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  • african_nate 25w

    Yeah, we wish things were better but always grateful for they could have been worse.

  • african_nate 25w

    At the edge of the cliff we stand
    With hearts full of gratitude
    That we survived it so far
    Some grateful for a fruitful year
    And some grateful to the end of a nightmare

    To some it was an year of redefinition
    Redefining ourselves
    Our core values and beliefs
    Redefining what we thought was right
    And that which we held dear thinking it defined our true identity

    But we are grateful
    Grateful for an year where we met
    the most broken versions of ourselves
    With pieces of our real selves broken and strewn around
    Our hearts aching and bleeding
    Our patience tested to the limit
    Our strengths doubted
    Our conscience guilty
    And our values left questionable

    We met the realest versions of ourselves
    That we didn't break from all the pressure
    That we still made out of it all
    Maybe not with all the pieces intact
    But nonetheless alive and ready to keep on fighting

    They say the end of something
    Is the start of another
    So let's face the new year with our heads held high
    Our fists clenched
    Our paths redefined
    And our goals set
    Ready to fight for what we want
    What we hold dear in our hearts
    And to be the best versions of ourselves.

  • athena_abi 25w

    Night Bubble

    Dreams aren't what just blows upon your head
    Dreams aren't a sleep pill to pet you to sleep
    Dreams aren't to be enjoyed
    Dreams aren't to be hallucinated

    Dream is meant to be what you are tomorrow
    Dream is not meant to make you fly high
    Real dream is when it fucks off your sleep and makes you struggle for Life


  • reality_known 25w

    I's have to do

    I am changing and breaking my shell
    I am stopping the inevitable bcoz i know i'll fell
    fell on my kness or maybe flat on floor
    my cheeks dampened and my mouth sour
    i don't want to repeat my mistakes again
    i don't want a whirlwind of vehemence and pain again
    its not that i am afraid
    its because i know who will heavily be paid
    I know my rebellion will cause a whole lot of problems
    but i know i have my all principles and emblems
    for once i am gonna be a selfish person
    for only once i am gonna take a single sided decision
    I know it will hurt them N'd maybe broke them too
    but i know i have to because i'd have to do too
    i know what they will think
    but i know i have to do it before i blink
    i know it will break my link
    i know it will kinda sink
    i 've realised they are some genuine true friends
    but i know even years of childhood friendship has their ends...

  • daunting_phoenix 25w

    #endofdec I've forgotten how to write poems.

    @anirockz7 @autumn_fairy


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    Wind blows,
    Bringing back the memories of yestermonths,
    Some happy and cheerful,
    Some dark and regretful;
    Nostalgic nonetheless.

    Dawn breaks,
    Gone the early days and long nights,
    Stars keep company for long;
    Foggy mornings with gray winter light,
    December arrived. 

    Dusk falls,
    Dust covers the dead days,
    Tears burn the bridge of ways;
    Every night, the feelings unsettle
    And each day becomes more peaceful. 

    Night dies,
    Awaken from the frosty dream,
    A barren land awaits,
    Bereft of everything; it's cold.
    In silence, I feel the chaos. 

    //and now, I've grown used to the momentary sereneness of things//

    ~nothing lasts forever...not even the winter in me which froze the cacophony. 


  • nriteshraj 25w

    अपनी दर्द छुपा कर, औरो की खुशी के लिए

    जीना भी एक कला हैं।


  • reality_known 25w

    Erase them

    memories all coming down the lane
    its happening as if i am watching from a window pane
    these are what today made me insane
    all the time questioning myself me being even sane
    flashbacks of each and every chapter surrounding me all around
    like earth is rotating in full speed but i am stuck at a point in the ground
    those all harsh memories brings my insufferable pain back
    it was all stored in a part of my mind in a sack
    after remembering them tears are streaming down my face
    i can control them but i don't want to , that's the case
    i am crying like crazy
    tears are so much that my vision is hazy
    i am screaming and begging god to get me out of there
    i don't know how but to make me free of this sphere
    those actions , hate , fakeness towards me
    those memories still gives me goosebumps u see
    i am not crying but tears are continously flowing
    i am trying to overcome the waves of my past by rowing
    i have already move on from my past
    but i guess they are still on my mind at last
    those wounds still are there on my heart , soul nd mind
    there scars are always gonna make me bind
    in every sense i have punished them
    but those memories of past.....can i please erase them??


