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  • shefaligarbyal 2w

    Halcyon my sleep was
    As I woke up
    My skin looks vigor and vibrant
    Like I have burgeoned strawberries
    in my cheeks

    Flavours like
    an elixir of exuberance
    like a cool zephyr to
    my past dead
    like soulful bread to my peanut butter
    like fresh cucumbers to my sandwich toast

    My mirror accolades me
    As if am the moon of twilight zone
    As if am the Goddess of vitality
    As if am the belle of royals palace

    I baked musings of zeal in my heart
    like pancakes in my saucepan
    Pancakes smiles
    like flowers in my backyard
    humming songs of balladries in my chest

    Ambience waving
    with the taste of euphoric blessings
    Salmon-pink gown
    take overs in my cocoon like body
    Matte embraces
    the beauty of my stilettos
    as daisy smiles in the shades of
    yellowish polka dots

    Tangerine shaped diamonds
    drapes in my earlobes
    impetus to my eyes
    like a lost springs of magnolia
    come across

    like a pearl to its oyster
    as pure as snowflakes
    as pure as cinammon

    Eyeconic mascara blushes
    like an enchanted dine f
    for the cocktails and wine
    like a shawl of grapevine cuddles over
    like a bunch of berries in a full moon night
    to stargaze
    like azure kissess to its beaches

    Dainty feets cuddles
    the beauty of peach peep toes
    like a magnificent panorama strikes to the polaroid

    for the reunion of enamoured gesture awaits ...
    to sigh the beloved !
    to absorb in tryst of memories
    to prevail the triumph of love
    to embellish
    my quills of saudade
    dipped in ink of oxymorons of phantasm

    As horripilation in my epidermis
    trails the epiphany
    of rising sonnets in my essence.

    Butterflies cajole
    in my gut
    to lay out the cheese of delight
    and glee
    to ally
    my vibes in galaxies of alliterations
    raising my eyebrows prudently.

    ©Shefali Garbyal


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    You gave life to my pancakes

  • jlaine 2w

    Against the Wind

    Here, I stand against the wind,
    With a crown of pulp and a quill in hand,
    Clinging to these notions I've yet to brand
    Upon my feeble skin.
    These inspirations, most stinging a bit,
    Poking and prodding, inoculating the sac
    With a course and a map and a cache of the past
    And a pinch of grit intermixed.
    Cavities swollen in this heart, in this home,
    Shouldering these walls of the loneness I hold close,
    As I tumble down the stairwell, vengeful ego seeking cove,
    To where forgiveness and remembrance intersect.
    O Lord, I'm ill-equipped for this trek.
    Must I bear this cross? Must I bridge this path?
    Shan't You transform this quill into a staff?
    For the beast, he's well adapted,
    These uncharted waters, rapid,
    May I at least take this barque for a lap?
    O what I'd give for a mere cautionary slap.
    Be still, my soul, and you shan't quake upon the rack.


  • venus93 3w

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    #unnoticed #wod

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    To become the you of today,
    To acquire that indifference towards things
    which deserve your indifference ,
    To exhibit a hard exterior,
    To be that confident being ,
    To take in only what is necessary,
    To love yourself more ,
    To respect yourself more,
    To know yourself more ,
    To put yourself as the priority ,
    To be that better human being ,
    The unnoticed, unnoticeable changes
    you went through,
    Moment by moment, day by day ,
    Month by month, year by year.
    It was a hard process , yes,
    But it made you the you ,
    The unbreakable you.


  • childauthor_345 3w

    She locked letters with love
    In the red bunch of radiance
    And chained four feet till
    Evident breaths stand abound .

    Winnowing stardust by sublime hands
    Stitching memorial sketches with wand
    Elle entered where vapours were still and
    Made my survival beautiful .

    //Tell me , November
    How you've made the grief
    Lubricant in sobbing days
    Bidding every pearl therein
    Yet with a sigh to adore --
    December as beginning //

    She's Aria's word , in Safari like #free verse of mine.


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    Spellbinding - supplementary sculpture

    She , seraphic sobriquet ,
    Scintillate sangfroid snowfire
    Shaping solivagant soul ,
    (a) Sanguine sleek shining
    Swiftly submerging the sombre

    She sings silently
    So similes scatter softened smile
    Signing salubrious seasons ,
    Salvaging seven sundays
    She sprays serendipity

    Skilled sky shimmers
    Shedding scented scenes ,
    She snuggled skyline
    Sought sonorous sights
    Since soulmate

    ~ sumptuous sirius shading sonnet .

