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    My submission for the challenge @writerstolli
    I have composed a short story highlighting the importance of education for all and how it can transform lives. The protagonist here is an NGO worker who has funded education for poor children. She talks about one of her experiences in this story. Hope you all like It!☺
    PS: This is a purely fictional piece.

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    I was invited for an event to talk about my experiences working with an NGO for many years. At the end of my talk, I was felicitated by the chief guest who was an IAS officer. As she neared me, I realized it was a face I knew too well. While handing over the memento she thanked me fervently for all the help we had given her which took me down memory lane...

    20 years back

    As part of an initiative of the NGO I worked for, I had to visit some slums. Many of the children there couldn't even afford basic education as they lived in utter poverty. They were made to work to earn a living. There was one girl in particular I remember. She appeared really shabby but had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. She showed me the way around the slums where I met many children her age who were in a similar predicament. I was really moved by what I saw. These were children who should be wearing uniforms and going to school but were instead forced to work as their parents couldn't afford it. This girl's mother told me that she was very hard working and dedicated to her work. She would work 18 hours a day! That made me think, if only she had access to education, where she would reach. At the end, this girl waved bye to me and made me promise that I would visit them again.

    That was when an idea struck me that probably our NGO could fund their education. This idea was approved by all my fellow members and soon these children were going to school, their entire education cost funded by the NGO. After that I came to visit the slum many times. I saw happy faces. Children returning from school wearing uniforms and carrying school bags. This girl would come running towards me to narrate to me what she had learnt in class that day, her smile even wider than before. In a generation where children detest studying it was a change to see these kids being so enthusiastic about studies. It's because they have realised the value of education. After a couple of years I lost touch with them as I got engaged in other projects but I came to know that all of them now have well paid jobs.

    Back to the present

    On seeing her my eyes overflowed with tears. This is the kind of magic that education could bring. From being a girl in the slums who couldn't afford education, she was now an IAS officer. She bent forward to touch my feet in front of the audience. I was moved by her humility in spite of her status. She told me that as an IAS officer she took many intiatives to ensure education of the underprivileged. "She was like a withered plant which on receiving water in the form of education bloomed into a beautiful flower and converted a yard into a garden".



    There is no doubt that education can transform lives. I pray fervently that every child in this universe should have equal access to education. Money should never be the reason children are denied education. Also education must breed humility. One must always remember one's teachers and revere them.

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    She was like a withered plant which on receiving water bloomed into a beautiful flower......

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    The promise.

    Once in a cage of dreams
    Some prisoners felt alive
    Not because they had some hope
    But due some smiles in seight.

    Yes,he had a good time following his dream all along. He always wanted it. He reached it almost but what this the seight got fluctuating now,he was loosin hope. No, not now. He can't give up. He got to try....

    Many times a writer writes his story so dramatically that the reader get curious of what happening next. This time he was so close in publishing his life's first wonder. A story about a cobbler. Yes, a cobbler. You might be thinking why q cobbler. Right! You know great leaders come from lowest grades. They don't have much to loose, but they give their best in what they do.
    It's a cobbler, 8 years old, had a dream to buy just a good pair of shoes for his sister. He was working really hard, traveling all alleys for customers. He hadn't been to even kinder garden. All he learnt from the spits of people,this world is harsh. Two years back his parents died at a crash by a car,some unknown place. His parents gave last look with tear in their eyes, having promise he will look after her. He was all alone with her sister on those road. He made a promise he will get his sister good study. He will .
    It took him a year to get money to send her in school. He proved himself a good brother. Her 3 year youy sister is never ashamed of his doing. She loves her. I am not going through all her journey. But she was really devoted to her studies. The cobbler learnt the tricks of market,got a low job at newspaper. He always wanted to read. But couldn't, her sister tried to teach a little. He was so busy for his work,but made some time at night. They don't have a house,just a tin shed,they call home. Now it's her sister's board exams. She is so confident in her resuls,a little bit anxious, scored as second topper of district. Many institutes called her. Finally the hard work of both was paying well.
    While congratulating her sister a new teacher asked her about her parents. She told her brother is all for her. "Who? "They asked ,"The cobbler! newspaper guy! Leave him,you have a bright future, I will take your custody. He is a no one. You will get good guidance now from me." It made her think of his brother's image in this cruel society, people don't want a rough diamond to carry untill it is well cut. She had tears in her eyes. She was proud of her brother. She wanted to show people it, his brother in nevertheless than her her. She went to his brother,"Brother you got to study, for me." She says. "What !!, Who will do work?" He says. She agreed on having tuitions. Finally she was having good money.

