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  • abditory 5w

    Sometimes I don't even need to get drunk to act drunken and shit. Late night do it to me. Regretting exposing too much a night before is becoming a habit.

  • bird_of_ink 6w

    I say overthinking is nice. It is the only way by which it shows me a glimpse of the probable reactions which may or may not happen in actuality.
    I say overthinking is nice. Buried under books, I can just drift off to some forthcoming future,
    And maybe it also helps in experiencing different lives in a single lifetime.
    Going on a date with my crush, or facing rejection even before asking her out,
    all experienced.
    This is daydreaming isn't it ?



  • pbwrites101 9w

    Beginning of October month and my dearest companion is with me ..Let me introduce to you my friend...."Nervousness"
    It's that steady concern that bothers me and my heart pump out each time i think i neglected to accomplish something. It is that list of conceivable outcomes that i document in my mind and flip through each time i have an uncomfortable outlook on a circumstance. Certain individuals can't handle it regardless of how diligently they attempt. One should have to pardon himself for not hitting the nail on the head today, and attempt again tomorrow.
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  • bhxktii_ 13w


    Let me be the substance of your addiction....
    Swallow me whole or drink me up
    Or in hale me and let me fill you up.

    Let me be the substance of your addiction
    Snort me up...
    .inject me ....
    .poor me till you get your fill
    roll me up...
    light me up ....
    or pop me like a pill .....

    I want to be that feeling the one you love so much,
    but let it be my laugh....my kiss.... my love and the way we touch.

    I want to be your addiction the way that you are mine .
    I want to consume everything your body mind and time.

    I want you to get drunk off my lips
    And make you forget what to say .
    I want to be your drug,
    I want to be your special K

    I want to fog your brain with passion as you drawl me in and get high and not take much.
    I want to make you feel invincible on top of the world with just one touch.

    I want to be your addiction I want to run through your veins .
    I want to be your addiction I want to cure your pain .

    I want to be your addiction your euphoria of love.
    I want to be your addiction I want to be your drug.

  • preeti_k_singh 15w


    Peeti rahi mai raat bhar..
    K peeeti rahi mai raat bhar...

    Magar Daaru nakli nikli...
    Bhool na saki tujhe jazbaat bhar....


  • stella_writes 16w

    Cheers to having a Life,
    I hope you have crazy nights than a sad, gloomy one,
    I hope you get drunk and be happy than drunk and miserable,
    I hope you are high on life rather than being high of someone or something!

  • benhurbedford 21w

    Addicts laying by the Road Side.

    Young lad, swam in a bottle of whiskey.
    Made his descision like the bitterness in me.
    How long can you run when the cops storm you down.
    Will the rain pour in silence, or echo aloud.

    Judging by the crack on his thick skull,
    The options lay beneath the sheets that dull.
    His proficiency and attitude on a comet than came
    The world lit on fire, and he just flew with his pain

    Where did he go? I had not seen.
    For the grass has forever wore is bright coloured green.
    I wore my drenched coat like a reminiscing witness
    As I strolled out the judge's court, with a sudden and urging quickness.

    I begged on my bleeding wounded knees to stay
    So that I would not be in a dreamy stage to play.
    I can now barely see that driven out king.
    Whose body used to be hung over, that mellow scene.

  • alexa09 23w

    Wake-up in beautiful morning.
    the sun still rising. the wind is cold as the
    moon start to sink

    i awake my wife when she slowly open her eyes
    i start to give a beautiful smile like a morning shine
    while she close her eyes and back to sleep.
    i start to kiss her cheek and lips
    while she start to open her eyes like a rose.

    i start to convince myself that this isn't real
    this is just a dream who got drunk last night.
    after i wake-up in the real world felling good inside
    i start to think that..
    that dream is the best dream i ever had.

  • the_p_o_e 23w

    Let's Swim in These Spirits

    Let's swim in these spirits
    Let's drown our regrets
    Here's to nights we won't remember
    Spent with friends we won't forget

    Drink with me until we're honest
    Drink with me til we can't see
    Drink with me until we fall down
    And we sleep peacefully
    Because the days at work are torture
    And the weekend goes too fast
    So let's make a toast to right now
    And make this moment last

    Drink with me until the sun comes up
    And brightens up the world
    Drink with me until we pass out
    Drink with me until we hurl
    Let's argue about nothing
    Let's make plans we'll never keep
    Let's cheers our tears and hardship
    And then laugh until we weep


  • tokingbetweenthelines 25w

    Drunken rambling at 4 am on a rainy night

    Drunk on solitude
    Beneath the second bottle of wine
    In conversation with the ants, the trees, the shadows, the stars
    Pondering the purpose of it all
    This charade,
    This delightful deceitful performance piece
    This strange nonsensical existence
    I'm drunk on pointlessness
    I'm swaying and slurring
    My body in descent
    Soaring to certain demise
    Down the highest tower
    Into the deepest ocean
    No crash, no splash, no ripple
    No ripple at all
    None but the waves of red red wine that I gulp down
    Wine like an oasis in the barren desert
    Wine like penicillin to my incurable affliction
    Drowning in Cabernet Sauvignon isolation
    Drowning in this life
    That wants nothing to do with me.

