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  • aaureate 1d

    Cells in the body die
    New cells born
    Sunny day gets over
    Begins beautiful moonlit night
    End of a toxic relation
    Gives hope for new
    It's not The End with a full stop
    It's The Beginning with..........

  • surabhig 5d

    Its said that,
    All is well, that ends well,
    But what is on a higher pedestal,
    The ending,
    Or that "Wellness" with which it ended,

    In the days of childhood,
    This would seem as the good things,
    With which something ends,
    But today I realize,
    That endings in itself,
    Can not always be good,
    Some can be disturbing,
    Like deaths,
    Some like a moment ceased,
    Some like a memory erased,
    Or may be something that got forever delayed...

    The fact we can't deny,
    Anyhow is,
    Endings need to more acceptance,
    Even when its a complete stop,
    Its ok, to halt..
    Its ok, to wait,
    Its ok to be still,
    When nothing happens that great,
    Just letting of all crash,
    means the real essence of the END.


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  • elli_mcfarlane 5d


    Holding on to me,
    letting go of you.

    Learning everyday.

    Endings are needed,
    to find beginnings.


  • pallavi4 5d


    There are wild turbulent storms
    Raging deep inside of me
    From unspoken words to undone deeds,
    Internal strifes to which I never concede

    Wrapped in my own little world I live
    Fending off my irrational fears
    Where anger often causes a commotion
    That leads to vengeful, angry tears

    Life has steadily taught me how to
    Rise up after I stumble and fall
    How to turn indifferent to criticism
    How to be an individual and stand tall

    With the passage of time, the level of agitation
    In me has begun to slowly go down
    I’m relatively calmer and composed
    More rational and almost sound

    Like a gradually subsiding tempest
    I no longer feel the need to inwardly fight
    Experience has taught me fortitude
    Grit, patience and given me greater insight

    I’m learning how to curb negative thoughts
    Finding strength in my own voice
    I’m learning how to live my life in
    The after effects of my choice

    In an aim to be regenerative and productive
    I aim to be a snake chewing his own tail
    Even when life is fraught with obstacles
    I will learn to succeed even when I fail


    27th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner- Ouroboros, the Snake Eating Its Tail or The Infinity Symbol by Julia Waller

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  • night_mist_ 5d

    To end is not a solution to anything, if you want to end it, then end the problems that create distance, hatred and evil, not life. ��

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    8:17 pm , Saturday , 27 November 2021

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    When you came into my life, I was suffering from loneliness, bad habits and depression.You took care of me, ignored my flaws, made me realize I'm not bad, just couldn't handle myself. Gave encouragement, gave a lot of love, maybe I was worthy of it or not. But it was the happiness of a few moments, love was yours, which ended as a dream. Thus a loving relationship came to an end with the breakdown of expectations.

  • blurry_sage 5d

    every new day brings us closer to the end and we never realize that.

  • muskaanbhatt 5d

    (Forlornness here means loneliness
    Gest means adventurous romantic tale)

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    End word (Quote)

    "When You Came Into My Life,
    That was the time when my forlornness, melancholy,misery,consternation
    came to an end and again that lost spark of glimmer was found in my existence just because of your love and the way you cherished me since then to till now and
    our gest still going on
    and will reach its destination instantaneously"


  • blurry_sage 5d

    Even if you are not ready for the day,
    It can't always be night.

    A night has to end for a new day to begin, every day will end and the cycle will follow.

    All beautiful journeys will end, all the struggle will end. Endings aren't always sad right?
    end of misery, end of struggle...

    Something that never ends is love, it can be endless and forver, same goes with hate. Such strong feeling have no end, no bound and are endless.

  • elli_mcfarlane 1w


    Hopeless thought we'd never part,
    addicted to you from the start.

    But there was something greater,
    at play speaking over my heart.

    Falling to my broken knees,
    your love reaching down, healing.

    Never my shame to be the same,
    knowing I am forgiven by God.


  • aaureate 1w


    As the car screeched
    Crashing into the tree
    He behind the wheel
    Screamed lying unconscious
    Cuts and bruises all over
    Ambulance siren making way
    Into hospital emergency
    Surgeons trying hard but
    Declaring him brain dead
    Loved ones weeping and wailing
    End of one young life sadly
    One way to keep him alive though
    Doctors suggest and they agree
    Sometimes the end of one life
    Becomes the beginning of many

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    A Beginning


  • the_hypnotised_cat 1w

    The dramatic dilemma

    How devloped we truly are?
    Do information makes us informative?
    The world of today
    Is a puzzle
    Most of us
    Couldn't even ponder
    To decipher.
    The more we think
    We know it
    The more we get confused.

