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  • anishk07 14w

    Each day of the week seemingly pass by,
    Very easily within a blink of an eye;
    Everyday is stagnant, and each second is adamant;
    To not go in a second, but to stay and reckon;
    The peaceful thoughts, it has erupted fine,
    Within painful slots of corrupted time;

    Waking up in the morning just to go to bed,
    Looking in the mirror, appears to be dead;
    When the silence speaks, the violence becomes obsolete,
    The license to squeal gets rather inutile and discreet;

    I’m fighting myself daily, writing dichotomous story,
    In one I’m well, while the other is enraged in fury;
    It’s tough to decide, who wins inside,
    In this battle of inner peace, do I live or die;

    Starting again from the scratch,
    I can’t believe I’m again on this track;
    I let myself go down,
    Not intentionally but knowingly somehow;

    I’m tired of running away,
    Thought I had it all figured out;
    I’ve stopped to chase,
    The dreams I was once mad about;

    Maybe I’m my own enemy, I kill myself obnoxiously,
    I’m sick of the heavenly feeling that I’ve chased tirelessly;
    Human we are, and we are born with this curse,
    Where peace is the harmony, and conflict is the inevitable agony;

    I am going to surrender to the earth,
    And wait for the drizzle to fall upon on me;
    So I can bloom towards the sunlight,
    Before the curse touches me.


  • _scribblerzlocus_ 26w


    The power to leave and live
    The power to loathe and love
    The power to whine and smile ✨
    The power to hurt and heal❄️


  • _scribblerzlocus_ 34w


    Dreadful dreams do
    exist and they named
    it as



  • raghavendran 93w

    The Dreadful Neighbour

    Dreadful Neighbour

    Neighbours are of a common kind,
    Good ones are truly hard to find,
    When the Lord is pleased with you,
    He may gift you with a few.

    Nosey Parkers are the most- each one
    Of whom you crave hard to shun,
    But equally stubborn are they,
    You very often they will waylay.

    They are the type who gatecrash,
    Unabashedly a huge smile they'll flash,
    Make themselves quiet at home,
    They may be George, John or Jerome.

    If you don't find the daily at your door,
    You have got a shock in store,
    After a lapse of an hour or two
    Thy neighbour gleefully hands it to you.

    No borrowers you'll find like them
    Who display no sense of shame,
    You find your lawn mower in their lawn
    When you wake up in the morn.

    "I saw it lying idle last night,
    I had an idea very bright,
    Why not use it just before dawn
    And return it to you in the morn.

    Now that my job is fairly over,
    You are welcome to have your mower".
    You fume and curse with all your heart-
    Him, a neighbour of a horrible sort.

    When at three you are in a hurry
    And cannot even a minute tarry,
    In walks your neighbour of next door
    Having planned for a pow-wow till four.

    He has no qualms in borrowing your car
    To travel to places quite far,
    Using up the gasoline without care
    And returning it with a casual air.

    Shouting a loud "Thank you"
    He vanishes from your view,
    Leaving you in agony and pain.
    You swear wishing not to see him again.

    You think about relocating very far,
    With none to call for your car
    0r to knock at the door at midnight
    Asking with urgency for a flashlight.

    But human beings are found everywhere,
    If not many, at least a pair,
    To become your neighbour, with a house,
    Though far, containing his spouse.

    With no escape or relief from such pain,
    You pray to the Lord your peace to regain,
    Oh Lord! Save me from neighbours such,
    From many I have suffered much,
    I have lost my peace of mind,
    Oh Lord! Save me and be kind.

    Raghav R

  • inked_rr 106w

    Which is more dreadful?

    Being born as a girl


    Being born as a girl to a poor father


  • _b_h_a_v_na 128w


    Moments were
    so awesome
    when created,
    But turned to be
    dreadful when
    became memory.

  • abhishekkamble 130w

    Where it all began

    I picked up the dead petals which once embraced a rose , I realized the rose was still breathing it's last , seeking liberation from the dreadful prison of their love

  • rashi__xo 133w


    Dreadful enchanting like a QuEEn!

  • insane_writer__ 137w

    ......Random Writing -3......

