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  • wanderwords 3d

    Wrinkles, Wounds and Withering flowers
    All in dismay, as they witness the gruesome
    Romance rising from ashes of society's judgement


  • pheazero 4w

    I disappeared into oblivion, dissolving into the starless sky.
    The moon phased out dissatisfied.
    The gloom dissected the clouds and it did rain.
    The droplets crashed into barren earth and petrichor screamed of the forgotten joy.

  • efendy 11w

    Think Wisely

    If you start an argument,
    Then you dont want to lose but you the one who wrong,
    STOP IT!
    Think wisely,
    You can also win as the one who admit he's wrong and begging for peace.
    Only winners done that.. Right?

  • dazzling_sunlight_ 15w

    Dear you,

    It's not your fault
    that you tighten your worries secretly,
    or those gloominess occupy
    over the cerulean hues.
    The heart is always been
    an indecisive baggage of Chaos
    that confuses itself sometimes
    but it still pumps
    the fluids of self confidence
    all over you.
    The mirrored reflection defines
    those scarred stories of pasts and presents,
    yet the episodes of hopes
    keeps getting added
    to the playlists of life.

    It's okay to be the best for you and yourself,
    letting the self confined soul
    unleash beyond.
    You are arranged as one puzzle,
    with many pieces of goods and flaws.
    Let alone your perseverance
    keep moving with ongoing
    footsteps of living,
    not letting those monstrous shadows stepping on you.
    ~ adore your true self
    - Niv

  • ylviia 18w

    Coming of age

    Coming of age isn't something very pleasant
    We become adults and suddenly tons of Responsibilities lying in our shoulders
    Other people are relying on us
    They expect us to succeed
    Perfectionism doesn't allow a false step
    Failure still makes us hit rock bottom
    Making our doubts resurface from the deep
    Coming of age forces us to grow
    We may not like the process
    Frankly, it'll hurt
    Change is never gonna be a bunch of joy
    It's the light that blends our eyes
    Making us want to turn away our heads as if
    We never saw the solution to begin with
    But still it enlightens our way
    And opens our heart to the clarity
    So I guess it's necessary
    Because life is all about stepping out
    of your comfort zone
    Temporary pain will be worth so much happiness
    Weird way to view it
    But growing up makes us look at things in a completely different light
    Coming of age makes us wish for the early times They seemed easier and so plain simple
    We didn't think so much, we didn't know that much So each day passes by while we live in a world formed after our perfect imagination
    But now we know that we don't know anything
    Our knowledge doesn't even compare to the reality So maybe we glorify the past
    because the present is tough to carry
    Coming of age is a part of life
    Maybe coming of age isn't such a pain in the neck It's simply another step in life
    Helping us grow, reflect and accept
    Growing up doesn't exclude anyone
    The gates are open for all kind of people
    Waiting to push us into adulthood

  • the__meraki__ 20w

    Remember, remember!

    Remember, remember that summer morning
    You fell upon me like a maple leaf,
    The first time I melted by your warmth.
    Remember, remember that long walk to the hospital
    The pain I felt was an excuse to be with you,
    The first time I lied to get close to a stranger.
    Remember, remember that spring time
    Our love bloomed like the cherry blossom,
    The first time your gooey lips explored mine.
    Remember, remember that winter night
    You painted me with your endless hues,
    The first time my body smelled like you.
    Remember, remember that autumn evening
    You hesitated to leave me with that longing eyes,
    The last time I ever saw your alluring smile.

    You left me alone in this tedious world.
    You left me miserable with your undying love.
    You left me with a precious piece of you.
    You left us!


  • lunalight 25w

    Eventhough it was not sent
    It has more Memories
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    #NLT #NeverLeaveThis

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    More than sent messages
    Saved Drafts are always Special....


  • writeweird 33w

    there's nothing as joyless as watching a poet struggle.

    -- unknown

    #poem #despair #dark #thoughts
    #free #verse #scattered #spiral
    #incoherent #break #painting #cold
    #room #wait #rough #draft #anarchy

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    crying for september: an incoherent piece by a fragile mind

    fold me in threads
    a thousand pieces alike

    carve me instead
    of setting the sun alight

    -- defiled.

    there's always more than i
    seek in my head

    if i hold my breath
    cut my throat

    i love you so

    maybe I'll kill myself
    next tuesday

    there's a storm on
    the offering

    by the window

    i wonder if this
    month will ever end

    how about tomorrow
    when it is sunny and

    all things considered
    i don't think i prefer the blue
    skies anymore

    maybe something more
    grey and tired

    like an autumn afternoon just
    before the winter

    whence the air is crisp
    and there's ambient silence

    like a painting you cannot
    stop staring at

    maybe it is september
    i cry for after all

    i hope it's not october.