    Now it's her brother. She had a good dream now, about her brother. She was going to make him study in school. Dress, bag,box all settled. First he refused to go why will he study now. He fulfilled his promise. But it wasn't just enough for her sister. She wanted people to see him as a well civilised,well literate guy. She was in 11. She made his brother study in 4. It was tough for both to arrange all that money. She gave extra tuitions, studied for her exams all day too. Brother was getting good in study really quick. At first it was not easy for him to fit in that class. He was much bigger than all them. He studied really hard, made leap of four classes in a single session. All teachers praised his mind. Now he could calculate,read aloud.
    They both were getting busy in their duty,the promise towards each other. To stand in society. In class, all students called him brother. They all were younger. A class of 20,but not a single friend. Well it took time. He got his degree four years after her sister. It was really a great achievement. He had tears in his eyes on stage. He remembers a lot friends, he made in college, the respect,the believe,the struggle they went with the power of promise.

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    Be grateful for what we have...


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    Real education is when you value what you have...

    At last, that so seemed far fetched dream of hers was at her door. She kept in pace with the pulsating excitement and packed up the handful of things she could afford. Still, her limitations never seemed to bother her at all. She garnered the blessing of her mother, the only soul who lived for her benefit, the brightest light in her life. She kissed her mother, and waved goodbye at her tired expression as she left for College...

    There, she saw many new things, met new people and felt blessed. As she stepped into that venture, excitement was all there in front of her. She kept thanking God for making it happen. As she rummaged her bag, she saw the lunchbox. It was still warm from her mother's affectionate care. She thought of her mother for a second. The soul who worked day and night as a seamstress, only to make possible a good future for her daughter.

    She resolved to forget about everything else and thanked for the most valuable gift ever bestowed upon her, her mother...


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    Weekly Challenge by @writerstolli
    When you leave education but if you again get a chance to continue how does it feel...

    #edustory_wt #writerstolli #mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #pod #danny_a @readwriteunite #thewriterstribe #writersofindia @ashesh_dubey

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    When I Held A Book In My Hand After A Long Time...
    Nostalgia Filled Me & My Heart Let Out A Chime...

    The Fresh Smell Of The Books Choked Me With Emotions...
    Slowly I Dived Into The Memory Oceans'...

    Love For Studies, But Financially Lacking...
    My Father Was Helpless & My Dreams Had Started Cracking...

    My Books Were Packed Away In A Loft...
    Now I Had To Help My Father In A Croft...

    Years' Passed By & I Lost Interest In Studies...
    I Got Immersed In Making My Hands & Legs Muddy...

    But Now At The Age Of Forty...
    I Am Sitting For My SSC Board Exams In All Glory...

    My Daughter & I Are Giving The SSC Board Exam Together...
    My Heart Today Feels As Light As A Feather...

    My Daughter Motivated Me To Fulfill My Dreams...
    Age Is No Barrier If You Hold Your Determination In Great Esteem...


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    Resuming education

    Her eyes sparkled when she saw the classroom she was going to resume her education in. 10 years of her life were squandered in the kitchen, always along the stoves but now the benches of the class welcomed her with open arms, alluring her to salvage what she had lost. Tears trickled down from her chin as she caressed the desks and took a trip down the memory Lane. It was time for her to let out her wings, soar high in the sky of knowledge and grapple all the opportunities she deserves...

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    For Classmates When Telling Stories

    Lightning struck by thundering roar in turn. The wind comes greeting you in the play of sky light. The sound of screaming and screaming collided with lightning. A big explosion occurred and the sound of sirens blaring. A big battle has been going on since a few days ago. Crying crying sounds one after another. The feeling of erratic pain was spread through their screams. After that great roar I opened the door a little from the basement. And start me out and walk. It was like a city swept away in a storm destroyed by an unstoppable rage.

