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  • shk_huzaifa 34w

    A special person whom we miss that much we can't live without a second... These seconds are equal to hundred hours..... That person is that much special that if anyone is not present in life... That person is present in your life..... If fills the space.....

  • angels_halo_shines 36w


    Many thoughts cloud my mind
    The maddening ways of the world
    The shape it’s in, is all but pleasant
    We need unity, more than ever
    I wonder what that will entail
    How many more lives need taken
    There needs to be a mass awakening
    People of every country
    All cultural backgrounds
    No one is better than you or I
    We are all of equality
    No one is any less of a human
    Everyone breathes the same
    Many are treated less than human
    It leaves a bad taste in my mouth
    So frustrating to know it happens
    More than we even know
    There has to be a way to unify
    Maybe the constant control
    Their power is taken to the next level
    To basically let us kill to be killed
    With no cares of how or why
    Just left for dead
    Children are being traded
    Treated as it they are animals
    It’s demeaning the land of the free
    Now days just isn’t free at all
    Everything comes with a cost

  • _truesayings_ 38w

    संघर्ष कभी समाप्त नहीं होता,
    उससे हर दिन दो-दो हाथ करना
    ही सफलता का एकमात्र उपाय है।


  • samriddhi__ 44w

    We women are capable of doing so many things.
    Yet we are suppressed.
    When we voice our opinion, we are sushed down.
    We are called ill-mannered, reckless and what not.
    We talk about equality but equity is lost.

    Why is the price we pay for being opinionated so high?
    Who are we living for?
    We belong to ourselves and no one else.
    We have our own individuality.
    We have our own dreams and abilities.

    Cooking, cleaning, household chores aren't gender based.
    Its something every gender has to learn and perform.
    Women are not the only one supposed to take care of the house, children and what not.
    It's a shame that this mentality exists and that people are ignorant when it comes to this issue.

    We women aren't just meant to be confined in the four walls of the house.
    We are meant to soar high with our intelligence, resilience, perserverance, dreams, capabilities and free will.

    Why are we made to feel like the breathe we take is not even ours?
    What is exactly ours?
    We are ours.
    Our body is ours.
    Our individuality is ours.
    Our dreams are ours.
    Our voice is ours.
    Our life is ours.

    I smell male patriarchy, suppression and the dirt that one woman throws on another in the air.
    What is more beautiful than a woman lifting up another?
    Why are we so tangled that we become obstacle of our own progress?
    The last thing a woman needs is another woman degrading her.

    Men and women lifting eachother up is what a revolutionary world looks like.
    A world with voices of every gender heard is a world full of rhythm.
    Understanding eachother and their individuality, respecting it and helping eachother in the circle of life is a life indeed.
    A life with shared responsibilities, equal opportunities is a life worth living.
    A world with equality, respect and equity is a world afterall.

  • porcupine 50w


    I don't think I want my kids
    Looking up to a superhero
    I want them to grow up
    Knowing they are equal

  • save_prakriti 50w

    Power of being a woman��
    Hugs to all the women out there������
    #woman #women #mirakee #writers #inspiring #love #empowerment #strong #gift #equal

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    It's a honour to be a woman
    Don't let men teach you otherwise
    Because what is often a privilege
    Is not what everyone can seek
    Can comprehend
    And that is why it makes you so special
    In every way possible
    Even the dictionary can't find words to describe it
    I hope you know it


  • kevinosullivan 51w


    The holiday is dark, cold and wet this year. The waring artillery of fireworks rumbles on
    Lead astray, divided and infirmed with death
    Our US Capital was violated by vile ignorance
    We are still here in these working city streets
    The smell and sound of urban warfare wafting
    Safe inside with pets, an end to front line duty
    Fabric meshworks of America, broken in hate
    Restorative tears craving national democracy

  • sheikh_huzaifa 53w

    Life removes your blind cloth whom you can't see how people are treating you and Life shows you don't love! Don't care more about people... Give these things to yourself...
    Never say! We love, care, respect more than ourself... No one can be equal to ourselves...

  • journeyhale 26w

    This is not equal.
    This is not fair.
    I handed you little pieces of my soul
    You told me "Thank you"
    but pushed them aside to gather dust as I held you in high regard.

    On the pedestal, I kept you for so long
    While you never bothered to see me lying on the ground.

    Until the moment I walked away.

  • amanak47 63w

    Someone: Who is your best in your children
    My Dad: Never ask a tree about their branches, because every branch is equal for them ✨


  • miss_sunshine1901 68w

    Every problem comes with an equal or greater opportunity...

  • astral64 77w

    White or black
    Its just a colour


  • fathima_sumaiya 78w

    (Dedicated to my pearl)

    Nothing can equalize with the
    grandma's love. She hold
    my hands for a while but
    our love is always and forever.

