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  • feeltheword 1d

    Sweet November
    Songs of the sparrow wane in the wind

    Sun cooled by shadows
    Reflections turn grey
    My heart turns heavy

    I thought of you every day

    Cold November rain
    Your storm rages in my mind

    Look for me in the sweet blooms of spring
    When the songs of the sparrow come alive again


  • angels_halo_shines 1d


    November has come to an end, as we welcome December. A lot happens here in the month December. I turn another year older as each one passes. Christmas Day & Christmas Eve comes & goes.Last but not least quite possibly the most important days of all for many is New Years Eve. The celebration of the year, many parties. I will be thankful for a new year to begin. So, I welcome 2022 with open arm’s. And wish for the best. For everyone!!

  • the_untold_tale 5d


    Let the endings be the new beautiful chapter of life!!!

  • sparrowsofsorows 5d


    Endings are nothing but an option to save oneself.

  • sparrowsofsorows 1w


    One day in my dismay, I shall find the end to all the words I didn't get to say.....

  • sparrowsofsorows 1w


    I try so hard while worn out from how far I've came, than the ending of the turnmoul is just around the bend..,...dont look at how far you have left to go., Lookat how far you've already came

  • savio121 1w


    The Last Moment of everything Memorable in your life
    Does it have to be heart bending?
    Come to and end when we don't want it to
    Leaving us sad with such an ending!

    The true and Happy Instincts
    Out of the heart so True
    Making you feel like weeping as you think back
    On how each moment slowly and happily grew.

    But as this Special Moments come to pass
    During all the time left behind by us
    Reminiscing back on the people that made these happen
    Clog the mind and leave us with tears

    With these Memories that Will always be special to each of us
    Will be held in a place no one can erase
    We know the type of people who we can trust
    No matter what type of mask they put on their face

  • sukare 1w

    Let's get going

    The past is a lion
    Don't let it chase you
    Tame it and use it to stride ahead

    The past is a black hole
    It draws everyone that wanders around it
    Some embrace the fall like a romance
    Some fret and kick in the air endlessly
    The hole is a salvation
    Here's where absolute rest exists
    No senses no worries
    In exchange you lose the right to live

    The present offers you new things
    But who says the new things are gonna be good
    Moving exposes you to opportunities
    Moving exposes you to risks
    A rolling stone wouldn't gather moss
    But it gathers bruises

    The past is a cozy place no doubt
    Away from reality
    With just you - the chosen one
    You can cry all day or laugh all day
    It just doesn't matter

    Keeping up with time is hard
    The world outside is so arrogant and noisy
    But the time's chariot doesn't offer places for all
    If you are on the right side you wouldn't be reading this
    But if you are on the wrong side
    Don't just be alone
    I dunno , join in with fellow losers like you
    And make a chariot yourself
    And smirk while overtaking the time's chariot
    Because why not
    You can always use your emotions to your benefit

    It doesn't matter if you get angry or broke
    Not able to make up with time
    The footrule is to never stop moving
    ( A cheat code stolen from the almighty time )
    And yeah not to be all by yourself

    Don't worry about overtaking the time's chariot
    Look past the intimidating people on there
    Just go on like a crazy maniac
    Because one day you are gonna die anyway.

    P.S. : But what about being stuck in the past
    Get fresh air , riding a chariot will help
    Just so you know - the past loves you very much
    But it's the kind of obsessed love where she won't let you get away

    If you can't leave her alone
    Carry her on your back while you run ahead
    Show her all the beautiful places you visit
    The beautiful people you meet
    She would slow your pace
    The world would get away
    But that's how you love her back
    People would help you heal

    The footrule doesn't change.

  • wordsoftheetwilight 1w

    There's always a bittersweet feeling when you know you are going to reach the end of something.
    A love
    A hardship
    A friendship
    There's always a new beginning that made you prepared to be low and less expectant to protect your ownself from suffering again.


  • bad_habit 2w

    ~ Endings


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    endings can be so beautiful

  • romanov 2w


    Poles apart but still closer than most,
    Probably not forever but just enough to remember,
    If someday we end up abruptly,
    I wouldn't be too disheartened knowing the fact that it was all true once,
    Yes, it would hurt me as I have my conscious that never stops,
    I would think of you every once in a while hoping to see you someday again,
    Wondering about the fact-Would you still meet me the same way or Would you just go your own way?

  • mariateresa 3w

    Moving through cycles of grief as I continue to heal. Three life changing events are swirling around my heart. By recognizing each of them, I breathe aliveness and celebrate my own survival. By the end of this month, my Dad will have been gone from this physical plane for one year. Ending an eight year relationship with a man who was my best friend hurts like hell yet is the best thing I could've done for myself. Ten years ago, 11/12/11, I attempted suicide. The Divine number of that date is 9, symbolizing endings and conclusions. This year I said good bye to two men I loved dearly in different ways. These past ten years have taught me so many hard earned and learned lessons of faith, trust the power of belief and the meaning of unconditional love. I am my own best friend hero.

