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  • kauthar 10w

    Got tired of all fake friends
    Smile on face but only pretends
    Naive as she was to see their bends
    To connect the dots to know her ends

  • the_world_is_unknown 42w


    Chapped and lost in the minds of a forlorn soul. Crispy memories being crushed like the petals. Few red pop outs from the mellow background of a crimson heart. Crystal display that pricks the eyes and imparts an aroma of memories, long forgotten.

    The smell of burnt forests that smudge it's existence on the forlorn paths. The clouds of venus that mark their existence, blurring few and causing a fervent burn of petals.
    Roots going down, reaching the depths full of humus. The soil in touch gets the onyx shade that it never longed for.
    The bud that lies deep inside is quite, letting the unwanted leaves to get in touch with red parts of the petal. Light of day and night has no difference on it as it lies inside with a hope to bloom and let its surface to feel the soothing touch of the warm winds of the vulnerable forests.
    There's someone who nourishes the roses and keeps the barks young and keeps the canopies wide open to let some light of night come and leave an enduring burn on the petals.
    The person is unfortunate to not get the felicity of burning. He lies wondering now. Wondering forever on the branches of hemlock tree and letting the poison within to go down in the earth full of sin.
    ~the_world_is_unknown (Udita)


    I don't know whether it gives any meaning to you or not but I have just described the pic in the post with a meaning.
    I don't write much deep I try to keep it submerged...
    I enjoyed to write this coz I like roses from a poet's view ...
    I wrote being tension free after a long ...
    It's soo good to be back .
    I cannot guarantee whether I will post everyday or not but I will be reading all the posts of my dear friends who kept missing and wishing me luck for my exams... I love you all ..
    And I love @mirakee .. a place where I can take out some time and write my heart out
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

    @the_frozenn_heart I missed you
    @fronwitchpen thank you for your constant wishes

    #promise to keep writing
    #nowhere #writersbay #mirakee #wod #pod #roses #lovec #ceesreposts #endc

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    Black roses

    A soul that nourishes them,
    Sets fire on it.
    And now he wonders on a hemlock tree,
    Letting the poison within
    To mix with the earth full of sins!

  • saloni_04 48w


    I look at her
    With a crying heart,
    Restless soul,
    And teary eyes.
    She was laid
    On her death bed
    And she looked
    At me.
    Her eyes
    Saying goodbye
    But expression
    Were the opposite.
    She struggled
    To breath,
    Her fists held tight
    Looking above,
    "Is this my end?"
    Was what she said.
    She had
    A firm smile
    On her lips
    No wonder why,
    She called me closer,
    Caught my hand
    And looked at me
    To say the final.
    I caught her hand
    As her moral support
    To face death.
    "I want to live, but I can't."
    She whispered
    And that's all.
    The grip of her hand
    Fell loose,
    Her eyes wide open.
    She freezed
    And so did I.
    Her soul
    Abandoned her,
    And only left
    Her flesh.
    All around
    Cry bitterly,
    Some being nostalgic,
    Some in shock
    And everything
    Seemed lost.

    She was carried away,
    In a Coffin
    For her final journey
    To get one
    With the Earth.
    Her last words
    Kept haunting my mind
    Every now
    And then.
    Tears fall off
    What a huge desire
    She had
    To live a life.
    Maybe divine
    Didn't do justice
    Or it was
    Her fate
    That got envy
    Seeing her alive.

  • bclark2681 48w

    Twenty Twenty Ends

    2020 has finally found its demise
    So that 2021 can face its birthing
    With the hope that it eclipses the
    Disastrous year previous, to murder
    Remnants of our diseased currents
    And resurrect our predictable future
    As 2020 was nearly our presents end

  • bclark2681 48w

    Our End

    The end of our fairytale is near,
    Our approaching demise to which we shall
    Both continue singularly into the future,
    For the hunger within our kisses has
    Surrendered to the tempers upon our tongue
    And to live with such contemptuous towards
    The other would be atrociously lonesome
    And so, agreeably, our story has its end

  • zoya_charmz 48w

    Thank you for all the love and your daily challenges. Wish you a very Happy New Year. Lots of love and hugs �� @writersbay

    Thanks for the like�� @writersnetwork

    31st December, 2020

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    And The Journey Continues

