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  • sproutedbeauty 2d

    My heart was burnt out
    I was crippled
    I had no one to run to


    I had this one person I know I could partly trust
    With the courage blown by the pain
    I daringly met with him
    To get away with the situation
    And to chill for a little while


    Finally, I'm with him
    I like him, really liked him
    His eyes are blazing and I love 'em gazing into mine
    He's got long thick black eyelashes that's pulling me
    His lips are thin, red, kissable and lip-biting
    I'm melting noticing his beard on his cheeks

    He's gentleman.
    I liked him even more.


  • akshay_vasu 5d

    Someday, probably a part of our soul will escape the chaos that we have created and are stuck in.

    - Akshay Vasu 

  • eleutheromaniac96 1w

    I always wanted to runaway,
    Wanted to know where I belong.
    And now that I've escaped,
    I long for where I came from.


  • _farhat_iqbal_ 1w

    Writing in my Escape

    Who will write for me?
    Into the soil when I will be.
    Who will weep over me?
    When I will be no more.
    Carried towards funeral in the bier
    Who will see me in dreams?
    When I will be gone.
    And then compile those,
    Into sweet and teary poems
    The dreams that I didn't explored
    In short span of time
    Who will compose for me?
    When through the mountains
    upto seventh sky
    I will be gone..
    After a decade I will come
    and see who is writing in my Escape!

  • sweedle 4w

    I am always escaping, running away from places where my heart truly belongs. My feet are on the lookout for running, even in the middle of the night. I am too afraid to surrender my all, don't know if I can take the hurt like I did before. So when you see me shrinking to the corner, hold my hand and don't let go. Stop me from getting lost in my own puzzles.

    © Sweedle

  • majesty_ 4w


    We only go to sleep, have a good dream, and wake up
    The sun only rises on a great day just to set
    That's why I'm scared to be happy, knowing it will fade
    Loving memories only to be foreshadowed by the bad
    A newborn child, a graduation day, promotion from all the hard work you've made
    The excitement, the thrill of getting something you've never had
    I'm happy, and I hope that won't end, and if it will, I hope it ends slowly
    Even if it leaves a big hole in me


  • redishbrown 4w

    Coffee shop

    Do you know why I love coffee shops? It's not because I love having a "me time", but because that's my only option when I have no where else to go. A place that will always be there. A place I know I can be not okay and don't feel guilty. That's a bar for me, you know. Every sip of coffee is like a shot of alcohol. Because when I'm in there, I can think freely. I can stay for as long as I want to. And I can be true to myself. So, it's not just about the coffee, the notes, the background music, but it is also about me stopping the time and escaping my reality.

  • simeen 5w

    Somedays all u want is an escape
    Escape from all the reality escape from past shits damages and maybe everything
    Maybe that escape is nothing but death ��
    #death #escape

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    And maybe survival is the biggest punishment one gets when all they want is to die

  • swaditi 7w

    Yes ,I want you to ask me what's wrong
    I want to collapse in your arms
    And cry my eyes out
    I want to tell you
    about everything that happened
    That broke me apart
    Though we have parted ways
    And we are no longer together
    But I still feel,
    I still feel that you are my only escape.

  • jpwriter 7w

    Time to Escape...

    Its time to escape
    Leave this reality
    Hell can just wait
    We defeat its fatality
    The nail that Can't break
    As they lead to come battle Me
    The holy grail is at stake
    So I need that mentality
    Watch the line & their bait
    As they bring Their Whole calvary
    Be the lions not the snake
    Devouring their calories
    I rather die than be fake
    Its just personality
    That combines with my fate
    Leaving no fallacy
    Shattered lies do forsake
    In their sour mortality
    As tattered Minds loose & break
    Like a tooth with a cavity
    How much more can I take
    Or is it all fantasy
    Im gonna bake the Whole cake
    Not just a Piece Of my sanity
    I really need to leave or just rake
    To find out the man in me
    My bones moan & ache
    I'd like to curse this profanity
    Time is just a loan From the bank
    As it humbled my vanity

  • anupriyachauhan18 7w


    A "sorry" can never ever mend the pain you give to someone or the pain someone gives to you.
    I think who so ever invented this word , gave all the wrongdoers quite an easy escape. Only a valid thing can be misused but according to me sorry is and can never be a valid thing to say in response for the wrong you do to someone or when you have been wronged. The mere use of the word "sorry" makes it something to be misused because its mere existence is something which can never be justified.
    You already did someone wrong , you already said something hurtful , it already did the damage, it already made them feel miserable about themselves and then a mere sorry does not ease them of the pain they already suffered. I guess more important is to accept your mistake because nothing can relieve them of their pain. But yes, in today's world saying sorry is appreciated because we feed on our ego(s) so much that even saying that one word crumbles our entire ego and when we choose to let that ego crumble and say sorry we are appreciated. To be honest, saying sorry is the bare minimum you can say to someone you did wrong because you made them feel things they wouldnt have felt if not for your fault.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • emilylove1818 8w

    Promised Escape

    Being young is unfair when the minds of such are so small

    Luckily, these young minds were not small

    in fact... they held the key

    Barely 12
    Capable of escaping deaths arms
    At least for now
    Life is in their grasp

    What is possible when multiplied with the gift of teamwork

    This devil makes haste, working to abolish our objective


    The time is now to extract what these young minds are capable of

    An escape plan, where everyone lives

    Now finally, everyone gets to live
    At least for now.

