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  • baby_blueberry 1w

    My Poem of Doubt

    It's here again
    The shadow of doubt
    Hiding in my heart
    Fighting its way out

    I know it's here
    Because of the pain
    My chest aches

    Or maybe I'm insane.

    It's always the same.
    His voice comes
    And the fighting starts
    And I want to just run

    Will he ever stop?
    Maybe for a moment
    Stop the river from his mouth
    Let me tell him my poem

    My poem of doubt.


  • blackdot 2w

    #doubt #hesitancy #uncertainty sometimes life is just a unknown path you have to walk

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    Have you ever , felt alone ,Like you don't belong
    Far from the reality ,Letting everyone down
    What ever you've done ,Where ever you've gone
    Every damn decision,That you take is wrong
    Guided by the darkness ,On the streets  of doubt
    Walking through the haze ,With a sight  of cloud
    Even if you know it,That the visions True
    How do you believe it ,With a twisted point of view
    As the apprehension  ,Turns into a shroud
    Covering my demeanor ,All of  it for naught
    My soul turned to a black dot ,My will into a sigh
    There's nothing I could do but ,Watch time pass me by
    As I wish for vision ,And a clearer sight
    So the next time around ,Even I could have a fight

  • inked_by_charu 2w

    If anybody have this view..or want to explain..please do?
    #doubt #economy #wod

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    Poverty? Charity?

    Billionaires giving away supplies and money as a sign of charity.. Good one.

    In the path of becoming a billionaire.. I grab all the opportunity to earn more and more.. Generally a country should have certain amount of money to balance the economy..

    And my question if the billionaire is having at least quarter of it.. Then the people of the country who indeed have to survive with the quarter will fall in crisis.. Right?.

    Then who is the reason behind : the poverty/

    Should there be a limit of how much one should earn with respect to the GDP value of the country?

  • meraki_exulansis 3w

    Superficial smiles and genuine love
    "Take my hand for I'll be the salvation at nighfall when oneiric stories besiege the benelovence etched in your delicate soul"
    Cherishing these promise of yours, yet the doubts waver the assurance you'll be the savior who'll never abandon a broken piece of me

    #ponder #love #doubt #salvation

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    An empty heart doesn't deserve an empty promise


  • chiraaalove 4w

    You, gambling about my feelings.
    Me, doubting your feelings.
    It's always been like this,
    Because I'm in love.
    I still have to try and trust,
    Even though I'd hurt myself.
    All I can say is that,
    I love you and I'm willing to risk.


  • lovingnight 4w

    Can you still remember...
    That subliming heart,
    When you took me in your arms,
    That mesmerizing touch,
    When you holded my hands.
    Or has it all lost just like that...
    All the moments of our togetherness
    Overshadowed by the power of hatred
    All the lacunas of your heart
    Stained by the marks of betrayal.
    My efforts to gather the strength...
    To get over you sooner or later
    Though I can not undo you from my life
    But then flushing you out from my blood
    Will be my only aim to strive.
    No matter how long it takes...
    A battle within me will remain on
    Let me struggle even if takes whole lifetime
    At least I will feel relieved in my afterlife
    From the scars of doubt and deception you gifted.

  • _undefined_writer_ 7w

    The universe took it's time on You,
    crafted you precisely,
    so you could offer the world,
    something distinct from everyone else..
    so when You doubt,
    how you where created..
    you doubt the one who is greater than us both...

    #miraquill #pod #writersnetwork #wod #doubt #creator #strength #life

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  • eyeenma 8w

    My inability

    Sometimes I know exactly what I want to do!
    Sometimes I am completely at a loss

  • vikkoo 8w

    And I was always all the way in
    Or all the way out...
    Not waiting on one leg
    Frozen with fear and doubt...
    And now I have stories to tell
    That shock and that surprise...
    And the wonder in people's eyes
    Well that is my prize...
    With or without a cause
    I've been a rebel without a pause...

  • alecmb 8w

    First Love's Glance
    By: Alecmb

    Her rose colored lips
    Remind me of the ambrosia that I used to sip
    While her scent like that of a cool spring night
    Awaiting to greet the early morning light
    While transfixed in a state of ecstasy
    I was charted away into a world of fantasy
    Where I came face to face with the splendid
    God of Love- Cupid
    And to him I succumb and kneel
    For he gave me the power to feel
    When he took our two dead beating hearts
    That at one time were separate and apart
    And bounded them together
    With our love binding them forever.

    And as I awake from my dreamy slumber
    Into the dreary cold December
    Fear and Doubt enters into me
    Begins to consume me, untill I see
    Those warm brown eyes, that vanquish all despair
    I can finally take in a breath of fresh air
    For that was not a dream, nor a fantasy
    But our love was in fact Reality
    And all it took was first love's glance

  • wmbanje 9w

    "To my SPIRIT
    for not being THERE
    for you
    when you NEEDED me

    To my soul
    my DOUBTS
    -wes mbanje

  • ib_kotun 10w


    I have a lot to live for but nothing to die for,
    I have a lot to kill but nothing to kill for
    What I'm trying to say is,
    I have dreams to achieve but no aim to get there.
    I want a lot but have nothing to give.
    I need a lot but have nothing to bring.
    I think a lot but have nothing to say.
    I live but have nothing to live for.

    I breathe,
    I eat,
    I walk,
    I work,
    But what's the aim of all these when I no goals to achieve
    I wish I could be more focused but I also hate wishing because it reminds me of how powerless I am at making decisions that could well change my life.
    I want to give up but I haven't even started anything yet.