    Lies are legitimised
    Conspiracies rule the conscience.
    We the proud dwellers
    Are puppets of bigotry
    We think we have the power
    To shape, devlope
    And alter our beliefs.
    But in one or the other way
    Our preconceived notions
    Define what we really believe.

    Men in power
    Manipulated our mindsets
    And instilled their ideologies
    In packets
    Served as so called "must information."
    In the past decade
    The world has turned dramatic.
    The infinite rise of internet
    On one hand
    Proved to be a bliss
    That transformed
    The idea of collectivity
    And unified the world
    Into a little web
    Connected by dots
    So powerful and antique.
    But unfortunately
    The other side of coin
    Is an unimaginable nightmare.
    Fakeism being the brutal force
    Depriving us of truth
    And the essence
    Of the true humanity.
    Slowly and steadily
    It paved the way
    To 'silent terrorism'.

    In the world of algorithms
    Elites rule the information.
    Without us even realising
    We become victims
    Of information.
    So before framing your opinion
    Be a bit vigilant.
    Than and than only
    You will attain independence.
    Having control
    On one's imagination
    Is indeed
    The biggest freedom
    One can ever achieve.
    Be free, Be truly free.

  • superrita_21 1w


    Endings are end to new beginnings


  • anugraha_99 1w

    The roaring zephyr, slowed down,
    The thunderous clouds, hushed down,
    The rustling leaves, quietened down,
    The swaying grass, settled down,
    The flowing ripples, relaxed down.

    Vociferous nature became deafeningly silent,
    All ears to hear her heart out,
    To the turmoil of a breaking bond,
    Exploding within, inside out.

    She wanted to scream, cry aloud,
    But the faintest of sounds didn't leave her mouth,
    On the cold bench, in seclusion she sat,
    Watching the twilight sun,
    Pondering upon the end that was.

    Endings are not as peaceful as sunsets,
    It torments, brimming with regrets.


  • strangestranger 1w

    "Endings are not always painful .
    Sometimes, they turn you into something you never dared to imagined.
    Something extremely beautiful !".'

    Said the butterfly ,
    while getting ready to fly ,
    leaving her cocoon behind.


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  • xanonymouzx 1w

    Live on

    Nothing really ever stops
    Ends are simply breaks
    Because death gives birth to life

  • prakharsrivastava_ 1w


    Your camouflaged acts
    My soul, your axe
    Oh yes, I Panic
    Popping these Xanax
    Seems like u had me as an error:Syntax


  • joan53 1w

    I Ended It All

    Looking back
    Is dangerous
    I just broke free
    I finally turned my head
    Looking back just opens the doors
    And I do not want it to start again
    Looking forward Is life eternal, so
    I dumped my baggage on the floor
    Left it there and closed the door
    My life is now ahead of me
    And I am

  • brain_dump 1w

    This shall end someday
    And the sand must settle down too
    But mark my words when I say
    "If we ever end as well
    My spirit shall strive to find you"


  • preetkanwal 1w

    In the evening of my life
    gazing at the dying sunsets
    listening to the music of nights
    while I was drowning in loneliness
    a light came in the sea of darkness
    like a smile in the sea of sadness
    like a lotus exhibiting calmness
    like dew drops showing fearlessness
    like a feather flying in happiness
    like a bud opening it's shyness
    like a fallen flower blooming wilderness
    like a tree growing in barrenness
    like a star twinkling in gloominess
    each moment ended bringing newness.
    ©preetkanwal 26.11.2021

  • pawani_t 1w

    Endings : Autumn of our life

    As I walked amidst the falling leaves,
    I could see them landing on the ground full of grief.

    As I felt the dry air hit against my face,
    I could make out its prickly entry into my barren land.

    I could sense the slow descent :
    Of betrayal, of manipulations.
    All these reminding me of my life season : Autumn.
    Autumn, blunt and emotionless, portrays that even the tallest tree sheds its leaves,
    Only to tend to our beautiful buds of the future.
    Autumn reminds me of Endings.
    Endings which open the door to new possibilities and new potentialities,
    Possibilities which you have never dreamt of
    And potentialities which you never self discovered.
    Endings are just God's way of commencing new beginnings.