  • venus93 4w

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    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    which smile anyway,
    despite the destiny of being plucked away
    from a habitat of familiarity to the unknown
    at the prime of their lives
    to be just decorative pieces
    or to fulfill someone's fancies .

    At the altar of selfishness ,
    they keep on smiling ,
    their scents ever so addictive,
    to be the charm and beauty and perfume
    of those who hurt them ,
    to be thrown away at some point
    when they stop what they used to be .

    Still they smile , knowing their time is up,
    for they only know to smile and nothing else.
    Either they wilt , or they get trampled one day ,
    but even in that pain ,
    they emanate their last drop of scent,
    their last drop of life blood itself,
    to die smiling , knowing their purpose is served.


  • venus93 4w

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    They uplift, make me elated beyond anything .
    They hit me point blank, an instant kill .
    Yes, don't ever underestimate your words.


  • venus93 7w

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    #grandma #wod

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    When she cooked
    It wasn't just food.
    It was a heady concoction
    Of love, care, affection,
    A plateful of
    Her entire essence.


  • venus93 8w

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    #travel #wod

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    Today I feel so tired yet exhilarated ,
    for, I travelled the whole galaxy yesterday ,
    touching all those stars , which used to tempt me
    with their surreal glow and sparkle
    as if the sky strewn with diamonds all over .
    I travelled along with those meteors ,
    Rubbed shoulders with Halley's comet ,
    Thanked the sun for all the warmth ,
    Thanked the moon for always being there
    as a torch showing way at nights,
    as a friend in my lonely nights .
    Bowed at the fellow planets of my earth ,
    Wondered at the expanse of the milky way ,
    And wanted to travel beyond
    to know other galaxies
    and the wonders in store ,
    But then I saw my blue planet beckoning me ,
    a tiny speck in the distance ,
    making me realise I'm not even a speck
    in the bigger scheme of things
    to carry that huge ego within me ,
    As if I matter !


  • venus93 9w

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    You once told me
    that I can conquer the world
    if I put my heart to it,
    at a time when I was at my worst.
    I didn't believe you
    because I didn't want to .
    Now that I'm at a phase
    where I'm peaceful and grateful,
    I remember your words and realise that
    you meant it in a different way .
    We don't need to be emperors
    who conquer and rule the physical world.
    We can be the most common
    and yet we can be uncommon
    if we can conquer our inner demons
    and set ourselves free
    to enjoy what and who we are.


  • venus93 9w

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    I'm the wall of a house
    Standing tall for last one hundred years
    witnessing so much.
    Sometimes I laughed
    with the inhabitants of the house .
    Sometimes my heart filled with tenderness
    when little ones made me their canvas.
    Sometimes I cried
    when the woman of the house suffered.
    Sometimes I wept
    when someone dear fell ill or passed away.
    Sometimes I froze with fear
    when unimaginable cruelties shook me .
    But no one heard me ,
    even when I screamed to the world
    the atrocities sometimes committed before my eyes
    Or the conspiracies brewed within my earshot.
    How I wish I could talk,
    How I wish I could say all that I want
    Changing lives of many ,
    Changing lives for better.


  • venus93 10w

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    I am painting my night with happy lies,
    Dreaming unrealistic dreams,
    Opposite of what my life is all about,
    Taking myself through realms of fantasy
    Wading deeply in waters of imagination,
    Seeing things which I otherwise wouldn't
    In my realities.

    It's enchanting there that I don't want to return,
    But I have to wake up
    And go about with a life
    Which conflicts with my fairylands .
    But I live that life too,
    Only to return to my secret world at night
    To paint it again with happy lies.


  • venus93 10w

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    Tu Me Manques

    I miss you when it rains
    For all the memories we made,
    Walking in the rain, hand in hand ,
    Holding on tight to each other ,
    Hoping to be together for eternity.

    Without us knowing it,
    planning a future that was never meant to be ,
    a future that wasn't ours to plan.
    Youth on our side ,dreams galore ,
    Bodies getting drenched in rain
    Hearts already drenched in love ,
    Two enthusiastic hearts beating for one another,
    sometimes beating as one .

    We wanted to conquer
    the worlds in each other ,
    We wanted to march on,
    with the love for each other
    The love , the one and only asset of ours
    to build a life for ourselves.

