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  • 7peace 1w

    You know
    what really feels
    to be there than those
    who doesn't belongs to there

  • thehealer10 6w

    The secret to a long life is happiness
    When you let people ,places and things, determine how you feel, you are handing over control of your life.

    Sure "bad" things happen but we do not have to see things as good or bad. They just are, so choose how react and take control of the outcome. Take control over your life.

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    The Rage Trap

    The road to a Holy Life is insurmountable
    Rather you must refrain from endless tings
    Anger, obliterate delicate counterfeit masks
    Passion, glowing countenance hides Indignation.

    Resentment, vexed by Envy, Lust , and Greed
    Agony, overcome by enmity
    Glamour,bright lights and shiny tings distractions
    Everlasting, find peace and savor Life


  • britney_writes 9w

    I was 20 and in my final year when I went to a club for the first time. My roommate had insisted I followed her or she will never proofread my articles again. It was a silly threat but I also knew it was something she could easily do. By 10 pm, she had a cab waiting to take us to Ballroom. They are one of the popular lounge et restaurant et club et bar in Enugu and it didn't make any sense to my roommate not to go. When we got there, she started buying drinks - really throwing money around - and I was worried because she knew I was broke and she didn't have that much money either.

  • pr_itish_95 14w


    Glinting in the sky, the star twinkled
    with uncanny beauty, it not-so-subtly beckoned.
    And I felt the call, through the empty void
    and it struck me, with a bright might.

    And yet it hid, partly, in the cloudy night.
    They stood pearly white
    with nary a care for a future fight,
    as they unbeknownst, swept a wave of green
    and extirpate, that cull who had naïvely been,
    dreaming to steal the star away
    with just a majestic korero display.

    But the star must stay in the sky
    far from the inamorato, far away to yearn, to try
    else it shall, create for the mortal strife
    and raze reason for life.

    Life's too short to pine after the star
    for there is reality to do us right.
    Now there is just fun, near and far,
    the twinkle lies forgotten in the dark night.


  • hk55555 19w


    The moonlight is sad as no one adores him as they adore the sun
    The sun laughed at the moonlight for being not loved 
    In the night when the moonlight fell on water
    He sees water dullness fade away and looks even purer and happy
    After the Moonlight understand his power 
    So it decided to heal a person  broken hopes & heart
    The sun laughter at him on his crazy plan
    But the moonlight is determined to fight with the sun.
    Moonlight meets a person with nasty scares
    That person is on the verge of breaking like a shooting star
    No one tried to protect him as they want to use 
    him to make their wish come true.
    The moonlight fell on him heal that person's heart 
    It  also gave him hopes to win the world
    But the other envy with little star
    That star with pure heart invite others to share the joy
    But their envy ceased them to feel the happiness 
    They even tried to again break little star heart
    But the power of moonlight is sufficient 
    To make that star shine even brighter even the sun.
    Now no stop him to touch the sky.
    The moonlight is happy to see the healed 
    and happy star.
    Now sun understand his mistake after that he never laughs at him

  • june_margot 23w

    7 sins

    Pride may nibble on mystic peril
    Greed may perish your dearly sheril.
    Lust may furnish your guilty pleasure.
    Envy may demolish every treasure
    Gluttony may feed your greed
    Wrath may corrupt your deed
    Sloth may be the deadliest curse
    An evil emanate from hearse
    Fallen angel unacceptable forever
    Such circumstances created 'Lucifer'

  • xxn_zixi 23w

    I used to be happy of myself,
    Only myself, and no one else.
    Everything I felt that I had,
    Nothing of it, made me sad.

    But Life wasn't as friendly,
    She liked to step on me repeatedly.
    My view of the world changed,
    Colours of my view had lost its range.

    Green, poison, a desire,
    Things piled up that I admired.
    Why could others have them, but I can't?
    I'd asked myself, is it that bad to want?

    Once an image of humility,
    Arrogant its shadow showed its teeth.
    Shallow compliments, or even none,
    The darkness consumed me, now I'm alone.

    I asked myself, why,
    What fate has me tied?
    Why can't I live a better life?
    One where my back lies not a knife.

    But I only hear my echoes,
    Repeating my unanswered woes.
    This is a journey I need to end,
    So this is a beginning that I will pen.


    "Envy will never bring any happiness. So I try to change, so I can live life without this curse."


    #envy #green #poison #end #pod

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    妒賢疾能 Envious


  • czarcasm 26w


    Oh how I wish I could be in your every thought the way she is in yours

    How come I'm not special you treat me as if talking to me is one of your chores

    It brings tears to my eyes that I'm not that perfect that you wouldn't even notice my smile

    What would I have to do to get you to go the extra mile

    An emptiness I have inside when someone mentions her with you

    Oh goodness me what I wouldn't do to mean that much when you're through

    This loneliness just eats away at my heart at a constant rate

    I'm starting to decide to even try and hide if this is even my fate

    My need for you is killing me but I can't say a thing

    You like her and it's hard enough reminding you I'm a human being

  • anupriyachauhan18 28w


    Why are the best people so far away? Or you can say, we love the people who are far away more because we are deprived of their presence in person , and we know what we are missing and we ultimately curse the distance.
    We feel envy of the people who get to stay close to them , feel them , see them in person and talk to them. One truly appreciates the importance of a thing when he is deprived of it , the worst tendency that a human being has and so we ask ourselves why are the best people so far away?

