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  • diary_la 1d

    It's funny, but-
    I'm happier without you


  • mr_realitygram 4w

    Note to Dear Ex

    I thought I'm feeling too much to pain to hold you down
    I felt you're not being treated with utmost fairness
    I felt I need to heal by myself, all alone
    I felt you deserve to be happy, may be with someone else more happier than myself
    I thought your commitment is too solid than my fibble depressed personality
    I felt wasting your time will cause more harm than affection
    I just want to see you happy even if you're not happy with me
    Take this as a cross over message to let you know I care and I miss you dearly
    Happy new year in advance

  • riyagupta__ 4w

    Just feeling a bit low ,so thought to pen down my feelings on a piece of paper
    Please read , do comment and tell how's it?

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    I do feel

    I do feel sadness sometimes,
    Accepting it as a part of my life.
    But happiness,love ,peace,
    Is what I always think,
    I can never deserve.
    Loneliness,panic and anxiety
    are my three soulmates
    making fun of me,
    whispering in my ears
    "Hey you can never win over us,
    So stop trying"
    I can see loneliness proposing me
    "Baby doll ! We both will live together
    I'll not let anyone come and seprate us",
    Panick sitting on my head and dancing
    "You look beautiful this way,after all you love me a lot",
    Anxiety holding my hands and refusing to leave
    "Babe,You should be proud of me.
    I'll accompany you even if you don't want to."
    And all I can see is myself shouting at all three of them
    "Leave me alone".
    Sometimes happiness offering me wine on our date, making me all blushy and happy saying
    "I actually suits on your face.i love the way your eyes shine when I'm around."
    Making me wonder "what price I have to pay for it?"
    I have seen my three soulmates pushing my happiness out,
    Warning me to be worse if I'll ever try to leave them.
    I have seen love sitting in front of me asking for just one chance to make my life beautiful.
    But all that comes to my mind is
    He is faking it. He would be the one who would push me into the darkness leaving me alone to fight.
    Now comes my long lost best friend
    Which just pulled the love and warned him that I would never ever leave my insecurities for love .
    For me love is the last option.
    Listening this love just left me there in the black hole
    Hating me and not hoping to see me again.
    No no, I'm not single
    I'm in a relationship,
    Not one but many
    A toxic relationship with
    A complicated one with panic,
    And hookups with anxiety.
    Now whether I'm a Playgirl
    Or a dark girl , with a dark soul with no light around,
    Its for you to judge ,
    I don't mind it.
    Afterall Who knows
    Maybe with time
    I'll accept my these three soulmates
    And my long lost bestfriend
    Hoping to live a life with them
    Full of miseries and struggles.


  • riyagupta__ 5w

    Just feeling a bit low ,so thought to pen down my feelings on a piece of paper
    Please read , do comment and tell how's it?

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #love #attachment #facade #secondlove #brokenheart #broken #ex #sad

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    He says I love you but.....

    He says I love you but....
    The smile at that time on his face seems forced,
    Not genuine, maybe hiding some secrets,
    "You okay??", I asked getting worried seeing those frowning lines on his forehead,
    He looked away suddenly wiping those pearls falling from his eyes
    "Yeah I'm" he said in a shivering voice.
    It seems like he is present here but his soul is away in some other world,
    Waiting for someone special,
    Who, unfortunately I wasn't.
    The mere idea of loosing him makes my eyes filled with tears.
    Still smiling I said"Look at those stars, they are beautiful,aren't they???" resting my head on his shoulder gazing stars on full moon night.
    "Yeah yeah" he said trying to divert the conversation to some other end.
    "You still love her right??"I suddenly asked making him startled by my sudden question.
    "But we can never be together,so it really doesn't matter.Dont get so insecure"He replied with a tint of rudeness in his voice.
    "Yeah I'm sorry"is all I managed to whisper.
    Only I knew how much hard it is too be some girls replacement in my guy's life, but the deal is love,
    Afterall I can't leave him at this point of time.
    I have seen the smile playing on his lips at the mention of her name,
    I have seen him crying when she misunderstands him for something he has never done,
    But in my heart I knew I want that love which he has in his heart for her,
    It feels stuck, neither can I move forward towards him,
    What if she comes back claiming for his heart which only belongs to her,
    Neither can I move backward
    Leaving him alone then tagging myself as a cheater,
    "You are my present , Don't make the things worse between us.You promised to accept all of my goods and bads,now cribbing like a kid behaving immaturely" He said breaking the chain of my thoughts.
    How would I make him understand that yeah I can accept the goods the bads but how would I accept the heart which doesn't belong to me.
    "I'm sorry ,this won't happen again. Sorry for hurting you again and again.
    But she would have stayed if she would have loved you"
    "Stop it!,I don't want to hear anything against her."he literally blasted like fire on me, and left me alone on beach at the dark night.
    That day I knew where I stand,
    That day I realised may be saying "I love you" doesn't matter,only the feeling" I love you" matters.
    The day I decided to distance myself from the second guy in my life.
    Yeah may be I'm a Playgirl in front of the world,
    But only I knew what price I have to pay for my love and attachment every fu**ing time.

