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  • samridhi_tripathi 33w

    Using the word prompt after so many days but I kinda wanted to:
    was actually scrolling writersbay for words and came across
    #drizzlec #writersbay

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    I worship you when it drizzles

  • sumana_chakraborty 35w


    When soul's dissonance
    knows no bounds
    Brine of crestfallen sighs dry in orbs
    Sorrows stretch like Kalahari desert
    Billowing waves of dolour
    in whirlpool of cyclonic storms
    Restlessness cast
    its dark patch of umbra
    to grasp the pharynx
    Descend down
    O Lord
    As a respite
    Drizzle thy raindrops of love
    from heart's haven
    O God,
    No, not once again
    Test my tolerance
    I'm unable to bear this pain
    Unfold , O lord thy divine hands
    Unfold and shower thy elysian blessings
    Unto your minuscule creatures.
    My senses are numb today
    Uplift this physical entity of mine
    Divert them into thy spiritual trajectory.

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    ©sumana_chakraborty(read the caption pls)

  • someone_you_know 35w

    You can't force someone to love you but you also can't force yourself to not fall in love with someone.
    - by unknown writer

    Ps : I think I really forgot how to write something good! T_T

    #and_darling #drizzlec @writersbay
    @kin_jo thanks for asking me to write kini di. Me lobes u a lot❤

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  • jadewrites 35w


    Nature is crying
    Tears of Joy
    Fine drops of rain
    Falling on every creature.

    The human soul finds peace
    The body is not left out in the coolness
    Nature tears of Joy
    Bringing peace to them.

    Plants dancing with Joy
    Their parts heaving sign of peace
    Drops of Life falling on them
    They gain happiness in collecting them

    Animals hope in nature
    Their hopes fulfilled by the tears
    Nature's Joy, their peace
    Fine drops of rain.


  • miss_silentlyweird 35w

    I walk towards her with total emptiness in my heart. I guess putting some hard work isn't enough to reach something you want. I felt like I'm the only one left in the race with people surround me.

    My mom looks at me, smoothing her forehead while her round brown eyes wrinkle drooping the corner of her mouth. She holds my hand and we walk together.The silence stops when she starts telling me story.

    “One day a man who had been to gather his coconuts loaded his horse heavily with the fruit. On the way home he met a boy whom he asked how long it would take to reach the house. “If you go slowly," said the man, looking at the load on the horse, “you will arrive very soon; but if you go fast, it will take you all day."The man could not believe this strange speech, so he hurried his horse. But the coconuts fell off and he had to stop to pick them up. Then he hurried his horse all the more to make up for lost time, but the coconuts fell off again. Many times he did this, and it was night when he reached home."

    By then I turn my dazed look of bewilderment to my mother while my eyebrows arched searching for answer in why she's telling me these however she didn't look back and continue to say something so I decided to just listen.

    “My child, life isn't all about how fast you will reach your destination nor a race with others around you. Take your heart and time even if you're in your slow pace cause maybe you're comparing yourself to man with mangoes while your carrying a coconut."

    “We have different baggages to carry so tighten up your shoulder and continue to explore your own journey. "


    #face #tale #picturec #wod
    #drizzlec #pod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay

    Note: The story mentioned is entitled as The Man with the Coconuts a folktale story in Philippines (Abra/ Tinguian tribes)

    //Bit late to challenges. Goodnight! :)//

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    I tell to myself that this is only a drizzle and numerous storm may come yet at this point my mists feels so hefty so I let the drops of my tears pass up the breeze.


  • sonu99 35w

    The Pluviophile anticipating with eagerness for the sprinkle of the heavenly drizzle and embrace it wholeheartedly to soothe his ailing soul.

  • bellemoon99 35w

    Rainy night

    The drizzle whispers
    Nightly secrets for the heart
    Listen, and trascend.

  • artemiswrites 35w

    The first drizzle

    The monsoon starts with a
    like an old engine,
    The first drizzle that falls
    pearls dropped from the
    shells of
    clouds that open like
    upturned oysters
    is but a prologue,
    it is but a small
    song played, before the
    concert begins, to check
    if the cello is perfect

    The first drizzle is
    almost always
    for its place is taken by
    gaudy showers that
    laugh in thunder and smile in lightning
    but I find it as
    beautiful as
    the first ray of
    warming sun that
    falls on the shut
    petals of the Sunflower.

  • absynth 35w


    If a raindrop had a real face
    Instead of reflecting my own on its crystal visage,
    I would be interested in reading it through the windowpane
    But of course from a safe distance.

    For clarity now is a rare quality to come across
    And the one who achieves it stirs my curiosity without doubt
    Especially in a world that's brimming full
    With faces drowned in their fancy swimming pools.

    The past is like glass you see,
    It creates a vulnerable boundary
    Beyond which wild animals still roam across the savannah free
    Challenging your sanity with their instincts predatory.

