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  • collin_sson 78w


    Alone inside the dark four cornered house
    Its all quiet and scary
    The weight of the ground on your body
    Sunshine brings No warmth
    Rain drowns you without drowning
    Worms you despised are the only company
    First they feed on your fancy suit
    Your oily skin they peel slowly
    Then its time for your nutritious flesh,
    You bones are exposed
    Worms cant finish the job anyway
    So why not call for back up
    Here comes the heavy feeders
    Ants start grinding the calcium from your bones
    The way they ate flowers on your graveyard
    Until you're nothing anymore.

  • leahkaye 154w


    We forgot how to live this life we were blessed with.
    You wonder why this world is angry with deadly storms.
    We choose to be termites spreading chaos and disease.
    We choose selfishness and greed.
    We are never pleased.
    Do we not realize that this world is just like us?
    Think of the world being a body, trees the hair, oil the blood, and the mountains the breasts.
    We are destroying the body that's nurturing us.
    We are all going to be the end of us very soon.
    Just like any living thing fights off disease or infection.
    But, with negative always has positive and with that being said,
    She the world will always be here.
    Soon the days will wash away the destruction and seeds of life will rebloom.
    We will thus be no more, but she will carry on.

  • ladyraven 156w

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    At the end of the day
    We all become stories
    Books on a shelf
    Stored away in the library of life
    Retold and shared
    By those who knew us best

    Some books will be huge
    Containing hundreds of pages
    While others will be nothing more
    Than a couple of chapters
    And some may simply be a page
    With next to no words written at all

    Some stories will be filled
    With action, love and adventure
    While others will be filled
    With heartache, loneliness and sorrow

    Some will be written about great leaders
    Or people who changed the world
    And others will be about people
    Who just tried to make a difference

    Some stories will be shared
    For generations to come
    And their books will be constantly
    Checked out of the library
    Others will only be known by a few
    And some may never be retold at all

    But no matter how many pages
    Are bound in your book
    You were here and you lived
    It was written and you mattered
    And your story will forever remain
    On a shelf in the library of life


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  • cacophony 162w

    'কিছু হয়নি' শব্দটা একটু দূরে চলে যাচ্ছে আমার থেকে। 'কিচ্ছু হয়নি' আরো খানিকটা এগিয়ে। যেন আমার মুখ দেখেনি কোনোদিন সেভাবেই মুখ ঘুরিয়ে চলে যাচ্ছে মোড় ঘুরে। 'হ্যাঁ' , 'না' , 'দিব্যি' ইত্যাদি হালকা শব্দরা এখনো খুচরো পকেটে জমিয়ে রাখে। অনেক ঝনঝন শব্দ করে ঘুরে বেড়াচ্ছে এদিক ওদিক। খুব ব্যস্ত এই স্টেশনে আমিও অনেকক্ষণ বসে। অনেক দূর থেকে চেনা খারাপ লাগারা হাত নাড়ছে। অথচ আজ আমার ওদেরও চেনার ইচ্ছে নেই একটুও। অনেক ট্রেন বেরিয়ে গেলে বসে থাকতে ভালোলাগে তাই বসে থাকবো আজ।পাখিরাও আমার সাথে গল্প বলতে শিখে যাবে ঠিক গাছ মনে করে।