  • pinkishlyshy 33w

    Growing while Grieving


    If I have learned anything,
    it is that there should always be music.
    Persistent and loud.
    Rising with the waves of each day.
    Killing the pleasurable textures of guilt and grief.
    That slowly crawl up from the silence..
    And stare into your face daringly to say,
    "Let me ruin you."


  • writeweird 34w

    there's no title for despair

    as old as summer days
    and now i must grieve

    there's a morning to tend to
    another nightmare to cry

    that old tv occupies far too space
    in my mind

    collecting dust and silence in
    words i do not yet know how to speak

    maybe I'll talk to myself
    next tuesday

    there's a storm on
    the offering

    they say walls can listen
    you scream

    but no one ever visits this
    rusty old house

    where the night falls ever
    the same

    and people go to sleep
    as if nothing has ever happened

    perhaps it's not my story
    that the world cares for

    nor am i his favorite child and
    the thought scares me

    what if there's no one
    to pray to

    on a day you have much
    to pray for


  • munchiee 37w

    Unfinished Draft

    Flow of tears
    1000's of words
    hidden feelings...
    I type them all
    till my fingers say "I need rest"
    when it comes to then 'Send' button..
    My heart aches and the beat stops
    The love music in which we were lost
    haunts me like an unforgettable night mare..
    and.. there I go and save it as a draft
    still having millions to say
    I end up saying nothing...
    It end up as an UNFINISHED DRAFT...

  • zikra_ 42w

    #draft *-*
    @writersnetwork #wod
    #fiction obv.
    Happy friendship day mirakeeans♥️��

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    An untitled letter

    It's been a really long time since we had any conversation. Feeling weird while writing but i thought my lips could never convey my feelings which are kinda dead now but before placing white lilies on its grave i wanna let you know.

    Remember? When i wrote a poetry for the first time just for you. It did have a lot of grammatical errors but you still loved it, that's when it all started.

    I think we have made enough memories to survive being part as we together have really been toxic which is not letting 'us' survive and letting go is the only option left.

    Ending this with another poetry with little improvement in grammar so cheer up a little. Also, you don't need to write a letter back, I'll just reminisce about the verses you said reading my first poetry. Here it goes~

    //Felt like a sunflower
    Bending towards the sun (you)
    Everytime i see you

    Shower of your zephyr
    made me grow
    over my blues

    Listened to your hymns
    Being tucked in your hair
    As a part of beautiful you

    Later, I started humming too.
    It was easy to fall in love
    But not to confess the truth.

    After blooming fully
    I had to wither one day
    That's what flowers do.

    Wanted to be with you till the end.
    Became fragrant flower in your hair
    Now, flower on your grave too.//

    (Wanted to be someone)


  • jadedraco 42w

    Rough#draft#the moon#,if human

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    The moon (If the moon could exist as someone rather than something)

    Remy paced rhythm section of the sky tonight was pounding out the thunder in waves ,as the cold rain fell down to quench the earth from its terrible dry spell. Remy leaned out his large windows by his bed to peer out allowing the rain to soak him he loved the rain he loved late nights he wished he was out there in it. Remy scowled to bad his brothers never let him out after dark except when a full moon or half a moon was needed it simply wasn't done they said. Remy sighed grumpily threw his tall frame on the bed near the window threw his arm over his eyes contemplated the next day he was allowed out. That time absolutely would be spent a little differently. Remy thought of the woman he saw on the beach weeks ago she was cute to bad their paths would never ever cross two worlds,two different beings,such a shame really . Remy scowled disappointed thank the heavens for dreams and he went to sleep.

  • hafeezhmha 49w

    I wake up dreaming of Japan and all the old feral cats bawling on the pavement, mourning the loss of pedestrians. I love music. I miss the days of cars and bicycles in the rust belt of tokyo, laughing, transacting, forgetting. Now, i sit bent on my laptop screen hoping a song or two comes to me. I have to stop myself from breaking into a rhyme, my days are filled with vigorous activity, I've become an amateur at playing piano, But if i play any more than five notes, my fingers start hurting. God bless those pianists who smile through the pain but do nothing to fix it. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, slot machines - all members of the great forget.

    Last night, i sent a rough draft of what will become my last letter to many of you. An old friend remarked it was clear but didn't had ME in the capital letters.

    I get lots of ideas when I'm walking in the park, i take notes on my phone with radwimps covering my ears. But the low hum of sadness persists in the background. I know it's origins but i won't tell you, not for free. If you want to read about my misery you better pay up motherfucker.

    I now bid you farewell to go enjoy a non-organic, country egg omelet prepared by my sister. I spent the last five minutes explaining to her why our father is going loony over the classic shoyu ramen i've ordered. I forgot the hindi name for ramen so i told her it's "Sewaiyan".


