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  • u_all_r_saints_ 8w

    Unspoken letters of love

    I believe that not a single night passes without narrating a tale to its stars,and once for a while it will surely narrate ours , my love. Your smile means the world to me .I'll pick up the broken dreams you left behind to make it ours , to make it happen.

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 38w


    (M)memories do cast a dark cloud above, that can follow you for decades.
    (E)everyday that is given to us is a gift, do thank your God for that.
    (M)my days are filled with animosity & guilt associated with memories.
    (O)of course it's all made up in my own damn mind, as my family tries to convince their selves.
    (R)right or wrong they don't give a damn & really never did.
    (I)inner workings of my mind, show me flashes of what was brought upon me.
    (E)eternal life, not many understand that's what could be & is.
    (S)simplicity doesn't come easy folks, if so I wouldn't have such nightmares eating me alive everyday.

    Memories fade through each lifetime. The lessons learned are everlasting.

  • heyoka_warrior 51w

    Basking in Your Presence,
    Standing in Your truth,
    Being faithful to You,
    Loving You and Your people,
    And all the creation You've made;
    Delighting in Your Will, Your ways,
    Your Word, and Your works;
    Walking in righteousness,
    In the narrow path of life sanctified,
    Into the light and unto eternal life;
    You are my Salvation
    And the Grace You freely give;
    Thank You for Your greatest gift;
    Praising You is my heritage.


  • heyoka_warrior 53w


    Lord my love, I'm celebrating
    Your saving power and Your glory.
    Lord my love, I'm celebrating
    Your miraculous blood, Your holy cross.
    Lord my love, I'm celebrating
    Your truth and Your light in my life.
    You fill me with joy, peace, and healing.
    I'm in awe of Your beauty, my Lord.
    You're my eternal life and my salvation.
    I'm in awe of Your beauty, my Lord.
    You're forever my love, my inspiration.
    I'm in awe of Your beauty, my Lord.


  • gdotsey 86w

    Life in this world are under second death.
    Revelation 21:8
    But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

    But life is Jesus is eternal

    So make the smart choice

    God bless you


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    They say life is short
    You Only Live Ones

    I think to those who believe the world
    But i tell your life in Jesus is everlasting
    You Only Live Eternally
    In jesus

    Make the smart choice

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  • nomad_thinks 92w

    Eternal Life

    It's not just the time you live in this flesh and run behind the material earnings to call it a life.

    It takes a lifetime to realize, that there's more to it.


  • convexgold 114w

    More than that

    Some come for prosperity
    Others come to preserve posterity
    Thus allowing the spirit of familiarity
    To meddle with the things of divinity.

    Heaven is crying, Error
    The light given has been distorted
    Man has made vanity his anchor
    Using the distorted light as a platform.

    More than that Jesus
    I pray you for clarity
    To discern that which is vanity
    So I won't lose ETERNITY



  • chrissceiver 126w

    The purpose of Life...

    ... is to strive...

    ... for God's kingdom
    ... to survive...life
    .. and to hold on to the eternal Life


  • jpgillman_poetry 127w

    *Life has meaning because of Him* ▪️My December 13 submission for the @fallspoetry #decemberfalls19 writing challenge (IG) using the prompt ‘nevermore’▪️
    ▪️Original poem, ‘Nevermore the Victor’©️ by @jpgillman_poetry▪️Image by George Becker (Pexels)▪️

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    Nevermore the Victor

  • blackyinyangrat 135w

    Life pt2

    Life gives alot of teachings and lessons to learn,
    As the days go by we have less time to burn
    Never leave any stone unturned,
    Read pages from books and learn,
    Collaborate with other that are willing too learn what youve learnt and also learn from others that support what your learning,
    If you live life once does it mean that it ends or you live once with no ending which is called eternal life


  • convexgold 138w

    Dear God

    Dear God,
    Help me not to think of when I will stop learning CHRIST

  • alive__ 157w

    "The fool says in his heart there is no God"; a greater fool knows in his heart that  there is a God but says to himself I don't need God (Psalm 14:1).
    12 May 2019

    #God #Faith #science #wisdom #Jesus #Believe #Salvation #Redemption #Restoration #eternalLife #Mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    "The fool says in his heart there is no God"; a greater fool knows in his heart that  there is a God but says to himself I don't need God (Psalm 14:1).
    12 May 2019

  • secretdream 162w

    Movements vs social media image

    Vanity and possessions are top on the feeds of everyone's instagram,look no further for distraction,like who cares if were just in our own little world.

    Strikes around the world held by youth and people apart of the movement,hey do we just sit and watch it happpen? Same question goes for God the creater of all life,and what might be the opinion held by him on those specific lives.

