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  • lurvevicky 8w


    conserved emotions
    absorbs anxiety to the organs
    a malignant cup of terror
    secreted it's toxins to my guts
    left me wondering how I got here?

    here in solitude
    fighting for sanity
    in the well of distress
    like a blazing sun in summer
    as they found my words gibberish

    incoherent process, waves
    millions of puzzles
    with a pen dripping blood
    writing terrible story of confusion
    i needed clarity

    hunching to any analogue
    orchestrated by what they call universe
    the rhythm of my faith drops
    at every charge
    till it could no longer sustain

    I became a slave to my emotion
    Opening to dark, wild pots
    the toxins had spread all over
    taking sights
    growing fast, wild with wings

    lingering to honeycombs of idea to heal
    i grew to hate my reflection
    permeating into pods
    as I fade from the real world
    shutting out almost completely

    it chokes alot
    I needed to breath
    landing my fist on reality
    as I could not control by imagining it
    I kept falling

    after a swing on repeat
    on the saddle of mind
    I was ready to take on the challenge,
    getting to know who they call
    "the saviour" for myself

    with a mysticism that
    life at large is mystery
    I seek for clarity in all areas
    in the most virtuous path
    so I pursued him

    and meeting him was like
    meeting the one my heart yearns for
    all my life
    meeting him, the bride's groom
    meeting him, the joy, solved puzzle

    meeting him; roe of grace
    meeting him; with his plans, promises
    meeting him, I knew instantly that
    I needed nothing more, than
    understanding the mystery in him,in his word

    his word, solid and life
    an honeycomb of joy that melt heavy heart
    a rain in dessert that stares hope in wilderness
    I've never needed anything more than meeting him


  • yours_trulyy 12w


    "Gustave!" Amaka exclaimed in her mind as she watched her sister, Nkechi, being dragged from the banks of the Rusizi River, in the massive jaws of the 20 foot juggernaut of a Nile crocodile! She knew it was the legendary one tonne man-eater by the three bullet scars along his back and deep machete wounds on his right shoulder blade.
    He hadn't been seen for years so the locals had started to consider him dead, but, lo, there he was, thrashing her flailing sister around like a ragdoll with his immense frame!
    She had no time to think so she waded into the water after them, diving down where she saw them submerge and the water was still bubbling. She followed the underwater vibrations then felt and grabbed the monster's powerful tail, who in turn yanked them all back to the surface.
    "Amaka!" Nkechi yelled out for her as they all gasped for air. Glad her sister was still alive, yet dismayed at seeing no one on either bank of the river, Amaka now braced herself to face Gustave. Feeling something prick her thigh, she felt for her pocket underwater and said a mental 'Hallelujah' when her hand drew out a pen!
    Swimming along the reptile's body, she came to his large head then just as she lifted the pen, aiming at his right eye, the shrewd animal began what seemed like endless death rolls in an effort to tear her sister apart while keeping her at bay! The force shook her off but Amaka doggedly swam right back in, grabbing onto the rolling mass tightly. Again she felt her way to the monster's head and when they were half airborne on a spin, timed a well aimed thrust of her sharp pen right into Gustave's eye and drove it all the way in without remorse!
    The beast let off his grip on her sister and disappeared underwater. Amaka grabbed her now exhausted twin and swam them both back to the bank and onto dry land. Nkechi was bleeding badly, having lost her foot about mid thigh down to the predator.
    Gustave would later be taken out by anti government rebels in the conflict that ensued in the Congo months later.
    "I don't like it when you recount that horrific event," says the now fifty six year old Nkechi scolding Amaka, as they whiled the evening away on the front porch of their home in Toulouse, France. They are glad to be alive.
    Amaka knows she would rather have died that day than live without her beloved twin.

  • yamirajam 12w

    Suffering bite

    The best tattoo mark remain in hands
    In late nights when body loss it's strength and mind go in unconscious world
    The small creepy insect move out from no where
    They love to prey in night
    Quite clever creatures, well aware of our moves and weakness.
    We (human) become blind at darkness
    I really respect God creation for their survival every living non living form have defence and action mechanism but venom and poison in mouth
    Carried by them for killing their prey with suffering and begging for no more life.
    They misuse this power
    No problem if they move around all night without disturbing our beautiful sleep.
    But not my damn body become highway for them
    Crawly were so difficult to handle
    In dream that snake was twisting my arm while centipede stepping those 100 legs on my hand
    I felt a weird touch and a fast bite in my skin, scraping outer skin and a dot of blood.
    Just like a movie( ("into the hell "where the victim is cursed by an old witch (that centipede) falling in and Satan's fire hand want to burn my parts one by one
    Hiding in my blanket ,mature giant centipede store high poison injecting all his fear in defence to numb me
    Half hour crossed like nothing happened
    Yeah ,here comes the suffering bite moving poison in my vein to fast, it's too painful To hold on burning while in mid night seeking
    Razon blade or knife to cut my arms, putting my hands on hot water to kill out all pain at one point.
    That 6 hour in night was horrible for me , still can feel that cold night alone suffering silently in bed

