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  • eishasarkar 14w

    HaikuJAM or Miraquill?

    Eisha started writing haiku a few years ago when she lived in Australia during poetry-jamming sessions with her friend from the US. When she bought her first Android phone, she downloaded the HaikuJAM app which was founded by Dhrupad Karwa and Andrew Leung. The poetic expression app allows for collaboration between three people to create haiku. She used it for a couple of years till motherhood put a break and she preferred binge-watching shows on Netflix instead of writing haikus. Then last year, when she got into a fight with a friend, they ping-ponged haikus at each other to de-stress themselves. Eisha started looking for other people to jam with and joined HaikuJAM again. This time, she was disappointed. There were too many haikus circulating with too many spelling mistakes. It put her off. She was looking for something else, when she stumbled upon Miraquill, which was earlier Mirakee, founded by Alankrita Sood. It's more serious, allows for longer poems as well and gives her copyright. Of the two, which one does she like more? 


  • eishasarkar 15w

    Mad & Moonly: Book 3 of The Goa Saga by Eisha now on Amazon

    In the third and final installment of The Goa Saga, Saysha discovers that she has inherited a $25 million trust fund and a 2% shareholding in Lebedinsky Mining Company. That empowers her to vote and decide the fate of the $780 million company. One man is out there to stop her, her mother's old classmate from Delhi and the largest shareholder in Lebedinsky Mining, Oleg Oblonsky. And only one man can fight Oleg, the twisted genius of her husband, Aeram. She teams up with him and goes to New York to vote in a critical board meeting that will decide the fate of their property and river in Goa.

    Aeram's demons take over his mind and he forcibly kisses Saysha in a park and tells her to remain his wife. Repulsed by his insanity, he then talks of ending his acting career and also his life. James tells Saysha that he cannot leave his brother ever and should she consider marriage to him, she will have to also live with her ex-husband under the same roof. Saysha has the difficult choice of whether she should marry a courageous man like James but remain second on his list of priorities after his brother or should she find a cause of her own and devote her lifetime and funds to it?

    Mad & Moonly https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09J2L2VVY/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_AYYBYA9WHQY1Z09NE55N

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    Shadow & Soul, Book 1 of The Goa Saga by Eisha Sarkar

    Saysha Singh, a beautiful, multiracial young woman from Delhi, meets Aeram Khan, a gorgeous model-actor in college and they fall madly in love with each other. Aeram is the only legal heir of the Albuquerques, a family descended from Afonso de Albuquerque, the sixteenth-century Portuguese statesman and conquistador of Goa. After a few weeks of passionate romance, Saysha gets wary of committing her life to a controlling boyfriend. She leaves him and moves to Shimla. He moves to Mumbai and becomes a very successful actor and entrepreneur.

    Three years later, when he is in Shimla for a shoot, Saysha meets him again and they rekindle their romance in secret until he goes as her date to a masquerade ball where he unexpectedly reveals his identity. Saysha becomes fodder for primetime TV news. Aeram brings her back to Delhi with the help of his gay half-brother and stunt-double, James Albuquerque. After persuading her father, an army officer, Aeram and Saysha marry in court. Aeram and James strive to protect her privacy and dignity at all cost. However, living under the shadow of her famous husband makes a dent in Saysha's self-esteem and she tries to carve her own identity.

    When Saysha finds out that James loves Aeram, she initially is shocked but gradually realises that of the two, James is the better man. She is attracted towards him in spite of his sexual orientation. Aeram gets jealous of their friendship but cannot get rid of James. In a graveyard in Goa, Saysha discovers there is more to Aeram and James's bond than what they show.

    Now available on Amazon Kindle

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    Gone Goa Gone: Book 2 of The Goa Saga by Eisha Sarkar

    In the Age of Discovery, there were three identical crosses. Portugal’s King Manuel I had bestowed one on Vasco da Gama, who discovered the sea route to India. The second he had bestowed on Pedro Álvares Cabral, who discovered Brazil, and the third on Afonso de Albuquerque who established the Portuguese hegemony in the Indian Ocean. Over the centuries two of the crosses have disappeared. Probably they’re hidden away in some antique collectors’ vaults. The third hangs around James’s neck.

    A clause put in by an ancestor during the Inquisition in Goa prevents Aeram, a practising Muslim, from inheriting Richard Albuquerque's estates. Only his Christian son, James, can claim the title even though he was born out of wedlock. When Aeram presents Richard's will in court, Daniel Albuquerque aka Danny (Richard's cousin) contests the claim. James and Aeram battle the demons of their past to take on Danny and the very powerful Archbishop Patrick to save their estates.

    When Aeram and Saysha go to New York, they accidentally meet Igor Lebedinsky, a young intern at Aeram's agent's office. Saysha discovers that he's the son of Alexandre Lebedinsky, the mining tycoon from Moscow and brother of her deceased birth-mother.

    Saysha realizes that James is not an ordinary stuntman. Even her very rich and powerful husband is scared of him. In the forests around the Albuquerque villa on the banks of the Mandovi river, James finally shows her why the property means much more than mere inheritance.

    Now on Amazon Kindle

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    From the embers
    You rise
    Bringing tears
    To my eyes
    A moment stops
    A memory burns