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  • abhishekkamble 19w

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    Meadows lying satirically!

    Burning sun melted upon the mountains wildfiring the trees,
    And boiled the seas enough for 'the adventures of Tintin',
    The kettle smoking the tea's steam while sipping,
    Waterfalls urging to scream for how dizzy is the fog breeze!
    Nonetheless his pastels could not ruin peace like Van Gogh,
    So agonized serious boughs,
    Turned to bushes and said, "now that you blinked, you realized? ",
    That every second forest loses the temper and smirks,
    And satirical meadows gasp for another artist's work!

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  • debangana_gogoi 21w

    For a dear Friend cause he wrote for me as well��
    Thank you
    You shall be remembered
    #memories #highschool #evenings #friendsforlife #friendship #schooltrips #time #years #hearts #forever #kids #youngadults

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    From Kids
    To Young adults
    We have remained friends
    Even after the long gap
    We managed to recap
    The old friendship

    What's in the menu?
    Chowmein, Chicken Lolipop
    Or Potato Chips?
    All those shack owners
    Must have seen us
    Eating every evening

    Shared Stories
    Shared memories
    Of some teen years
    Remain in our hearts
    Today and


  • manuhere 22w


    जब अंकों में जीता हूं
    क्यों प्राणहीन हूं प्रतिशत में
    क्या चक्रव्यूह लांघ सकता
    हूं इस खंडित रथ में
    सत्य असत्य सब सुंदर है
    मेरे शत पर संशय क्यों
    अक्षर क्यों हैं निर्वीय कुंठित
    मेरे पौरुष को भय क्यों
    जीवन का संबल है उषा
    कालिमा का अस्तित्व क्यों है
    जो भरा है भाव ,समर्पण से
    उसके भीतर ही रिक्त क्यों है
    वन्दना का स्वर क्यों है
    उनके प्रण,इनके व्रत में
    जब अंकों में जीता हूं
    क्यों प्राणहीन हूं प्रतिशत में

    मनु मिश्रा

  • manuhere 32w

    हम आदमी हैं बिखरते हैं बन जाते हैं
    इस गम और खुशी में जीना नहीं भूलते।

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    " हमने अंधेरों के साए में खुद को छुपाना छोड़ दिया ,
    रेत के किलों ने सागर से घबराना छोड़ दिया । "
    मनु मिश्रा "

  • abhishekkamble 41w

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    Dedicated to my love❤

    "Meri khwaishe bhi tujhme hai,
    Jo tu Mange Wahi mang lu,
    Bas Itni si khwaish ab sirf meri hai".
    - ©abhishekkamble

    Her sunflower vase

    Her wardrobe painted a blue of his denims, while she sat in her purple gown appealing to the iron board, the steam of his t shirts, it made her realize the iron swaying over the roughs when she breathed all the air in, she pinched her thoughts when she sensed her fingers shallowed over her dimple cheeks, the redness her cheeks had was the paint of red roses he once blushed with, she said to herself, "oh it's almost time", she glanced over the window pane as curtains blew the wheezing wind, "mumma! Oh mumma!" She heard a little shout, that crawled in to peep his mumma through the creaking doorway, she gasped a sigh and bent over to be his embrace.
    "Mumma papa!", The child blabbered as she looked into his tiny eyes that saw her first, she told him, "hey kid, daddy will be coming home, he works hard no, he goes office, he bring fruits, he bring toys, he loves mumma and you", the child whispered a chuckle and pointed his finger at mumma's nose as she kissed his forehead with all her affectionated motherhood, she tucked his head on her bosom, while he hung around her neck with his loosening hold, before she could sing a twinkle twinkle her son already snored a sleep. She then sat on the couch watching the munchkin and pondered how her son will be pulling his bag strap cause it might be too heavy to hung on his delicate shoulder, unaware that they are the bones least bothered about themselves and as she was grabbing her cellphone, he rang the doorbell ! She got up gradually and tip toed her slippers and opened the safety door, looking at her man she couldn't be more impatient than this, to tightly wrap her warmth around his perfumed white collared formals, he always stared at her with the face he looked at her, the eyebrows bowed upon the forehead and the lips longing to curve a bit more and the 'honey please open the door' had her sleepless afternoons evanesce in front of her sight.
    He told her, "ah it was another busy day but hey there's something I have, I have been waiting to give you this", happy at his curious girl, he asked her, "but no cheating you gotta close your eyes first", just to ensure a fair play he blindfolded her "ever waiting" questions, held her hands and asked her to keep them still, he then opened her blindfold and she got her brand new dress that she reluctantly added in her 'wishlist' cart, she jumped and clinged to him, he caressed her sweated and tensed head and rubbed her back which was tired of standing a day long with her multi-tasking, He said, "I knew girl, you waited for my paycheck but how could I wait to see you being this kid again, now you will get a day off and I will do the dishes", she slapped his cheek teasingly and said to herself, " I had never seen a skyline so starry but you gave me a different frame"
    Suddenly he banged his head on his study table, "oh when I fell asleep thinking what all I could do for you", and he sighed, there's still time we marry and he snapped back to the glass window, where he stuck his 'to do' list. He said in his thoughts, "girl thodasa wait, I am getting ready my suite!".