    I was born naked with an unprogrammed brain...With time , parents fed it up with basic Knowledge...Growth was ensured by God though only physical ... Mental Intelligence is just a born gift! Pressure to do something while childhood was very necessary... Thereafter everyone pointed only us... And now I'm just provoked for Internal Death

  • shraddha925 138w

    The nights that don't let me sleep are often those
    When I realize no one is by my side at this moment.
    When I think of you.
    When I feel like the shattered pieces of my heart are piercing through the heart.
    When I remember who I am,where I am.
    The forgotten soul remember it's position.
    When I remember the last words that has been exchanged between us, which still pierces through my thick skin.
    I remember the time when your stare were not the scariest thing in the world, which didn't make me feel awkward, which didn't make me shiver.
    When I didn't need to cover my whole body when you were somewhere near me.
    When you weren't a Vampire for me.
    When I remember that my life isn't a fairytale, instead it's a tale of horror.

  • dranaqueen 141w

    It's a human nature to share their happiness ☺️ and sadness �� to their closed people .Really, the person don't want to have some sympathy on that.Because sympathy would be less than her pain.





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    From depressed person,

    I don't want to gain sympathy from other person .All I desire to have other to listen my trauma in my bad momenta.


  • soni_ansari_ 143w

    Hopeless I am, hopeless I would be,
    If the dreadful feeling won't go from my heart..
    Lifeless you'll find my body to be..


  • jaeseonlynn 154w

    (If u cant read)

    Mr. Teddy anxiously looked at me,
    As I hear voices inside my head.
    Seeing white silhouettes glide,
    As a monster hides under the bed.
    While the thunder's started to roar,
    my night lights began to flicker.
    As an immense wind hitted my window,
    My whole body started to shiver.
    Soon my room was cold as ice,
    My body felt like going numb.
    Hairs on my arms was going up,
    As I hear footsteps about to come.
    So I stood up, walked to the door,
    By then I saw the door knob turning.
    I saw my mom down and miserable,
    Her eyes was red from crying.
    She looked at me with mournful eyes,
    And said the words I longed to dread.
    "Oh dear my dear, it should have been me"
    And soon I knew.....that I was dead.

    #horror #horrorstory #poem #dead #6thsense #sixthsense #haunted #mournful #dreadful #numb #plottwist #nightmare

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    A dreadful nightmare


    Mr. Teddy anxiously looked at me,
    As I hear voices inside my head.
    Seeing white silhouettes glide,
    As a monster hides under the bed.
    While the thunder's started to roar,
    my night lights began to flicker.
    As an immense wind hitted my window,
    My whole body started to shiver.
    Soon my room was cold as ice,
    My body felt like going numb.
    Hairs on my arms was going up,
    As I hear footsteps about to come.
    So I stood up, walked to the door,
    By then I saw the door knob turning.
    I saw my mom down and miserable,
    Her eyes was red from crying.
    She looked at me with mournful eyes,
    And said the words I longed to dread.
    "Oh dear my dear, it should have been me"
    And soon I knew.....that I was dead.

  • juzer_ali 159w

    i loved her but now she's gone.
    I wanted us to be forever.
    But anger had different plans.

    #anger #hate #rage #angerqoutes #breaks #bone #heart #shredheart #dreadful

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    How dreadful it is when you take out your anger on someone you love and that someone leaves you for the things you said or done.

    Shreds your heart, breaks every bone and leaves you with emptiness

  • dreadfullycaring 169w


    I didn’t ever really think I could give a fuck who Trish dated so long as it wasn’t an ex of mine or something. I mean, she’s my best friend and all but, her life is hers and mine is mine. She’s dated someone for almost ever year of her life. It makes sense. She’s hot and popular, sociable too. But, when I heard that she was going out with Kade “Axe” Wilson, something inside me broke. I kinda want to jump down from the bleachers where I sit and march over to where she and her squad were practicing for this Friday’s pep rally and pull her down by her auburn hair and punch her in the throat. To say I am jealous is an understatement. She knew how hard I’d been falling for this kid since middle school. Hell, she encouraged me to leave him fucking love notes and all that mushy kid shit.

    What’s worse is, her telling me at lunch wasn’t even when I found out; it was more of damage control. I wish I had missed seeing them making out on my locker but, that’s what you get when your forget your biology text book I guess. I heard she tried to chase me down after she noticed me storming off past them but, my hiding spot in the second floor girl’s bathroom was too good. I avoided her for the rest of the day, cutting the classes that we had together as to avoid breaking down or starting a fight. People began to murmur, then whisper, and then talk. Our ‘drama’ became the topic of the school day, the general speculation being that she was trying to make me jealous or that she was teasing me for being a virgin.