    With the passage of time,
    we just pile up our energy
    and bloom in a magnificent way.
    The colors of Universe influence
    us and we start painting our life
    like a miraculous Rainbowland.
    We adore and admire each other
    and the path of love fills with
    unbounded joy.
    The skies shower its blessings
    and the Stars join the Moon
    to sing an euphoric song.
    Our love and laughter brings
    melody and sheer beauty of
    every smile.
    Even if sadness persist in some
    parts of life, our unending strives
    make us reach our own miles.
    We start to explore and enhance
    our every step.
    We dare to dream, grow, and success
    designs a way to our doorsteps.
    Every metaphorical clouds holds a sign.
    Every year teaches us the scriptures
    and values of life.
    Let's promise to live and love with
    heart and mind.
    Holding everyone together we'll surely
    own a celebrated life with a zestful end.


  • bonitasarahbabu 48w

    The year is coming to an end,
    Let's never forget the lessons,
    And let this insanity, come to a bittersweet end.

  • santor_674 48w

    Good bye to the past , which had stitched a cloak of grief though winter has months to arrive , it conceals the hues of gay , numb and cold were the days to pass..

    Good bye to the past , for it had stabbed her hands with the splintered pieces of his memories , while she reckons to hold them forever..

    Good bye to the past, that had smirked with delight for having her poems splashed with shades of blue..

    And at the end of the day , she proclaims - Good bye to the past , for you shall not step up again, for now a new year had been born, while 2020 , which grew old,may rest until it's time for a re - birth of another such devastating year!


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    Buh - Bye 2020!

    //At the end , all you held back is a bouquet of flowers, bidding farewell for those memoirs grudging you, out of which , weaves out a sphere of hope to have a life to move on rather than laying yourself in a bed of death//

  • asphodel_ 48w

    The year is about to pass as a whole. And for the very last time I'm sitting in peace to peep inside myself.
    For many of us the year might be dreadful like life in hell where we are assumed to be the extreme sinners.
    Counting the losses I've made this year, it's quite engrossing to know that I've never earned anything to loose but was just waiting for the miracle to happen.
    Each day I fought a war with myself struggling to sleep.
    In the race of becoming myself I took it to be a part of the crowd and lost the most precious thing I ever had, I lost myself.
    People come and go but what they tempt to bring in your life is, change.
    I couldn't see any change for good reason still I learned a lot.
    I believe, the year had portrayed the worst in me and my shoulders have leaned enough, carrying the huge baggage of grudges.
    I feel ashamed to face myself in the mirror, not for being the one but for ever thinking to end my life.
    I feel ashamed of loving someone when I was supposed to just smile and walk away.
    I feel ashamed of the facade I'm bearing today.
    Everyone of us face things we are not willing to breathe, but atleast you face instead of running away like a coward.
    I insist myself to run away from things, I should actually hold and tie myself to memories which pierce every bit of motivation I could gather.
    I fear losing people, I fear failure, I fear rejection and there I fall everytime.
    I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted and that is what calls me to recite dark tales often.
    We can be enough for ourselves, right?
    I know the change is not spontaneous but I want to try.
    I really wish to leave everything behind that is tormenting me.
    I've reached a point where I've no more energy to fight back, I'm tired of everything.
    Let's hope to end the year with things you would wonder facing years after.
    Let me end the night with the estuary of struggles at the end.
    // the beginnings are destined to begin but the ending can even be the beginning of a destined end //

    yours - asphodel_

    P.S - writing is not always about healing but you are not always supposed to be expressive/vulnerable to your best friend - 'the diary'

    P.C. @/stranger_001

    Wish you a good year ahead ��


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  • the_frozenn_heart 48w

    The emerald memories of this setting year whispers a story from the corner of my crimson heart where I write an ode to my self as each longing breathe hopes for a new dawn. Sometimes the edges of my lips wrap into some redolent smiles to make me fall for a place, which once I called as home. And sometimes hope wish to stay on my palm lines to make me erase a feeling, which used to be known as heartbreak. Sometimes love brings peace and harmony within all the concrete hearts, in order to make me have a glimpse at beauty that reside in each soul, and sometimes those melancholic eyes illuminate even in dusk where the stains of kindness reside within me, you and all of us.
    /Kindness entwined us together/

    In the vintage of August, those pastel colours of rainbow melted into the paintings of existence of each creature, where some blue tiny drops were love whisperer and my aesthetics were it's humble listener. Forever used to resonate in each ray of sunshine, promises bloomed with generosity yet withered with elapsing time. Broken comprehended to mend, scars learnt the magic to heal, sunsets were some beautiful endings that my penumbra always wanted to feel.

