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  • varsharathore 8w

    mere puraane zakhmo pr marham laga mere dil ko sehlaane vala koi hoga ki nhi hoga
    me jab rooth jau toh mujhe manaane k liye kai tareeke aazmaane vla koi hoga ki nhi hoga
    meri galti pr agar sab mujhe daante toh bas mujhe gale laga mere maathe ko chumne vla koi hoga ki nhi hoga
    sacche mann se mujhe apanaane vala,mere pita ki tarah mujhe asal mein chahne vala koi hoga ki nhi hoga

    mere hazaar nakhre sehne k baad bhi mere aur nakhre sehne ko har baar taiyar rehne vala koi hoga ki nhi hoga

    mere muh se nikli meri har khwaiish ko apni
    khushi maanne vla koi hoga ki nhi hoga

    mujhe puche begair hi mere har jazbaat jaan lene vla koi hoga ki nhi hoga

    mera hath pakad jo mujhe khudke sapne dikhaaye
    mere sapno ko bhi vo apna bataaye
    aisa jeewan sathi kabhi milega ki nhi

    aise aangan ko vo ghr na samjhe
    jahan mere haste khelte kadam na thirke
    kya itna beshkeemati mujhe koi samjhega k nhi

    mujhe koi ladaai nhi jeetni
    bas uske sath har ladaai ko haraana h
    ye kehte hue ussey dekhna h ki "koi naya tareeka aazmao"

    halaaton ya kisi vajah ne nhi balki
    jazbaaton aur hriday se chahne vla
    koi haath mera hath kabhi thaamega ki nhi

    kabhi kabhi toh shak hota h
    ki aisa sathi mere liye uparvaale ne dhund rakha bhi hoga ki nhi

  • ravi_m 26w

    Just a question dear,
    The reader of your letters you chose,
    Is he a gentleman or some close?

  • dnswords 29w

    आधी कधीच न मिळालेलं

    मिळवण्यासाठी आधी कधीच

    न केलेलं करावं लागते


  • preranabarman 31w


    There should be trust
    In a good relationship
    But I am sorry
    that I never trusted you
    and always been
    blaming you for everything
    I have realised my mistakes
    I know that I can't replace those times
    But I hope you have forgiven me
    for the mistake I have done
    -Prerana Barman

  • preranabarman 35w

    Future in your hands

    Start a new life by erasing the past hugging the present to make a better future and to reach a better destination
    -Prerana Barman

  • haritima 37w

    Go Heal

    It's night ,..black with silence
    Cold days of October make it more awesome
    Looking outside my window it's deep silence
    Sharing feelings with this night alone is better
    This night is more trustworthy than any one else
    Stars twinkling with their buddy,the moon
    Are announcing ....drench yourself in this silence and feel the breeze ...
    They are saying it's for you GO HEAL

  • dnswords 40w

    Teri kasam teri yaad nahi aati par

    Bitee huye Lamhe kaa kya karu ??


  • dnswords 40w

    Sub kuch milna apne haath me nahi hongaa

    Magar bahut kuch karna to he....

    Stand with your desires !!


  • abhidilse 44w


    The rythmic body
    Submerged in daily chorus
    Something to carry on
    Something to get on
    Leaving behind
    All the fatigue
    All the miseries
    Bearing the brunt
    Desirous of being in front
    Possession of desired
    Makes one hollow
    Solid from outer
    But emptiness follow
    The life needs
    The company of dear one
    The blessings of elder one
    The support of partners
    The advice of garners
    The body needs respite
    All the troubles despite
    Chained in pain
    For valuable gain
    Life sucks
    Goes to a full stop
    Leaving besides
    Berieved ones...
    Who ought to put in efforts
    To survive the vista of life forts..

  • _writer_at_heart_ 45w


    My house is not only the place where i reside,
    But also it is the safest, cosiest and peaceful place where my heart resides.
    No matter wherever i go,
    After a while, my heart yearns to come back home fast and furiously.
    Not because of the atmosphere i get in my house,
    But because family makes that house a beloved home.

  • dnswords 45w

    Salute to woman

    and all Mothers

    At Time of giving birth women's pain

    Is Equal to getting 20 bones fractured.❤️


  • somashekar 47w

    U know my name, not my story.

    U see my smile , not my pain.

    U notice my cuts, not my scars.

    U can read my lips, not my mind.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 48w

    Art of making choices

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    To know the outcome of my decision, i got curious ;
    Like naturally anyone would !
    So do i thought of guessing the result,
    What both roads would lead ahead, made me feel anxious.

