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  • 3_am__ 2w

    The Real Me

    Is not sober.


  • likwidsay10 2w

    You loved me for the high
    But you didn't love me
    I guess the drugs were better then me
    Your cursed an' blessed my life
    I believed you blindly
    I guess the drugs were better then me


  • velrus 7w

    I don't remember,
    Was I drunk or dosed?


  • prakharsrivastava_ 8w

    Eyes red, stoned
    Alone in my zone
    Coughin blood on this paper
    Smokin these hallucinations of memories in form of vapor

    Yeah, I'm pretty messed up
    Haunted by your dreams
    All night long, I stayed up....


  • prakharsrivastava_ 9w

    Smokin my lungs out
    Liquor in my glass,m all burned out

    What’ve you done?here,m on a run

    Poppin Psychedelics,to alter this consciousness

    See?What a mess!

    This pen now bleeds more than these eyes
    ….oh,you n your gimmicks,made me an addict
    moments which felt like daydreams are all comin back like hallucinations of your lies


  • velrus 11w

    I could never care less for you,
    It's an addiction, a toxic one.


  • muskaanbhatt_ 14w

    Poem from my book (THE UNKNOWN DRUG ADDICT.
    Addiction a thin line between life and death)
    Based on today's generation.
    Stay away and stay safe.
    #addict #quotes #poems #mondo #miraquill #wod #pod #writers #drugs @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant @miraquill

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    The Addiction (Hobby turning into addiction)

    He started as a hobby
    But ended up as a foggy,
    He didn't knew how bad it will trap
    He didn't knew he will get a timeless nap,
    From jeers to bad insults he got so much to suffer
    His life was getting so much tougher,
    Everyone left his side except his mom and bride
    Everytime he getting flashbacks of suicide,
    He tired to get rid of all
    But his mind again recall,
    He tried to bear that killing pain
    But ended up injecting in vain,
    His habits made him a lier
    He whenever fulfilling his desire,
    Years of addiction worsen his health and faith
    Always getting high and seeing some sort of wraith,
    Still He unable to end up his affliction
    Finally he understood his hobby turned out an ADDICTION.


  • eishasarkar 15w

    Mad & Moonly: Book 3 of The Goa Saga by Eisha now on Amazon

    In the third and final installment of The Goa Saga, Saysha discovers that she has inherited a $25 million trust fund and a 2% shareholding in Lebedinsky Mining Company. That empowers her to vote and decide the fate of the $780 million company. One man is out there to stop her, her mother's old classmate from Delhi and the largest shareholder in Lebedinsky Mining, Oleg Oblonsky. And only one man can fight Oleg, the twisted genius of her husband, Aeram. She teams up with him and goes to New York to vote in a critical board meeting that will decide the fate of their property and river in Goa.

    Aeram's demons take over his mind and he forcibly kisses Saysha in a park and tells her to remain his wife. Repulsed by his insanity, he then talks of ending his acting career and also his life. James tells Saysha that he cannot leave his brother ever and should she consider marriage to him, she will have to also live with her ex-husband under the same roof. Saysha has the difficult choice of whether she should marry a courageous man like James but remain second on his list of priorities after his brother or should she find a cause of her own and devote her lifetime and funds to it?

    Mad & Moonly https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09J2L2VVY/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_AYYBYA9WHQY1Z09NE55N

  • dheerajraj 17w

    Love Drug

    A lover writes a name 
    with burning peice of wood.
    The letter he writes on, 
    half crumbled ,
    half filled with tear drops.

    A lover is like a venomous snake,
    if too venamous it stays cautious not to bite its own tail.

    Yet tends to get addicted to the poisons drug of love.
    The youthful age is to be blamed.
    Everyone falls,
    Some more than once.

    Neither the drug hurts nor the cubids arrows.
    But the end is same for all,
    It becomes an addiction. an inseparable feeling. 

    The drug works well....


  • dukesam 23w


    Hits the blunt
    Picks up the pen
    Relaxes on the bed
    And think of his inspiration
    Using drugs for his muse
    Beautiful things he writes
    Clearer he sees
    But blind to his addiction
    For he creates magic
    For everyone to live

  • roseanna 24w

    Anna Come Back

    Mold Anna
I am Anna
But Anna feels so far away right now
Anna hasn't been to her core in a very long time
Anna doesn't even know who she is
And maybe because she has caked on so many different things
But to peel them off feels empty
But when Anna can breathe, she is then free
And secure
And satisfied

  • roseanna 24w

    It’s painful to explain why I relapse, but this was the best way I could explain. #addiction #relapse #addict #cocaine #drugs #drug #abuse #recovery #aa #coke #thoughts #rehab

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I have given you
    everything in me
    to keep you
    I spend my time searching for
    pieces of you
    the tiniest amount
    just to feel the loss of you
    a little less

  • roseanna 24w


    My love
It’s not your fault you don’t know
    Or see,
You see
This drug has a mind of its own
    Making my mind

