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  • monsoonpaul 26w


    We might not know each other
    But, I saw you were in trouble
    When you joined your hands & cried like a baby
    And I was just watching you with sympathy.
    Still, you had so many hopes
    From me, from us, from them
    With guilt, I hung my head in shame.
    Your mum on the bed was refilling her life
    And someone's dad was gradually closing his eyes.
    Through my rectangular screen, I saw everything
    Alas ! Couldn't keep them alive.
    Had all of my senses, still couldn't sense
    Humans & humanity are becoming past tense.
    Back then gifts used to be packed
    Now, flesh & bones are being plastic wrapped.
    Today, we are living the lives of dalits, 'untouchables'
    And if you try to spread your 'positivity', you'll be marked unlovable.
    You can assume me, us & them one of your villains
    Because we are the reason for your painful living.
    But now we are rectifying ourselves daily
    And making sure there shouldn't be any absence of air or daily bread.
    I hope everything will come to an end
    With new dreams & new zeal we'll begin again.

    - Monsoon

  • raman_writes 28w


    ग़र हश्र की परवाह करता तो मोहब्बत ना करता ।

    आग से खेलने वाला हर शक़्श पागल नहीं होता ।।


  • anuradhasharma 59w

    बेशक , मोहब्बत न करना ।
    लेकिन , लगाव इतना जुरूर रखना ।
    कि कब्र पर , नूर बरसे !

  • raman_writes 60w


    यक़ीनन मेरे अरमानो का जो भी हश्र हुआ वो तूने किया ।

    हाँ मैं तुझपर इल्ज़ाम लगाता हूँ के तुझे मुझसे मोहब्बत है ।।


  • bulderme 63w

    The Universal Ending

    Imagine, the universe ending;
    Imagine what how it ends.
    It will end, just like everything else.

    You won't feel,
    You won't hear,
    You won't see,
    You won't taste,
    And you certainly won't smell.

    All that is there is just.. darkness.
    Once humanity is wiped out, nothing returns.
    This could link to the end of the world.

    Just imagine, the dark blank space;
    You certainly won't know about it.

    I may be wrong;
    Maybe about everything.
    The chances may be low,

    But never zero.


  • poetic_hulk 75w

    I wonder when this day would arrive
    When only a few of us would survive,
    Trapped inside an illusionary maze,
    For onlookers to playfully engage,

    We so unaware of our deadly fate,
    Thanking them with all our faith,
    Even after they demolish our habitat,
    Forcing us to live in a cage as a lab rat,

    Until one day when we finally go extinct,
    Merely to be studied as history in succinct.


  • 845doe 88w

    We are wonderful creatures
    Travelling to the end of the world for self realisations
    Conquering mile after mile seeking unknown destinations
    We are strange creatures
    Breeding in desperation
    As to say it won't be for nothing this slow desecration
    We are sad creatures
    Mourning ourselves when others die
    Since we can't bear to see dear birds fly
    We are destructive creatures
    Dividing minds from one another by declaring nonsense wars
    Saying if we can't fix things we'll just move to mars
    We are fearful creatures
    Living with walls so high and encapsulating we can no longer see nor hear
    Living so blinded we'll let anyone steer
    Since we've been blinded by doomsday since we were born
    Making us dangerous and forlorn
    We are lost creatures
    Falling for words without listening to content
    So we can fight about what a 2000 year old book meant
    We are mindless creatures
    Craving rules and community with heedless conviction
    So we can divide one from another without care or distinction
    And we've been told our neighbor's are hateful and vile
    While we don't notice our being's filling up with bile

  • saminazehra 98w


    The statement that no one will be able to do anything for anyone on the Day of Resurrection is actually based on this world. In what way? In the sense that everyone should control themselves, no one can take the place of another. If you force someone to do a good deed, then that good deed is not his own deed.

  • pathways_of_words 106w

    * An actual "legend" that I put in my own words.

    Long ago, in a far away country lived a king. It was a Saturday morning and he wanted to play cards with someone. So, he sent a messenger to the king of the next kingdom over to ask him if he would like to come and join. He agreed.
    So, he came around 6 p.m. to join in on this friendly game with his equal and ally. They played for hours. Enjoying themselves tremendously.
    Now, there was a law, in both kingdoms, that at midnight all gambling must stop because of the Sabbath.
    Around 10 p.m. one of the castle workers came in to remind the two that they only had a couple of hours left to play.
    "Very well.", both agreed.
    They continued to play. Time had gotten away from them. 11, 11:15, and it was now 11:45.
    The castle worker returned in a panic.
    "Your Highnesses, please! There's only a few minutes left and you must stop!"
    " Shut up, boy! We'll play as long as we want! What's it to you if we play until doomsday!"
    In shock, the worker left, scared of what would happen.
    Around 12:30, a prince came in to join in the fun.
    "Welcome! Please, come and watch or join in if you like."
    The prince joined in.
    12:45, now.
    Nervously, the worker returns and opened the door. He jumped back in shock as he sees the room engulfed in flames. The prince was sitting there laughing hysterically as the game was still being played. You see, it was Lucifer, himself.
    They actually played until doomsday.