    Which one i should travel,
    and which one i should skip ?
    At dilemma like such,
    What i should preach ?

    Should i toss a coin or ask someone ?
    Or should i research before i go on ?
    Should i stop for a while ?
    Because 'haste makes waste' is a famous proverb i believe to be often correct.

    Should i walk the road less travelled ?
    It would be taking risk but why not give it a try !
    Should i mourn and taste my tears ?
    Crying would be wasting time if i donot gather strength from thy breakdown.

    So what should i choose,
    Between the two roads, underneath the sky ?
    Wherever i go, what actually makes my life worthwhile ?

    Should i ask for help ?
    Well, asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
    So, should i trust on someone else's intuition rather than listening mine ?

    Should i stop for a while and take my time ?
    Should i analyze the pros and cons before i decide ?
    Or should i recall that there's certain decision which must be taken at the right time, grabbing the chance and leaving further worries ?

    Should i be a non - overthinker ?
    Or being a overthinker too can give fruit ?
    Thoughts can have no boundaries and limitations,
    So how to conclude i am thinking, over thinking or just confused ?

    Oh, why not listen to my inner self !,
    Why not ask myself after listening & answering to all these queries ! ,
    Why shouldn't i bother less about the wrong possibilities ?

    Whichever road i will choose,
    The gain will be mine and loss too,
    Success and failure or happiness and sadness,
    Light or darkness,
    Adventures or numbness,
    whatever will come along,
    It has to pass through me if it has to.
    Why not just think about giving my best ,no matter what !
    Why not just be the ruler of my emotions and go through what life will serve ahead !
    Why not just think about living and about the next move ?,
    Why not just do my best and learn to become better each day i go through ?
    Why not tackle the happiness and sadness with the same effort ?
    Why not just keep doing my duties and karma ?
    Why not follow my inner voice, inner conscious, righteous path & my desires ?

    I may get knocked down or i may shine bright,
    I may taste the flavour of new challenges or i may feel sometimes the flavour of nothingness.
    I may get flowers paved through my way or i may face thorns.
    But whatever i may face,
    Nothing would remain permanent or lifelong !
    So,why to fear, why to wonder ?
    I decided i will go towards, one of the road,
    Autumn leaves fallen where i found,
    with firm belief that new beggining will surely surround.
    Exploring myself will be on,
    No matter whichever road i go towards !

  • _writer_at_heart_ 48w

    .... it all starts from mind.

    The spark of your positive and righteous thoughts,
    shapes you ;
    Making your life to twinkle, bright.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 48w


    Look at the stars in the night sky,
    That twinkle even when its dark by being bright.
    So do you can move on, to gleam and glow.
    No matter how dark it's all around.

    With purpose, firm believe and determination in your heart,
    Let your desires, twinkle abound ;
    Even in the tough darkest hours you face in your mind by failing or falling, to actually rise & shine.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 49w

    Expectations and desires

    I felt a funeral, in my brain ;
    This was the funeral of my own expectations i had.
    Somehow, i knew before expecting too,
    that it might lead to self breakdown & destruction if it will not come true.
    But i too knew that it's our desires that give birth to expectations.
    May be that's my fault of relating desires with expectations.
    Alas, we often become slave of our own expectations which we build in our mind for someone or something ;
    So it is us only, who will have to bear the shattered expectation's list, pick our broken pieces of heart and face that reality, which we can't change.

    Desires can have no boundaries,
    It is good to desire and work over it to fulfill it.
    But expectations are different than desire.
    We expect someone or something to be exactly how we want,
    There's a force inside us that break us every time that expectation seems to fail.
    Having desire is sweet,
    It is free from limitation,
    Since, when we desire we want it but when we expect, we actually force something,
    Even when we know nothing is certain and bounded.

    When expectations seems cracked,
    It is that force which break us.

    Desire whenever or whatever you want,
    But while you make expectations;
    Analyze its limitations, controllability and probability for sure, having no inner force.
    If it happens it's okay,
    But if not still you should be okay!
    Your laugh and reason to cry is always in your hand.
    Your pain and reason to smile even if it pains, is too in your hands, always!
    Don't give your expectations that charge.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 49w


    The lively body, one day decay ;
    All organisms or creatures decay to be never rejuvenated.
    You can't stop the growth and death.
    Unstoppable remains destruction,
    It eventually has its day.
    One or the other day we'll too get decayed.
    With each passing day we all are heading towards our funeral stage.

    So, why is it necessary to realise this truth, especially before its too late ?
    Ofcourse the answer is straight but we need to apply the answer in life too rather than just thinking.