    Dear god please never encounter them ever
    no touch no bites


  • yours_trulyy 13w


    Around 5pm at her usual spot, it got suddenly quiet as if someone had turned off the sounds of nature, all but the approaching rustling from the opposite bank of the stream. Malaika stayed put. To this day she cannot explain what her eyes registered.
    A 'thing' stepped out of the shadows into the sunlight. She was looking at a bipedal creature about six feet tall, mostly humanoid but for the reptilian skin, vertical slit amber eyes, and bear like claws on its fingers and raptor toes. The crocodilian snout, teeth, and tail were also something to behold.
    Malaika had heard of the Mokele- Mbembe but she couldn't tell if this was it. Heck she couldn't even tell how she was feeling just then! Both just froze as if sizing each other up.
    The way this thing looked she should have been fleeing for her life! However, scanning its frame and finally settling on its eyes, she felt...nothing!
    It was no hallucination because this thing hunched over and drank from the stream, not in the least worried about her presence, then proceeded to give her one last look before turning around and melting right back into the thick jungle greenery, not to be seen again.
    Having never felt threatened, Malaika still visits her favorite spot like daily mass! She has yet to see the thing again, but these are the impossibly vast jungles of Central Africa after all.

  • pratik_kale 16w

    is it a sign?

    Years after, I had an encounter with a sweet little past of mine..
    Just to tell & to ask, if everything is well and fine!

    For the moments which I forgot from so long, beyond the line..
    Freshen up, lightened up, all of a sudden..
    is it a heavenly sign?


  • annfulleros 23w


    There is a path you want to take when everyone is stopping you.
    There's a person you want to see when you tell yourself you shouldn't see him
    Some things you want to do more but the world tells you not to.
    That is life, longing, and you.

  • hoorbanu98 37w


    A Tiny conversation can
    stop to encounter into a huge problems.
    《 05-05-2021 》@Wednesday

  • 11maria 42w

    Every encounter is a kind of Destiny
    In our World,
    there's all kind of encounters and destinies everyday,
    Some of them were just a familiar figure that left a Faded sign in our lives.

  • ummi18 45w


    For all those times you felt ugly,
    Beauty was staring at you.

    For all those times you felt weak,
    The foundations of your strength were being built.

    For all those times you felt ashamed,
    Your reason for praise was on its way.

    For all those times you struggled to forgive yourself,
    Your mistakes were birth as messages.

    For all those times you felt like a nobody,
    You didn't understand how important you were.

  • scarlet 53w

    A Chance Encounter

    Walking down paths which were once part of us
    Little did I know we were destined to cross paths yet again
    Looking up at you, I saw no more, the light in your eyes
    That smile of recognition did not spread to your eyes.
    What was it that you lost, while all I did was gain?

    Walking side by side, memories weaving webs
    I stole glances at your face, unusually gaunt and weary
    Your voice once ebbed and flowed, now it only ebbs
    The elation of the encounter flowed but now it ebbs
    Why are your skies starless, while mine are starry?

    Walking slowly, each step heavier than the one before
    My heart breaks at every step as I sense despair clothing you
    No snide remarks escape your lips, the child is no more
    I speak words of cheer but with unspoken words implore
    When did you drown, while I broke through?

  • deepflowsoul 54w

    Cycle monster

    Everyday I release more of you,
    Sometimes the glue releases old fumes.
    I'm left once again with gouged wounds,
    The acid squelching into my emptied rooms.
    Suffocating, I flail for lone holes dripping light,
    I catch a whiff, and breathe in center by night.
    Again and I again encounter this monster,
    Until we become friends in my downstairs.

  • ray_madhusmita 58w

    O'dear ! life..
    one day l encountered..
    your surprise..
    during my ominous troubles..
    l saw many new hands..
    that had flowers for me..
    the hand that..
    l was flowering one day..
    was putting smile to anorher..

