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  • _mathematics 21w

    Champagne spread over the rug hiding the bloodstains in its hue with an odour that spill all truths of segregation one by one as they are parts of the maze, with a visible reach of invisible scars.

    As long as I could learn the fault rather I fell for more deceits that put me behind bars of the walls, I called the room.

    The Dreamer, believing fantasies I have withstood.
    The Dreamer, do I even look like one?
    The Dreamer, half-dead during midnight.
    ~ the caption I mixed up with the sketchy fantasies.

    The fan on the ceiling alarms every day as the bed shifted to its neighbour, the surfaces are far away as much as she. I attempt to reach there but the invisible hopes deteriorate the destiny collecting numerous wishes.

    I sometimes make situations appear confusing to hide what I wanted to confess.
    Does this make me mentally unstable? Maybe little scared to say what I learnt in the recent past times when patterns over curtains in the drawing-room were satisfying as art and now a threaded view of parts nowhere linked to each other.

    This my madness in books or thirst in cry yearning bright stars at night of the full moon with you by my side even it's six feet apart or more than that still you by my side.

    An artist in love or sailor in the mid of dead life, throbbing within its corpse parted in varied speeches some reported to her way and some indirectly plunged to the clogged blood dripping into the pipe connected to the hand, tried to escape the ink of words with hefty unconditional rules of pain teasing love.

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    #romanticizec #anaphora #nightc


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    TO-LET you know
    the title is NO-MORE

    diversions oddly
    getting soaked under the shed
    built with ironies
    defining ruined letters
    floating inside the ocean

    with the unknown gulf
    held by the anxiety
    separated from
    the self-love jailed within folds
    masked ink longing from past

  • lazybongness 22w

    //Reality sucks but dreams are toxic//

    What about dreams,
    they just keep on flickering,
    like the fault of fate, they cheat
    And weaves reverie, steals colors for butterflies
    and fills them inadvertently.

    The mind is compelled to think where to go,
    it's a gimmick akin magician
    who spreads illusion.
    Shows the way but doesn't tell the skill
    to reach the destination.

    They're hunter for race to advance.
    Hold on to your strength
    But what if it is left behind?
    Suddenly it will break'

    Why there's a destination even after victory? Relationships are priceless!!
    Then why is it bizzare.
    The brightness before the eyes
    becomes blurry.

    A lonely heart is azoic
    after reaching the destination.
    A silent mind has become a cumber.
    Answers were left behind.
    Now extinguished mind does not care anymore.
    Left for dead : My Dream

    #darkpoetry #dreamerc @writersbay

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    dreams are no more immortal ,
    blade just as they seem
    scary and dark
    to survive I wake up

  • fizahfiz_ 22w

    Dear you,
    Our hearts beat and the bird's tweet.
    It is mystical indeed, how hearts meet,
    And how we run into new souls as the days unfold.

    One time, feel like I live as a dreamer in my sweet dream,
    I hold "you" so tightly,
    I sniff you and then take another deep breath just to smell you, I smell freedom.
    Having you with me is like living once in a lifetime,
    I keep exchanged you with another just to own the best one,
    You're like an angel to me, helping me and give me happiness,
    But bit by bit, our hearts and souls surrender.
    And we regain composure.
    Finally realizing that "you" was not an angel, the same goes for me as well,
    I'm a hater, like parrots, talk much but cannot fly.
    With them, we find our laughter, and our days are brighter.
    Yes, everything seems far better as our pains become lesser.
    And that was how I found you, but I still wonder,
    If truly this can last forever,
    As long as they are with you, enjoy while you can,
    Because we only live once.
    Who are you?

