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    The best way to get education is to blur the line between education and entertainment.....

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    * The three wise monkeys refer to the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys which are Japanese pictorial maxims and are guides against bad behaviour.
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    The Last Laugh

    What is the cost of laughter?
    A handful of bills
    To win a front seat view?
    Or a bottle of pills
    Coloured a pretty blue
    And weekly appointments at two?
    How about being stripped naked
    To give a sheer-curtained preview?
    Or untied, criss-crossed laces
    Toppling forts of dominos?

    Perhaps it’s a contract of silence
    The three wise monkeys
    Must be the biggest fools
    Would anyone flinch
    At a blood-stained pavement
    If the screens are filled
    With tomato sauce commercials
    And fries are served with their food?

    The fastest in this rat race
    Long since learned to replace
    Their shiny leather brief-cases
    With balloons and bright-coloured wigs
    But the winners read off scripts
    We wrote for them ourselves
    With our transparent, oblivious grins;
    When did humour materialize
    Into customised blindfolds we tie
    Around our eyes willingly?
    One chair offered by seven billions
    Builds stacked thrones too high to reach
    For all except the ones we let
    Occupy the highest seats

    Can one really discern
    Between an angry mob
    And one that erupts into laughter
    Long before they hear the cue?
    Is the only thing that sets them apart
    The choice of weaponry used?

    So then, what is the cost of laughter?
    Year-old stains
    Buried under the pristine rug?
    Buying from thieves that stole
    From our own homes
    Then lining their marble gravestones
    With chrysanthemums?
    Crucifying causes
    Disclosed in grieving tones?
    Cutting off fingers
    Daring to point at our fun?
    If so, better grab the needle and thread
    For I'd rather sew my mouth shut

    Maybe the cost has already been paid
    And for each spilled laugh, we trade
    Miniscule chips from our towering brick walls
    Of vigilance
    After all, who cares what we’re laughing at?
    A cry for help or a gimmick for cash?
    It’s all the same in this maze of rats
    And for that, I pity the mouth that brags
    Of having the last laugh