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  • ur_smily19 1w

    She is not a morning person,
    She is an sunset person.
    She loves ending.
    Ending brings a hope of ,

  • fathima_sumaiya 3w

    Dear me,
    It's not an ending ,it's just a beginning.

  • theebonecollector 3w

    Side note: I don't smoke lol #goodbye #ending

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    Like crumbling castles
    Stone turns to dust
    Things fall apart
    And it's not fair but baby they must
    The sun goes down
    And the moon comes out
    I'm running
    I'm stalling
    I'm nothing
    When you I'm without
    Our credits are scrolling
    The crowds have all gone
    Things fall apart
    And it's not fair but baby they must
    Brown eyes
    The devils most deceitful disguise
    You play your game
    While I swallow the shame
    And fall for it every time
    Chain smoking in a bathroom
    I tell myself I'm fine
    All the while knowing
    I'd kill 10,000 men
    To drink your essence like wine
    We always knew this would happen
    Blissfully ignorant on borrowed time
    The end of our story
    Hope choking slow
    Loves heart stopped beating
    "Good bye"

  • 1yus8j19n 3w

    I don't remember anything which ended with love....and that's where the irony resides

    #prompt #ending #love #wod

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    Today's prompt on miraquill was to write a phrase ending with love!
    Hehe!...what an ironical statement


  • acksmack 7w

    The End of We

    Trust in yourself
    Tell no lies
    Reject conspiracies
    There are no spies
    Be confident
    In who you are
    Blame no one
    For your own
    Lack of faith
    You decide alone
    Your destiny
    And the manner
    Of escape
    Let it be adventurous
    Discovery of old
    Unbelievable experiences
    Reflective and bold
    The only limitation
    Is your imagination
    A sparkle of doubt
    Flickering about
    Within your consciousness
    Is the only fear
    Surfacing as a dare
    From the last kiss
    Given in despair
    Crazier thoughts
    Run amok
    In past desperate spots
    When your life was freer
    Than the delicious
    Exotic dish never tasted
    As a wish
    For the eternity of chance
    Dancing on a pinhead
    A meaningful trance
    Mental anguish
    Felt from below
    The deepest part of your being
    Your soul
    When you gave in to the darkest sin
    Gravely mistaken
    With allegorical abandonment
    You sowed the seeds
    Of elliptical feeds
    And reaped for the masses
    To reduce all to ashes
    Fiery eyes of enlightened sighs
    And kept the times that we wept
    For a new tomorrow
    Not filled with sorrow
    But only a brief glance and smile
    Just for a while
    At peace while listening
    To the fervent glistening
    Off the ocean floor
    Diving evermore
    Beneath that shore
    As sands of time
    Have run out
    On this long winded rhyme
    Such is the pain
    Without the promise
    Of your love
    An unfulfilled throng
    Of broken song
    Lyrics and melodies
    Harmonious and intense
    But shear nonsense
    It's clear
    Now that it's actually here
    The end of you I see
    The end of me I see
    The end of we, I see


  • whenshewrites11 7w


    Burns like a fire
    Could be a beginning
    Or the ending.


  • _yuku_08 12w


    Life is a beautifully designed, ugly reality. Never fair to all, every step forward is a chance to new ending. No matter what, we'll lose something and ultimately it will end.

  • overthinkersdiaryy 12w

    communication is the key!!!
    but you cannot have a conversation with the person who is always in a hurry to end an conversation before it even starts...so it's your mistake to expect them to listen, make up or understand what you are trying to say.....!!!!

  • drwrites 12w

    The soul inside
    Waits for you
    Even if I don't


  • prajapatisuman 14w

    At the end

    At the end of the phase, every wound is healed ✨

  • asjthewriter 15w

    The Story's end broke my heart wide open...

