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    chandi se bhi sajne ko tyar the hum to
    us rab ne "Heere" se taraash diya

    ik acha insaan manga tha humne
    us rab ne kud "Apna" hi roop dharti pe utar diya


  • snehatiwari_ 1w

    #eternal love ।।

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    The eternal love

    The sun ends himself every night
    For moon ,
    In return she reflect his love

  • peddatimma 1w

    Taare gin gin.

    Taare gin gin raat kati,
    Tori yaad sataye saiyyaan,
    Mora manva ab chain na pave,
    Kaisan pakdun baiyyan..

    Bina shringaar solah,
    Bina bhog puure chappan
    Kaise manaoon saiyyan?
    Kaise dekhun darpan?

    Laut ke kab more dwar aagoge?
    Kab parat mora aangan sajaoge?
    Kab batiyaoge, kab rijhaoge?
    Kab mori berang chunri rangoge?..

  • snehatiwari_ 2w

    #eternal love .
    Sneha Tiwari .
    My content ..

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    The day

    The day I will die ,
    Never cry
    Just gaze the sky and stars
    I will as a raindrop will fall on your cheeks ,
    Making u beleive
    I am breathing in you !
    #eternal love

  • ruthvik_kadsur 2w


    What if you just saw the moon,ignored his dark outline and matted dreadlocks on which it was sitting?

    What if you passed a bad phase and thought you made it,but ignored those footprints of the divine who carried you in his arms?

    What if you got a great job after 6 months of waiting,you thought you up skilled but he stopped your timeline to focus?

    What if you failed to understand the darkness of the universe beyond the galaxies and stars,but always proved, proved theorems and ranted ill about the creator himself?

    What if the limitless himself was residing in you when you questioned the world over with logical reasoning and never tried to see him through?


  • claralynne 2w

    Old Soul

    Time stretches.
    I've been here before.
    Deja vu.
    Here once again to find myself.
    Lost until found.
    One soul.
    One love.
    One universe.
    I'm getting closer.. I feel it in my heart .
    Seeing glimpses of light when the whole world is drowning in the shadows.
    Trauma tricking minds.

    Vibrations and Frequencies.
    Soaring in the sky....
    Only the shadow of my wings on the ground as I glide amongst the clouds.
    I dance with the sun.
    Rising above.
    Spreading love.
    Discovering Divinity. Immortality.
    A warfare of souls among us.
    Fighting in the dark.
    A mother that is Earth.
    Desperate for an army that brings fire to the shadows.
    An old soul that is Chosen...
    This is my last chance.
    I've been here before.....

  • taneesha 3w

    Phir kyu tum etne Maun Ho

    Sansar kyu ye maun hai,
    Kya shok hai har pal tumhein,
    ya phir koi ye "Natya" hai
    Sab Mithya hai ya, Kuch Satya bhi
    Kya hai ye kram, ya koi Bhram
    Ye arth ya phir hai Anarth,
    Jeevan-Jyot kaise jale,
    Ye koi toh Parmarth hai
    Us sarowar ke, Jal mein hai vo
    Prithvi ke har kan, main hai vo
    Vo vaat mein, har baat mein,
    Shwasho mein vo, mere mann mein vo
    Saksham hun main, ye uski kripa
    Main arth hun uski kripa
    Jab vo na ho, toh Vyarth main,
    Uske bina, Nirarth main
    Vo dhup mein hai chaav sa,
    Vo vaat me ek veg sa
    Uska hi toh sansar hai,
    Har koi kyu phir, maun hai
    Kya suntey nahi, tum vaat ko,
    Panchi ki koi baat ko
    Badal ki us garjah ko
    Nadiyo ki us kalkaar ko
    Himalaya ki lalakaar ko
    Phir kyu tum eetne maun ho,
    Phir kyu tum eetne maun ho,
    Suntey nahi, kehtey nahi,
    Vartmaan, mein rehte Nahi
    Vo, Eshwar hi Satya hai
    Jab hai vo Eshwar, tumhare saath
    Phir chinta ki, kyu hai baat
    Tumhare bin mere phabhu jeevan har ek Vyarth hai,
    Har kshan mera Nirarth hai
    Tum ho toh hi main sarth hun
    Tum ho toh, main jeevet jo hun

  • ysandra 5w

    Many have been using external things to address internal needs. The only way to address internal needs is by embracing an eternal God.


  • alaska_xavier 6w

    Love your partner than anyone else you could... Because at last there's nothing you would take along with you...

  • ziegler 6w


    It's been months since we spoke
    Hardly she noticed why we broke
    Little she knew about my inert intentions
    For she was madness but were valid verism

    Silent solitude of these bleak chilly nights
    With each squeaky wave humming her sights Decorates her void memories in my storehouse
    Unawared of the blissful night she dreams
    Hugging her pillows besides her side...

  • _desaiagraja 8w

    In conversation with December.
    December on being the end month " darling I'm eternal" read in to know more.....