    Don't wonder much,
    Answer is mentioned below,
    But read only if you are sure to surrender, dear fellow !

    ''Surrender your body to your soul,
    Live while you are here in harmony,
    As during your last breath,
    Its your deeds and relations, that will matter most and will be remembered too.
    It's the memories of someone's or something's presence, that can't be decayed.
    Surrender yourself in doing good and being a good human,
    For if you surrender yourself in the wrong web,
    You will be trapped in guilts and its post effects.
    Surrender yourself in the right doings,
    Watch your actions ;
    For when you decay,
    Only the fragrance of your deeds or karma will be left unaffected.
    If not remembered then atleast for your own satisfaction,
    Because we live only once before getting free from decaying bodily cage.
    Body is just a source we get to live thy life.
    But its the memories of our presence through which we are not limited in our decayed boundaries."
    Though after a while that memories also comes to an end,
    Memories and remembrance vaporize through ages, generations and time.
    We disappear from the memories where we existed,
    Our atoms and elements gets mixed and distributes in the mud and air and so does the memories we left.
    Is life other name of growth and decay ?

    Atleast before we die,
    We can thank life for having the opportunity to undergo the beauty of growth and perish.
    We can pat our back for using this chance in doing good and being a good person.
    Takecare of yourself and spread happiness wherever you go, living life to its fullest,
    Be happy while you stay and look for positivities all around your way.
    It's rightly said, "At the end, it's never about the years in our life that counts but it's all about the life in our years."

    Change is the biggest truth.
    Memories, time, age, everything in this world perhaps change.
    So, live before your putrefaction,
    Make your life worthwhile,
    Surrender your soul in this task all day.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 49w

    What is the color of hope?

    Light creates the colour,
    The colour of hope is when there's light inside our mind.
    Light inside our mind is when we keep our mind towards the bright side of life.
    And no matter what ill happens,
    When we remember to have the spark of hope burning inside us,
    That's where light resides.
    So is the colour of hope ;
    It is the light you choose, to colour your world.
    It's you who will analyze the situation,
    It's you who will keep the positive vibe & faith as your strength to survive any hurdles coming forth.
    Colour of hope is not a definite colour like yellow, orange, green or blue,
    Nor white, red, purple, grey, black or brown.
    The colour of hope is in the positivities and in the strength your soul holds.
    It is when in your darkest hour, you have a mind and heart full of colours.
    That colour of good thought is hope.
    That's where your mind should make its home.

    Just as, one knows there will be morning after night,
    Colour of hope is that confidence in which one knows everything will get all right,
    Colour of hope is in the art of having determined soul and in knowing that when there's hope, there will be a way to go through any wind,
    that knocks us down on floor.
    The colours are all within ourselves,
    And the light is too within ourselves.
    If one just remembers or tries to acknowledge that light,
    One might see their own pretty and vibrant colourful hope.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 51w


    A separation go through us precisely,
    Like blood go through veins,
    And death go through life.
    Often, tearing into our soul,
    Making us feel sheer ache.

    Often giving unbearable pain,
    Separation makes a person lose themselves, ruling over their thoughts and life.

    One might feel sad, distressed, angry,
    or perhaps numb, confused and hard on oneself and/or others.
    A separation can make the rain feel less wet, and the wind feel less fresh.
    It can make us feel more lost and less lively.

    But some may not even get bothered after a detachment,
    Or some learn the art to deal with it slowly.

    A separation is strong enough to mould you,
    As a depressed soul or as a loner.
    Besides this,
    A separation is wise enough to make you get rid of what never meant for you or what actually is non suitable for you.
    Not only this,
    A separation is also,
    weak enough to not bother you or hurt you.
    Yes, these facts are true,
    Depending upon the people, their notions and attachments, separation rules!

    Sometimes separation can be a teacher,
    As it reveal the depth of love to oneself and can also reveal who actually cares.
    It makes us know the reality, even if its harsh and also prepare us to be stronger & wiser by giving right experience.
    Sometimes separation can be life changing in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way.
    Some separations, not only break the heart but also leave a void inside.
    Some separations, bring people closer through heart by making them realise the value they weren't aware.

    No matter what type of separation one gets to acknowledge,
    Remember it's life, where every chapter you undergo, has a reason entitled.
    Everything shall pass.
    Everything will fall into its place,
    and you will be or you will have to be okay for yourself,
    sooner or later.

  • dnswords 51w

    Kusur kya tha iss dil ka

    Jo tum mil gayii thiii....


    मुखर्जी नगर लगते ही

    UPSC मिल गयी thiii....☺️