    Now the raindrop is smart and says
    That its a mirror for my reality check
    Rounding up my personality in its spherical ways
    But now I'm no longer lured by it's rain check.

    The drizzle gilded freckles on its mug contort with the wind
    And I'm left alone second guessing
    About its pristine intentions and disappearing acts
    When all other features are simply missing.

    Cynicism is bad
    Except that it triggers caution,
    The raindrop must be mad
    To knock on my window for attention.


  • my_tiny_chapter 35w

    Another haiku in memoriam @john_solomon

    Blurring my vision
    oh' my heart weather forecasts
    drizzle and cloudy 



    My breath 
    resigns to static,
    dances in slow decrescendos--
    sputters its way
    towards nothingness, 
    In reminiscence of your laughter,
    which used to paint
    my tears into tales.
    For a while,
    pain and shame
    became foggy details,
    My heart is caught 
    in an impenetrable limbo. 
    For letting go 
    seems like a foreign enigma to me. 
    I can never have
    enough time to be prepared,
    For the coldness that petrifies,
    as it tries to make me believe
    That this departure
    is only done for my sake.
    Blurring my vision
    Oh' my heart weather forecasts
    drizzle and cloudy.
    A world compromising
    to the speed of sound,
    And what started
    as a slight drizzle
    Turned into a heavy pour.
    But somehow
    it remains frozen,
    behind glass displayed.
    Graceful drops,
    carrried and distorted
    by the majestic wind,
    Whilst trouble trickles
    wherever it falls into place.
    With the weather
    Becoming wishy washy,
    I too metamorphosized into
    Da Vinci's disfigured Mona Lisa.
    And perhaps
    like all the other Mona-Lisas'
    who came before me --
    I am mad,
    A lost woman. 
    Who succumbed,  
    not to the smile
    but to the burden
    of my own desire,
    While bargaining
    with silhouettes on walls,
    As if they're keeping track
    Of every doubt
    I had solidified,
    And time to time
    reminding myself :
    " Fear not to cry little one.
    There are far more hurricanes
    in this world
    and you Ms,
    you were not made
    for occasional drizzles..."

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    Blurring my vision
    oh' my heart weather forecasts
    drizzle and cloudy 

  • paradoxicalpenman 35w

    Tried something different here.
    #writersbay #drizzlec #writersnetwork

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    Comparing Contrasts

    An act that breaks your heart but is heartwarming at the same time- ..

    What is pleasant and sad at the same moment- .

    Name an act that is most cruel as well as compassionate at the same time- .

    A moment that is loud and serene both in a particular instance- .

    Name an act that is most selfish as well as selfless at the same time- .

    An instance where you could be evil and a saint at the same time- .

    An act that is most beautiful as well as disgusting at the same time- .

    An instance where you are both an optimist as well as a pessimist- .

    When can you say it's raining as well as it's not- ' .

    What often is exciting and boring at the same time-

    A moment which is both tragic as well as comic at the same time-

    What would you say can be intelligent and stupid at the same time-

    What is full as well as empty at the same moment-

  • loves_passion 35w

    Drizzle is like a wish on a painful path of separation.

  • quiet_storm 35w

    I've always adored the pitter- patter of those tiny droplets.

    Sitting by my window, I'm hypnotized by their purity,

    As one by one, they submerge the world's problems.

    Drip- drop, drip- drop...

    Having momentarily ended Worry's tyrannical reign,

    The drizzle steadies and becomes the backdrop to lovers' heated kisses and satisfied moans.

    They climax together and, just as suddenly as it came, it's gone,

    Leaving in its wake bodies shuddering and dripping.

    I see the rainbow smiling mischievously over yonder,

    For it knows that its maker has planted many seeds,

    The blooms of which Father Time will reveal at his leisure.

    #drizzlec #pod #mirakee #writerwnetwork

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  • shruti_25904 35w

    The drizzle and pitter-patter of the rain and spicy food is waiting for us in our table, that feeling is love

  • jayanthdeshmukh 35w


    Dear Drizzle,
    Why do you fall when I am sad
    When I cry a river for her?
    When the river becomes an ocean
    And the ocean becomes rain
    Can you fall when I am hopeful
    Or maybe when my soul feels noble?
    Can you stop washing away
    My hopes of reconciling
    Under the sunny sky in May?
    Dear Drizzle,
    I am sorry I asked too much
    Can you please fall once more
    So I can feel something again?
    It is alright if you don’t bring joy
    Let us go back to the way we were before

  • stardust_writes 35w

    Some people are like drizzling rain,
    once they disappear your life is a lot sunnier.


  • nitsparkle_ 35w

    To make it more effective and captivating...
    Just the way , chocolate syrup enhance the flavour of cake...

