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  • ritik_sharma 67w

    Window of Heart

    The pain the she has deep inside her, I could feel that today. She has done everything right but the things are always upside down for her. That eyes had a millions of hope that are burried inside her since so long. I sometimes feel very low when I see her loosing hope. Though her voice was low but I could feel the intensity of her expression with how much sorrow she was looking at me. It's just a matter of time one day surely soon she will shine bright like a sun and will make this world bright.

  • muazz_huss 243w

    My Feeling I

    Today again tears rolled down my cheeks,
    Even after a year after you left me ,
    I feel the same for you.
    What can I do ?
    I have weak heart , with lot of emotions.
    Everytime I want move you memories pulls be back .
    You still didn't realise my love for you,
    Still I am crying to find my mistake,
    The mistake which took you away from me.
    Away and far away
    Everytime I try to come close to , you push me back.
    Tell me, Tell me You never loved me
    As I loved you.
    Why ? Why ? You left me alone ?
    What was my mistake... I want to know .
    Don't know why I still love you the same.
    Love with same passion and emotion.
    My heart says , deep down your heart you still love me.
    But why are you not showing your love to me.
    I still remember the day when you left me saying,
    " When our love have no future, so what's the use of continuing?"
    Our religion came between in our love story.
    Why ? Why ? For religious different
    Our love story remain incomplete.
    Why ? Why ? I have to suffer everyday,

    Cry every night for you.
    Why ? Why ? I can't erase your memories.
    The memories which you are in it.
    When there was no fault of mine,
    Why I have to suffer ?

    People say I have changed ,
    Then have seen the changed me ,
    Not the broken me.
    Like breathing, suffering has also became my daily routine.
    What can I do ?
    I can't stop loving you,
    Loving you is suffering.
    Yes I would like to suffer , coz the pain I get
    Reminds me I loved you, but you didn't.
    I loved the girl similar like you, but not the one who is now.

    Time heal the wound,
    My would will also be healed.
    But the scars will remain.
    Those scars will remind me how much I loved you.
    I started my journey alone and will end it Alone.