    Our usually spirited lunch time chatter was quiet and tense. I was sure everyone was watching us. The whole cafeteria seemed to stand still as I sat in front of Trish, my so called best friend.


    “I just.. he’s cute... and you know he is,” she started all matter of factly.
    “He asked me out, if that makes you feel any better. I’d been sorta eyeing him but, when he came up to me, I couldn’t say no,” she tells me, forking her salad and avoiding eye contact. I watch her for a moment and try to put myself in her shoes.
    “Listen, I know how this looks but, it wasn’t to spite you. We made the pact years ago that if we were both crushing, we’d let whatever was coming to us come right?” It was my turn to look away, holding back tears as I remember Tristan, our 6th grade crush.
    “Yeah, I remember.. It’s not that I think you did it on purpose. I... it’s just a bit raw is all,” I assert as she takes my hand in hers, her tan hand contrasting my darker one.
    “If you don’t want me to—.” I shake my head and cut her off.
    “You wanted what was coming and he came. I can’t do much about it.” I shrug and grip her hand a bit harder.
    “Don’t worry about me. There are other fish in the sea right?” Trish’s smiles seems to be the trigger for the room as suddenly, everyone begins to talk again. It was almost as though nothing had happened in the first place.
    “You’ll catch someone, Val.”

    I pull my jacket tighter around myself and curse myself for bringing this broken monster rather than my fully functioning North Face.
    ‘Why the fuck do I even still own this shitty thing?’ I always watched Trish practice but, I never accounted for the coldness of the Fall winds or the Summer’s heat. Trish came out to my shows in exchange for my ‘hard time spent in the slammer bleachers’ or so she put it. She didn’t really like my band’s music but, it was the least she could do. Maybe I couldn’t be mad at her. Our bond was too strong to be broken by some boy.

    ‘...I never approached Kade at all. Didn’t sign any letters, didn’t even talk to him as a person. I probably didn’t seem to be interested the way I played the ‘cool chick’ approach..’ I glare daggers at the cheerleaders as Trish poses at the top of her pyramid as perfect as always as I take a pull off my pen.
    ‘Trish has her choice of men though! Every guy in this school would love to have her. Kade’s not even her type!’ Her words replay in my mind and I can’t help but clench my jaw and almost crush the device in my fist.
    “Yeah, I’ll catch someone alright,” I mutter sarcastically.

    I let out a giant cloud and eye the shadowy figure at the edge of the bleachers carefully as they turn to steal a glance at me. They seem to also be watching the cheerleaders. The sound of footsteps makes my hairs stand on edge before I make the figure out as Kade himself. When he’s close enough, he plops down a comfortable distance away from me, his boots making a heavy thump as he props his feet up on the seats in front of us.
    “Nic or weed?,” He asks in his low drawl, motioning to my own with his thumb as he lounges lazily against the gate behind us. I swallow spit and try to play it cool and hope to god that he can’t hear my heart beat as I exhale slowly.
    “Weed,” I answer, checking the cartridge level to distract myself from the spicy smell of his cologne and the obvious smell of cigarettes coming off him like steam on fresh rice. He moves in closer and sticks his hand out.
    “Kade Williams.” A sigh escapes my throat as I turn to look at him. His smile is bright and beautiful, his hazel eyes zipping between my face and the pen. I look down at his hand and scoff, shaking my head.
    “I’d say nice to meet you but, we’ve already met. We’ve been in school together since we were in the first grade,” I say as he sits up a bit straighter, leaning a bit closer to me.
    “We have?” I take another pull and pass it off to him. I smile to try to keep my mood lighter than it already is and exhale slowly and watch him for a moment.

    “Valerie Baker. I was the kid who wore the purple all the time from grade one to six,” I try matter of factly. I can almost see the cogs and gears rotating in his mind and, honestly, I think I could watch him for hours.
    “Oh yeah! Violet Val.” I can’t do much to repress my full body cringe as he imitates our creepy ass gym teacher from second grade. He smiles a genuine smile and I try to shake off the warm feeling that rushes through my chest.
    “Yeah.. Violet Val... that’s me.”
    “You look so different now, though, you can’t blame me for not remembering.” I shrug as he passes back to me.
    “You’re Trisha’s best friend, aren’t you?” I nod and turn my attention back to the rehearsal.
    “Sorry ‘bout today with your locker and all that. You know how it is.” I roll my eyes as minimally as possible and force a laugh.
    “So, I guess I oughta be seeing you more often, Valerie,” he essentially commands, nudging my side with his elbow. I try to ignore the way my name slips out of his mouth.
    “You oughta.”