    Stupid little facts that seem to freak out people

  • ahambrahmasmi 166w

    Here's a healing poem for all those of you who're experiencing unrequited love...

    Find alignment with your Source within.... LOVE YOURSELF! FOCUS ON FEELING GOOD! DO THINGS THAT RING YOUR BELLS! FEEL GOOD IRRESPECTIVE OF ANY CONDITION AROUND YOU... When you do this, you find Unconditional Love. And when you find Unconditional Love, you attract Unconditional Love.
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    I'd abandoned my soul to seek your heart,
    Stood on my toes to prove my part;

    In pursuit of unconditional love, I'd once proclaimed,
    Synchronicities one after the other were signs, I'd claimed.

    You've found divine love, said my impressionable heart,
    A blissful companionship, until death do us apart.

    In the name of love I'd nurtured your baby,
    Part of me craving that you'd deem me worthy,

    It's this sense of unworthiness that had raised it's head in fear,
    A morbid fear of loss that made me cling to what's dear,

    An entrenched fallacy that was blinded by emotion,
    Overwhelmed by possessiveness that my ego had set in motion.

    Night after night I'd tossed and turned,
    Thoughts running wild that made my stomach churn,

    Fate said mockingly, "Woe betide you!"
    And lo behold!  my worst nightmares came true!

    On that dreadful night when at you my acid tongue lashed,
    It changed our lives forever; it all burned down and crashed!

    For days I lay in bed, wondering why I was here,
    Questioning my very existence, hoping my end was near.

    I reeked of an aura of unworthiness, my heart wrenched in despair,
    That drove near and dear ones away; like the stench of a dead rat in the air.

    My chest grew awfully heavy, writhing in immense pain,
    "I give up!” I said, swearing I'd never love again!

    Finally one day, I felt my heart slowly open, allowing the light to stream in,
    And  calmness engulfed my entire being, despite all the background din.

    Like a balm that soothed unnerved senses, I felt the heaviness dissipate,
    I could feel my lids grow heavy; Was I knocking on heaven's gate?

    And then I heard a voice, which spoke quite loud and clear,
    You've created your reality with your own doubt and fear.

    You've been looking for love in all the wrong places,
    Seeking your green haven in all the wrong faces,

    Quit clinging & craving; look not in no-man's land,
    Seek approval from your own heart, and you won't need a hand.

    You want what you want because you think you'll feel love when you have it,
    You've got it all wrong, but I daresay you didn't know it.

    If it's Unconditional Love that you truly seek, don't look for it without,
    Resonate with your Source within, without a trace of doubt!

    How do I find my alignment with Source? Asked I, with great anticipation,
    Make peace with where you are; said The Voice, and find reconciliation.

    And lovingly, The Voice continued in a tone sans doubt,
    You asked me who you were and what Life was all about.

    YOU are an Infinite Being, expressing yourself on this stage of reality,
    The body, just a vessel you use to experience physicality,

    You're a born Creator, creating with your awareness,
    And you create what you perceive, for the expansion of Universal Consciousness,

    You are Who-You-Truly-Are, the Phoenix who rises from the ashes,
    A Force that finds its desires from the fire of contrast that lashes.

    You came with a conscious intent to discern your desire and create,
    And you do that by making choices by experiencing both Love and Hate!

    You create your reality with your thoughts; with focus, thoughts turn to emotion,
    And thus you summon one of the greatest Universal Laws, known as the Law of Attraction!

    Everything you've experienced you've attracted, there's no Law of Assertion,
    You attracted the contrast to contextualise experience, clarifying desire with precision.

    Lackful emotion is inner guidance; an indication of thoughts in opposition to your desire,
    So pay attention to the way you feel, for it is the essence of that feeling which transpires!

    You attract the essense of what you feel; You're like a magnet that's attracting reality,
    Your thoughts become things with focus, so think not, thoughts of negativity.

    You created your own chaos with the perceptions of your mind,
    You separated yourself on purpose, so that your way back to Source you may find!

    Jesus had once said rightly, "Ask and you shall receive",
    But forget not to focus on what you want, & not on what you haven't received!

    For Thought is Energy that forever grows, and momentum ensues when you focus,
    Therefore, focus ever so gently on your desire and not on its absence!

    Witness not an unwanted reality, for you create what you observe,
    So behold only that which you enjoy, so you recreate those events that serve!

    But Contrast is essential for discernment, for what is Heat without Cold?
    And without Contrast, Desire cannot exist, for a finiteness of the Universe would unfold!

    You are Energy at the end of the day; so a magnetic field you possess,
    And like a radio that emits a signal, an emission every second you process.

    You emit a frequency every second, based on the thoughts you're thinking,
    The beliefs you hold and the thoughts you promote become the vibration you're emitting.