  • erinrising 8w


    I peer through a window called Past.

    The longer I gaze the harder to tell ~ fiction from fact.

    I see many lessons, imprints of time.

    Some change my life, others cut deep ~ ghosts in my mind.

    I cannot stay long, I must look away.

    Each moment I spend watching the past ~ risks that I'll stay.


  • porcupine 10w


    The thoughts are so

    So much
    The confusion is so

    I wish
    To erase all the

    And forget
    All that I can

    Then vanish
    To start fresh , anew

    Begin again
    Find a home that
    Is everlasting

    To belong
    Where I'm at least

    I dream of it
    Even though it's just
    A fantasy

  • _sups_ 10w

    Loser :

    I would rather be a
    Loser with satisfaction
    Than a
    Loser with regret

  • maevee 10w

    I've a folder with a hundred fifty photo's of you, each photo reminds me of the conversation that we'd, every photo reminds me of how at the time with each photo you'd send my heart would melt a little more for you, how it'd be my solace on a pathetic day and I wouldn't stop smiling at the stupid faces you'd send.

    I can see the exhaustion, happiness, excitement, frustration on your face every time I scroll right. I can see you living life in those bits and pieces, I can see the innocence and lonliness in those pictures. Then why is it that I couldn't see that you never loved me?

    I wanted to keep all those pictures as a memory of the months we'd spent apart, to remember you when we were apart since The Times I could see you, used to fly so fast. By having the pictures I could see you whenever I want. Then why is that I couldn't forsee that when you're gone I'll be still left with a hundred fifty photo's of you?

    There were times when after a stressful, prolonged call I'd come back to my wallpaper and find you staring right at me, I'd blush a little each time. There's a photo of you where sheru is licking your face, technically I should be jealous that the dog loves you more but it's my fav photo of you, it fills my heart with so much warmth, love and happiness.

    Now I'm just left with a hundred fifty photo's of you and a dozen voice notes. I don't open my image gallery anymore so that I by mistake don't end up looking at another photo of you since that causes a pit in my stomach, my throat gets dry and I go numb. All I'm left with is a memory of you.

    A parallel universe that our imaginary minds had created.. the one where it was just you, me, sheru and our cat. On the days when its impossible to go without looking at you, listening to you and the reality of you being gone strikes me.. I take resort in that imaginary mind, I go to our parallel universe, the one where we're having wine by the bottle and eating strawberry cheesecake in bed, giggling and laughing.

    I escape our dark reality, the one where you left me, the one where you didn't forgive me, the one where you couldn't see the light in me in my darkest hour. I yearn for that love and happiness forever even though I know you'll never come back and you've convinced yourself that I'm not waiting for you either. I'm holding onto our parallel universe where everything's still fine since all I'm left with is a memory of you in those a hundred fifty photo's of you.

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld #memories #pictures #picturestalk #foreverandalways #brokenhearts #webelongtogether #escape #reality #relationships #complicated #distance #thenotsoforever #liveintoday #gone #bemine

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    A Hundred Fifty
    Photo's of You


  • kaiotyk 10w

    The Taste of Music

    Freedom is a beat
    the heart aches for
    a song only you can savor
    words of the wild
    too sweet on your tongue
    bumping into the corners
    of your own mortality
    and letting your love
    hang loose

  • janaranjani_vezhavendan 10w

    You don't know where you are. It's too dark all around you. You are alone. And suddenly it becomes too cold sending you chills down your spine. That is when you realize you are not alone. You turn around to see that dark entity coming for you from afar. You run, you fall, you crawl as fast as you can. But the entity keeps getting closer and closer and closer. And you seem to not move at all. Now you see people around you, not noticinng you struggling. Not even aware of the fact that you are being chased by that deep dark entity. You don't understand why you keep running yet not move a bit from your place. And when the dark creep almost touched you, you scream!


    This could be one of your worst nightmares. This could be your current circumstances where you are stuck and everyone else is moving forward. That dark entity could be someone. Someone toxic. Someone whose presence threatens you. Or it could even be your shadow self, coming after you, trying to tell you something, wanting to make you listen to it, acknowledge it. Or like I said, it could just be one of your worst nightmares. A nightmare that wakes you up abruptly gasping for breath.
    But I am leaving it up to you. Interpret in your own sweet dark ways.

    ~©Janaranjani Vezhavendan


    P.S. After nearly two long months of stalemate in expressing through words, I don't know why I chose to write something this dark! Anyways, written something after a long time. So that's that. ✒️

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    ...it could just be one of your worst nightmares. A nightmare that wakes you up abruptly gasping for breath.

    ~©Janaranjani Vezhavendan

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  • porcupine 11w


    Sometimes I feel like I want to
    Disappear with the sun at night
    And hide with the moon during the day

  • quieth 11w

    world's a bad place..may it not be..so shall i wish to leave but just like dreams it won't work.. so obsessed with own misery..i am a stone and thoughts are the sea and so i shall not move and so shall i remain right here. What's the escape of this melancholy?