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  • bonitasarahbabu 7w

    Mistakes made in life,
    Those are lessons learned in life.
    Successes gained in life,
    Either leads to humility or arrogance.
    Places traveled,
    Food eaten,
    Ailments cured or now part of life,
    It all leads to something.
    Everything that happens in our lives,
    It will either make us or break us.
    Choose wisely.

  • _barbie__ 7w

    Be it weather
    or your life
    The line that justify every
    change in your life is
    "Everything happens for a reason♡


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    Change comes with goodness,when you accept it with joy

  • waitaminute 7w

    Just a fiction.

    I got lost finding address that existed long ago.I thought things will never change,you me or anything. Life is so dynamic ,we are stories written by us and even we don't know what will happen next.I followed every right step but I guess I reached wrong destination.We were never meant to meet yet we did ,but being together forever was not destined.Even if those house numbers are same ,but we are not same.I thought finding you was the only way to find me again but I forgot I wanted to find a past story,no one want to read even though it used to be a best seller one day ."I am returning to my shore and may your waves never strike me again."Everything leads to everything,these small changes we made while editing our stories just changed whole meaning it was based on.

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  • bubbly_bluebells 7w

    Instead of now I think life is me what I think in that moment.
    Don't be available for everyone you know, don't be blind to their actions.

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    Everything you could feel is you,in that version already,match the distance and suspire.

  • sheez_happiee 8w

    A world where Love is Lovely
    Life is Eosoteric
    and We are Perfect

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    My eyes lock with mine in the mirror as I sing and dance, penning a poetry. And soon my strings are scattered to the rubies underneath my twirling barefoot, to the candy sky out of the window in my room, to my smile through the artistic moves, to the rings around Saturn across the rainbows in my heart to connect with the strings of your soul in an ethereal world where
    Love is Lovely
    Life is Eosoteric and
    We are Perfect
    That was when everything was lost and found.


  • ersheeen 8w

    Everything is oxymoron

    She was a daughter of oxymoron,
    where everything was a fictional truth lie.
    She was a insominia patient with,
    full of lost day dreams.
    She was a hot cold coffee full of,
    poisonous sugary bitterness.
    She was a lost found idea where she,
    got the right-acute same.
    She was a sharp dull blink which,
    was way too pretty hilarious.
    She was a diary with no words.
    She was a moon with no scars.
    She was a heart with no love.
    She was a conversation with no talks.
    She was a equal different number with,
    right wrong answer.

  • mahtobpensdown 8w

    In this clearly confused world, with a small crowd, everything is almost exactly working with a miracle, with the same difference between you and me! We live in awe of the creator and smile sheepishly on our only choice to admire his ways of teaching us a lesson, when he experiences exquisite agony for our never changing childish behaviour!

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    In this clearly confused world, with a small crowd, everything is almost exactly working with a miracle, with the same difference between you and me! We live in awe of the creator and smile sheepishly on our only choice to admire his ways of teaching us a lesson, when he experiences exquisite agony for our never changing childish behaviour!

  • writersbay 8w

    Write something after getting inspired from the excerpt below. How does everything lead to everything?

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    Maybe there's a whole other universe where a square moon rises in the sky, and the stars laugh in cold voices, and some of the triangles have four sides, and some have five, and some have five raised to the fifth power of sides. In this universe there might grow roses which sing. Everything leads to everything.

    – Stephen King

  • chagan_arshiya 71w

    To write

    People often say that poetry comes when you have a heartbreak, it's not true for all.
    I write when I feel to write
    It doesn't need to be sad
    I write when I am happy as a laughing child
    I write when I am in crowd struggling to see that cat meowing
    I write when I am in bed staring that bleak air and changing sides to get comfortable
    I write when I'm in love with the person who doesn't even know this
    I write about the person's eyes, blinking between the air and the ocean of that gleaming eyes
    I write about the smile that spreads just to please me
    I write about the wrinkled face the beggarwoman makes
    I write about the joy on the child's face, when he sees me jerking my face to make him laugh
    I write what my mind tell me to,
    To write, everything is my muse pushing my fingers to write it until I finished the ink circulating in my brain.
    But I could never write, when I'm sad


  • hafeezhmha 72w

    It's been a long time since you passed
    away and joined the stars,
    I'm still unable to heal from the tragic loss,
    It still seems so unreal to me,
    Your presence meant everything to me,
    Your memories are etched on my heart,
    How could I let you go?
    How could I forget a part of myself?

    I still miss our little talks
    Our candlelight dinners and
    Our long night walks.
    I remember your smile and
    how it lifted me up,
    I remember your touch and
    how it gave me comfort,
    I remember your laugh and
    how i loved listening to it,
    I still miss the essence of those days
    i spent with you.

    The days when we danced merrily
    with all our heart filled with euphoria,
    We collided like two enigmatic stars.
    I never thought that our celestial dance
    would come to an end and a curtain of
    mortality and tragedy would obscure
    our pure love.

    When you were around me, the time seemed to stop and my little messy world would turn into a magical sparkle. All my melancholies would perish. The night would become much more numinous and magical.
    Being with you under the summer sky and observing the stars is all i ever desired.
    When you look into my eyes, my heart swayed between despair and hope and my soul then is filled with joy and melody,
    What do they call this feeling again?
    Maybe.. Love

    You are still the star in my sky, the light in my life and the orange in my sunset.
    I know we both felt the same thing, even though we didn't say. My naive heart kept falling for you, but little did I know that you had to go. All my sanity was etiolated as i submerged myself in eternal pain.
    I still have tears in my eyes, and an ache in my heart. All there's left are your precious memories now.
    All your love and affection
    I could never repay,
    and yet, i think of you almost everyday.