    #write #story #book #ending #love

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    Lover's the Title

    What's left to say?
    We've gathered here to mourn
    The life we could not live.
    The wounded touch,
    Fast, swallowed, pride,
    Crushed just like cans beneath the weight
    Holding my hand.
    Who wants to wonder anymore about the middle?
    Reality comes,
    a stench nobody can ignore,
    Breaking the spell of ever after
    Into bite-sized stanzas and mundane chores.
    Is this the love of full commitment?
    Wrapped as gift and stuffed
    Between the bitter lips.
    Left opening, the parchment's sweet
    Tissue spread far across the world.
    Nobody tells you what's beginning
    When the world ends like a year.
    Blown by too fast, mowed over leaves.
    Another nose bleeds something deep;
    Hiding between the unlined pages
    Neither one of us could write...


  • yashvibansal 19w


    Cruel December
    Setting its roots in November.
    A month of endings and frost
    Out of all those frigid, December is the most.

  • lasolsu 21w

    Good goodbye

    Never felt so valuable before.
    Thank you for letting me go.
    Without any clue,
    Nor any valid reason,
    You made made me see,
    What’s behind the bars of your ego,
    My prison.

  • angels_halo_shines 24w


    November has come to an end, as we welcome December. A lot happens here in the month December. I turn another year older as each one passes. Christmas Day & Christmas Eve comes & goes.Last but not least quite possibly the most important days of all for many is New Years Eve. The celebration of the year, many parties. I will be thankful for a new year to begin. So, I welcome 2022 with open arm’s. And wish for the best. For everyone!!

  • words_flake 25w

    It's ending or new opportunities
    It's up to us..
    Let's accept new opportunities and embarrass our past.

  • mathilde 25w

    #wod #ending #darkseries #life @miraquill @writersnetwork...
    Ahh this was quite a journey... Maybe a long one...

    Someone... Care to pull my poem out and illuminate it ? ����

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    ... just an ending ...

    The red, shattered vase,
    That was once a heart,
    I am taping it again and again,
    But it just doesn't work...

    I pull out the thread,
    I shut the bloodshed,
    It's painful; quite terrible,
    But it still doesn't work...

    The flowers were all dead,
    Buried deep in the graveyard,
    The thorns pierced in the body,
    Is another miraculous sight...

    Blood like Dark, red wine,
    The demon who took over drank it,
    Pale, cold minded,
    Shallow from the inside,
    The blood dripping in there,
    Is such a hollow sound,
    That a eutony feeling,
    Always surrounds

    I am an Autophile; yes I am,
    The only company I take
    Is the Demon around ...

    When the flowers die young again,
    The moon and the sun set again,
    When the leaves bid goodbye to the large tree,
    Is every ending really filled with happiness ?
    We can't always be free....


  • sparrowsofsorows 25w


    One day I'll find my way through this life's turmoil, to at last reach the ending where I can find my rest... Been strong for way to long....

  • bleeding__words 25w

    #wod #end #miraquil #writersnetwork #ending #shortstory #endingsbeginnings #betrayed #heartbroken #neverendingstory #airportdairies #denial #loveyourself #selfishlove #loveher #brokenbutbeautiful #foreveralone #healing @miraquill @writesnetwork @tammannaa @writershubp

    THANK YOU SO MUCH @writersnetwork for liking the post..Means a lot

    1st August, approximately at 12:00 pm, when she left from Mumbai Airport to her Hometown, little did she know,what looked like never ending fairytale has reached its end.This tale of two hearts ended two years back with so many things to comprehend.

    He dropped her at the airport with a promise to stay together forever and this distance will only make their relationship stronger.As the flight took off his phone switched off too . Now you might think how long she must have called that number, let's say for the next one year she called every hour.

    All his friends dodged her calls,crying for help she lost every ounch of respect and confidence she had earned after all.As days passed by, three months later her phone beeped with an email notification, it was from one of his friends informing about some dengue situation he had fallen int..Suddenly all the anger shifted into guilt, worrying nothing about but his health.

    She couldn't perform well thus decided to quit job till he is unwell. His friend asked her to stay back at hometown and wait for his call as his parents are against the caste to which she belongs.

    She asked this friend to just pay a visit to his home to which she bluntly opposed..Now the anticipation had transformed into worry and all she could think about was is he alive??

    Sharing three long years with eachother that last goodbye changed her forever. The chirpy loving girl went into depression feeling alive only when panic attacks hit her.

    Young, Strong, Independent and friendly soul went into a hidden shell. She fought all this alone not letting anyone know what's wrong..