  • nocturnal_enigma 25w

    * 30.12.2021; 8.16 A.M (Malaysia)


    #endofdec @writersbay


    Goodbye letter to 2021 or letter to new beginnings. #endingdec @writersbay


    #Acrostic #NuEmAcPo

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    Dear, last month of the year.
    End of December is near.
    Come on! You need to hear.
    Every loved-ones. My dear.
    May there be joyful tear.
    Be happy. Smile ones wear.
    End the feeling of fear.
    Ready? Burden to be bear.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • miss_silentlyweird 26w

    This is not the reality right? Tell me is all dream, yesterday I was just holding you and kissing your forehead but now you're gone. We do not know how to start, you're the person that taught us to be strong, I know time will come and death will knock at the door but we never expected to be this soon. I love you mommy, rest in peace we love you!

    #endofdec #photograph
    #listofdec #wod #miraquill
    @miraquill @writersbay

    I was so excited to write for this challenge yet this is what it turned out to be.
    My mom (not biological mom leave us ) so i do not know what so good in this new year��

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    December Gloom

    I feel dry to write
    My gut tell something isn't right
    Maybe everything that end— I fright
    I know I'm not a person who's bright
    And that what I always forthright

    But I never expected this happening
    I hated goodbye and ending
    This is the unruled parting
    I fed up with grief and regretting
    When you leave us — it's devastating

    This house that feels home
    Became quite as doom
    Your hair, smile, moods, call
    Love, laugh, care and overall
    Mark in my heart forever more

    ~ I wish we live in the photographs so that time will freeze in each moment~


  • athena_abi 26w

    Cut into pieces

    It was the start of July ,me vaining in pain
    All the way around getting drugs in gain
    May be by 12 in the night turning on the main
    I couldn't define anyone my pain
    Medico mistaken all my reports as bin
    Hopefully deity gave a sunshine
    Found it was a stone in gall of mine
    The surgery started and ended in plain
    Me after days putting on shirts icecream stain


  • nriteshraj 26w

    मेरी जिन्दगी की सबसे बड़ी गलती,

    कामयाब होने से पहले इश्क़ कर लिया।


  • bonitasarahbabu 26w


    The month of my birth,
    It should have been a great month.
    Alas, it was not,
    It became the month I lost all semblance of freedom.
    Culture swooped in like carrion birds,
    Pecking and destroying the once courageous soul.
    My free will was padlocked in chains,
    And my voice and expressions were unheard.
    The manipulators accused me of manipulation,
    They forgot the example was set by them.
    August will now be the month of absolute sorrow,
    I pray for this nightmare to end.

  • nriteshraj 26w

    बेसक मोहबत दोनो ने किये,

    तुम निभा ना सके और हम भुला ना सके।


  • shadowofthoughts_ 26w

    #stories #endofdec

    �� with me.♡

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    the ending.

    stuck in the lights,
    dancing in the darkness.
    life's a sweet lie.

    stars are many,
    twinkles in eyes are rare.
    I wish I could alter the satire.

    time slips like sand.
    as I stare at my empty hands.

    beautiful and serene.
    the cold hearts hold warmth they don't mean.
    joyous smiles
    hide the pains that can't be seen.

    wasting, withering, watering, blooming
    sowing, reaping, life's a cycle moving.
    no directions to the stories ending.
    no begining to the things unfolding.
    life's a cycle moving.


  • zhayden 26w

    I have doubts with all sorts of things
    However I rather not think of them
    For they are like predators in my heart
    Those tiny little demons deep in me
    Waiting to devour me when I'm weak

    But even dams in rivers
    After a bout of great storm
    Overflows in the seams

    Like that, these deep dark thoughts
    Overwhelms me and can't be stopped.

    My eyes, like faulty faucets
    Continued to drop tears
    Over and over
    Crying till my eyes are dry

    I've once thought, 'I'll never regret.'
    And yes, I didn't, however...

    Moments of vulnerability, I can't help it
    I wonder if I did a different choice
    From what I have made back then
    The what ifs consume me, fully

    Then my mind drifted to another place
    A place where, maybe, what would have been

    But as I cry to myself
    Weeping to sleep
    I woke up feeling more refreshed

    Sometimes I doubt,
    then I hold myself back
    But crying, shouting
    Yelling, and everything
    Maybe there's comfort
    In just letting things be


  • mundanimia 26w


    Oh September, weren't you a storm
    Wouldn't you decieve me into darkness
    Wouldn't you have me weakened at my heart
    Wouldn't you look at me with Shame, pity and awe
    With mercy, giggling at my face.
    Wouldn't you have your skies dawned so beautifully
    I had to hate myself.
    Wouldn't you just shake me to my core
    Tell me where I didn't belong
    Oh September, you rained when I drowned
    You cherished when I frowned.
    When it was inevitable to run away from your charms,
    You had me gasping for air, for a ground
    You even had me Begging, As food ran out.
    Oh September, i survived you
    Still, weren't you a storm?