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    A Game Of Fire


  • parvathy_nayana 111w

    Too bad. I was also looking forward for the end.

    #eclipse #solareclipse #ringoffire #doomsday #endoftheworld #worldisgonnaend

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    So the sun got eclipsed,
    by the moon today.
    Leaving the world, in hues of grey.
    Creating a spectacular, ring of fire.
    All to be watched, from earth -
    In awe and fear.

    But alas,
    The hopes of many shattered.
    The day has passed,
    The world still stands.

  • parvathy_nayana 111w

    The world is gonna end, I heard.
    On tomorrow, June the 21st.
    Of this great year, 2020.

    Turns out it's a solar eclipse.
    Getting itself eclipsed in doomsday tales.

    My mind wandered,
    And I wondered,
    What would you say, about these tales.

    Then it hit me,
    Much like that prophesied comet.

    What could you even possibly say,
    When you had left,
    Your own,

    When I remembered, a world ended,
    A week before,
    Like yesterday,
    I cannot help but look and think,
    May the Mayans be right this once.

    #ssr #sushantsinghrajput #gonetoosoon #wewillmissyou #ssrlove
    #doomsday #worldisgoingtoend #june21 #2020

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    The world is gonna end,
    I heard.
    On tomorrow, June the 21st.

  • hibbabanday 111w


    People say world is ending ;
    Mine ended a year ago !!

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    My world ended a year ago ;
    People say you are living your last days of life

  • ink_and_daffodils 121w

    100 Seconds To Midnight

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
    The countdown has begun. We race towards annihilation with lightening speed. Our pitiful situation, dire indeed.

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
    A dark gloom is descending. The skies, fiery red, weep blood and brimstone. Our apocalypse is impending.

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
    Our threats keep compounding while man, the omniscient, plays god with eyes that are blinded.

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
    Our ears are filled with cotton. Mother earth is shrieking as she's plundered and raped. Her children, defenseless, are murdered in the wake.

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
    We're ravaged by disease and a vile, grotesque spirit that fosters unfathomable hate. Our lives are worth less than a gun. If it isn't obvious, desolation has begun.

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
    We're in our darkest hour. Sleep walking and tumbling, blissfully unaware of the omnious bells tolling as our doomsday clock strikes twelve.

  • wandering_star 124w


    Rubbles all around,
    Mortal life is rarely found..
    The sky has turned blood red.
    The ground is filled with carcasses of the dead..

    Through the congested lanes of the lawless city of ruins..
    They move tirelessly..
    Their slender hands search relentlessly.
    For any signs of life..

    Night and light have intermingled and painted days in a gloomy grey..
    People weep..people pray..
    But to no avail..
    Death has shattered their fairytale..

    There rises again the bloodthirsty moon..
    We say to ourselves "there will be sunrise soon"..

    Trucks of grim carry bodies of the dead..
    " I will make it through " they once said..

    Loved ones lie close to each other..
    Inside their peaceful graves..
    Only cessation only anguish remains.
    As lands are swept by the dreadful waves..

    Through the moonlit roads of once lively cities..
    They move tirelessly.
    Their dark slender hands search relentlessly..
    For any perishable soul.


  • itsvinit 124w

    Endless Enigma

    Human intelligence ends on Materialistic Desire
    Surrounded by the depth of vengence
    Every mind fickled with the drained dire
    Tempo tuned to the untuned significance ;

    Can anyone say the story of drastic change
    Evolution astonished on the creative content
    Songs of joy or the hymns of regorous smile
    Deceivness in the every human spine ;

    An untold tour of misadventures to unknown
    Backlash of the predictable goals
    In the middle of the brook of shallow water
    Conquered the pious excellent desires ;

    I've seen that evergreen meadow of wonder
    A land accused with notorious incidents
    Vibrant who used to be throughout the summer
    Now on a rampant with abnormal accidents;

    What to understand in this contemporary world
    It's as usual with pre-conceived notion
    Burden of some irrelevant consequences
    Devastation knocking the door with devil presence;

    No time to reorganize the way it was
    Restructuring now not an any option
    Just leave it now the way it is coming from past
    It will resurge itself without our drastic wrath ...

  • itsvinit 124w


    Just look at the darkest shades of humanity
    What we've done to satisfy our ruthless dignity
    We locked ourselves down inside the walls
    Like we put animal caged inside a steel fence;

    It's we and who to blame for such catastrophe
    Dooming days counting our breaths in every drops
    Cursed the altruistic boon given by the almighty
    Sequiemishly unfolded a darker side of the tragedy;

    Consequence related observation of filthy minds
    Dig out something which looks so thoroughly benign
    Aweful happenings humming around with much noise
    We are mourn on our creation which has created fuzzyness;

    What more to be done to define who we really are
    Either a mind of devil or where the end of the desire
    Absolute destruction unfolded a chapter of existence
    We never been gone through such like it's not of our relevance;

    Look at now everything seems sleeping in the lap of tormation
    Shouldn't we laugh why we evolved such formation
    Question keep knocking the door of our future
    Shall we be here or it might be the last unfolding chapter?


