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  • 845doe 111w

    I don't know how I am to live
    Cause my mind turns on my mind
    And it leaves my heart blind
    When both escalated from the same place
    How do I divide and set space
    For both to grow, but never to lead
    When the fight is constant how do I breathe
    How do I please without disappointing
    How are you fiery yellow and immensely blue
    I love you and I hate you
    Because you're a fucking tease
    But every part is part of me
    And to you I'm me and so nobody sees
    I'll just lie here and bleed
    How do I finally leave?


  • 845doe 112w

    I find it difficult to see
    To just blatantly be
    To not live in lost moments
    Or conspire future omens
    I find it difficult to live
    And I see myself as difficult to forgive
    For all my past transgressions
    And even though I've learnt many lessons
    I sometimes find it impossible to see
    And to just blatantly be


  • 845doe 119w

    How much time will it take
    For me to drain this lake
    Of uncertainty and fear
    When will my mind be clear
    Stuck in a prolonged roundabout
    Of anxiety and self doubt
    I want to ask you again and again
    But that just continues the chain
    So I'll ask myself instead
    Trust I can be lead
    Safely from lake to shore
    Trust I can battle my inner war
    On my own terms
    So my being can soothe spinning words
    Maybe even passage of time
    Won't drain this lake from my spine
    I guess I'll let it be
    And accept it's not all of me