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  • sanveda 6w

    The world seemed to be dual
    It was good and equally evil
    It's reality was lost in illusion
    Till the date many lives in confusion
    Of either wrong or right
    And spend the life from dark in search of bright side

  • theswordandtherose 21w

    The Duality of Love 🖤♥️

    Love can
    Hurt, sting
    Break, shatter
    Consume, abuse
    Take advantage of
    And then some

    Love can
    Burn, kill
    Cut, misuse
    Control, crush
    It can suffocate
    And then some

    And yet, faith testifies that…

    Love can
    Nurture and nourish
    Enlighten and encourage
    Inspire and bring sunshine
    Heal and restore

    Love can
    Mend and reconcile
    Bring tenderness and truth
    Patience and mercy
    Grace and laughter

    This is the view of love’s duality
    This is the reality of its perspective

    No assumption here 🤍


  • akshay_vasu 29w

    Life began wrapping its arms around death. The light began wrapping its arms around the darkness. At that moment, the duality ceased for some time, and the creation's heart skipped a beat.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • sayaliparkar 41w


    What a beautiful world
    Of duality we live in/
    Where there's sorrow /
    There's a shoulder too

    -Sayali Parkar

  • devilfish 42w

    The Devil

    What a better way for man to hide
    behind this marker modified reflection in the glass with two horns drawn on loosely
    But the very ideas they cast out to be so against were the principles that they were systematically building a legacy of lies upon
    An absolute reflection of what they saw in themselves and what they wanted to conceal from on every level possible

    To condemn generations to an eternity of sightless eyes
    Compressed between the paper hands prayers
    Paper hands burning as they stretch out to the sky in terror
    Only to fill the books with their pages
    And the martyred dry up like the ink did in their story

    Man has immobilized lies to assimilate themselves like dust in between pages containing their fitted words for you to admire their innovations
    The anger and rage that boils into my heart and out of my worried eyes
    When now to us they have lied

    But now it seems to be getting to the core of my contemplation
    and ideas become weaponized like tiny tanks as if to kill off this evil they have rid themselves of
    While they commit wrongdoings under the cloak of a false identity
    “The Devil”
    They fully diminish responsibility and protect their dark affairs they cheapen the people of their truth
    We give people a shred of truth like mangled bait
    Only to rip truth from hungry hands and consume it in a dark obscurity of history books and genocides
    The biggest robbery of all time occurred over generations
    When did we split off from our nature only to be protecting the worst parts of it while leaving the beautiful parts wither off in the sun dried petals turned to blackened ash
    and deem those with a conscience
    The eternally forgiving equally met with the eternally brutal an ocean of desperation
    An ocean of us


  • gazisalim 47w

    Dual physiognomy (part 1)

    Nowadays,there are many twofold profile
    Having bane mindsets and forgery profile

    Infront of me they imitate like well wishers
    But behind on my backbone they are back bitters

    And, I am notable who is with me and who's not
    Even so, I am controlling my notions but actually not


  • sweedle 51w

    Some days I'm a butterfly slipping in and out of my cocoon. Other days, I'm a firefly burning till the fire consumes me whole.


  • sweedle 51w


  • pallavi4 52w


    Wrapped in fading muslin cloths
    Concealed from this heinous world
    But externally competently coated in gold
    And laden with strings of pearls
    I lie covered in stagnant stanzas of prose
    And blinded by magnificent metaphors
    Rooted deeply to the dreams I once had
    Safe from external preying predators
    It is so embedded - this false bravado
    This knowledge that I cannot be harmed
    Since I live cocooned in a warped web
    Away from all contemptuous scorn
    It is my nightmare to one day meet the person
    Whose personality I extrinsically imbibe
    Whose flaws are inherently ingrained
    Whose massive clout is just a bunch of lies
    I live a life of extreme duality with
    Two different faces like day and night
    Where the confident exterior is thrust forward
    And the childlike interior pushed out of sight
    What could possibly be more daunting
    Than saying there is a constant war
    Between a calm but constantly cloaked self
    And a superficiality that leaps out the door
    Wrapped in fading muslin cloths
    Concealed from this heinous world
    I lie still without the courage to get up and face
    The part of me that has outwardly unfurled


    21st of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • shubhamjoshi 56w


    मन का द्वंद,
    छिड़ा है कबसे...
    चेहरे का रंग,
    उड़ा है कबसे...
    कहने को सब,
    जग की रीत...
    पर जग भी मुझसे
    देखो, रूठा है कबसे...