  • majormask 124w


    Watch contagion to understand the complexity of situation.

  • alqama_hasan 136w


    Ek aur eent gir gyi mere maqaan ki..
    Ek aur sidhee ban gyi aakhirat ki raah ki....

    Eent = brick
    Sidhee = stairs

  • jeitendra_sharma 146w

    last man

    the rise isn't unidirectional
    as there are no preferable directions
    we, indeed, are falling; constantly
    survival outlasting morality
    morality, a man-made concept
    like God, meant to fall
    like all old civilization
    a fight to conquer leaves carcasses
    fall begins with hatred
    directing rage towards intellectuals
    a cup of poison-hemlock
    numbs the wisdom of society
    a walk that shames all humanity
    trembling legs, curse the rulers
    a fall of giant shakes the earth's core
    death is inevitable, who fear not?

    Zarathustra, the lone man standing on giant rocks
    talk to sun, speak about wisdom of life
    an election with no candidate
    a concert with no audience
    a violin with no strings
    pouring water but there is no glass
    who'd hold the baton in this crowd?

    high on consumption
    who'd know the meaning of hunger
    breeding animals in the backyard
    responsible for the birth of psychopaths
    ends have become everything
    no concern, whatsoever, for others
    locked down inside our homes
    we have abandoned the child in winter nights
    exploiting the needs of others
    we call others a prostitute
    soulless bodies or bodyless souls
    You decide, who is right?

    the last man
    egoistic of certain achievement
    building walls around nations
    pseudo pride, open to a bribe
    Rome waiting to burn again
    beware of enemies, who holds the power
    suffering knocking the doors
    a man between wolf and unicorn
    passing through the death-valley
    Judge me not, with ignorance you have
    embrace death we will meet on Otherside?


  • lifestruck_poetry 151w

    #pod #mirakee #mayday #darkhourpoetry #writersnetwork #mystery #doomsday #readwriteunite @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

    Sorry if it is a bit too long, had to write it down all. I would really appreciate it if you read it complete. Thanks peeps. :)

    P.S do comment if you like this because I am open to all critisicsm as I want to improve myself.

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    The earth was empty.
    Everything was in ashes,
    A man came stumbling,
    And knelt down;
    To the little green thing,
    Whose shadow cast on the frail buildings,
    That survived, barely.
    Ash and dust, blood and gore,
    Killed the earth.
    One could still hear the echoes of blades, slicing through the skin.
    It reverberated in the hearts,
    And made them shiver and cry.
    Amidst all the chaos,
    The man mumbled to it,
    "We did it. We killed the earth.
    Everything has stopped to exist.
    I am the only person roaming the dark streets
    Resembling hell.
    This wasn't meant to happen,
    We wanted something else;
    A man reaps what he sows,
    We didn't sow this ,
    Yet we are reaping this now."

    His deepened voice, scarred face;
    Reflected regret and anger.
    His large brown eyes,
    Seemed to depict
    The violence and bloodlust,
    Occurring on the battlefield.
    His trembling hands resembled,
    The Earthquakes, the volcanoes.
    His monotonous and disembodied voice,
    Was echoing through the sky,
    As if consisting of screams and trembling voices of wars of ages.

    In that same gravelled voice he spoke,
    having faith in his belief that there would be some hope
    "Is there anything that could be done?
    To reverse all of this?"
    Suddenly an arrow pierced right through the silence
    As the green thing--a plant said "NO"

    The person's heart was shattered.
    The ping rushed right through the sounds
    Of the fires raging in the horizon.
    His heart didnt want to conclude his, as well as the Earth's death,
    But the mind kept reminding him that the life he was living was terminating
    After all,
    It was his own answerability
    Of his own death.

    As his soul longed to go abode,
    He spoke his final words,
    Accepting the actuality
    There was no other path than this,
    "Today was the mayday
    There won't be a tommrow
    The entire human race,
    Once longing to exist,
    On my beautiful Earth,
    Were wiped out by ourselves.
    The hands that once shaked each other,
    Now coiled each others necks;
    The mind that was utilized for the amelioration of human race,
    Now was toxifying itself,
    That killed others' minds,
    Until not a single one of them,
    Stopped to exist."

    The plant stood there in complete depression.
    Watching his eyes shut in regret,
    He too closed his eyes,
    And remembered,
    "Whatever god wanted to happen, happened.
    Now there is no meaning in my existence."
    He lay beside the last corpse of the world,
    Closed his eyes,
    And felt the dry and cold wind,
    Carry the man's and his ashes,
    To somewhere I don't know anymore.