  • mads_2731 25w

    Im drunk rigut now lol

    They say my body is a temple
    Yet it feels more like a capsule
    Filled with doubt
    Filled with worry
    Filled with no direction
    As time fades
    The capsule's space fills
    I realize
    Soon, there will be no space left
    And I will fade
    Just as time did
    Filled with everything
    I wasted my time to avoid

  • _honey_0 28w


  • manjunath_s_murthy 31w

    Wake up!

    I write at night
    to wake up the
    soul of
    a dead

    who is dozing off,
    drunk from
    the cheap

    forgot to pour out
    what was
    left in


  • manjunath_s_murthy 32w

    Sober again

    She came
    at night,
    poured a little
    to my tender
    and I got drunk
    all night
    from her

    When she
    in the morning,
    my heart was sad,
    I was sober
    and the worst part was
    I didn't do


  • akshay_vasu 34w

    The one who can hold on to these drunken horses until they aren't high anymore can ride on them towards infinity and their own higher self.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • raman_writes 37w


    उसको ना समझा दाना वो मतवाला है ।

    वो चाहने वालों से भी रंजिशें रखता है ।।


  • slaughtered_heart 37w

    It cost me a thousand pack of cigerettes
    and more than a hundred bottles of beer
    to realise that I can never forget you
    no matter what...


  • thamez 37w


    Its simple
    I drink
    I drank
    I get drunk
    Drink, drank, drunk
    I get wasted
    And i regret it
    But only in the morning
    Thats how it is
    Thats how i do
    Drink, drank, drunk

  • thamez 37w

    Drown in the Alcohol

    Im drowning in the alcohol
    I've lost all sense of control
    Not sure where else i should go
    Can someone please come and take me home
    I'm slowly loosing my mind
    I've lost all sense of time
    I don't want to walk these streets alone
    Can someone please come and take me home

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 38w


    Sam was such a gentleman. In this era of shooting stars, he was the one that twinkled prominently. He was honest, smart, good-looking, decent and had a sound financial and family background. Music was his only love, he always believed until he saw khanak for the first time.
        It was love at first sight for him. Though he took a very long time to finally decide to confess it to her because he wanted to be sure of his own feelings. On the other hand, khanak was too a bit of like him, his perfect 'other half’.
          After numerous times of failed attempts, this time he decided to get drunk (for the first time) and call her to spit out the truth at once. He asked his friends to arrange some good wine for him, got drunk and called her. She picked up his call at once as if she was waiting for his call. He listened to her 'Hello' and before she could ask or say anything, he said, "Khanak, I love you since the first day I saw you and only after a span of five years, I could muster the courage to call you and spill my heart out to you."
       He eagerly waited for her reply and she just said, "Okay" and disconnected his call. He was happy, nervous and nonplussed at the same time. He did not even blink once whole night out of the excitement to see her next morning in the college.
          Finally, the alarm rang and the time to get ready for the college arrived. He got dressed up in his favourite shirt and jeans, applied the best of perfumes in his collection, the most expensive shoes and watch, he wore and sat in his car to head towards the college.
          As soon as he entered the classroom, his eyes wandered restlessly to catch the sight of her. She was sitting on the last bench. He approached her and she reacted as usual, as if nothing happened. He got little worried but still in his quivering voice he asked her to meet him in the college garden in the break. They finally met and he straight away sought her reply. Listening to him she got little confused and then he explained her that last night they had a phone conversation but to his surprise she did not remember anything. She removed her phone and checked the call log. She then said, "Oh, you called and we spoke as well but I dont remember anything about this because my friend  got me drunk for the first time and I was so much drunk that I literally can not recall anything. I am so sorry, can you please repeat?"
         To which, he spoke to himself, "All my money spent on that exclusive wine went in vain. This girl is getting so expensive even before saying yes and I may get insolvent once she gets along." He laughed at himself and said, "Could you please help me to cook "Khayali pulav...oops...sorry...some good Indian Dishes?"
       To which she laughed and said, "You got your lifetime imprisonment fixed, getting prepared and all? I Mean marriage."
    They both laughed and moved ahead towards their classes while the boy was confused whether to praise or curse that ‘so expensive Wine'.

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