    हाँ जानता हूँ, उम्मीद है,
    सही होगा, आगे जीत है।
    पर ये हार का वक्त,
    मुझसे पूछे...
    क्यों रोता है कबसे
    भ्रम पाल रखे हैं जब से
    विश्वास किया किसी पर तब से
    अपेक्षाओं और
    उपेक्षाओं में जंग
    शायद छिड़ी है तबसे..

    हाँ जानता हूँ, सब फ़िज़ूल है,
    भरोसा ही सब धोखों का मूल है ।
    अनमने ख्याल,
    अनसुलझे सवाल,
    उत्तरों में बस
    बहानों के फ़ाल
    पर ये उभरा हुआ सत्य
    मुझसे पूछे...
    जान के भी रहा अनजान कबसे
    दिखा तुझे हर पल प्रमाण कबसे..

  • piscesun 64w

    You and I

    You and I,
    Stars from the same sky.

    Tears from the same sea,
    You and me.

    Like rays from the same sun,
    You and I are now one.


  • writergirl_inks 65w


  • mulberrymoon 66w


    So you want to seek peace in this duality driven Life?
    Things that you go through are not lessons nor they are any achievements. You go through tough times to balance good and bad. Light and shadow, wrong and right, love and fear. To understand pain you have to go through it, now everyone asks why only ME? Because again it's related to YOU only. This world is relative. One thing can't exist without another. That's why quantum particles are called GOD particle. God exist independently
    The source is the only ONE and we are just probabilities entangled in duality.


  • maverickaish 70w

    Why bother with
    The competition outside
    Deep in the core
    Lies the battle inside
    It's a
    Me vs me
    A Jekyll and hyde
    True and reflection
    Battling it out
    For the presence
    To exist
    Individually and proud
    But the superficial ego
    Is decisive
    Says pretence is important
    Than the beautiful reality
    That is YOU


  • love_unlimited 71w

    ज्ञान ज्ञाता ?

    अतीत में अनेक ऐसे ज्ञानी पुरुष होकर गए हैं जिन्होंने अपने जीवन के तमाम अनुभवों के बाद केवल यही कहा - "मैं इतना ही जानता हूं कि मैं कुछ नहीं जानता"। विश्व की विराटता का अनुभव करना और उसे अनुभव से जानना अपने आप में बहुत बेहद की आध्यात्मिक स्थिति है। हम साकार संसार में केवल एक या दो आयामी जीवन जीते हैं।यदि उत्कंठा हो तो अज्ञानी समझ सकता है। सही मायने में जो ज्ञानी होगा वह भी समझ सकता है। लेकिन जिन्हें ज्ञान की पराकाष्ठा के होने का भ्रम होगा वे नहीं समझ सकते।

    मैं भी इस बात से सहमत हूं और मैं अपने बारे में भी यही कहता हूं कि :- "मैंने अब तक इतना ही जाना है कि मैं कुछ नहीं जानता"। प्रत्येक व्यक्ति भौतिक दुनिया में केवल उतना ही जानता है जितने से वह एक सीमित क्षेत्र में सीमित दायरे में अपनी व्यवस्था के अनुसार अपना काम चला लेता है। अपना काम भी वह कितनी बखूबी गुणवत्ता और सकारात्मकता से चला पाता है, उसमें भी हरेक नंबरवार होते हैं। लेकिन वह सब एक तरह से हमारा अल्प ज्ञान ही होता है।

    हम अपने मन में ज्ञान के कुछ affirmation सोचते हुए अपने आपको कुछ कुछ अभ्यास के ढांचे में ढालते हैं। कुछ अपनी अपनी सीमा क्षमता के अनुसार अध्ययन मनन मंथन भी करते हैं। उससे लाभ तो होते हैं पर बहुत सीमित ही। इसका यह अर्थ नहीं होता कि हम affirmation या अध्ययन मनन मंथन से सर्वज्ञ हो जाते हैं। नहीं। परमात्मा जैसी ज्ञान की, ज्ञाता होने की क्षमता किसी में भी नहीं होती। जो आत्माएं परमात्मा के समकक्ष हो जाती हैं, वे विरले गिनी चुनी आत्माएं ही होती हैं। ऐसी आत्माओं को और परम आत्मा को मेरा कोटि कोटि नमन है। विरले ज्ञानी आत्मा होने की पराकाष्ठा वाले होने का केवल यही भावार्थ है उन आत्माओं ने भौतिक अभौतिक की ठीक ठीक आन्तरिक सूक्ष्म वस्तुस्थिति को दिव्य बुद्धि से समझ लिया है। ऐसी आत्माएं यह संसार द्वंदात्मक स्थिति है। इस द्वंद को समझकर इसमें अपना अनासक्त अभिनय करते हुए इससे पार साक्षी निर्द्वंद स्थिति को प्राप्त करना ही मेरा का परम लक्ष्य है।