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  • _disha_jn_ 42w

    A Promise

    When I sit out in the open, after an abominal day,
    And look up at the evening sky
    From beneath the cluster of silver clouds,
    Shines the soft rays of the fading sunlight.
    The sky wears the Cape
    Of a purplish-orange hue,
    And the cool breeze blows faintly, ruffling my hair, Somehow taking with it, my worries too.
    A wave of serenity washes over me
    It calms my agitated soul,
    The rush of the day had indeed,
    Taken on me its toll.
    But the twilight brings with it
    a stream of tranquility
    And the gleam of the setting sun,
    Comes with a promise, of a new and better day
    A sweet sounding melody.


  • thehighghalib 42w

    Shaam bhi koi jaise hai nadi ke armaan lekar,
    Ek baar fir pahaadon ki taraf chale,
    Kuch din beete aur jeb hui khaali,
    Laut kar wapas apne tamaashe ko chale.


  • nehalgupta 50w


    Evenings are high on love,
    Surrendering golden hues,
    That remained blinded,
    Under the covers of blue skies.


  • stardust_writes 50w

    Evenings are high on love and
    the crimson sky flirts with the setting sun.
    You gave me a lovely sunset kiss,
    in the meadow of wild wood violets.

    Evenings with sunsets are lover's paradise,
    with hues of orange splashed in the sky.
    Evenings are never the same without you,
    It's that time of the day that I get to sneak out.

    Evenings promise me a joy of seeing you,
    the evening moon knows all our secrets.
    The inner child in me jumps with glee,
    as if handed a candy, on catching your glimpse.

    Evenings are full of love, bliss and passion,
    the infinite sky echoes our love's song.
    The breezy winds are lover's messengers,
    they carry the silent whispers of our hearts.

    Evenings are beautiful canvas paintings,
    with the artist being the gods of heaven.
    The color changing spectacle is a sight to behold,
    captivating the audiences, leaving them spellbound.

    I think I can't have enough of the evenings,
    because they bring us together, me and you.
    They say sunset marks the end of the day,
    but they prove endings are beautiful too.


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  • myspilledink 50w

    Evenings are high on Love
    The sun setting, Moon rising above
    The birds going back to shelters
    Awakening are the night admirers
    See the skies, it changes from bright
    Into an aura that is soothing nice
    The winds they become calmer
    Arousing the hidden ardor
    Sense the vibes, I will close your eyes
    Trust me, I will take you to a place
    That will make you mesmerized
    Ain't need any weed
    Embrace me, I will make you warm
    Let us be high on the nature
    Living in city, you forgot its charm
    Your head on my shoulder
    Everyday witnessing this and getting older
    Engrossed in welcoming the wonderful night
    Ohh I am enchanted by this delight!

    Pic credits:Pinterest
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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Sense the vibes, I will close your eyes
    Trust me, I will take you to a place
    That will make you mesmerized


  • shyaryaa 58w

    वो शाम कुछ अजीब थी, ये शाम भी अजीब है
    वो कल भी पास-पास थे,वो आज भी करीब हैं ।।��
    पूराने गाने>>>>>

    #sunset #evenings #shaam #dhaaltishaam #love
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writingsforapurpose

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    एक शाम और

    चलो आज फिर चले,
    अपने-अपने घर की छतों पे,
    फिर वही गाने सूनते ,
    हवाओ मे एक-दूसरें का एह्सास करते,
    आसमान के तले, अलग-अलग ही सही
    एक शाम और ढलते देखने ।।