    Of course, I’ve met a million hearts in the past, but we're now asunder.
    My mind vividly recalls all we encountered together,
    And if I say it doesn’t hurt, call me a liar.
    But here I am, again at the middle of the month,
    Dreaming of a forever and having you in the picture.
    Surprisingly, I changed, from a dreamer to a Thinker,
    For though I lose a million hearts, ten new more do I capture.
    Without you, I'm suffocating,
    I began to miss you, your smell, your power,
    Your absence makes me realized,
    "I need to save you" when you're around me,
    Yet, I'm just an eagle, say nothing but conquer the skies,
    I need to save you, save you from my inner evil spirit.
    And it, dear you, I was wrong, I missed your love when you be beside,
    Losing you makes my life miserable, living in a nightmare,
    For I careless about who you are or where you're from, as long as you’re a true lover.
    Join me lets stroll on this pasture and not be mindful of where it’s takes us.
    All I know is, at this moment you’re my anchor despite the raging clutter…
    Your existence makes me lost, I felt like I was possessed, living in my selfish world, losing the way I planned to go in the first place,
    But when you're gone, I came back into the real me, the real innocent me that full of planned and dreams,
    I planned I keep planning to save when you'll come into my life,
    Who are you?

    Months after months,
    It keeps repeating,
    And nothing has changed.
    I'm not a dreamer, but rather someone who always gives up when you exist in my life.
    You're my evil freedom,
    My happy friend, be there when I'm happy and leaving me when I need you,
    I hate you,
    But I love you,
    Your existence is way more important than your absence,
    Everybody loves you,
    Your name is everyone happiness,
    Who're you?
    Your name is MONEY.

    #money #dreamerc #life #save #waste #reality #world
    @miraquill @writersbay

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    Who are you?!


  • paint_a_poem 22w

    Dream in colour

    When practicality replaces passion and
    reason juxtaposes with intuition

    The graveyard of dreams awakens
    And a beacon of light enshrines

    A ray amidst brokenness and bruises
    Making the hopeless believe in destiny

    And shine and sparkle in nothingness
    Not everything is lost till you try

    Anything is possible to the undaunted
    A dreamer dreams in colour

    21 Aug 21

  • antarraal 22w

    #activity #wod #dreamerc @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @writersnetwark

    The bg must have told where is the inspiration from: The original speech gives me goosebumps and there was another one by the former Indian Prime Minister Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi...so that's that. Happy reading.

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    I am young,
    and I too love to dream.

    I love to dream with my eyes open,
    oh! how intoxicating it is to make things happen,
    Sometimes I am the Wonder Woman,
    sometimes a phantom,
    but everytime the goal reaches a completion.
    I sing and dance, cook (oh no) and paint,
    in between go treasure hunting
    and meet people unknown.
    I dream to free the innocents from the clutches
    of the devils,
    help them find the light at the end of the tunnel,
    I dream to wipe off the heavy malicious curtains of hatred and misunderstanding,
    so that the little ones can bloom under the sky of trust and compassion.
    I dream to see everyone has a belly full and a roof over the head,
    for evil lurks in empty stomachs, and where roof is a hole.
    I am one but my dreams are galore,
    I wish to do and achieve so much more.
    So dreaming I do and hope you too
    work towards turning them true.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 22w

    Even if it's a burned one.
    #dreamerc #one11

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    I know I can never fly, I cannot touch the sky,
    but I am a dreamer who wishes to get rid of every cocoon and be a butterfly.


  • themoonandthesun 22w

    #dreamerc #activity
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

    I know this is mehh. I'll try something soon. This is my dream a house, books and peace. Waah!


    Thank you WN for the like ��


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    Lured in my perfect perfection
    I kiss my forever and then some
    A barn with rescue animals
    Warm fireplace basking my home
    Chandeliers from a Beauty's Ball
    Bookshelves stored as the Beast's 

    With peace and happiness
    I live all over again
    A dream ending
    That never began


  • writersbay 22w

    Good morning fellas! 🌼

    Today, write a poem based on the POV of a dreamer.

    Tag and share with #dreamerc

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    The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something [they] may never get.

    – Joanna Hoffman