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  • kv1504 12w

    Two poor fellows

    Last night, I saw you in my dream
    The last thing I heard was your scream.
    Nothing changed since you died,
    Except, now there is no one on our side.
    Dad still comes home imbibing a drink,
    Beating us for nothing, without giving a think.
    The alcohol is rottening his good brain,
    And the hurts he gave, are still gonna pain.
    Mom! With those bad words, he still abuses
    Whenever we ask for food, he refuses.
    For the rest of the family, we were a burden
    With him, both of us have been abandoned.
    Today, we crave for the love of your
    For everyone else out there, is very sour.
    Why did you leave us to suffer all this alone?
    Needless to say, since you have already gone.
    We both hug each other to cry over our fate,
    And pray for not a whip, when he comes home late.
    Come back maa, we have so much to say
    We have been hungry for the whole day.
    School has suspended us for not paying fees,
    And we have so much to face, except all these.
    We don't get water, we don't get light
    All what happens is fight, fight and fight.
    We don't get love, we don't get care
    But we have none to whom, all this we share.
    Oh mom! We cry, "Please come to us back!"
    We only want to sleep on your lap.
    We remember the day, you burnt yourself
    And left us alone without any help.
    The next time, I see you in dream, coming to me
    Take both of us along to the world of thee.

  • solus_thoughts 35w

    "Don't annoy me by repeating the same thing", he said..
    "I m requesting for your own good", she said


  • solus_thoughts 35w

    "Please leave it.. atleast for my sake", she said
    "I drink to have fun but I m not addicted", he said everytime...


  • kimzee 40w


    Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink and your thirst increases. Kissing is merging of two lips, two soul and two spirits that makes them divine. Kissing you is like dancing in the rain; it is exciting kind of sensation that you can't help but fall in love with

  • hindoldas 43w

    Drink a glass of water
    Cause, it'll make u feel better...


  • starkanonymous 51w

    Pink Beasties & Porcelain Pillows

    If I want to sit awhile and think
    Of something that's good and writes...

    I won't be going wild with drink
    And go getting into bar fights...

    I don't like seeing elephants pink
    I don't like seeking porcelain whites...

    Hurling in a tub, toilet or sink
    Is not how I like spending my nights...


  • jaimespeed 59w

    #pod #mirakee #poetry #drinking #writersnetwork #sensual

    on the rocks

    the napkin with the # on it / the # with the napkin under it / in my hand / in your hand / shuddered clothes / shuttered limbs / under my hand / here / pause / stay to curved thigh / skin / of a napkin / soft / and fraying / between fingers / hands / to lips / licking / salt rimmer / a drink stain / on the napkin / on pants / off / a drink stain / rimmer / panting / empty cups / ice / empty bar / empty / top shelf / this is a celebration / you’re top / shelf / on the rocks / stop /
    don’t stop //
    don’t stop / asking for more / refills / drinks / are sweating / on the napkin / smearing 2s and 3s // a love letter untangling / arms uncrossing / legs / the train station’s still open / for legs / orgasm central / the centre / here this centre / bellybutton / to bellybutton / this is obliteration / the centres / of bottles / are hollow / alone / at the train station / running / late / I’ll never drink again / I write a drunk text / to myself / on a sticky note / on the highest cabinet / saying it’s ok / to drink again / I can’t write when I’m this thirsty / no more chicken nuggets / in the bathtub / every second / every second favourite breast / I like 3s best // all smudged in sweat / scribbling poetics / on unopened mail / my alarm / the ring a drink makes / sincerely obliterated /

    (Originally published by OyeDrum Magazine)

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    on the rocks

    stop /
    don’t stop //
    don’t stop / asking for more / refills / drinks / are sweating / on the napkin / smearing 2s and 3s // a love letter untangling / arms uncrossing / legs / the train station’s still open / for legs /


  • wifey_suicide 78w

    Fake Intentions

    Don’t worry about me
    I don’t need the sympathy now
    I’m just going to lay my head down
    And die without crying
    You say we were friends
    But when it wasn’t the alcohol killing me,
    nobody wanted to be around me.

  • m3l0dic 84w

    The Prelude

    This time,
    His stomach growled like a Lion salivating in front of his wounded prey.
    His response?
    Someone would be kind enough to grant me a plate,
    Later on today..."

    Didn't have many ways to eat,
    Nor have a chance to reach REM sleep in such a long time.
    Hopping from a bench,
    To the next,
    Just asking for a penny,
    Nickel or a dime.
    Residing in the Lower East Side?
    He only had one thing in mind...

    Going back Home to step in front of a mic.
    Showing packed shows how He writes up a line,
    While feeling and reeling them in!
    Dealing a rhythm in His,
    Sealing a rigid Abyss I!
    Knew He would escape,

    An escape found through His love of Poetry,
    Instead of flowing drinks!
    Into my safe haven.
    So tired I was of being slapped by His tears and gallons of beer,
    As His Inner Child who has survived His excruciating pain and,
    Flashing memories I was forced to see while trying my best to make Him,

    I'm glad he did.
    I am!
    Within His story of victory,
    There's one thing left for us to confront.
    I just,
    Hope he's more grown and mature than what he was back then,
    Enough is enough!
    No more hiding from a rewind preventing both of us!
    To move forward...