  • childauthor_345 26w

    #stories you read ,
    Plead to be a seed ,
    Of new flora that lead
    to the emergence of a creed
    Overflowing with twinkles of my greed
    That craves for your love , and you , endlessly in need

    September had been perfectly pristine
    With a festive that promises to continue
    The shower of yellow pollens and pink tulips
    Stories doesn't urge for dark or blues band of ink
    They'll turn sweet if you'll stir love in the liquid life
    And I won't let them to be casted in a shade of grey , cause my stories are coloured in hues of you .

    We're like the pigments of flowers ,
    We take birth , we bloom , and shape the scents
    it's upto you , wait for the plucker to smell diversity and feel profoundness , by sacrificing in quartz jar
    Or remain connected with impeccable characters of story , counting on you for the aroma they lost ago .

    Poetries aren't devoted to ornaments
    They live with affectionate expressions , their owner frames , unlike slaves , but like soulmate
    At the beginning of Jan and at the #endofdec .

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    September's decency for me.

  • mimmywrites 26w

    #endofdec@ writersbay

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    Who could have predicted it?
    We were completely taken aback by the news
    We couldn't even lable it as good or bad
    It was a nightmare anyone could wish to wake up from
    The month of October on the 7th
    The appalling news dropped in my ears
    Considered as the month of refreshment, rebirth and fertility
    A complete opposite it was to me
    Still engraved in my heart
    The entire month was a series of sleepless nights
    Thoughts running through my head
    The question was why? Still left unanswered.

  • pallavi4 26w


    Summer arrived this year
    With a bang and brought with it the lockdown
    A month that usually cheers me up
    Made my smile turn into a frown
    While sweet lichees and ripe mangoes
    Flooded the markets downtown
    In my books and poesies I was lost
    In them my sorrows I drowned

    Unable to go out and like all the others
    I was stuck inside the confines of my house
    From a roaring lion roaming the streets
    Reduced to being a petty door mouse
    Moping around all day I spent the month
    Unwilling to do anything but grouse
    Folk around me lost dear ones and
    Some even lost their spouse

    One would think that May would lift my spirits
    As it had done for so many years
    Instead I saw death from not so far away
    And came to face to face with my fears
    How could I help, do something of value
    Why life couldn’t simply shift gears ?
    Why is life so fickle and indefinite I wondered
    Sometimes in words, sometimes in tears

    Unable to keep up with the rapid loss
    I went from feeling bad to being depressed
    All that I had feared for years was losing loved ones
    And this brought up fears I had repressed
    I wish Covid was a person I could kill
    With my bare hands it I would’ve suppressed
    And saved so many from heartbreak
    And the burden of being alone and hence stressed

    The month of uncertainty came and went
    I hardly noticed the flowers that grew
    Losing close friends and relatives to disease
    Left me feeling rather sore and blue
    There was no work to be done to distract oneself
    The world felt topsy turvy and askew
    I was glad to see summer go for the first time ever
    So that we could face rainy June anew


    27th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner- Todor Jovanovski

    #endofdec #may #grief #dec21_by_pallavi #covid #misery #death @writersbay #writersbay @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • _solitaire_ 26w

    Rahnuma in urdu means a guide.

    #december is that rahnuma who teaches us to dive to depth and rise up with the same energy.

    (Here "it" means December)

    You're the sweetest. Thankyou so much @writersnetwork ��


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    December- A profound epilogue 'tis
    that paints a breathtaking transformation
    on the landscapes of closure.

    When days sweep through it,
    it stands on the edge
    and against the time.
    Its bones are left cold
    and flesh frost
    as it kisses the rays
    of a new beginning.

    Then it goes dormant,
    dormant under the dark-mauve
    cherry blossoms of the spring,
    dormant betwixt the scents
    of those barbecues cooked
    under the blue skies of summer,
    dormant in the soul
    of the pied cuckoo that
    brings monsoon in folklore,
    dormant in the mists of
    the darkening nights of autumn.

    Remaining dormant
    for eleven months
    it dives through
    the salinity of oceans
    and the alchemy of sands
    to take a rebirth in the core
    of a glassy snowflake.