    Today, what I hold onto
    Are our memories together
    You and me
    Our laughter, our words for each other
    The loving eyes, the knowing smile.
    Dear , I miss you.
    I miss us.


  • vannil_y 11w

    Heartbreak Formula

    Heavy heart, teary eyes
    Cold clothes and soaked pillows
    Shusshh, can u hear that?
    The sound of dead silence
    When your heart's laid in pieces
    Shot by love's stinging arrows
    It's an emerging stale air
    From the putrid smell of your heart
    To clot the open sore
    Get a repeat love Playlist
    And a rewind of slomo memories
    Fading out in the background of your skin
    So you crave ice cream and candy floss
    To Jumpstart your Dying heart
    Just after your first scoop, it floods in
    The flash of love's sweet taste
    That's when you stand frozen
    Melting from hot waxed anger
    Dripping pain colored blood
    Flowing Salt coated tears
    For you've always known this formula
    The cupid simultaneous equation
    But today, you became an X
    And it's your turn to find out Y

  • venus93 12w

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    Sometimes I commit wrongs, when the situation deems them right.


  • nonns_poetry 12w

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    My mind is
    A bee whose wings are spiked
    in a fog-filled world where butterflies
    are crawling on muddy ice-cold floors
    and cockroaches are soaring the sky

    Where the sun is the night
    and the night a suffocating void

    Oozing like blistering wounds
    boiling in infected thoughts, dreams, hope.

  • ericajean 14w

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    I live in the city
    Where dichotomies exist,

    We are living tormented
    Organs with synchronized
    Nightmares of brutality
    And poverty
    Breeds an eternal 
    Veil of anger

    But it is a
    Place where you hear 

    The cacophony of children
    the scarred buses
    Moan and whine
    Same color as the sun

    I live in the city
    Where dichotomies exist

    The people move like well suited cattle--
    Ties yoked about the neck
    As dazzling pythons
    The women's high heels
    Strike the pavement 
    Like a metronome completing 
    The dense city lyric

    I live in the city
    where dichotomies exist

    The buildings are giants
    praising the
    Purple gold horizon
    As I lick my lips and taste the air

    When night falls
    I still hear crickets

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    I live in the city
    Where dichotomies exist

  • venus93 17w

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    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    Perplexing me to no end
    As to which one to take.

    I thought of taking
    the one less travelled,
    Yet lacked the courage
    To explore things barely known.
    What if I got lost,
    What if there were hidden dangers,
    What if I couldn't turn back,
    if I just blindly follow
    some vague steps?

    Then I looked at the
    oft treaded one,
    With footmarks strewn all over
    as far as my eyes could see.
    It was chaos, a mayhem
    And I couldn't decide
    which footstep to follow.
    What if one of them
    led to a gorge on the sides?
    What if both roads
    and the footmarks
    lead to a destination
    only meant for
    those who traversed it before?

    That's when it struck me
    to create my own ,
    one never treaded before .
    Good or bad the outcome,
    It would teach me
    to rely solely on myself,
    my instincts.
    After all, this world functions today
    on someone's instincts of yesterday,
    someone who dared
    to be the first.


  • venus93 18w

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    Somewhere in the horizon
    the Moon and the Sun met at dawn
    and shared the warmth
    of thousand kisses
    in a split second
    before they went their separate ways
    to meet and kiss again at dusk.
    And the stars?
    They twinkled with glee
    and laughter.

  • roopa7 18w

    Power of girl

    Is there any need to work after marriage if you're a girl???

    She replied, “ Okay, let’s assume, if your wife is working and you are not earning even after having a good education, you have to ask your wife every time for money. How will you feel?”

    Everyone was silent.

    She continued, “Obviously, after someday, it will start hurting your self-respect, and one day either you will lose your self-respect or you sit in your home regretting over your compromises.”

    Everyone was trying to understand her statement, some were ready to argue with her.

    She, at last, said, “As a man works for his identity, self-respect, to help his family financially, a woman does too.

    P.s:we 're feminine!!!we can do anything within self boundaries to make stand upon on an SELF RESPECT!!!

    --dedicated to my mom

    © roopathupakula❤️❤️❤️

  • roopa7 12w

    see you soon!!

    I met as you a stranger..
    Thoughts you spread has sweet odour...!!
    Lovely smile...!!
    You lost me when I stopped asking questions ...and u stop noticed ..!!

    P.s :I wanna go back and hug my younger self so bad....