    Maybe I'm overthinking,
    Maybe I'm overreacting,
    Or maybe,
    Maybe I'm just right on point.
    Is my life worthless?
    Does my existence mean nothing?
    Or am I just in a rut that I can't get out of?
    These things keep wandering in my thoughts,
    Like a stranger in a great desert,
    But apparently I am that stranger,
    And am on the verge of death surrounded by this vast sands of thoughts with no rescue in sight.

    Who'll save me from my thoughts when no one can see them?
    Who'll pick me up from where I'm drowning in dry, scorching sand?
    Will my thoughts be the end of me?
    Or will it be a new birth?
    I know I don't sound convincing.
    That's because I don't feel convinced either.
    Anyways I guess I'll find the answers to these questions at the end of my road.
    Till then, I don't think I'll ever understand THIS PATH I'M ON.


  • shadesofyu 13w


    "Care" she told me,
    "What to care about?" I asked her.
    "About people, places, things, love, life," she replied.
    "Does everyone care about that?" I asked her again.
    She laughed at first, then she looked at me,
    Her laughter turned into a something which looked like suddenly a breath was taken away,
    "Why?" She asked me again
    I had no response to that,
    I couldn't feel anything,
    For even when she came to comfort me,
    What had happen to me, I asked her?
    She stared at me,
    She tried to look me in the eye,
    In the depth of another life through them,
    The life she saw, she moved back,
    Turned around,
    Looked around
    Then she pinched me,
    "Did you feel that?" She asked
    I said yes,
    "But no emotion," she replied,
    "You killed them all," she said
    I killed what?
    Something about feeling something, of joy, sadness, fear, doubt?
    And she- "the emotion" looked at me and said,
    Bring me back, for you without me, is a soul without a body.

  • tithi_b 14w


    I have the will to walk as a free soul
    In and out of your abundancy
    But I'm also held back
    By this dubiety-
    That under the light of a thousand applauding stars
    I'm unworthy to win this far
    Even if my love for world
    Knows every way to bend,
    Maybe I'm better off
    With just being an oddment.


  • iwrite_youread 14w

    वो जगह कुछ ख़ास है,
    जहाँ माँ मेरे साथ है।


  • _lucid 15w

    Its coming again

    And I don't know how to feel, feeling all this feels.


  • heartofbabel 17w

    [ Doubt ]

    What abyss is there?
    In anything but doubt?
    Fleeting in it’s hold
    As I am but less devout
    While only mind can hear
    Unless it’s spoke aloud
    Just a shadow in a thought
    Needing heed for it’s surmount

    Distance, separation
    Maybe that is where it’s held
    Where truth has been abandoned
    And all of hope is but dispelled
    Where love is but a word
    Oh so easily withheld
    That we form into militias
    To wage in war as we rebel

    Tyranny, it calls
    To be our propaganda
    To tell us who we are
    Until we’ve grown into a slander
    The rules that they exhibit
    Are like chains we couldn’t handle
    And when the flag waves in the sky
    We salute to our commander

    The sins of our fathers
    The allegiance to a master
    So abused by its act
    We’ve found comfort in disaster
    So amused by the pact
    That war’s become our capture
    Life so easily expelled
    All existence is in a fracture

    Canyons opened up
    To the corruption of a cistern
    Poison is the water
    Yet we drink it as an intern
    Burning who we are
    Until we’re reduced to a cinder
    Shaming us from love
    Until all we are is a sinner

    Left within a cavern
    No means for our escape
    This darkness overbearing
    Blinding us in hate
    We wanted something else
    Yet our dreams have seemed to fade
    Till all that’s left is doubt
    With no hope for anything

    A simple cause to question
    To steal your will of life
    To keep you veiled from seeing
    Refraining you from sight
    To keep in fear of freedom
    So you will never fight
    For life is far more worthy
    When you’re basking in the light

    We have all been charged
    To be held to an account
    Convinced to fear the sentence
    In how our burdens will amount
    But if truth will bring us freedom
    Then we cannot do without
    For there is not a verdict
    In anything but doubt


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen
    #Doubt #Identity #Introspection #Purpose

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    [ Doubt ]

  • julianerybicki 21w

    Once the doubt was placed so viciously within,
    it grew.
    Like a darkened forest, it covers everything I thought was without uncertainty.
    Where the sun shined, there is now shade.
    The fear that tangled itself around my heart demanded all of me.
    Within a moment, my hope was broken.
    Nothing feels the same-
    There is no secure footing when reaching for you now.
    Where my confidence grew, where my peace fell,
    I now cower away from the "what-ifs" we shared.
    How sure I was. How in-trust with you I had grown.
    How easily it all crumbled..how easily I became lost
    in the doubt I never imagined would come from you.

  • starkanonymous 22w

    "My mind, along with my heart, and my guts, are locked in an endless war: idiosyncratic battles of fear and doubt wage on unchecked, ringing out the same tired obloquies of this all but stalemate paradigm over and over, incessantly. Very akin to quarreling children... Who, disobeying thier parent, will not stay in their own rooms - and there, lay in silence."

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  • kritu_22 24w

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    #selfdoubt #doubt #motivation

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    When self doubt wanders,
    the man over ponders.

    Innocent questions sound as taunting,
    Honest praises as sarcasm or flattering.

    Negative recaps combine and hit together,
    No outsider injures as much, we self injure.

    Shall I run, have done many times before.
    Oh what a relief, but temporary, wrong.
    So I be in it, build myself above my doubts,
    Oh how time taking, but rewarding, lasts long.