than me. Her face black, blue and swollen. And every color in between.

    A man, has done that.
    Another DV
    I know
    I know I can’t fix everyone
    Or maybe I can’t fix anyone at all.
    But, this has happened to my daughter.
    It’s happened to me.
    And it’s going to keep happening
    Men think it’s ok to hit a woman.
    And it isn’t.

    Then the cycle it then goes round & round.
    Your daughters grow up thinking it’s the way you live because she saw daddy hitting mommy.
    It’s not right.
    You want your daughters abused in such ways it’s mentally & emotionally they can never fully recover?

    Y’all need to wake the hell up & realize. Before it’s too late. One good hit & maybe she doesn’t get back up. Was it worth it?