    I try to step foot wherein still feels warm earth on your feet. Lots of debris scattered, black smoke soaring. It wasn't night yet it felt like night. The scorch and rancid blood blew a tense scent. I saw several people running with rifles with large caliber. They covered their faces with cloth in a hideous way. Maybe they are doing the duty of the state to protect the land where they were born. I took my sword and pulled it from its protective holster. I feel the weirdness here like a dark mist that won't talk. I opened my eyes and ears and looked around and suddenly my sword was shining and shaking. And there came out the light of fire at the end of my sword. Very hot and sparks embers around the tip of my sword. Suddenly these eyes felt an unusually hot slightly reddened sign of anger.

    I paused watching the surroundings while the sound of the explosion began to decrease. My sword began to shake faster and felt something that would not be underestimated. I looked down and put down one of my legs and took a handful of dirt and started kissing it. I found this undue smell to be felt like it was too dark to be explained in the breeze. It looks like the fire is starting to blow in the distance. A sign that does not want to be discussed. A sign for me to say who exactly I want to meet this time. The wind began to signal that everything was arriving in time. And I clapped my wings, and spread wide. The winds in all directions blew a little wind around my wings. I stomped my feet to the earth and jumped high into the sky to the height of the clouds. Paused for a moment around the clouds while staring at a distance. A large swarm of black concentrations scattered an incredible odor of fear. Maybe tens of thousands or even more clearly I see this is not a game this is definitely an unexpected symptom.

    I picked a quarter centimeter small ball in my pocket and kissed it with my lips and I hope this is not a bad sign. The sword in my hand began to shake and the light emanated a greater flame throughout its blade. Like a big rage coming to me carrying that plot. without thinking, I threw the ball into the higher sky until it reached a predetermined limit. And began to shine brightly and very illuminate very brightly, almost a few cities felt the light. The light invited more anger for a group of troops in the corner of a different sky. This is the time has come and I begin to see their cruel faces from afar. Their swords were flung in the distance, a roar appeared from one mouth to another. This is my time or not at all then I flap my wings or not at all. The sword was in the hand and the flame had already struck. The sound of screaming had begun to rumble. They had begun to advance at full speed from a distance. Once again I flapped my wings wide wide repeatedly and exhaled my long breath.

    My flapping wings I repeatedly released to find enough room to get ready. This is the time, this is the battle, this is the time that cannot be delayed. They were quicker to roar attacking flapping their wings together from all directions. And I just laugh loudly burst from my lips screaming loudly to welcome them. This is the time for me and for them, no need to think long. I looked at the sky higher and took a deep breath. All have come I thought all were ready and this is the breath of real life. Some of them began to come closer and closer and finally they were close. it's close for me to fill my time and save my life. My sword parried and rebuked their swords from all directions from all directions. Like a sugar battled tens of thousands of ants. A battle that is out of balance in terms of numbers. But all must happen, it's dark indeed thick. Leaving no trace of questioning but sword fighting in the sky. One or two enemies fell and fell to earth but got up flying and approached again. Dozens more fell to earth but woke up and stood again naek flew over. Like endless everything comes and goes leaving behind a sword fight. When time starts to feel longer all of a sudden the sky opens and there is light beyond the sunlight. All eyes in the battle felt tremendous glare. One by one they fell, tens, hundreds or even thousands. Even when I make my wings fall motionless and like a leaf fall and the flame of my sword goes out. I slammed on top of the pile of their bodies which had fallen first. I found bright light many times the bright sun. I was lying but I found peace. And I found a hand touching my shoulder felt peaceful there. Full of calm and very peaceful, truly peaceful. And he said, wake up.
    Sunday. October 6, 2019

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    SUNDAY WEEKLY CHALLENGE 06th October 2019

    Today write a short story about a character who enrolls himself/herself to attend school for the first time and receive the education he/she previously could not afford.

    Challenge hashtag #edustory_wt

    Selected 3 write-up will receive e-certificate.

    **** Only one write-up per person

    Last Date of entry : 06th October 2019, 23:59 pm gst.

    You can even write in the language known to you. Do translate the writeup in English language for readers to read and appreciate your writeups.

    #hindi #marathi #tamil #gujarati #bengali #kannada #telugu #malayalam #urdu



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