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  • hailey145 3w

    God's Law of equality

    God wanted to be perfect
    Wanted to prove equality
    That's why he gave everyone birth and death
    If that's equality,
    Then why people are happy when u r born
    And feel shattered when u die
    Why aren't the emotions equal?

  • trulyyours1625 3w

    It happened whatever today happens.
    #equality #society #wod #lines

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    The Money The Humanity

    Animals are come and destroy the land,
    Who? Animal destroy your land!

    Then where were the forest exist?

    Everywhere rape, murder where we are going,
    Group of people "Society"
    Racism, casteism, and Feminism existed!

  • trulyyours1625 4w

    The raising hand

    "Simplicity" "Revolution" "Slavery"
    "Equality" "Fraternity" "Liberty"

    This jumble of words in simple way,

    The Sun rising everyday,
    Wake up,
    The Moon in night everyday.
    This is simplicity but not reality,,,,

    Reality Is
    The Sun rising everyday with a birth or death,
    Wake up first MoM- working 24hours,
    Breakfast only for Men because MoM is making breakfast,
    Office/School/College- someone begging on road, someone crying for food,
    Lunch- Millions of people, children dead beacuse of lack of food,
    Comeback and saying food was not good,
    Dinner- For food someone selling thier body, someone dancing in Bar,
    Sleep- before somewhere Marital rape, domestic violence(beating a daughter,sister)
    The moon is rising with pain, crying, and also love....

  • trulyyours1625 4w

    सरकारी बोलकर

    रिश्वत हमसे भी ली जाती है,
    रोड सरकारी बोलकर।

    गाडियों की जिंदगी हम से बेहतर हैं,
    हमारा गला खोटा जाता है, सरकारी बोलकर।

    लड़ो तो लाठिया चलाई जाती,
    जेल में मारा जाता है, घर आते
    घर तोड़ दिया जाता है, सरकारी बोलकर।

    वोट देते सरकार बनाने को,
    चालान की माला पहनाई जाती है,
    सरकारी बोलकर।

  • beensn 4w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pacify #partition #losing #equality
    Thank you so much WN for your kind gesture of liking my post ��

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    Gender equality is the sweet lie,
    Men use it as a weapon to pacify.
    Shines great on papers and definition,
    When it comes to practice, there is always a partition.
    May be men are scared of losing,
    That's the reason, kept on refusing.
    Yes there are few who have crossed the barriers,
    That doesn't mean that equity is practiced in true sense.
    Women definitely don't ask for equality,
    They only claim for equal opportunity.
    Behind every successful man, there is a woman,
    Why not 'behind EVERY successful woman, there is a man?'
    © beensN

  • hiteshprakashpeswani 5w

    पाणी पूरी

    स्वाद मीठी चटनी जो
    स्वाद पटाटे ऐ बूँदी जो
    पाणी पूरी जो चटकारों स्वाद
    करें चिंताउंजो विनाश

    हिते नाहे कोई रिजर्वेशन
    हिते नाहे कोई सिहासन
    विराइदीं आहे पाणी पूरी
    चहरान ते खिल ऐ ख़ुशी

    भले हुजे कोई रईस
    या हुजे कोई गरीब
    सबनिन लाये हिकू ही कोनो
    ऐ सबनिन लाये सागो दोनों

    पाणी पूरी वारो आहे कमाल
    निराली आहे हिन्नजी हर गाल
    रखे तो सबनिन में एकता
    काश एरा हुजन असंजा नेता

  • vivekumaruz 5w

    After Life

    Angels and demons
    Wings and tails
    Live in our mind
    Care and kindness
    Generosity and equality
    Are in our hearts

    Live and let live
    Help each other
    Save other's smiles
    Rather than killing their happiness
    For the sake of another's benefit

    A good deal might reap you profits
    A good heart will reap you happiness

    Some bark, some talk, some hiss
    But every one is here for a reason
    And it's always good

    Positivity and love for today
    Coz you never know about tomorrow.

    Peace and harmony is all you need
    And that can never be bought.

  • danie_af 5w

    We Are The Sheeple

    The basic things that keep all of us alive
    The things that we indeed do need to survive
    Mother nature does naturally provide
    This earth is a provider well qualified
    Long long ago while the earth was still a youth
    Greed did take over, sadly that is the truth
    Man did examine our bountiful host
    Dictated I own this from pillar to post
    That was the day we all became the sheeple
    Since that day we have been sold life by people
    We are sold the right to have water to drink
    Sold the right to have a place to catch a wink
    Were sold the right to a belly that is full
    The right to garments weaved with warm cotton wool
    Our lives are owned from birth through adulthood
    Hell, they would charge us to breathe air if they could
    Our lives are merely their commodity
    The one percent, they treat us like property
    Seven point eight billion people are now owned
    By a greedy one percent who were self throned
    Our precious lives are coldly bought and sold
    By these people with an ancestral billfold
    If we could all just be equally as bold
    We could easily escape their dire chokehold


  • tny_agr_wal 7w


    In hustle of making equality - a reality for women,
    Sometimes...., we compromise with the dignity of MEN .