    #december #pod #wod #mirakeenetwork #miraquil #live #love #life #forever #monthend #chrismas #sparklingseason #eternal @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakeenetwork

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    In conversation with December:

    It's that time of year,
    And the door bell rings.
    Oh it's you!!!
    And I already freezed.

    Let's have a talk and tea,
    Around the lit fireplace,
    I still felt the breeze and glazed.

    So tell me how do you feel being the best??
    "Ohh, the coin has always two sides you know,
    I'm the shinny sparking mounth of the year,
    And also some people call me,
    The bone freezing december...."

    So how's the Christmas nightout?
    "Unfold the map and throw the dart,
    I'm being cherrished by every heart."

    People write songs on you December!!
    "I know, there they are not sober,
    Chardonnay in the hands,
    Greet people like a gentleman,
    Nothing goes in vein,
    Cause I'm month to buit a snowman."

    I'm your biggest fangirl,
    And you are the month end.
    Let me ask you the last question
    Don't you feel bad for being just 31,
    It's your end.

    He smiled and replied;
    "Darling I'm eternal
    I will be at the end of everyyear
    Waiting to see your accomplishments
    Work hard all through the year
    And celebrate me like no other"

  • o_j_stark 8w


    In midst Chaos, I find order with you.

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 22.11.2021; 1.57 A.M (Malaysia)

    * Last 2 lines for my #crush #AHBA


    #acrostic #NuEmAcPo

    #silence #wod @miraqull

    * 800th post! �� I need a break to study for computer test (at a driving academy) plus, finish my poetry manuscript of 300 poems. I hope that my writings can be published as a book, soon!

    Manuscript & Poetry Book Title: Narcoma Eternal

    #NarcomaEternal #Narcoma #Eternal

    (BTW, I haven't watch Marvel's Eternals movie yet. How about you?)


    Narcoma = (Medicine) a stupor caused or induced by narcotic drugs.

    Stupor = A state in which a person is almost unconscious and their thoughts are not clear

    * I meant that my poems are like drugs to me and readers. While the poet, which is me and the readers are in a stupor state.

    Eternal = lasting or existing forever; without end
    = Used to emphasize expressions of admiration, gratitude, etc.

    * I want the effects of my poems are long-lasting to readers. Eventhough my writing may end one day. I also want to be admired by the readers and other poets.

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    Narcoma Eternal ~

    No, you shouldn't read what I write, reader.
    As it's produced by my messed-up mind.
    Read at your own risk. Well, I warned you!
    Come on, you are still reading this, huh?
    Oh, you think that you are reading my mind.
    Mind that so messed-up. Mentally ill.
    Aren't you afraid of me? If yes, run!

    Erratic behaviour that so unpredictable.
    Thoughts that are suicidal. "I wanna die".
    Echoes keep repeating in my insane mind.
    Rather keep living than ending my own life.
    Numb. I feel hurt. But, cannot cry anymore.
    As I become silent. Just like your silence.
    Look at what we have done to each other.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • luvara 12w


    I do remember the lines "love is a drug that I quit "
    Nope love isn't a drug it's a state of eternal euphoria
    When it comes to loving myself
    Self love isn't a tag that people use
    but a basic necessity
    to lead a life that you love.

  • luvara 12w

    You and me

    Hey God,
    This is me , the real me
    I don't know,
    From where you are, who you are, But
    You know who I am,
    From where I am,
    How I am ,
    And everything is known by my almighty.
    You give me the ineffable power,
    To face the tragedies in life .
    You have always been my invisible friend ,
    I talk to in silence ,
    With whom I encloses all my,
    Feelings , worries , happiness and everything.
    I don't know how you give me plethora of strengths
    To lead a life in this threatening world .
    I am here to show some gratitude
    Where ever you are I just wanna


  • the_fallen_poet 13w

    1st November, 2021 - 4:01 AM

    #forever #eternal #infinite #pain

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    Forever & Ever

    Wanted to find myself forever,
    Forever it will take...
    Don't know what comes after,
    Maybe ease of pain..

    My train of thoughts, never stopped,
    Some commas were expected,
    Had experiences to gain.
    Now I feel I've had enough,
    Enough with the dreams,
    Reality consumes, the life within


  • pink_blue 13w

    #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork #epistrophe #eternal #wod

    P.S.: the expression of feelings n penning down in mirakee/miraquill remains eternal too ��

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    What remains eternal ?

    As the Sun sheds it's rays of dawn,
    those chirping melodies of little birds remains eternal;

    those little chirping birds flying back home in symphony under the golden shades,
    & falling in love with the romance of Sun n Moon in dusky skies remains eternal...

  • iampraveena 14w



    Not all pains are physical,
    Some are emotional.
    To heal some might take a little time,
    While some take a couple of lifetimes.

    © iAmPraveenaChandus

  • emopoet 15w

    I guess my unrequited love shall be eternal.

    #life #love #eternal @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Things that can be seen are temporary but things which can only be felt are eternal.

  • spirit_13 15w


    All truths , all lies
    All insights , all delusions
    All dangers ,all comforts

    Appearing and disappearing
    expressing the shine of
    the eternal jewel
    called awareness.