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  • ashamurali 72w

    A young mother has to come to terms that she is not the only influence in her child's life. The truth of tooth fairy makes both the child and mother realise life is changing.
    The whole piece revolves around the word of the day "everything"

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    Tooth fairy truth

    "My mommy knows everything!
    No! Your mommy knows nothing!"

    The baby comes in storming,
    With big salty tears gushing.
    She was all of eight,
    Very smart and bright.

    Mommy hugged her tight,
    Hugs magically makes it alright.
    Amidst tears she spoke,
    As her voice did choke

    Seeing the shiny tooth fairy gift,
    Her friend's opinion was swift,
    "mommy made you a fool"
    her friend declared at school.

    With opinions all contrary,
    Is there anything as tooth fairy?
    Mommy is it true she asked,
    No longer truth can be masked.

    I cant tell you if fairies exist,
    This I tell you since you insist,
    Its your option to believe in it,
    There is no debate on it.

    Mommy has to accept the fact,
    That others make an impact,
    As baby sipped hot cocoa,
    Mommy slipped from being super hero.

    Part of growing up process,
    No need for distress,
    It's all in the course of journey from
    Mommy knows everything,
    To mommy knows nothing!


  • wilmaneels 72w

    Everything she ever wanted
    Was wrapped up in him
    How do you verbalize your needs
    Knowing what you really want is within reach

    The only downside is you are not sure
    If you will get to experience it

    Life is give and take
    Sometimes you give so much of yourself
    You end up not knowing who you are

    In the end
    All she ever wanted was everything

  • harshad09 72w


    that hides itself




    it tends

    to bury



  • harshad09 72w

    Nothing in the world is more cute than an innocent smile /

    Nothing in the world is more beautous than a satisfied face /

    Nothing in the world is more transperent than pure selfless love /

    Nothing in the world is more encouraging than a supportive touch /

    Nothing in the world is more strong than a dedicated devotion /

    Nothing in the world is more appealing than a call for bread /

    Nothing in the world is more scintillating than nature at its virgin best /

    Nothing in the world is more calm than some soothing peace /

    Nothing in the world is more noble than an uplifting , a rebellion for a noble cause /

    Nothing in the world ...

    // Nothing in the world is competent enough
    to match some poetic finesse //

    For ...

    // EVERYTHING that's BEST in the world ,
    collaborates together to brew


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  • bclark2681 72w

    All Will End

    Everything will end someday
    In my great yet saddened life,
    My anxiety, my depression and
    All the hell associated with it
    I'll be elated to wave it goodbye
    Yet sad to watch it escape my soul

  • bclark2681 72w


    Everything she accomplishes with
    Me in our life together means
    Everything blessed in this trying world
    She's giving, heartfilled, amazing,
    She keeps me happily grounded
    Together in life's bed we're curled

  • jaya___ 72w

    Everything that sunsets means to a poet....

    My seventh ever Mirakee collaboration was with some of the most loved and talented poets here, the sanguine @sangfroid_soul and
    the hilarious @kehta_hai_joker and the superbly sweet @sifar It was one of my best time spent here indeed!! My heartfelt thanks to all such amazing wordsmiths.

    First part is sangfroid's, second is sifar's, third is joker's, last is mine.
    The four poets' works were long and lucid, I pruned them a bit do check their respective profiles for the full artwork.
    Sunsets have always intrigued me ever since I could see. Certain chains of thoughts and unsolved mysteries latching into the unknown corners of my mind. Were sunsets a secret meeting? Or a mourning? Or an eulogy? Or a love letter written with tears and blood? Or a passionate embrace?
    The sun slowly sets down and the night began to arrive,
    Dark started fainting dazzle, all over the horizon, among infinities.
    And I too started fading along with it, in the evocative obscurity
    Is this suffocating sunset deemed to be the setting of my life too?
    I get anxiety
    around sunsets
    While others enjoy the sky undress
    I see the sun drowning,
    Running as if the Moon lit sky is cajoled into lending light a threat
    by moon,
    Simply increasing his previous debt...
    Beyond the distant horizon
    The sun walks away yet again
    Leaving lamenting twilight
    On her own in pain...
    Her lace of pink and deep orange
    Darkens into murky shades
    Her kalopsia
    With the sun around
    Breaks tonight.
    With the setting sun in Waters deep
    And she here in parched out sand
    This sunset was zemblanity...

    Yet finally a peace on her restive soul
    It's not only the sunrise of hope
    Which is pulchritudinous so
    It's lonely sunsets like these
    Where Independence is sowed.
    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar (and above mentioned poets) 5-9-2020

    Catch all my collaboration at #j_collab
    #pod #daadisbae @writersnetwork #everythingc #team_famous_five

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  • blue_symphony 72w

    His existence is everything like a winter sunset,
    A lost cloud passing by, creating a shape on aesthetic sky.


  • _mathematics 72w

    It's hard to recollect hope not absurd. I may have weakened inside still raise up high wait until it's my time.

    #everythingc @writersbay
    bg: rightful owner

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    Everything means her, not your telling people.

  • anonymous_562 72w

    Remember the difference...

    Self respect Is everything.
    Never surrender it for someone other than your soul.

    Having a ego is not bad
    But having a bad ego is the worst.

    Having friends is not bad, but
    Bad relationship can change good people,
    Be wise about whom you develop friendship with.

    Having an attitude is not bad,
    But how you express it makes the difference.

    Never share your secrets with anyone,
    Its obvious that people change someday and
    They easy know your weakness.

    Family is everything,
    Only people who aren't jealous of your success.

    Don't use promise for everything
    And never give your promise for someone else, to use it in future. Its gonna harm you.