  • uyirttezhu 85w

    ... மதுபானம்...
    �� குடிப்பவருக்கோ நினைவுகளை மறக்கச்செய்யும் மருந்தாகிறது
    குடிப்பவரின் குடும்பத்தையும் கொல்லும் விஷமாகிறது.
    �� தலைக்கு மீறிய போதையால்
    தன்னிலை மறந்து பல
    தவறுகளைச் செய்ய பெருங்காரணமாகிறது.
    �� அரசனே ஆனாலும் தனக்கு அடிமையாக்கி
    அவனிடமிருப்பதை எல்லாம் இழக்கச்செய்து ஆண்டியாக்கிறது.
    �� சமூகத்தில் நற்பெயர் பெற்றவனையும்
    சாக்கடையில் தள்ளி அவமதிக்கினன்றது.
    �� கண்கள் சிவக்க மது அருந்துவதால்
    காமச் செயல்களையும் செய்ய தூண்டுகிறது.
    �� வேதனைகளை மறக்க மதுவருந்தினால்
    வீதியில் வந்து நின்றிடுவாய்.
    �� கையில் காசில்லா காலத்திலும்
    கடன்வாங்கியும் அருந்துகின்றனர் சிலர்.
    �� மதி மயங்கும் அளவிற்கு மது அருந்தியே
    மனிதா நின் மரணத்தையும் நீயே தேடிச்செல்கிறாய்.
    �� பஞ்சு போன்ற உடல் உறுப்பினை
    நஞ்சிட்டு நாசம் செய்வது நியாயமா?
    �� குடிக்கின்ற பணத்தை எல்லாம் சேமித்திருந்தால்
    உன் குடி என்றோ உயர்ந்திருக்குமே?
    �� இழந்ததை நினைத்து மது அருந்தினால்
    இருப்பதையும் இழந்து வீதியில் நின்றிடுவாய்.
    �� மனவலிக்கு எல்லாம் மது அருந்தினால்
    மண்ணுலகில் மனிதருக்கு மதுவே உணவாகிடுமே?
    �� பலர் கூறி திருந்தா ஒருவன்
    பட்டப் பின்பே திருந்திடுவான்.
    �� வலியும் வேதனையும் யாருக்குத்தான் இல்லை
    மது அருந்துவதால் மாறிடுமோ இத்துயர்நிலை...
    - உயிர்த்தெழு நதியா

    #mirakee_tamil #mirakee #tamil #uyirttezhu_quotes #uyirttezhu_poems #drinking #மதுபானம் #மது

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  • loftydreams101 88w

    Delirium's Hands

    My eyes burn bright
    At the promise of a swift exodus,
    The steep dive through the shadows
    To the cove and the sea

    I’ll slip from the binds
    Of solitude and safety,
    I’d rather go mad
    Than chatter and pretend

    Dive and dive each night
    Stagger through nothingness
    Fall apart by noon
    And swim away at dusk

    I will live again
    In delirium’s hands
    Uprooted from shame,
    From this pasture grey

    © 2020 William wright, Jr.

  • wifey_suicide 92w


    I said I wasn’t drinking tonight
    Now I’m slurring one my words
    And I can’t talk in any way proper
    So many people with smoke clouds tonight
    I think I need a little air
    Cause I can’t prosper
    With my own mind
    When there’s a huge crowd and loud music
    As I look up from a distance and see lights on
    In a room with two shadows

    I don’t know her
    But now she’s laying on some guy
    Legs on his shoulder
    Acting like she’s a slut
    And nobody knows her
    When we hear her name get shouted a lot
    In the neighbors lawn
    The fight isn’t over
    I think her man is breaking up
    But I’m too drunk
    To even realize what’s all going on
    My mind is spinning
    And my brain is showing
    Dripping out liquid that I’ve never seen before
    The party isn’t even over
    Not even for me
    Cross over

    I’m puking in toilet
    While the slut is banging another guy in the tub
    Afterwards he leaves
    She does a line and then does a small rub
    To her eyes
    She starts to cry
    I don’t even know why
    I’m just really dizzy and I want to die
    For just this second though
    As the slut quickly freshens up and runs straight to the door
    To find another
    Just go home at this rate
    Sorry honey, but this is not the way to find a date
    You’re just making demons, not fate
    One day you’ll wake up and have your stomach ate
    By yourself
    And there won’t be anyone else left to tell you that you’re actually beautiful
    After I.... blank


  • invador0007 96w

    A drunks man talk is sober man thoughts.