    We need to understand, it hurts them too ,bcz
    It's not only about YOU , it's about THEM too .....

    So next time be NON PARTIAL

  • theanu 7w

    वो एक परिंदा हैं क्यों उसे कैद करते हो,
    वो उड़ने को बनी है, क्यों उसकी गति मंद करते हो।

    नही सुनती वो किसी की, करती मनमर्जी है,
    जनाब बद्तमीज नही बड़े ख्यालों वाली हैं।

    थोड़ा समय ज्यादा लग रहा है तो दे दो,
    एक बार यही सोच के कि तुम देने वाले होते कोन हो।

    उसका जीवन उसकी मर्जी, पढ़ना चाहे या अखाड़े में लड़ना,
    दुर्गा बने या सरस्वती, सरोजिनी बने या कलपना,
    आसमान बहुत बड़ा है और अपनी जगह उसे बनानी आती है,
    कश्मकश में मत रहो, बेटियां भी उड़ना जानती हैं।

  • varunasopa_ 8w


    If girls cry , boys also do cry
    If girls want equality , boys also deserves same preference
    If girls know for sacrifices , boys also sacrifice their happiness and love of their lives just for the well being of their parents and their families
    If girls want happiness from boys , boys also deserves the same amount of happiness in return from girls
    If girls want a perfect life partner , then boys also deserves a perfect all round living partner who stands along with their respective families

    It's not about a choice or preference , it's all about equity , stability and equalilty in our society and world irrespective of gender , status , personality , caste , creed etc

    If girls equality exists in this universe
    Then boys also do exists with the same equality what they deserves

    i.e : note that this post doesn't associate with any feminism topic neither it's not associated with any specific gender status

  • diya101 8w

    A man should be gentle in his ways, we hear it a lot. But a man, should also receive gentleness in return. That's the equality or whatever big words we seek to make the world a better place. An ideal world is a myth. But the world which we make for us, for people surrounding us, is in our hands. And instead of speaking of which gender is greater in its roles, one ought to accept that independency and codependency go hand in hand in this case.


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    When you expect him to be a gentleman, try being a lady first.

  • thelostone_ 9w

    Equality is just a pretty illusion,
    Equity is what we all need!


  • rishvanth 9w

    This is dedicated to all the men who cook at the household either for themselves or for their family. The perception of only a specific gender doing a specific job became outdated. And it's not wrong for a man to cook or for a woman to do hard labour. Let's all take a moment to appreciate those people in our life.

    Eat healthily and stay safe.


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    Men's Kitchen

    Before the sunrise, the kitchen wakes
    To the whirrs & hisses the blender makes;
    He dices the herbs as skinny slices,
    Along the rhythmic fizzle, the cooker makes.

    For him, the knife is a sword
    That he yields and
    The apron is an armour
    He wears to serve the hunger every day.

    A place once said to be
    A women's fortress.
    Now became his workshop,
    For all that he crafts by indulging himself.

  • words_flake 10w

    If boys want to be homemaker and support girl who want to be financially responsible pay all bills is so wrongly judge by society...
    Let each and every individual decide his/her role in his/her life as well as home.

    #equality #nehabhavsar_quotes #writersnetwork #miraquill #facts

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    Cooking is not an option for girls
    Being financially sound and taking all financial responsibility is not an option for boys..

  • soumen_sonu 10w

    Happy Women's Day!

    To all the women
    On this day

    Let's embrace the womenhood in yourself.

    Let's accept that men and women are not equal.

    Let's understand that some responsibilities can be completed only in a womenly manner.

    Let's celebrate the uniqueness of women.

    Cheers to all super naris there!!

  • gutfeeling 10w

    One day you will look back onto your life and wonder, 'how have I done it!'.

    That will be the best feeling!

  • bimansaha 10w

    Happy Women's Day, huh!!!

    To the world that believes in Equality,
    But needs a particular day,
    To celebrate one's individuality...
    To the world that is in constant fear,
    That the other might reach heights,
    And so they bring you down dear...
    To the world that sympathizes with you,
    At your worries,
    But judges you in a queue...

    So as the hypocrite world says,
    And I believe it to be true,
    Happy Women's Day...

  • krishnaraj 11w

    Together, Always.

    Listen around carefully
    You can hear their gasps
    Struggling with societal burdens,
    Sweating all over
    Building themselves to 'expectations',
    Knitting and spinning robes
    To wear 'their choice' of clothes,
    Paving roads tireless
    Making 'ours' easy.
    Let's not just celebrate
    With all these cakes and coloured balloons
    Let's spare their faces
    Off these fake filters
    Let's stay afar from this fake revolution
    This media hoax.
    Let's start with thoughts
    And make steps even tiny.
    Let's for once rewind time
    We see and we are part
    And yes we are evolving.
    Let's not build more steps and
    Force them up.
    Let's break this barrier
    Of me and you, of us and them
    Let's make some space
    And stand together
    Let's pave new paths
    And walk together
    Let's begin this change
    By being the one.


  • ms_lonely 11w

    A man and women is equal,if you do not marry a man who believes that,you don't need him,a women do not need your protection,she needs your Respect,understanding and care.