  • skquick 24w


    We waited eagerly as the spores met our stomachs,
    Swimming in cheap wine and anticipation;
    Psilocybin, MDMA 
    come together in a sloppy, wet kiss to create bones made of jello.
    Two minds apprehensive though not exactly inexperienced
    As a warm swimming pool swallows two bodies whole.
      A familiar embrace, a little spoon
    While the Native woman’s voice echos about
    till dawn,
    Closing the distance of the last several months 
    Just before crossing the Atlantic yet again
    I will be right where I am left
    Nursing my own device, a different person
    Adaptable and pragmatic.
    Mortality and change become abundantly keen to both parties 
    There’s a lack of alarm
    To acknowledge the acumen both females had acquired over time,
     never rivaling one other
    but is one as equal, though stark in contrast.
    Like the summer moon reflects in the tepid blue water, 
    our thoughts reflect on all that is shared
     and all that is distinct from one another,
    Accumulating over years of growth and years of trial.
    I would never want to forget this moment
    So intimate yet 
    forgoing sex
    forgoing vulgarities...
    The Leo air incubates concord and respite and a kind of peace
     that can only be derived from a newborn who is no longer fighting sleep;
    I whisper a prayer that shall you never see the contours of my face again--
    Pink, with glazed eyes the size of tea saucers--
    That you would build a camera into your thoughts 
    remember me always as I exist right here right now.

  • roseanna 24w

    It’s painful to explain why I relapse, but this was the best way I could explain. #addiction #relapse #addict #cocaine #drugs #drug #abuse #recovery #aa #coke #thoughts #rehab

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    Lost on Cocaine Highway

    I don't know how to tell you that Izzy has came back, my dear
    She whispers things in my ear
    Tells me she's so sorry I'm in pain,
    And reminds me of those beautiful times, we kissed in the rain
    She looks me in the eyes, and tells me she just wanted to see me again
    Take me on a ride to get away for a moment, just like old times
    But the old times to reminisce on are never truly that far away
    But time away with her feels so much longer, so I try not to focus on her
    To keep the longing at bay
    No matter how long our times been away,
    She insists again, again, again
    But the screams aren't in anger
    They are in a rush of pleasure
    Of the thought of us together
    She makes things so exciting, my dear
    She comes to me frazzled, excitement never lessened,
    Boasting about the world, and all the joys that are near
    There are new peaks to reach, she says
    A better feeling to feel,
    We get in the car, and step away from the fear
    I tell her a short drive, remembering her lack of care
    But I trust her way of knowing the perfect way
    And we start driving so fast
    That I can't remember where we even started
    Going so fast, I am forced into the moment
    Holding on to that moment
    We speed through the lanes,
    The world is moving so fast,
    I look around to see beauty,
    Colors, faces, nature,
    The beauty of the world will last
    But I'm amazed at how everything I see as beautiful,
    Also quickly moves past
    Izzy asks you why I'm so depressed
    I look at her and tell her my life has darkness
    That I can't surpass
    A life of confusion and wistfulness,
    That is only escaped at home by sleep
    Or a slow paced walk, to calm my head
    Can we not think about it right now
    And stay in this moment
    That gives me a glimpse
    out of my mental torment
    Izzy starts to sing
    A loud beautiful song, meant only for me
    Making me feel so special, she kisses my cheek
    And tells me there's no reason to weep
    For she is there, with me, and will show me all the beauty to this life
    Going so fast, feeling so happy,
    Hearing her sing, and watching life go past,
    Makes my heart skip a beat
    The police pass, and I realize they aren't watching
    Us go flying through the road,
    No paranoia
    The rush is incredible, every cell letting go
    No sad thoughts anymore, I am never alone
    We drive so far
    That I don't know where to go
    But I do know, we need to get on the road
    That will lead us to go home
    My eyes are tired, my head is spinning
    I'm getting frustrated I don't see an exit 
    No wonder I feel burning
    In my chest, anger boiling
    Izzy keeps trying to comfort me, but nothing is working
    Izzy understands, and tells me she understands I have to go home
    I ask her what way, and she tells me to listen to the sound
    of my own intuition
    She reminds me I know God is near, 
    And he knows the way, off the highway
    So I can get home and pray
    As i start to pray, there's a deer in the way
    In the middle of the road, calm as could be,
    I'm trying to get home, can you just let me be
    A sudden slam on the breaks
    And know this is part of God showing me the way
    All at once I am still
    And Izzy looks at me confused
    I hate that we are still, 
    But will sit there until, the deer goes away
    And I feel the movement of no choice go away
    Izzy tries to leave the car
    But I can't stand to watch her go
    How can she leave me here all alone
    When my head is still
    Stuck in its own loop
    But doesn't want to stop the thrill

    I sit their nauseous, and think about going home alone
     reality starts to hit
    And maybe she's right,
    These are the moments I can't quit
    I look at the deer, and see it's simple life
    But I can't escape my own head, 
    And will never be that type