    I walked and walked and look I reached on this last day of twenty twenty,
    and I still remember forever promised to walk with me towards eternity.
    Yes the last digits of this year are going to change,
    But this life isn't going to end.

    Pic Credit: Shreyas Hedau

    Happy New Year in advance everyone ��❤️ may the upcoming year brings all the gaiety and joy in your life.

    @love_whispererr @redolent_smile @fromwitchpen @_nida_ @the_world_is_unknown you guys are the best thing happened to me this year ��


    Today's day was really bad for me, I was in no mood to write. But you people won't allow me to delete this post ��

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  • schwellenangst 48w

    A n d y o u

    l a s t t o n e w

    y o u a r e a l w a y s o n e f o r m e .

    "and further I say the stories to lie,
    I swear I never brilliantly lie,
    I capture the truth and days destroy the lights,
    I welcome you the last minutes,
    and I write a letter to hue."

    A beauty of pain,
    or the addiction to strain,
    I crave for you,
    when the blood is just a stain.

    Looking at the moon,
    and no more the home is home,
    year is next or so matter sets,
    I still know the story that nothing will change.

    Pain is still colourless
    and me the blind,
    I open my eyes and
    I know that nothing shines.,

    and it makes me a flavorless rhyme,
    I scream the words of love
    and they turn into the hatred of relief,
    the pain is soaking the sweet textures
    and telling me the story of my ugliness.

    a new year eve is nothing,
    but an old stanza to the robbed off inks from my colours,
    pain is colourless,

    and the medley of my bruises is
    just telling you the never ending year,
    making me a allay again
    where just the mask make it a humour

    so I can tell you a lie,
    a very oldest of eras
    I can wish you in the overlapping new year's files.
    that we celebrate to the eves of florals.


    #farewell #endc
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Last letter.

    A very deep sensation of never letting you go,
    holding the grudges is still tough,
    your voice still sounds rough,
    my words do not matter,
    I know that you'll never say 'I love the light that scatter',

    a last letter to my wounds,
    a last rhyme to make you a bitter smile,
    I know I do not matter for you more than a while,

    and tomorrow is just the number new,
    I'm not negative if the year is just adds to blue,

    I'll tell you a pain in every story
    without jotting down,

  • soulfulstirrings 48w

    #endc @writersbay @odysseus @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal @seyfert❤️
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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  • 300roses 48w

    Good-bye to my Past

    Good-bye to the past,
    No longer shall it bind me,
    With all my might,
    I break free of its ropes binding me,
    Casting the ropes aside,
    I'm moving on,
    I'm not looking back.

    Good-bye to the past,
    No longer shall it torment me,
    Like dust,
    I shake it off my feet,
    Carrying my backpack of hopes,
    I'm moving on,
    I'm not looking back.

    Like an avid explorer,
    I'm looking forth to embark
    on my next "adventure",
    new possibilities &
    fruitful experiences

    Good-bye to my past,
    Here you end.

    *Hoping to move on with this poem
    & start anew.


  • anavah 48w

    The End

    The end is predictable
    Beyond a labourious path
    Meandering through fields
    And rocky terrains
    Sometimes it springs hope
    In its inevitable wake
    Beginning are strewn all over.