  • spalymo1002 171w

    Sad World

    The beast is everywhere. he has taken over.
    Everywhere you look you can see him.
    In our schools, in our government, in our media,
    In our churches even.  This world is under his spell.
    Morals are no longer important, he has tainted everyone’s minds.
    The filth this world lurks about in is unbelievable.  Immorality, is
    At its highest peak.  Music screams profanities and disgust and is called
    Freedom to speak, no censorship.  Yet if we choose to speak
    Freely about or against sin we are called bigots.  
    Children being preyed upon by ravenous wolves hidden behind suits,
    And pulpits. We cannot even trust our children to walk to a friends house
    Or around the block anymore.  They are being taken and sold, trafficked and
    Abused.  The beast has brainwashed the masses via the internet, the media,
    The music industry, through false religions, false groups, false identities.
    We are now being forced to be ok with a genderless society, with pornogrophy,
    With immorality, with all kinds of things that are not ok with God.
    As a whole this world is under the influence of satan.
    As a minority, we Christians have little to no say so anymore. For our right to
    Freedom of speech. We should be able to speak out about our beliefs, but
    If we do we are condemned and told its hate speech, or we are playing God and judging.
    Babies are being killed in the womb up until birth, while people are being
    Imprisoned for the abuse or death of animals. Tell me how this makes sense?
    It sickens me where this world is.  
    Sadly it is only going to get worse.  Before Jesus our King returns and raptures
    Us out of this hell on earth.
    The destruction and desolation people are heading towards is unfathomable.  
    They dont even know that they are hypnotized into a worldly way of thinking. They think its
    Just the way it is now. Theyre so desensitized to everything. Theyre trying to brainwash us all into a mindset of agreement with sin, murder, and immorality.  All of this in the name of peace, and love. They are pushing peace. The bible warns of this. People think  
    That there is no consequences for sin.  There are consequences. Eternal ones.
    Its unbelievable to me that people dont look around and see that we are living in the last days.
    I dont know when, But I do know He is returning. There will be suffering unlike anything
    Ever known for those whom He does not know. This world is run by evil at this time.
    The devil is loose and running the world right now.
    God will put a stop to it. When HE does, will you be ready to face Him?
    Will you be prepared for what is left behind here? When He removes His people from this
    Earth and leaves all evil behind. There will be disease and sickness, plagues, horrible storms and devastation. There will be chaos, riots, and crime all will be rampant. There will be death everywhere. The Anti-Christ will rule everywhere and everyone, and he will come in the name of peace and love.But he will bring destruction to all. Please realize this before it is too late.
    God can save you from an eternal hell. Ask Him into your heart, live your life for Him. Ask Him to forgive your sins. That is all you have to do.  There isnt much time left.

  • luciferdeville 190w

    Noah's Wish

    Let the rains come and there be floods
    We have had everything priced in blood,
    A kid's learning to an elderly life saved
    From nature we took & like Gods behaved.
    But now Mother, come your children need a chide
    Unleash your justice and no one can hide.
    Let there be redemption, the cut branches re-figure
    This planet is too small for humans but for nature quite bigger.


  • salynn 204w

    To jump or not to jump

    Today is a day I want to get next to the edge and jump.

    Just to end it all.

    I want to go where no one can hurt me.
    A place where I'm not used. Where I feel no judgement. Somewhere I can be me.

    At this gloaming hour, I feel like a discarded toy. A toy whom has been used and broken.

    The "if I have to" person.

    "Friends" that call to ask for money or rides. That can ask for help but when I need is a moment in time so I can vent or just be in company of others, it's always "I got better things to do."

    I write my thoughts on paper after paper. Pros and cons on living and ending. I tell myself "if I end my life during the day I'll be found quickly. Or maybe at night so i can die while the night life is alive." But what would be the point, I'd go unnoticed then too. I'm no longer of any value or help to those around.

    I could self diagnose and overdose. The end what be the same. A list of those that say I never knew.

    Do I jump or stay?

    Am I a person that will live on in others life? A person of some importance? Or am I a nobody?

    I could go for days on the ways I feel but they'd never go away.

    I'll just lay down and sleep and if I wake in the morning maybe that'll be the day, the day I jump or stay..


  • juniflrz 209w


    A hadden world full of egotistical tryanny leaderships boasting their power into the faces of the masses. Relentless campaign speeches full of deceit and filled with empty promises. All for personal gain and ambition while the helpless succumbed to a sadden state of living. Oh but do they glorify themselves with such rapid fury of war leaving dead bodies everywhere while families are left to bury their loved ones. Enough with reckoning this grateful earth for one day it is will dissolve into oblivion as it did million years ago.

  • the_fictional_semantics 228w


    Keeping a look at the clock is the toughest task I have to do these days!
    The enthuse sensation and regret is massive
    It is one of those emotions which can make you or
    Cripple you!
    The tick tock of the timer sounds like the
    Catastrophe clock saying the extinction is near!

  • kevinosullivan 297w

    Death swims in our eyes.

    Fluoride flows to pacify the sheeple.
    Empty houses of worship from pews to the steeple.
    Opium in Fort Knox, gold standard long been abando.
    Hyper heating of the planet, oceans devoid of ice ebb and flow.
    Heathens of industry drones care not the least.
    But there will be no interstellar locomotive escape for them called the beast.
    One spherical cage once vast of terrain.
    None spiritual enough to stop us circling the drain.
    Apocalypse clock inches within scent of demise.
    Life is overrated, death swims in our eyes.