  • inspiredbysomeone 59w

    The beauty of any relation can be experienced only when, we encounter the right person , who knows the value of it and shows it !!

  • rohit_j12 67w


    Jab se tere chehre se hua hu roobaroo,
    Tab se mere kaano mai kar raha hai wo gooftagoo..
    Tere tareenfo ki rat lagaye rakha hai,
    Tere qareeb jane k liye ab patti bhi padha raha hai .... ®


  • ciara1 73w

    I Had A Sexual Encounter At The YMCA

    Day One: At The YMCA

    Something strange happened
    To me when I was 9,
    But it seems like I was running
    Out of time,
    One day me and other kids was playing Arts N Krafts,
    Gathering everything and putting them back in the stash,
    After that, it was movie time,
    We had to put on a film and
    Some of the kids was getting out of line,
    So the staffs chose the movie for us instead at that time,
    The movie was The Wizard of Oz,
    But something I felt behind me was odd,
    I thought to myself, "I should of sat somewhere else,
    But the touch I felt I thought was by a kid, but it was from someone else,
    The hands felt heavy, thick, hairy and masculine,
    I knew for a fact that a kid didn't do that out in the act,
    A little boy hands wouldnt be hairy or thick.
    Oh I knew who it was being slick,
    I knew for a fact what the hand does,
    I kept letting the hands go under my jeans because I was used to that kind of thing,
    Most little girls would of said stop, but I wasn't that type of little girl who did not.
    Turning slightly around looking back at the person who was feeling on me,
    And there was no other kid who could see.
    The man who touched me innapropiately was a staff counselor who worked at the YMCA,
    And I was letting this man's hands run through my DNA.
    His name was Dwight Johnson,
    I didn't want this man to stop
    Touching me that day,
    I have more words to say,

    Day Two: The Unspeakable Touch

    It was movie time again,
    The same man went in,
    I sat in the same spot again,
    What was so shocking to me was why could a 20 year old staff counselor do this to a little a girl?
    I knew the answer to that because I didn't say nothing to no one about it to chat,
    He kept constantly putting his hands under my jeans because I was used to that sort of thing.

    Day Three: The Truth Unfolds

    Telling a 14 year old gossip girl name Shakira what had happened.
    I told her what Dwight did that was unpleasant.
    The girl was real cool with Dwight in a hoodly way.
    They knew each other and lived by each other that was not far away.
    She said Dwight did that?
    I don't believe none of that?
    He felt on me yesturday and I don't know what's going to happen next,
    Imma ask Dwight tomorrow
    When I see him for a fact.

    Day Four: The Gossip Girl

    Sitting at a lunch table alone,
    Obeserving the gossip girl
    Asking Dwight questions on her own,
    She said Dwight, Ciara said you touched her yestuday in the butt?
    No I didn't touch her in the butt,
    Swear to God you didn't, put yo right hand up to God you didn't?
    Putting his hands up for Shakira that he knew he did it.
    Shakira believed Dwight,
    And Dwight never touched me anymore again that he knew was right.

    © All Rights Reserved

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 78w


    I'm the youngest member in my family
    Except me, my family cease away
    Somehow my sibling's healing
    At a tender age, I had a part in what life actually is!
    Although he is cured he has broken down from every angle
    We're each other's hope
    Few people assume heartbreaks are tricky
    But do you ever felt the pain of an orphan?
    Some commits suicide for falling apart
    Do you ever realize how painful not to live without parents?
    Few shows fake sympathy
    A handful of them hanker after money
    Pursuing a career, tackling various hardships
    The reality of life is far distinct
    I am glorious and praised to the Almighty,
    I have endured the situation
    Although the miserable condition is we're unable to perform last rites

  • malhar_ 79w

    Mummy dekho paraya dhan maar rhi hai...������


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    Me: dekh tera dost mara gya...
    Sis: kaun...?
    Me: Vikas dubey...
    Sis: kuttaaaaa.....Rukk


  • _create_23 80w

    Dear love,
    I was a vagabond when you accepted me gracefully. Every moment, you shower me with ecstasy and I stroll in the paradise, which exists in your eyes. I hear your voice and it melts me softly.
    Even if you are my love from another star, I will accept you gladly and will mould into your frame. I am uncontrollably fond of you and I wish happiness encounters you on your way. You can put your head on my shoulders whenever you wish to.
    Because it is my first life, I would love to be the eternal monarch of your heart. I have faith in you and I am tempted to discover all your sides.
    If you will ever abandon me, I'll become a lonely guardian protecting you forever. I want our story to become a legend in your blue oceanic eyes.