  • a_gentilischi 59w

    (dedicated to my favourite Atheist)


    Your elegant fingers
    Dance on the piano keys
    Like a flock of birds in flight
    Trailing tendrils of molten fire
    Waxing and waning with the ����������
    On my empty, starving sky
    The rich notes and harmonies
    Caress my aching soul
    Satisfying a deep loss
    That I hadn't known to exist in me

    To see the curve of your bared wrist
    Turned in to nacreous gold
    In the dying sunlight
    Exposed and so vulnerable
    In the ���������������� ��������������
    Of a lull between notes

    The hollow that appears
    Between pale blue veins
    When you strike a passionate chord
    Begs for the brush of warm lips
    And the soft sigh that escapes
    When your fingers strain beyond an octave
    Makes my head spin
    And my throat go dry
    With the force of my own feelings

    The fall of ebony curls
    Like dark ink on pale skin
    Body painted with chiaroscuro
    Is a fresco in its own right
    That I could stare at for ����������
    Till forever comes and goes

    I do not know what I love most
    These melancholy sonatas that you play
    In silver strains of ���������� ������������
    Or the cleverly suppressed smile
    On your rosebud mouth

    A young Bacchus resplendent in glory
    That even the great Caravaggio*
    Would tear his canvas in jealousy

    And I am rooted to the spot
    Robbed of movement and speech
    Lost in your music
    Lost in you

    Bacchus is the roman god of wine and revelry. He's often depicted as a beautiful young man, especially in one of the works by Caravaggio*, which I refer to here.

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #oxymoron #whc #wod #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #music #love #life #light #beauty #melody
    #melancholy #evenings #art #bacchus

    Happy belated birthday wishes, Tammy! ����������������

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  • intuitivepoet 63w

    The morning light slowly started to shun away with the beginning of the dusk. People were talking, children were playing and it was quite an evening so replenishing. The streets filled with chaos and her mind with ranting and ruminating thoughts. She rushes out to witness the beautiful sunset, to feel the tender winds. It makes all her worries and stress to vanish within moments. Whenever she feels at loss or is worried about the uncertainties she's dealing with and to seek peace, she simply chooses to be caressed by the evening suns. It's getting darker, yet she was staring unwaveringly into the depths of the sky, letting the nature cure her anxieties. She was loving it at its best. And she almost forgot the house hold chores to be done, the responsibilities she has chosen to keep herself busy. She went back in after the dusk appeared. All the stress she has carried and was holding inside her for pretty much the entire day disappeared with a little ray of shine bestowed upon her. With a bewitching experience, and a smile on her face she continues to stay peaceful that night.

  • k_yes_yes 66w

    Smiling Sun sliding into Sky's lap


  • scribblesandmemories 67w

    The evening seems dark,
    Covered in a shroud of mystery
    And a shade of blue - so stark!

    I try to look up at the sky,
    Wishing it glittered bright
    And made me leave a happy sigh!

    And then they appeared like magic,
    The flock of sparkling fireflies
    They swayed with the breeze and left me ecstatic!

    So I walked into the little piece of heaven,
    Soft dewy grass below my feet
    I float like a piece of cloud - happy, content and enliven!


  • _shattered_soul 80w

    In the era of sophisticated life in resturants within walls,
    Be my simple life on terrace under the same sky ❤️


  • nidz_z 81w

    Everyday when dusk melts upon my face, i see my vision blurring.
    All those memories are now my miseries..


  • lalitha_l2 82w

    My evenings seem complete when my tired soul rested in the love nest of him.❤️

  • lalitha_l2 83w

    When the #sky, #blues,
    When the #fire, #flames,
    #We #together, the #matched #souls,
    Having the contact of #eyes,
    In these #lovely #evenings,
    #Forgetting ourselves,
    In the #ocean of these #love #glaciers.

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    When the sky, blues,
    When the fire, flames,
    We together, the matched souls,
    Having the contact of eyes,
    In these lovely evenings,
    Forgetting ourselves,
    In the ocean of these love glaciers.

  • scribblesandmemories 85w

    Sitting in the silence
    Of this breezy evening
    I find my soul stir,
    I hear my own heart beating
    I understand what it says
    And I realize what it wants spur!

    I must breathe
    I must stop running
    And I must end these futile races,
    I must live in every moment
    I must take in the small joys
    And only in that, I'll truly be going places!