    I shouldn’t have let Izzy
    Get me to cave in
    Every ride with Izzy
    Leaves a hole in my heart
    Making it a little harder
    To say that final goodbye

    I should have learned
    The ride is too much

  • savahna_grace 24w

    When I was with you
    Everything felt right
    I was confident

    You made me feel safe
    Never saw my flaws
    Didn't run when I spoke my truth

    You made me feel my highest highs

    But you started to take more of my time
    You took my friends
    My money
    Nearly my life

    I sunk too low to get back up

    I see now you don't want what's best for me
    I was just a vessel to use

    So now I say goodbye
    To the pills and the potions
    To the power you held over me



  • gemsofficiel 24w

    The Silent Killer

    During the day
    And even at night
    The Silent Killer strikes
    Man, Woman, Child
    The Silent Killer attacks them all

    Enslaving the body, mind and soul
    Making the sane person insane
    The insane person still thinks they're sane
    The victim forgets the past
    The time when their mind was intact
    When their body was whole
    And their soul was still alive
    It's all in the past

    The Silent Killer strikes
    With every puff on a cigarette, he strikes
    In every taste of a strange substance, he strikes
    With every sniff of a white powder, he strikes
    In every mixture of psychotic "delicacies", he strikes

    You lose your senses
    You lose yourself
    You forget where you are
    You forget where you're going
    You forget what's around you

    You go to that place in the clouds
    I think they call it cloud nine
    Where you feel like anything is possible
    You fly to the moon and back
    Going as high as you can

    Trying to escape from your painful reality
    Trying to fit in with the crowd
    Just wanting to feel good
    But when you come down from that high
    Your painful reality is still there
    The crowd you try to fit in with will forget you
    When the Silent Killer takes you
    You're constantly trying to feel good
    That you always run into the arms of the silent killer
    And away from the real solutions

    This Silent Killer
    You've erased many memories
    Cut short many lives
    Destroyed many destinies
    Filled the hospitals and rehabs with many casualties
    Decorated the cemeteries with souls that never got the chance to live
    And you still keep taking many with you

    Now its time to fight
    Now its time to rise
    To end your reign of terror
    And show the world that there's a better way out of pain
    That they should face their reality and show it who's boss
    That fitting in erases their uniqueness
    To let them know that the place between consciousness and unconsciousness is just a waiting room and not a solution
    That they should not run into the arms of the silent killer
    But into the arms of the Humble Savior (Jesus).


  • _akshay_bond 25w


    I'm more valued than diamonds,more treasured then gold ,"use me once and you too would be sold ", I will make school boy forget his books I 'll make beauty queen forget her looks this is me you can call me by my different names heroine,cocaine,weed,smack lot of people given me Manny pet names!!...just don't mess around me !!

  • alifrey 28w


    Whether a needle or a glass pipe the temptation is the same
    Devil is wondering if you'll roll the dice on his game.
    Of life or death, squeezing so tight just to choke her.
    Like kyprotnite to superman, Batman to the Joker.
    Powers over you so fiercely, you can never get away.
    Mind spinning, body trembling, family starting to stray.
    Because of a choice, your personality now gone.
    Hatred festering inside, still will be present at dawn.
    Shame and regrets start to come forth, rejection deep seeded.
    Searching for treatment, knowing deep and true it's much needed.
    Coming down is much more painful than any emotion you challenge.
    Puzzle pieces of life, you try to fit together and salvage.
    Needle now replaced with clarity and truth.
    For now you've found the pot of gold, the brokenness why you used.
    Thoughts are still there, to score just one more time.
    To chase that feeling that once got you high.
    But once you play the whole tape through you remember one thing.
    Addiction itself, kept you from living.

  • wifey_suicide 29w

    It's Just A Lighter

    It's just a lighter that I'm buying again
    I know it makes people upset, that I'm doing it again
    But don't you find it kind of funny
    That it's only cool to do when you're with your friends
    But when you do these type of things without anyone there
    It's socially frowned upon
    It's just a lighter that I bought
    Maybe I need to light a candle
    Or start a bonfire
    But when you look like me, you think I'm not clean
    I tell myself that it's just to get better
    And everyone agrees
    Until I get lazy and not want to do anything
    It's just a lighter in my eyes
    And it's addiction to my family
    I can quit whenever but apparently that's not the case
    I just want to be happy
    Even if it makes everyone else upset
    It's my lifestyle
    I could be getting drunk instead
    And everyone agrees
    But don't you find it funny
    That everyone agrees until something comes up
    And they act like I'm shooting heroin up my knees
    It's just lighter and some green
    I only do it to feel better and everyone agrees
    Until they put their phone down and their eyes start to bleed
    Bleeding out tears until they can't breathe
    Then they point at me and say:

    "Put that down, it's not good for you. It was cool back in school. Now you're an adult with responsibilities. Plus it's illegal. What are you going to do with your life?"