    If you're not over from your ex,just don't move to next.
    Someone's feeling are not the medicine that you need to heal from you ex-lovers syndrome.

  • kamrie872 5w

    I'm not all cleansed out yet
    There are still some dusty boxes
    With certain memories I'll get to
    But he helped sweep up the floor
    Sorted through a few
    And decorated my soul with candles
    There's a portrait of his kindness
    Hung on a wall slowly fading
    Not every ending
    Will leave a box
    I can't sort through
    On my own
    He left me with gifts I didn't see
    A soft hum in my heart
    A calm glow when I speak
    A memory of goodness
    When most of mine were bad

  • boredscrolls 6w

    Break the pedestal

    You think so highly of them
    As if they descended from heaven
    All the shenanigans of normal humans
    Were so beneath them
    You thought the world of them.
    Normal emotions didn't affect them
    A calibrated superhuman
    Taking each step with precision

    Why you always
    Keep them on this pedestal
    So far away
    And so far beyond
    Everyone else
    And you

    Why do you think that
    Because you once owned them
    They are the most precious
    Thing to ever walk on earth

    Break the pedestal
    See them for what they are
    Remove your contacts
    Remove the veil
    Through which you bejeweled them
    Always in your perspective

    Break the pedestal
    See the truth
    See that everyone is just
    As human as you

  • sureshs_ 7w

    #love #ex thoughts #lonely time

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    A night

    Without you becoming a day !


  • shahjahanscribbles 7w

    ‌ அவளும் சென்னையும்

    நீ என்னை விட்டுப் போனாலும் சென்னை விட்டுப் போகாதடி


  • thalianoya 7w

    Old Lover

    warm sunny day
    could it be any warmer if you were here?
    the sound of the waves flashbacks the old days
    but your shadow's never close to being near

    your shadow..
    are you standing in front of me?
    or is it the memory birthing your wishful scent?

    no way it could be true
    something about the sky
    it doesn't look as blue
    at least not when you cry

    but what on the good old day
    that I see you as nothing but real?
    what on the good hopeful days
    that you're nowhere but near?

    can't just let myself rain
    but darling I can't sense my feet
    I sure to die I was sane
    but surely now sane is not my fit

    wake me up when it's morning
    well, it is morning and I'm running
    away from the time our love was right
    the time my heart lost its sight

    it's mellow..
    the way you say my name
    it never gets old

    present me your hand
    and you lock it with mine
    as if you're under an oath
    to not let your rose die

    ..ever again.


  • kamrie872 8w

    When my tongue had an anchor on it
    he loosened the chains
    When my ghosts kept haunting me
    he wasn't afraid
    I never had to ask to breathe
    he set me on a hot air balloon
    to show me the space I had to roam
    Before I could try
    he was already dialing me up
    His eyes were in bold letters
    Cheering me on
    His lips chapped
    Yet never ran out of validations for me
    He planted a seed and meant it
    Nobody else had
    Even in my healing
    I found growth
    and appreciation

  • writtersfeelingz 8w

    Sun to le meri jaan

    Wapas ek baar
    Dil ke saath
    Is baar dosti ke nàam pe
    Pyar ki kasam
    Is baar khushi se uski
    Nayi pyar ki lamhe banke
    Ek aur bewafai ki kahani
    Sunlo meri jaan..
    Kahi agala kahani humari na ho

  • joyfuljoel 8w

    We are met with sadness
    A thing so hefty and murky
    That it pulls all of our souls to the earth
    It pulls even our stomach parts within themselves
    But they fight back and make a great churning

    We are met with sadness
    A thing heft and murky
    This thing: living without you

    I have met the emptiness
    The spaces between my fingers
    where yours went
    The ghost memories of your smile
    The haunting miasma of how you smelt
    Who knew dancing with flowers could kill you
    Playing with every memory of you

    I have met sadness
    She came when you left


  • rahoof 9w

    This silence which I am trapped in surrounds me like an incomprehensible cotton ball.
    Where I find myself held down to a nailed out plank.
    From where I struggle to make a comeback.

    I am lost in a murky lake of blankness,
    in a motionless heathen of debilitating silence.
    I row my boat in hopes of finding Something
    Clear open blue and bright.
    Instead I found my paddles stuck in between
    Muddy roots of a shallow lake.

    -on depression


  • kamrie872 11w

    Oh, my heart, it's my fault
    I wore it on my sleeve
    He spoke, I broke
    My guard wasn't up
    Knew I wasn't ready
    Spilling, falling
    Thought he jumped with me
    He remained grounded
    Careful with every word spoken
    I landed in this mess
    Tried to make sense of it
    With everything on the line
    It was time to get back up in silence

  • euphoriccree 12w

    I so hate the fact that now I can't live without what I was living without before. . .
    Cree Sameon♡

  • euphoriccree 14w

    Death Of Your Undying Love.