    The end is faithful
    Never swaying from its place
    Leaving a trail etched
    In the woods of ancient cedars
    Everyone prophecies in vain
    Few leave behind tracks
    That lead back to the End

  • pallavi4 48w


    I was a flitty flighty feather
    Flying away in the wind
    No dust nor storm was strong enough
    To make my wild ways bend

    It was a luxurious life
    One with no real commitments
    A freedom feigned- I lived a lie
    It was easier to pretend

    Than to admit a lonely life I was living
    With no special occasions to apprehend
    The ability to stay the course
    Gradually I had transcend

    And became a beauteous blunder
    Too afraid to my ways amend
    Then one day while I was floating
    You came along like a gust of wind

    You were unwilling to let me flit
    Or play along with my pretence
    Caught up in your whirlwind I forgot
    My reluctance and brought down my defence

    You wrapped me up in a blanket
    Of loving warmth that gradually distend
    To provide me with the gust I needed
    Under my wings to help me ascend

    Slowly as I began to trust you
    You became so much more than a friend
    And the flitty flighty feather became
    Tame and content in the end


    31st of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Wendy Manzo

    #endc #end #metaphorical_poems @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee #writersbay @writersbay

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  • sproutedseeds 48w

    Board into the journey of
    the NEW YEAR 2021
    with trust, hopes and
    a clear vision of the future.

    Today the calendars which were
    our guide in our path
    marking the date of
    days and week for
    12 months of the year 2020
    marks an END.

  • memosfrommomo 48w

    In 2021, I want to cross the threshold with a renewed relationship with You. Thank you for being my teacher, my friend.

    #2021 #newyear #nye #goodbye2020 #love #relationship #Jesus #God #christian #endc @writersbay

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    Lost love.

    Live and walk in the truth.
    Enjoy the world, enjoy people.
    Help people, be the light in this dark world. Yes, stand out.
    Choose joy always, don't let the enemy take it.
    Snatch it from him! Throw away his despair.
    Let Jesus define who you are. You are His; for Him, in Him.
    The bride, the prize.
    The lost love He won. Yes, forevermore.
    For even when you doubt it, it remains true.
    So now we wait for Him. We are one year closer.
    He's coming soon, it's not the end.


  • words_flake 49w

    good bye 2020,

    A year for which each and every individual was waiting to get end...


  • potatoo 49w

    Soo, last day of this year, I mean it's okay, I'm not that excited, I mean this year has been a rough one for me, for all of us.
    I lost the only one who cared about me unconditionally. I lost the person I liked two times the same year lol. I didn't even got the chance to tell her I like her, and that's completely my fault.
    And no matter what I can't move on, I'm stuck and that's why I don't know if I want this year to end before I get my closure, I'm fed up of putting up a facade. I really want a closure on this and I have a feeling I won't get it soon.
    But I've to at least try, so first thing first thank you every random people reading this and some people who are not here with me now for making this year a little less 2020. Thank you for all the amazing art works i got to see this year, thank you for all the laughs we shared even though I'm the funny one but okayyy ��.Thank you for making me cry ig, I mean it sure did make me less salty��. And that's it I'm not going to mention everything here so yeah thank you all of you for existing, yes you too best friend who is reading my post for the first time and don't know me.
    I've learned so many things this year and I've tried fixing myself too, just so I can say "Heyy at least I tried".
    Well bbye 2020 I hope not to see you again (I Know technically it's not possible too, but stfu cyka)


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    Happy New year:) ?


  • _firefly 49w

    I've always thought that why our life is divided into years, months, weeks, days and hours. I never wanted it to be like that. I wanted it to start one day and end the another in which we would grow up, laugh, cry, live and die.

    But 2020 made me realise the importance of each and every second we live in our life. I've lost so many things this year but on the positive side as I see, I've gained experiences about so many things.

    I've learnt how one night can change whole of the year for you. I've learnt how holidays can be one of the unwanted things. I've learnt how to be alone and not cry about it. I've learnt how to take care of everyone from a distance and I've learnt how to be kind to myself as I am to others.

    More or less, my friends here have helped me become who I am. You all add to my existence and I will carry all that you've taught me with my soul forever.

    Now I think I want to live in each moment that life throws at me and everytime I close my eyes at night I wish to wake up, to see the world again, to have another chance to make it a better place to be in merely by existing.

    I know some loss is irrecoverable and I've suffered this year, maybe less than you but as I know pain is pain, more or less, it hurts.

    Leaving all the hurt and agony this year has caused us, let's move forward with a true smile on all our faces like warriors, who may not be brave, but survived through.

    I wish you joy and mental peace for every moment you live from now on.

    Happy New Year in advance fam❤


    PS I can't tag all of you because the list is too long to be honest, maybe because of my habit of befriending people quickly.

    PPS I love to be here around all of you. It feels like home. And yes, I've hated holidays since my existence.


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