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    @fromthepluto @eternallypurple_starstruck @pinknpurple @shinchan_ @dove_wings @chinu27
    @samzzzzz (a few suggestions for you!��)

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  • obsovert 87w

    My take on "Paatal Lok"

    It's "strictly on need to know basis" that Amazon Prime has once again left the mark with it's newly floated series "Paatal Lok" and has further cemented it's position as prime online streaming platform particularly in terms of Indian content.

    Well, basically Pataal Lok is a gripping crime thriller with exceptionally strong language and occasional gory scenes in the greater schemes of human follies and concomitant polysemy of living and existence itself.

    Prima facie what begins as a foiled encounter attempt on the Yamuna Bridge with in station limits of the Outer Jamuna Paar Police Station turns out to be just the tip of iceberg and in turn leads the unsuspecting simpleton Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary right up to the doorstep of inferno beneath surface of the earth and further leading to the darker and murkier truths of the system itself.

    The protagonist of the series Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is believed to be a nincompoop cop who had never been close to the real investigation and is out of nowhere entrusted or rather framed into investigating the grandest and the most high profile case of his life which is apparently made to appear like an open and shut case but actually it isn't and determined Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who now has once a life time opportunity to take a break from his humdrum existence, decides to take the plunge to attempt his best shot and embarks upon a thrilling bone breaking rigmarole to the badlands of Uttar Pradesh in the temple town of Chitrakoot to unravel the unsaid and unknown flagitious past of the prime accused Hathoda Tyagi and in his bid to pursue the hidden truth of case, Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is finally able to stumble upon the uneasy truth and is able to manage and arrange a high profile truce between the warring sides. He forays deep into the case of his life by challenging the preconceived prognosis of events and emerge alive out of this mess contrary to the expectations of everyone barring his confidante and colleague Ansari who himself is struggling hard to keep the minority stereotypes at bay and make it large in his life.

    This series has got an eclectic outlook and an almost perfect ensemble cast and characters which represents a wide array of people coming from totally different backgrounds and with incomparable aspirations like someone wants to have absolute creative hold over his channel, someone likes to be loved and raise children, someone holds the canines dear, someone wants medals and promotions, someone wants a sex change operation to marry the love of her life, someone who is love lorn wants his love to be reciprocated, someone wants to keep his unwavering loyalty intact, someone wants to overcome anxiety, someone wants to rise above and touch the sky, someone wants to be still human and be righteously humane, someone wants to blend in as he is tired being a misfit, someone wants to be a social climber, someone wants to remain at the helm of power and then there is this one named Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who is like a tired and an exhausted pigeon with ever haunting gloom and despondency written large all over his face and yet a family man and thus susceptible to errors and wishes like he wants to see respect in eyes of his son who is visibly embarassed of his jumbo name and his profession as a cop, above all he has to battle interdepartmental rivalry and fear of being left out and trampled by his subordinates.

    Indeed Paatal Lok narrates an immersive and powerfully riveting tale enacted by it's richly layered characters who represents a wide social and geo political spectrum ranging from Dalit social mobility and skewed up binary gender notions, from caste based atrocities to the women being mercilessly raped in the patriarchal set up of society, from dreaded dacoity to political bonhomie leading to the alleys of power, from new wave nationalism to ages old rigid social subjugation and domination, from rural ruckus to ugly urban myths, from idea of peace to the ideologies of terrorism, from Delhi Belly of Hazrat Nizamuddin to the dubious Delhi of Patiala House Court, from parched Bundelkhand to prosperous Punjab and prevalent notions of pride and prestige therein.

    Most importantly and fundamentally Paatal Lok attempts an explanation to the very conjecture of the three different realms and the thin line between Swarg Lok, Bhoo Lok and the infamous Paatal Lok.


  • wind_rider 93w

    Oops, hey, didn't see you there!

    Like two strangers chancing upon
    A blind corner
    I wish for an audience with you
    For that brief moment of shock,
    So that the memory we create
    Evaporates in that one moment,
    And the pain that hammers against my chest
    Subsides into a mundane rhythm,
    With no more significant a role
    Than to keep me alive,
    For another encounter with you,
    Like two strangers chancing upon
    A blind corner.