    As without syrup, cake is incomplete or insipid. It's the same way without your confidence, over the work. Leads to its inefficiency..❤️


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    In the ICE - CREAM of hard work,
    Drizzle the syrup of your confidence.


  • inked_selenophile 35w

    #face #magicalmay

    #drizzlec @writersbay

    I have finally attempted WB's prompt after 6 months ����

    @writersnetwork �� @mirakee

    Mein_jo_bhi_likhun_sense_banta_hai ����

    Idk if this makes sense !?

    24 May 2021

    GOD ���������� !!
    Thank you, WN for the repost (5)/63 ��

    To my readers- This moon girl loves you all ����

    Thank you for 1000 + 1 shagun ����


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    In the tissue of my flesh,
    each cell carries stars forming a constellation of verses,
    For my face is a piece of poetic art
    that holds the universe's sweet touch!


    Like a wacky poem
    of unexpected twists and turns
    My hair is silky
    and straight in the front,
    but curly in the end
    //with every blowing wind
    strands of hair fall on my face
    whispering rhymes//


    Like how a poet connects
    a poem with each rhyme
    My bushy eyebrow
    connects each other
    // with each joyful and furious
    event it raises aloft
    making creases on the forehead //


    Like how a poem
    carries a DRIZZLE of love
    and pain verses
    My kohl eyes carry water
    to decorate the dried skin
    // with each blowing incident
    it reflects thousands of emotions //


    In between the words of verses
    how poetry breathes love
    My nose inhales and exhales
    reminding me of the existence
    of a lifeless soul
    // with each up and down,
    it mercilessly chokes the breath //


    Similarly to how a poet
    with a broken heart scribbles about love,
    My smile keeps a fake wide image
    while hiding the broken silence.
    // with each tolerating discomfort
    it learns more to gleam //


    Similar to how a poet adorns the stanzas with half kisses and half scars
    My cheeks carry pink skies
    compressing half acne and half blush
    // with obvious comments
    it attempts to color them black //


  • the_world_is_unknown 35w

    // That face was bright enough to light up generations with her words.//

    Her eyes shined
    bright just like
    the roses covered with dew
    in the sunshine.
    But at night they
    searched the sky
    to paint her nightmare
    with the darkness of world,
    to hide some of her pain
    in the incessant darkness.
    Her face was immaculate
    with innocence,
    just like the calla lily
    decorating the wet fields.
    And she
    had scars with mere
    existence that she
    showed in her diary.
    She wetted the clouds
    with her tears,
    so that one could
    have the bliss of drizzle
    when the clouds
    would deny the
    people like her,
    to make their hearts
    wet with rain.
    Her smile was like
    the sunflower
    in the dusky labyrinth,
    which could find its sun
    even when its sky
    was covered by someone.
    It shined everyday
    from the annex,
    and ended up in her words.
    Her smile was painted
    in the eternal pages of her diary,
    that paints the hearts of
    people today.
    Her clear face
    was dirtied with the
    stains of origin,
    And her smile was shackled
    with the shackles of
    unknown sins,
    Which desired to
    end this face one day,
    But now she smiles everyday
    in the minds of people who
    decorated her heaven.

    // Her face was burried by the textures of her origin, which now greets millions from the depths of her diary//.


    This face is my favourite.
    Face description of Anne Frank - Historical writer of world @mirakee @writersnetwork it's for #face #wod #pod #writer #mirakee #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #writersbay

    Hehe!!! An early post ��
    Kept it simple because my vocab is dead nowadays ��

    I wanted to write something more but ended up writing this.... I don't know what happened to me suddenly while writing that I lost words����
    @writersbay I attempted #drizzlec after a long time ����

    @fromwitchpen @squared didn't tag you all for long ��

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  • daunting_phoenix 38w

    @moon_bunny Thanks for being here for me...adore ya����


    100th post��✨ rn...I deleted some of my posts so������

    A big thanks to everyone who supported me...I'm really grateful������

    What are rainbows? They're the colourful stipes of hope etched across my melancholic gray sky.



    Delicate flowers and tender leaves, 
    Rejuvenate nature; 
    Beautiful spring.

    Scorching rays and tempting waters,
    Relaxing breeze;
    Perpetual summer.

    Placid drizzles and calming thunder,
    Ending soon;
    Refreshing monsoon.

    Dried leaves and bare trees,
    Nature's death;
    Poetic autumn.

    Crisp snow and chilly winds,
    Cold yet warm;
    Bittersweet winter.

    Bouquet of agony and expired poesy,
    Tantalizing euphoria,
    Lucid nightmares leading to insanity.

    Poison tastes too sweet to resist,
    "Just lose thyself"
    Said the devil;
    After I survived,
    Seven winters and springs.

    A cup of illusion they pour on me,
    Promising something unrealistic.
    But who am I to object?
    For I'm just a wilting leaf,
    Unable to keep pace,
    With the rise and fall of,
    Ever changing seasons.



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