    Cried in the corners, fake-smiled in the office, slept on the station floors, booked god knows how many cabs to possibly nowhere searching for little comfort to takeover. She looked for help here and there, knocked many shut doors but nobody came near.

    After nearly 11 months the phone was on but yet nobody would ever answer her calls.Now she asked help from her friends and associates, who till now had given up on helping her think straight. She heard from some FaceBook connections that after all he is doing fine, taking some deep breaths of relief, she could stop herself from crying.

    After a year and a half of failed calls, fearing the consequences to meet him and to end the misery and pain, she gained all the strength and went to his house..What she was about to know turned her world upside down.She saw him standing tall feeding his son across the hall.

    Living in nothing but denial, she couldn't believe the most valuable nurture relation has come to an end. Like many people she failed to keep her composure and messed some of her priceless relations.

    IT TOOK HER ALMOST 2 YEARS TO HEAL! Even though she has survived but the trust and faith, basically the urge to save any relation had to END in exchange.

    For some say it is a good excuse to escape from things, but ask me I have seen her growing. Remember there is nothing wrong in putting yourself first and sometimes being selfish helps...

    Sometimes no matter how impossible it may seem relationships come to an END till the smiles get real it is ok to pretend..

    ( thank you for giving it a read. If you have read it, please share your kind words )

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    Never Ending Wali Ending

  • extreme_case 25w

    Once you told me,
    To let go is the best
    One can do,
    Now guess, after all,
    It's time to let you go.

    Yeah, you are somebody
    Who told me how to move on
    Now I'm stuck again in the
    mess In once I was.

    But, still, I don't know
    How to let you go?
    Teach me again,
    How to move on?
    Tell me again,
    That outside my window
    In the darkness,
    dawn is waiting on.

    I forgot all the bad
    And in the end,
    I only remember your
    good deeds
    I thought we were perfect
    But it was my illusion,
    You were never so close,
    I was just in confusion.

    But I want to end it,
    At the good terms,
    Not like strangers,
    Once we were.
    So, I'll try to move on
    I'll try to find my dawn
    But there is no one like you
    And there will be no one.

    I promise I won't stop you,
    I won't look back at you,
    I'm letting you go,
    I'm letting you go,
    Because you taught me,
    To let go, is the best,
    And after this long night,
    I want to rest.


    This one, I've written in the past.
    #ending #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    I thought we were perfect
    But it was my illusion,
    You were never so close,
    I was just in confusion.


  • rainingecl_pse 25w

    Unhappy Endings

    It feels like,
    Everybody who once loved me
    Up and left like,
    They saw all my flaws,
    And for them it didn't sit right.
    The first time we were together,
    It only lasted a week.
    Then you wouldn't tell me what was wrong,
    And the outcome was bleak.
    You told everybody rumors
    That you were losing me,
    That I told you that you
    Were the reason my mental health was weak.
    But that was a lie,
    And everyone believed it,
    It took me two years to recover,
    And still now, I'm so shy.
    It was true,
    You did make me want to die,
    But I'm not the kind of person
    Who could say that, and not cry.
    Two years passed, and we made up,
    Became friends again, all of that stuff.
    And then I caught feelings again,
    And we got back together,
    But this time, I wasn't enough either.
    They say fool me once, shame on you,
    Fool me twice, shame on me,
    I guess you couldn't guess
    Which it happened to be?
    You told me that I wasn't supportive,
    With that statement, there was definitely some other motive.
    I gave you all I had, and then I gave even more, if
    That wasn't enough, then how much more would you need?
    I swear,
    The reason our relationship ended
    Was because of your greed,
    I gave everything, so I'm kinda peeved.
    It wasn't enough, but it was me.
    Just like last time, you spread your lies,
    Saying that I was tortured by lack of attention,
    Oh, woah, big surprise,
    Everything you ever say is hyperbolized.
    So I ended it there,
    But still, you didn't fight fair.
    I guess the attention and drama
    Is worth sacrificing friends and partners,
    Fair share?
    You were supposed to be my forever person,
    But I guess that spot is still pending,
    I hope you're happy
    With all of these unhappy endings.