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 49w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
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    14 June 2021 2.50 pm
    Good afternoon #rainbow #draft

    1 #ak_v_rainbow

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 50w

    Autumn Haiku

    Tangerine sky mourns
    Autumn drapes crimson carpet
    Cwtching forlorn hope 


  • igautamji 50w

    I'm not really sure where I was going with this.
    Something to do with environmental issues and the animal holocaust.
    Consider this an incomplete draft.

    I'll probably delete it soon

    #draft #death #fate

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    Under the long suffering silence
    of my despair in imbalance
    I offered a rose with no thorns
    To the ever beautiful norns
    "Change my fate" I asked them,
    Make it so I not die so late.
    With so much already on my plate
    I can't bear to see the the world in such a pitiful state.
    So please O please prepone it. Prepone my expiry date.
    I really do not wish to die too late.

  • dabelavon 52w

    A Poem Draft that I am never able to proceed and put an end to as reckless as I am.

    'Thou my Adonis, I Aphrodite thine.
    What shall the heart opine?
    'tis reckless, foolish and Blind.
    for it has entered forbidden love's shrine.
    thy lies are pious, thy truth is atheist.
    Am I lie or a truth told and doth it bind?
    An esoteric axiom_for love is honest,
    But Man is often stony, All is too unkind.'

    Photo Credits: Pinterest(Antonio Canova (1757-1822); Aphrodite et Adonis)
    This was originally Created on: (February 12, 2021)


    ● Adonis and Aphrodite: In Greek Mythology Adonis(Who was a very handsome man and in present time we use this word in order to Symbolize or Describe a Man's Beauty) the mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite or often also called Venus.
    ● Esoteric axiom: a hard principle/dictum

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    Thou my Adonis, I Aphrodite thine:

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 45w

    #ForUntilWeMeetAgain #SomeSadScibbles #ak_writezz
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    11 July 2021 12.35 pm

    / A Chapter from My Story /
    Thank you for reading O_o

    Last Summer ~

    Warmth of the sun wafted through the summer wind
    Like a heat wave of tingle, that caressed their silhouette
    Tides were impatient, prodding them to indulge in them
    Forget the land for a while, just slip into waves of fantasy

    She held his hand tighter, walking through the shore
    She looked like a dream come true, a wish from heaven
    His spirits brimming with joy, he was on cloud nine
    His long-term wish was granted, he awaited waves of love

    His heart was surfing through waves of emotions
    High tides of love and low swirls of urges

    He felt like this was the most lively he ever got to be
    To feel alive, and that had only one reason

    He gazed at her with so much longing, as if she was the setting sun who would take a quick dip into the depth of the ocean and hide from him. It was his biggest fear, that someday she would disappear and he would be left on the shore alone, recollecting memories from the surging tides like seashells and keep them in his heart forever as a treasure while gifting those waves some salty silver drops in return, adding to the tears of the ocean. And he wondered if the oceans ever held tears in its abyss as treasures of tragic tales. If they did, would his tears turn into melancholic pearls or seraphic crystals. Then he left the thought to swirl in a whirlpool of tides because he was sure that his love for her permeates the value of all treasures and nothing in this world, not even the world could ever be able to define the love he feels for her.

    Just then a lazy breeze curled through her long locks and made her look back at him while trying to comb her wavy hair back to some perfection she hoped for, not knowing how her curls swaying in the breeze was stealing his heartbeats. And he thought, she doesn't know how she's already perfect.

    The smile that bloomed on her red lips could rival the burning fiery sun, the shade of her lips, a tint sharper than the tangerine hues spreading all over the sky. Soon they would turn red but still can't be compared to her lips. He wished if he could ever feel those shades someday, if today had that lucky charm for him, a taste of bliss before the foreshadowing darkness.

    He found it hard to believe that it was the first time they are meeting. She was always strange but never a stranger. She was always distant but never far. But then he also remembered that its something only she could be. Which he learned to adapt to.
    She was also always joyful but never happy. Which never fails to break his heart into crinkles of shards, that of a mirror which only ever held the image of a single person his whole life - Her

    Then her eyes would shine with all the lights of a galaxy, burning his heart through it but at the same time glueing the mirror back into its desired form. Those eyes were what tethered his heart down to the earth and he prayed his affection is as transparent as a floating bubble over the shorelines.

    Those eyes were now charming him. And he couldn't let the playful glint in them disappear with the retreating wave. He moved a bit, took a step ahead, even though the land under his feet was leaving, he leaned towards her in hopes of finding a new land with her, somewhere across the ocean.