    The two of us go silent, enjoying the just barely too far sound of the music and chants as we continue the cypher. Everything goes smoothly and, soon enough, Trish is making her way over to the bleachers. I pocket my pen and stand slowly, my knees popping with effort as I stretch my tired bones.
    “Val, I told you to stop smoking over here. Coach Rivers—.”
    “Can suck my fat dick. He always says he’ll do something but Sammy and them have been smoking over here since they learned how to roll.” Kade snorts as he stands to greet her, pulling her in for a hug.

    I don’t want to watch but, it’s hard to pull my eyes away from the way he presses against her. I take a deep breath and pull my oversized hood up over my head.
    ‘That’s why brought this jacket,’ I think. After another moment of silence, I clear my throat.
    “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow if you’re still coming to Sally’s,” I mumble as I move to hop down over the five rows of seats separating me from the dusty ground.
    “Woah, woah, tomorrow? I thought we were gonna chill! My dad finally left and you’ve been busy this whole week,” Trish asks as I make it down the first one.
    “I figured you’d wanna have some alone time with uh, Kade,” I say innocently, looking dead ahead of me. I hear her sigh and shift on her feet.
    “Are you still on about that?,” she asks as I shake my head and cross my arms.
    “It has nothing to do with that. You two are a couple. Don’t you wanna like hang out together or something?” I turn to face the two again the red head steps away from Kade a smidge.
    “I’ve barely seen you all week! And then you’re always so tired after your shows, I don’t wanna bother you.” She comes to stand next to me and my nose catches a whiff of the brooding man’s cologne once more. I step away but, she garbs my arm. I look at her with half lidded eyes, red from the weed and, I’m sure they’re watering, too.

    “Please, Val. I miss you,” she whines in the way only Trish can. I suck my teeth and sigh again.
    “C’mon Val. Don’t be a party pooper,” Kade asserts before he reaches in his pocket and fishes out a baggie of herbs.
    “This is straight outta Cali, super pure, super potent. I don’t know whatever the hell you were puff but, it doesn’t even touch this. You gonna pass up an opportunity like this?,” he presses, coming closer to us. I look between the two and sigh again, rolling my eyes quickly.
    “Alright, alright. I’ll hang but, don’t fucking third wheel me, okay?” Trish suddenly jumps to life and hugs me tightly.
    “Wouldn’t think of it,” she jokes, knowing full well that I was talking more to her then Kade.
    “Then, let’s go.”

  • jmj 172w

    "You're absolutely insane,"
    He said to me seriously.
    "Oh, darling. I know,"
    I laughed, flashing him
    a dazzling crimson lipped smile.
    "It makes life much
    more interesting.
    Don't you think so?
    Being sane is just an
    absolutely dreadful idea.
    I don't know why
    anyone would want to
    Do it at all."

  • sim_kaur 176w

    That dreadful feeling

    How dreadful it feels when you wanted to fuck around and developed feelings and the opposite happens with the one you are with!

  • caffeineaholic 177w


    I never quenched her thirst for love
    But for my lust I did it well
    She supposed I loved her ton, no
    She was to satisfy my lust well

    She dreamt of being a couple.
    She wanted my love and time
    I never shared love cuz I was filled with lust
    Under my blanket, we spent time

    She loved me more than I deserved
    And she wanted love in return
    I never showed love
    Only orgasm I had for her in return

    She waited for long, for me to show love
    But I was busy in pleasuring myself by her.
    Once, she turned down to me
    In anger I broke-up with her

    She felt dreadful and left crying
    With her, went her dreams of us being together
    It was my lust over love that killed us both
    I wish I never had been such an adulterer.


  • caffeineaholic 178w


    I live under dark
    Darkest of all
    Seems easy to explain
    But hard to understand by all

    I crawl, slowly
    Into the light
    But flaws pull
    Pull me harder from bright

    I feel air around
    But hard is it to breath
    Extreme suffocation fills in, but
    Never it takes me to death.

    I await for you death
    But you send your son "suffering"
    Who haunts me at his best
    And tests my level of bearing

    Endangered, I stayed
    Bearing all of it
    Now let me free
    Make me extinct


  • ojassvi_pradhan 178w

    You were too good to be real.
    You were too dreadful to be near.

    So I created your character in my mind.

    Now I love fiction.