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • miabeyy 28w

    By: Mia Palencia

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who's the fairest of them all?
    Not me, of course I know.
    I'm not the one he's looking for.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who's the sweetest of them all?
    Tell me now, gimme a name,
    I'm still hoping I'll be with him.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who's the kindest of them all?
    I want to know even if it's hurt,
    How he love the purity of her heart.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who's the loveliest of them all?
    She's the one, I am aware.
    She's the one he loves so dear.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    I confess my feelings once and for all.
    Fix my broken heart, dry my tears I beg.
    I'm in pain right now, heal me, I plead.

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    Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


  • sayuki 29w

    #loneliness #sad #jealousy #envy
    Being envious of things that were never yours will only bring you more misery.
    Something's are out of our hands but we can make an effort to obtain them with our own efforts. Set that as your goal and you'll feel better

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    A minute of misery

    A minute of jealousy
    Slowly creeping into my heart
    My thoughts travel back in time.
    Reliving the pain all at once..
    My chest squeezes every bit of tear that was bottled up inside,
    Like a glass on the verge of tipping over,
    A final push...
    Rolling over until just the last droplets remain..
    And then being made to sit upright and being filled up again...
    Waiting for the the next person to tip it over again...

  • j_a_yankey 31w

    The way they feel about them doesn’t change the way they feel about you.

  • goodiewrites2 31w

    Trend to belong.

    Look at them in them in their glittering attire,
    Oh,my uttermost desire,
    Look at them,having nice hair, shoes, wristwatches and clothes I admire,
    Oh,it will all soon expire.

  • soulo_scribbles 31w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on #Envy

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    Silently patiently waiting
    Till your gut spill
    calming my spleen

  • princessluna 32w

    Fate Of Our Own Sins

    With the river of Blood, the whole world will tune in.
    Aggression will kill thousands,
    And so will Greed.
    Lust will suck out the blood of babies.
    Envy will paint their hands red.
    Pride will be struck by lightning.
    The clouds of melancholy will spread across the sky.
    Darkness will engulf everything,
    And nothing will be left except tears of despair, pouring down from the sky.

    © baisakhibhattacharya

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  • girlnextdoor477 33w

    Endometriosis- True Pain

    The news is here.
    And excitement fills the room.
    Even though I share your excitement
    I can’t help but to crumble even lower.
    Sometimes they take it for granted.
    To have the gift of life.
    Each time a new announcement arrives
    My heart suffers another crack
    Breaking it down even more.
    Day to day I suffer extreme pains with no relief in sight.
    Hospital trips, to break the pain.
    Everyday I suffer with nausea, just because.
    It’s a reminder of the cards I’ve been dealt.
    Having this gift is not impossible, just very unlikely
    So, what is a girl suppose to do?
    Pretend like It doesn’t bother me?
    Sit and smile?
    I listen to your story; I celebrate your news and laugh.
    But when I go home another tear falls.
    Envious. Resentful. Shame
    That’s how I feel.
    Does it make me a bad person?
    To want what you have.
    To be jealous of the one thing I can’t do.
    To cringe every birthday knowing my window is even smaller than most.
    My hope is fading.

  • neckkisses 34w

    I am very jealous of everything in your room
    the walls that know your secrets
    the mirror that gets to see you everyday
    the comb that untangles your hair
    the books that feel your touch

    I am very jealous of everything in your heart
    the dreams you care about
    the memories you sleep with
    the fears you hide inside
    the hopes you live with

    I am very jealous of everything in your life.

    #love #envy #jealousy #room #heart #life

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    I am very jealous...

    I am very jealous of everything in your room
    the walls that know your secrets
    the mirror that gets to see you everyday
    the comb that untangles your hair
    the books that feel your touch

    I am very jealous of everything in your heart
    the dreams you care about
    the memories you sleep with
    the fears you hide inside
    the hopes you live with

    I am very jealous of everything in your life.


  • abiram_ajith 36w


    Strangling is envy;
    he has of some stranger.
    dangling in reverie ivy,
    falling through limbo, into danger.


  • beensn 37w

    Descendands of Duryodhana

    Duryodhana was pretty sure that the envy he had,
    On Pandavas is not only going to show an end
    To his cousins during the Kurukshetra war,
    But also to his own family and pariwaar.
    We the descendands, carry all these qualities even now,
    And keep exhibiting them every now and then to give a blow.
    When people had soft corner for the fake farmers,
    Why not agitate agaist the CARONAA Virus?
    Where did the Unity shown against CAA and NRC disappear?
    Why not the same is shown to fight the Virus fear?
    People pointing their finger on others,
    Should never forget the other fingers pointing towards themselves.
    © beensN