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    Life in Pieces, Part 2

    Seeing clear into deep scars of pain
    Carrying a torch of Light, shines upon each one by name
    No longer do I swallow the poison of their lies
    Pain and suffering seen from inside
    Mindfully choosing to release the energetic charge
    By loving myself and witnessing my shadows
    Holding these pieces together by love's tender and eternal flame
    Time releases the tension of blame
    No longer must I feel ashamed for what I wasn't ready to see
    Traveling through life's experiences with truth as my guide
    Love for myself comes with forgiveness on my side
    For only I can heal these wounds
    Gracefully accepting the lessons, dancing between periods of stillness, pausing with patience
    Walking forwards is the only direction

  • _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 9w


    She lay still on her bed staring blankly at the ceiling, arms spread by her side. Countless thoughts hit her one by one, flashes of certain familiar places, certain familiar people flashed before her eyes - places she visited, places she wanted to visit, people she loved, people she wished to forget. As all those visualisations attacked her like racing bullets, she felt dizzy. Or was it something else that made her feel that way?

    Feel. Why do we feel some things with such intensity that we get drowned in them? Why can't we go numb? Shut down our overflowing emotions and never feel a thing? Wouldn't that have been better?

    Her mind raced faster than her heart, contemplating everything under the sun. Where did she go wrong? What did she do to deserve this? Was it all her fault? Or was it them? She didn't know. But at that very moment she realised that blaming herself was the easiest option. Isn't it? There's a certain tragic satisfaction in finding faults within ourselves. We all do it. And she did the same.

    Suddenly a surge of pain made her squint her eyes which was followed by a heavy sigh. Enough. It was too much of an exhaustion to bear. They tell you to keep fighting, keep going on and on and on. But they never tell you for how long? For how long can our bruised legs take us forward? For how long can we crawl onward to get our from the mess till our body gives away? For how long do we tell ourselves to keep in breathing when every inch of our shattered body accompanied by the brutal agony urges our soul to escape? How long? They don't tell us. Because, they don't know it themselves.

    But, she was giving up. She was giving in. A tear trickled down from the corner of her eye. But what's new in that right? Everyone cries - some in front of everyone, some alone, while others cry and bleed inside. However, on that fateful day, something else trickled that was not colourless like her tears, it was a bright scarlet. It oozed out from her left wrist flowing straight through her palms passing between her fingers into the white-tiled floor, creating a pool of water- a pool of scarlet red coloured water.

  • narcissus__ 9w

    Ur purity is ur collateral being..indeed🤘

  • mariateresa 14w

    Bittersweet good byes turned into "see you laters" as my world changes yet again by transformative adventures. Baby, I'm coming home. See ya soon ��

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    Good byes

    Good byes are often oh so sad
    Filled with nostalgic memories that make us smile and feel glad
    It's not that we won't experience them again
    We want to hold on forever and not allow them an end
    Good byes feel so final yet in reality
    Our loved ones live on in our imagination for eternity
    Always assessible through the heart
    Our center of love, a place they never truly ever depart
    Within our heart, each loving exchange plays over and over
    These are the scenes that can't ever be written over
    I choose instead to say, "see you later"
    If not in this life, I believe together we will once again dance with our creator
    Until the moment arrives when our eyes meet
    Forever you live on in songs that sound so sweet
    Our bond can't be broken
    Invisible strands of love's creation
    Let's not ever say good bye
    In dreams we'll be joined, hand in hand, I can see it clearly in my mind's eye
    Our story lives on and on and on

  • the_healer_idealist 18w

    Endings are not always as peaceful as sunsets
    Sometimes they disturb your entire world.
    They aren't always what you'll expect,
    Sometimes they hurt to the core.
    They don't always give you that serene feeling
    Sometimes they agitate everything inside.
    Their hue isn't always appealing
    Sometimes it's dull, not sublime.

    Sometimes they come with storms
    Sometimes rain
    Sometimes it's a maelstrom of the earth's fury
    Sometimes fire with hail
    Sometimes flood
    Sometimes a river of blood.

    Though after the sun sets
    There comes night,
    We can always be assured that,
    No matter how the endings unfold,
    After night, will come day.


  • gelbiem 19w

    Endings are not always as peaceful as sunsets
    Sometimes it stirs a feeling of sadness
    While others arouse a mind of calmness
    Maybe, could be, it means
    To start an everything that really matters

  • whitewings0 23w


    storms teach me
    that not everything
    should be held on to
    the clouds let go
    when it becomes too
    much to carry
    and still create
    something beautiful

  • a_gentilischi 23w

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork ✨��
    You guys rock!


    I borrowed a handful of blue sky
    From my past lover

    Because he took my sky
    Saying, “you’re my everything”
    He made it all his.

    And for once, I was incandescent
    With the longing to belong
    That I let myself burn
    Till I was like the fallen cherry blossoms
    That lie beneath the tree
    Like trodden wisps of dreams

    Beautiful and undead
    But not living

    And before I knew it…
    I was sky-less
    And earth-less
    With not even a road
    To lead to a home

    Nothing but him. Because I was everything

    Till he grew tired
    Of his all-encompassing everything
    And decided it wasn’t enough

    So, I had to borrow my sky
    And the tears that ran dry
    From a man who knew the alchemy
    Of turning everything to nothing

    And while that may be hard
    The reverse is even harder

    So here I am
    Stitching my skies back together
    Swathes of wet grey silk
    That I hope to turn azure


    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #prose #belongc #sky #beauty #blue
    #grey #love #endings #aftermath #grey
    #agentwbwov #silk #wnreagent #azure

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  • viharii 27w

    He brought her a ring
    But her hand was full
    Of Mehndi.