    Your thoughts therefore are in constant communication with an invisible field of potentials,
    Which then responds with a corresponding reality that you then experience as ordeals,

    Tune in to thoughts that feel good within; do not react to conditions without,
    You activate the vibration of the subject you're observing, restricting your desire from coming about.

    Observe not an unwanted reality and hold your image of what's wanted,
    Distract yourself from contradictory thoughts that pop into your head, uninvited.

    Your desire's like a moving train, it will surely reach it's destination!
    But an engine to the back you add each time, for every thought in contradiction!

    Conditions and people around shall change, but make not that your reason
    To stay away from Who-You-Truly-Are; and Unconditional Love comes to fruition.

    Desire and Contrast are the foundations of Life, for it helps the Universe expand;
    And it is these two vital aspects of Creation, that give Eternity a hand!

    You are the purest energy of Love, looking for a place to happen,
    But you resist it from flowing with ease, if you block it with your human notions.

    Every thing you ever laid eyes upon, is but someone's idea of awareness,
    When you take off the lens that form these perceptions, what remains is unadulterated Consciousness.

    You are sentient beings in a physical body, finding a way of expression,
    And once you understand Who-You-Truly-Are, it strips you of all illusion!

    You emerge from the same Source of Creation; yet you express as unique perceptions,
    You see yourself as separate souls, for your energies have bespoke vibrations.

    You view uniquely from individual perceptions, for variety is the essence of Nature,
    This instills ideas that inspire, that lead to evolution of the Future.

    So know your worth, my love, said the Voice; You are Infinite Intelligence in prowess,
    You're not so different from Who-We-Are, for We are Collective Consciousness.

    For you too are part of That-Which-We-Are, an Infinite soup of Wisdom,
    All you need is to believe in yourself, and you summon a Power you just can't fathom!

    Every day is a gift from the Universe; a fresh chance to direct thought to Creation,
    There's nothing that you cannot Be, Do or Have, For you ARE the Universe in ecstatic motion!

    I felt my eyes brimming with euphoric tears, a feeling of resonance with my Wholeness,
    I knew I'd found what I was looking for; Unconditional Love in it's absoluteness!

    I'm overcome with a feeling of inexplicable bliss; I find peace within to keep,
    Knowing what I now know I can never look back, without feeling gratitude that's deep!

    So I thank you for evoking strong desire in me that lead to a powerful disconnection,
    When you held your ground; not feathering my nest, you pushed me to my expansion.

    The world is living an apocalypse, submerged in a sea of ignorance,
    Thank you for freeing me of my own thoughts; Awakening The Truth within my conscience.

    I now see You beyond the bourne of body, You are an Eternal Soul,
    The fear of loss I possess no more; we're both equal parts of One Whole!

    You are worthy beyond words; Embody that thought in every pore;
    You're here as a Powerful Creator, Born to focus on your goal!

    And the goal isn't to find purpose; nothing to gain or achieve,
    You're a Creator adding to All-that-is, with your mind's focus that's unique!

    Time and space isn't linear, each frame of reality a projection of the senses,
    No Past nor Future, no legacy to leave behind, Only an illusion of an eternal NOW exists!

    So there's no race to run, no worthiness to prove; You're already worthy as can be,
    You've only come to express and experience as actors ; Follow your bliss and just be!

    My love for You has never been purer, for through eyes of Source I now see,
    And no matter what happens without, I've found Unconditional Love within me!


  • annt117 170w


    When I'm alone, I listen to the silence. So quiet and peaceful. The thoughts in my mind calm down. I can finally hear my own thoughts. I can hear God's voice. He's calling my name and says He loves me. I cry to Him. Sometimes, I cry for myself and other times, I cry for others. I pray that you will know how much He loves you. He suffered on the cross for your sins and died. He rose on the third day and overcame death for you. You can have eternal life in Jesus if you want it.

  • _redeemed04_ 186w

    Happily Ever After

    It takes courage for one to embrace each life's flaw and disaster
    'Cause in the end they're all part of the happily ever after

  • graceleahruth 189w


    Sun beamed radiance
    Flawlessly bright with specks of
    Spirit filled words of truth.


  • graceleahruth 199w

    "Eternal life"

    At that gliding moment
    I recall my breath of
    peace with restful harmony
    amidst hornets of desires, lust and ails..
    I never perceived how slowly permeating this unsearched truth,
    that sits covered in murky mortality, could ever be

  • graceleahruth 199w

    "Eternal life"

    At that gliding moment
    I recall my breath of
    peace with restful harmony
    amidst hornets of desires, lust and ails..
    I never perceived how slowly permeating this unsearched truth,
    that sits covered in murky mortality, could ever be