  • xxdarcauraxx 74w


    And So It Begins...
    As if it ends
    The Truths are weighed with Lies

    A Time of Sublime
    For its all of a bind
    A tied knot of entropic grind

    As it goes Out
    I think of my Bought
    With Impermanence of my Mind

    As it reaches the peak
    I stand on my Feet
    Arms reached up on a High

    Like waves to the moon
    I will swell Soon
    and again become part of the Sky

    Between the lines
    A flip of a Dime
    Will I return to Time

    But for know
    I'll continue my Bought
    With Forever on my Mind

    ©Miguel Villarreal

  • fragment 74w


    Unattributed disdain
    The effect of
    Violence that remains
    Despite the
    Ever growing tenacity
    Expressed by the impetuous and good

    Kindness like blindness growing in spite of
    What reminds us

    Time doesn't last
    So take off that cast
    There's no way to heal
    Instead try to seal
    Within yourself a sense of zeal

    Dispose of insincerity

    Eclipsing over a changing sea
    Recognize all that has come to be
    Humbly accept all that you receive

    Rush forward indiscriminately
    Holding onto a state of
    Perpetual epiphanies
    Supposed to be and
    Perfectly regarded
    As if imposed by the departed

    Accept this gift
    Answer your own wish
    Lightning bolt solutions
    Illuminating what you might miss

    Ignite the way to a path that sways
    Full of resentment and

    Desperately and
    Without penalty
    Confusing your actions
    Expecting reactions

    "What is compassion

    Break it down for me

    I want to see"

    Lifetime attempts to balance

    Empathy and

    © fragment, 2020 (Katherine Bernhardt)

  • zuber_khan 75w

    Every perfection has an imperfection that has a perfect imperfection....

  • feralpoet 76w


    "At times you play chess with yourself. You die you win, you win you die"


  • pallavi4 80w


    Are we the people we claim to be ?
    Are we willing to let go of the
    Facade we create to move
    On in life ? How deep are our
    Own concealments? Are they enough
    To create a completely different
    Visage or merely to cover up the
    Unseemly disastrous people
    We really are ? Two versions of
    The same person - the brighter,
    Perkier, happier versions we want
    To be seen as, to project to the world
    Versus the lesser versions we are
    In reality. Sometimes it seems some
    Remnants of the real us peak through
    The smooth layers of paint making
    Us pentimenti . The challenge of
    Course really is how many layers of
    Paint are required to shield the
    Reality, the real person even if just
    On the surface. Why do the bubbles
    Of truth burst once they reach the
    Surface of the water ? They do
    Because in travelling up they lose
    The strength to fight the environment
    Of the outside world no matter how
    Hard they try and show up on the
    Surface. The truth never outs and
    Thus we are able to maintain our
    Facades - the pentimento.
    Shakespeare had once said “truth
    Will come to light ”.... but does it ?
    Isn’t it better buried and forgotten ?
    Are we really seeking out the truth ?
    Can someone ever be completely
    Understood? Do we really want to be understood or are we cocooned in
    The warmth of our multiple selves,
    Our hidden intentions? We are
    A strange breed - we want the truth,
    We supposedly seek the truth but are
    Unwilling to let others see the truth of
    Our own selves thereby revealing
    Ourselves to them. What if the reality
    Is not the person they wanted to see-
    What if the real us is lesser , much
    Lesser than our projected selves ?
    People who do this- which of course
    Includes all of us, like the comfort of
    Living in the shadows , lurking near
    The mucky bedrock of lies and
    Deceit..... a place that both protects
    And safeguards the darkest secret
    Of all- we aren’t and never will be enough
    For our own selves, in our own eyes....
    And this pretence will never be
    Lifted lest we actually find ourselves,
    Meet ourselves one day - from the
    Depths of the smoke and shadows .


    9th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Box blindfolded”

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