    He held her cheeks as if a prayer to the winding day and tried to find a gleam of hope in the shining twin orbs. They held the sparkle of a precious tear, stubbornly holding onto her lashes, afraid of drowning in waves of depression. He couldn't bear the sight of them anymore, even though it's the first time he's witnessing it.

    " Who broke your heart... so much... so that, every hearty smile would be accompanied with a teardrop ? "

    She could never reveal the truths to him, a helpless smile tried to peel its petals wanting to be an early bloom. But the dark night she's fated to live through still stretched long in front of her. She could only tilt her head a bit to the right, against those rushing winds and gushing waves. And it was enough for the tears to trickle down the valley of her cheeks.

    " e v e r y o n e "

    Those tears would have etched that unspoken word on the heart of the ocean. But they were as helpless as her fate, dissolving into the agony of miserable moisture, flying to the skyline in invisible bullets of pain, piercing those looming clouds and granting a sorrowful shower soon.

    Yet he discerned those alphabets from the furious waves that held it up to his face with a sense of might, that made him prepare for the worst. He was already prepared for however she would react and this was one of the most possible options in them.

    She took a step back from him, tears tracks gleaming in the twilight. Her parched throat made it hard for her to whisper to him. Or maybe its her heavy heart weighing her down, an anchor of pain she wished to throw away someday, but when ... Not today at least.

    " It's already time. We must return to the land. "

    From that of a fantasy to the land of reality. She intended. She knew when the sun disappears, reality would choke them with lumps of dark past. She wasn't a pessimist in any way, rather she was pretty optimistic about life. If not she wouldn't have agreed to meet him now. Today. Here. Ever.

    " You know I won't let you go like that. Without a word. "

    His words were too much for the streak of luck reaching to them from the setting sun. He hoped they would bless them with a positive glow.

    " You know I can't stay. With you. Like this. Ever again."

    " You don't have to stay more than we agreed to. Just say what I wanted to hear from you. Only you. "

    " I can't. It wouldn't come true."

    She pleaded with her eyes, they weren't shining now. They were overflowing, a reverie of ripples.

    " You know I can't. ' We ' was a dream. Reality is ' You' and never ' Me '.
    Cause I have no tether to reality, I'm a daydream. Did you forget already ? "

    Somehow a chuckle escaped her lips and no one but he knows how that flipped his heart upside down. He couldn't help smiling then, albeit gloomy.

    " Yeah. You are !
    A beautiful daydream... "

    That was all he could utter. He was losing all hopes to the diminishing twilight. This was the last of a beautiful sunset, he was sure about that. They walked back to the shores awaiting a caress of waves that were wailing back to the ocean.

    And the land always knows that the retreating waves would return back stronger than before. All it had to do was wait for the rhythm of time to play. The symphony of the ocean could alight a new fate for them.

    " All I'm asking you is to let me be that tether to you. I could be the one.
    The only one you'd ever have to trust without regret."

    He whispered one last time. Wishing to be the anchor she deserves to have than the one that's dragging her down. She too deserves to live a reality where hurt never springs and joy ever snows.

    All she returned was a measured smile, perhaps its taking too much for her to even have that small inch of curve upwards. For her eyes were already drooping like sleepy blooms.

    She turned ahead and walked away, taking with her a season full of summer. This was the last day and the last day of hope vanished with her. He stood back there, staring at her figure disappearing in the shadows playing on the footpath. Till there was nothing but a scenery of sorrow in front of him. Because she wasn't a part of it anymore.

    He turned to the ocean with an ache he couldn't hold in, offering the long-held tears to the ocean at last. The sun seemed like a dream that never was real. A fantasy which failed to illuminate the future.

    ~ Tonight he saw the waves gliding in the moonlight
    Carrying his treasure tears
    Tonight he realized his tears were precious pearls
    Sailing to the land of melancholia ~

    •| And love once again was drowned in the ocean by the setting sun
    Fate once again pulled the pitch black curtains over them
    Destined to suffer a lifetime as lonely ships in the night... forever |•


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    Last Summer / First Meeting

    Warmth of the sun wafted through the summer wind
    Like a heat wave of tingle, that caressed their silhouette
    Tides were impatient, prodding them to indulge in them
    Forget the land for a while, just slip into waves of fantasy

    She held his hand tighter, walking through the shore
    She looked like a dream come true, a wish from heaven
    His spirits brimming with joy, he was on cloud nine
    His long-term wish was granted, he awaited waves of love

    His heart was surfing through waves of emotions
    High tides of love and low swirls of urges

    He felt like this was the most lively he ever got to be
    To feel alive, and that had only one reason


  • anu_linen 31w

    Untangle the knots
    Bound up in spells

    Untangle the legacy
    Bound up in secrets

    Untangle the curses
    Bound up in nightmares

    Untangle the shadows
    Bound up in promises

    And protect ourselves
    from evil eyes.