  • spirithost 78w


    °  • ~●~    -○-    ~●~ •  °
    The spinning bands of time keep whirling around three open door-like portals; even, windows of past, present, and immediate future.
    All moving in a unified fashion yet harmoniously, independently alone.
    Occurring at the same time and place.
    The Ęlect of the story of God.
    Grateful for unmerited favor and Grace
    The equal to all energy which puts the mass in motion.
    Of the speed of light, and the insightful seasoning of the ocean.
    Of the Three, the Ōne stood still.
    For, Two did revolve around the One.
    The One Even amidst the Two.
    Yet, Three as of One the same; moreover, the frequency of the One, doth rise and fall equally opposite the Twain.
    There is no end to their devotion. 
    No sound quite the same.
    In an endless loop  forward in motion, the sound continues on in an outward wave or boation. 
    Seek Him early when you feel He's there.
    Speak to ME when you see more clear. 
    Yet, who indeed can even understand this here?
    For my thoughts are not so vain, nor stand they as profane or unclear.
    Yet, am I even strong enough to question?
    Shall I endure til the time of seperation?
    Even to the end of tomorrow, which came before today?
    ~~And so the Ťeacher re-establishes the port of the dynamic mold. 
    The old becometh new, in the Void of whats now begun.
    We are thoughts independent of each other: Put in motion we are active in like direction.
    We are ideas of significant notation, immutably devoted to continue on in the emotional exultation of awareness.
    The unveiling of the Creators beauty defined.
    Again, I say as once before. There is no positive, without a negative ; and, there can be no neutral, which lacks the twain.
    All three live and exist on an equal plane. 
    side without an equal counterpart the same. Else, left would be no left, and right would be
    in vain. So then, there is no end of what shall be again.
    Just as, no finish ever prevents the start, as such, the ending is never refrained. 
    ~-<- ● ->-~ 

  • sharanya_sia 81w

    #equal #mentality
    Dear men,
    An emotional support to all the fathers, brothers &amp; friends.
    Please let me know if I'm wrong., would be glad to correct myself.

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    If a man cries,
    It doesn't mean he isn't manly enough !
    Let him cry , he has emotions,
    Because he is human too !

    If a man smiles,
    It doesn't mean he isn't manly enough !
    Let him smile, he is happy
    Because he is human too !

    If a man helps a woman,
    It doesn't mean he is flirting or trying to impress a girl,
    He is helping ,
    Because his parents taught him to help the people in need .

    If a man isn't working,
    It doesn't mean he isn't fit to do anything !
    He is on his way,
    To work for his passion .

    If a man is alone ,
    It doesn't mean, he should be left alone,
    Sometimes he needs a listening ears,
    Be there for him.

    If a man is not well,
    It doesn't mean, he should always stay fit !
    Sometimes he will fall sick,
    Because he is human.

    As our ancestors portrayed that MAN should never cry, never Express his feelings, have control over everything. To have Power on people, should look strong enough. Don't train them to be emotion-less .
    So stop it society!
    Let everyone be treated equally .


  • orphicthoughts 83w

    We are still so much behind in creating equal society for all....

  • wifey_suicide 86w

    You call it different, I call it a masterpiece.

  • elizabethmoon 86w

    Beautiful little rats

    Whatever my past is, it's none of my business.
    I'm here to be good and not so viscous.

    We all have dimensions, no "good and evil"
    Like onions we have layers still all equal.

    No throne or crown can differentiate me from you.

    No eye colour can make me a "jew".

    No gold in this world changes what we've been through.

    As one nation we are all screwed.

    The horrible things we have all done,
    no secretes are secretes.
    This game isn't fun!

    The people we call leaders giggling hysterically.
    The water we drink it's all chemically.

    War and race on religion.
    The games they play, all competition.

    People are dying, earth is suffering.
    Read this poem, let it get you woundering.

    They think we are niave, yet we can see.
    We arent all just living in fantasy.

    Our onions have layers, we are all equal.

    Try to have good intentions and you'll remain peaceful.


  • mohanwrites 87w

    There are people who have conversations about poetry.
    And there are some who makes poetry out of conversations.
    The former loves poetry;
    The latter dwells in it.


  • rithu_saji 113w

    #thought #misconception #real #ceesreposts #mirakee

    #mirakee #pseudofeminism #equalism #equal #gender

    I am not a feminist or a rebel and even if I am one I'm pretty sure my definition of feminism is not same as the stereotypical idea of feminism that is rooted in the minds of the majority. My idea of "feminism" as called by those around me, sprouts from the desire for equality and not being looked down upon as mere objects. Feminism is in no way synonymous to misandry and will never be. And I don't really believe in or support feminism necessarily, I would rather be more comfortable with the idea of equalism more than feminism. According to me, the only difference between men and women is in the proportions of hormones, we are all just the same flesh, blood and bones apart from that sole difference. Hence I believe it is necessary to call the movement equalism and not feminism, even though it may be a bit of an unpopular opinion.
    Why should we always focus on the difference and call it a name that focuses on the gender binary ??
    Why can't we embrace our similarities and focus on creating a better world for humanity...??
    Equality is definitely the only way forward, and it is highly recommended .


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