    Your smile is a lie,
    But true were my cries
    When you played me like a dice
    I couldn't even suffice
    I thought our love would never die
    And I know I tried
    To make us last
    But you made me your past
    And you're getting over me so fast
    Who could ever have imagined?
    That your love for me could end
    And you'll leave my wounds for me to tend.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • euphoriccree 15w

    How Are You Doing Darling?

    You asked how I was.
    And I think why you care
    Or was it just a dare?
    Cause I really fear to tell.
    But in truth,
    It's the past that haunts,
    And the memories that taunt
    Because it's you I still want.
    And yes darling
    I'm doing very well,
    Even if I'm broken and in tears.
    Because you're now an ex
    And you left me a mess.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • rahoof 15w

    Crustacean people

    Crab man! - crab man! - Crab man!
    They yelled at me on my sister's wedding
    They yelled at me, for they saw me wearing
    A shell over my insecure skin

    They ask me not to hide from my kin
    Must remain comfortable in a family gathering
    surprise not in case we bring a scale
    dont be nervous, fail freely young man!

    Imagine what faces they make
    and how they weigh things with their eyes
    Cant help it When the scale Start tilting
    More and more over to the other side

    Yes, this is the life of a crab man
    who had grown keratin shells for his skin.
    Ask if he's tired of living with people
    who weighs shells with their own judgemental skin

    But just at the end of every occasion
    I grow a shell, thicker than the last one
    Just like a crab changing it's shell
    I prepare myself - for another season


  • rahoof 16w

    My euphoria of pain

    Of the many pain I have to go through everyday
    The one that I enjoy the most are the ones about her.
    You would ask, how does one pick favourites
    from their sufferings?
    But there is no other answers to that
    other than-
    "I have to go through this everyday."
    Even if I dont want to-
    My mind is packed with toxins for depression,
    And it decides to screw me often with general anxiety.

    Of the many pain I suffer, I like the most when I suffer thinking about her,
    It was always a kind of an euphoric sweet sensation of pain, acceptance and longing.
    One of the most enjoyable pain that I had ever felt.
    Closed chapter or a broken bridge you can call it whatever,
    you may ask for me to move on and spend more time with my family.
    To that I say,
    of the many few who gets me for who I am,
    family is not among them.

    They might ask,
    why are you being so hard on yourself, you have a roof over your head, you have food to eat, you have all your limbs and is not paralysed from the waist down like the most unfortunate.

    Yes, I am grateful for what I have
    But sometimes I crave for something more
    Than limbs more than food more than a house,
    When I crave for peace of mind.
    I think the most unfortunate people are the ones who fail to find peace for themselves.

    My first experience of anxiety was horrific.
    I even struggled to swallow food and water,
    And I got so fed up with my fear of failure,
    Even with all my limbs I had doubted every step I took with them.
    You can be the richest person of the planet and still end up being worthless
    If you cant find peace of mind.
    That's why people often say that money can't buy happiness
    For me, money is essential but its existence was always sceptical,
    It is funny how money often buys friends but not their loyalty,
    Wonder how it makes your father say that he is only proud If you find out a way
    to successfully make it by yourself.
    This often raises a series of questions that scrambles one's mind
    Wasn't he proud of me anyway?
    Wasn't he proud of being a father to a son that he gave life to?
    Why do you always have to be valued off of your success rather than your attempts to get there?

    The neglect, the isolation, abandonment
    Coupled with misfortune really test your will to live,
    Testing your will, for a reason not to take that final desicion.
    people often nearly end up deciding to tie a noose or to take a cold blade to their vein,
    Or an overdose of pills that doze you off to a never ending sleep,
    Or even wishing for a cardiac arrest on their deepest sleep for a painless death.
    All for proving a point,
    To make you people realise that the pain that they brag about everyday were true all along.
    Dont turn down a person even more if they are already feeling low, lonely or depressed.
    Sadly people end up feeling guilty only after the lose of a life.
    Technically this is not murder,
    but from the perspective of the people who end up committing suicide,
    Their experience of last days could never end up being more sorrowful than those lives inside Nazi concentration camps.
    So people should be held accountable for pushing them to that extreme.

    And from a person who suffers from the pain of uncontrollable racing thoughts,
    Who is struggling to even focus on the littlest things,
    who you blame their head is not at all there,

    Of the many things he suffer each day
    The best was always the ones about her.


  • terbell 16w

    I'm tired of you
    I've walked away
    You give me nothing
    And that bores me
    For once I don't care
    What you have to offer
    Because it's always a lie
    And I'm tired of games
    I'm not playing anymore