  • james_taumas 96w


    Can't apply the brakes
    Going too fast
    Losing control
    Spiralling down
    Way I like it
    Friends' faces are blurred
    Lovers I can't recall
    Nightclub lights
    Endless nights
    Daytime an inconvenience
    What time is it?


  • ciara1 98w

    Nightly Summer Words of Auntie Alcoholics

    The first day I took a shot
    was on a Sunday night.
    I had just came back from
     Sunday's church with my auntie that is not so bright.
      My motha insisted that I spend the night.
      I got caught up in one of my auntie's acts, 
      I wondered, what was she drinking that was so vexed.
     I said auntie? What are you drinking that is real big in that pact?
     She said, beer girl, it's call Budlight, what? You want some?
    I don't think I can drink      that, I'm too young.
    She said, you can have some, this won't stung. 
     But ain't beer nasty?
    She said, yeah it is nasty, you want some?
      I'm still a kid auntie, 
    she said, do you won't some or not Cici?
    Agreeing, and pouring narrow drops of budlight down my cup. 
      There, the first day I took a shot of whiskey with my auntie    with a sup, 
    And it tasted real gooooood, with a sip.
     My first taste of a shot 
    drop of beer at 6,
    was gooder than goodies, 
     Ya feel me?
    My second shot was in the night, 
      when my motha 
    threw a summer night family party and most of us hung out on the back porch. 
    I said auntie Felicia?
    What are you drinking that is so small in that pact lying on the porch?
    She said, whiskey, you want me to pour you a lil? 
      I don't know if I can drink that, I'm too young.
     She said, you ain't nothing but 13,
    I dranked younger than that, you can have some, 
    But I'm still a kid aunt Felicia, 
                  she said, have a little Cici?
    Complying, and pouring me shots of whiskey in my cup. 
    There, the second time I took a shot of something with my auntie with a sip, 
    And it tasted real gooooood, with a tip.
    Ya feel me?
    I got caught up with the drunk drunkies, 
     My auntie Felicia said,
     just don't tell yo moma that I'm
    giving you some of these whiskies, 
    My mother never found out the two of my aunties gave me illegal drinks for kids,
     Later that night, 
    everyone was out the door and left cases of beer and whiskey that was big,
    I took em all and hid them
    in the very back of my closet 
                     so I would never forget.
    My motha never found my whiskies and beers.
       That was the moment when my addiction to whiskies and beer became clear. 
                     Mixing my whiskey into
    coka cola pop was palatable, 
                       I haven't had a beer ever since, that was relatable.
                       I haven't had a drop of beer ever since last year's family feast.  
                      Maybe, when this pandemic ends where someone throws a party again,
    I can give another shot of whiskey and beer that is the least.

    © All Rights Reserved

  • anthonyhanible 98w

    The Outlet

    Can I please plug in please
    Can i release this pain
    Paper i rip up
    Pencil that i break
    As soon as I start
    Writing down my feelings
    That outlet can kill me
    Sitting in the corner doesn't help
    Can I please plug in please
    Can i talk to you
    I'm looking for
    The Outlet

  • james_taumas 100w

    Patrons gathered
    A pint or wine
    Spirit or two
    Conversations and laughter
    Longtime acquaintances
    Meeting new people
    Last orders
    Contagion walks in
    Main room a desert
    Dust blanket covers all
    Bar is closed.


  • wifey_suicide 101w


    Summer is about to end
    While I’m passed out drunk underneath the table
    Nobody is around and I’m mentally unstable
    But it’s okay
    I’ll be alright
    I always wake up with a headache
    That spins around
    Twirls a few times
    Then it drowns
    In the toilet I surround my body
    On my knees like I’m about to say a prayer
    With my arms around holding onto the seat for dear life
    Promising to god, that I won’t do this again
    After the flush
    I rinse my mouth out
    The minty taste doesn’t even taste right
    With a swish of bad life choices and stomach acid
    I can still feel the gritty texture on my teeth
    My head banging like death metal
    As to wishing that I didn’t work today
    As I drag myself to my bed
    I got six hours until then
    I’ll make it through, I promise myself
    So I don’t feel regret as bad
    My body conscious and sober
    While my head is lost in space
    As I lay down and curl up
    Smells around me begin to grow
    The smell of a candle that isn’t lit
    Is probably your worst friend
    As the jaw begins to lock again
    Maybe six shots or seven
    Whatever it was
    Isn’t worth not remembering what I did
    Or what I said
    Who I saw
    Who I just met
    Only the sober remember
    And memories are what create life
    And special moments
    And without those
    What’s the difference on being dead

  • tathagatkaushik 102w

    Yeah ����.............
    Sometimes the best
    Therapy is drinking and
    Talking shit with your
    Besties ❣️ #sometimes #best #therapy #drinking #talk #shit #yourquote #bestie

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    Sometimes the best
    Therapy is drinking and
    Talking shit with your
    Besties ❣️


  • hets263 103w


    O. People: Smoking or drinking is injurious to health,

    Me: cheating is injurious to health...