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  • thequillofsarah 7w

    The firefly's spark

    That flammable body which

    many confuses it as a





    to light up; to


    a new



    the burning

    fire used

    the golden light

    that the gaps of

    the past revealed.

    How can you

    ever trust

    the fire again?

    the one



    your house?

    You reached for

    warmth like

    it was

    the ice age,

    you reached

    for the light

    like a

    moth, yet,




    to hide

    in the


    of your own

    sanctuary's palms,

    the room


    of your

    past pieces of

    peace, and calmness.

    How can you

    ever trust





    the one who

    turned you

    into a



    you still went

    out to

    the 'old'

    garden where

    the calamity took,

    that piercing

    light thru

    suffocating clouds

    reminds you

    of sanguine


    that nurture

    you ever so


    If a firefly died


    of it's own natural

    spark, would

    it still be able

    to light it up again

    using the ashes

    of it's dying


    Or would it make

    a shelter for

    other fireflies

    who also have

    lost their spark

    to relight

    their flammable

    bodies and

    and let the one

    that built the

    warm oasis


    If i were one

    of those flashlights

    that lost

    my royal glow,

    i'd rather

    let the

    325 lumens


    in the empty

    spaces of darkness.

  • mebalamare 46w

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    you painted
    daisies on my skin
    when I swear it felt
    like spring
    but Autumn was just
    around the corner
    and everything was
    Perfectly placed


  • layedinpink 55w

    Coffee Shop Soundtrack

    I blame you

    For making me see shapes in summer clouds and coffee foams
    That I end up hating the rain and drinking
    For making me want to listen to classic 90s love songs in jeans
    That I end up wanting to smile while dancing

    I blame you

    For making me want you to hesitate
    Everytime you leave for good night
    For making me love the future tenses
    Of the poems I am yet to write

    I blame you

    For making me wonder how cruel the world could be
    If we would end up not seeing this eye to eye
    Cause I won't have the strength to stay sober
    Without getting used to whispering goodbyes


  • serinktherapy 68w

    Dearest Somebody

    I feel so alone. Truth is I am.
    Knees on the sand with tears in my hands.
    Fighting in the darkness, fighting against time.
    Finding a way to keep lit, this little light of mine.
    Dearest somebody somewhere please hear my plee.
    Help me find peace in this world, help me remain me.
    Share your life stories, teach me all that you know.
    Listen to mine, be there for me as I grow.
    I feel so alone, Truth is I am.
    Accepting nothing seems to go quite like its been planned.
    Almost as soon as I get excited.
    The darkness gets delighted.
    Ive noticed the pattern, so walk a different path.
    Still see lifes flames, still feel its wrath.
    I tried to continue on for as long as I can.
    But I no longer see a way, Ive ran out of land.
    Goodbye my loved ones, sunshine, rain.
    Goodbye universe, the sea and my pain.
    So many times it was written, my apology and my goodbye.
    Each paper smeared with tears I had cried.
    Even with no response, my deepest feelings I would share.
    I was sure some how someone some where would care.
    It became a ritual though even now the reason why im not certain.
    But Id tell the universe often how I felt like the biggest of burdens.
    How the weight on the world has me brought once more to my knees.
    How if I could be granted more strength Id be still willing to please.
    For I have enough hope, its positivity I need.
    Ive sacrificed all I have, and Im willing to sacrifice myself.
    All I ask is that my kindred be happy and remain in good health.
    But maybe theres a way to grow out of my present self.
    End a phase and start a new book for lifes shelf.
    Maybe being so lost just happened to be fate.
    Maybe theres some magic to knowing how to wait.
    Lately its been a challenge just to stay focussed.
    As I fell under a ferocious hypnosis that has me feeling atrocious.
    But im certain my absence not one soul would notice.
    Then I overcome this overwhelming feeling, inner song plays a new beat.
    Refusing to be under the category labeled defeat.
    I raise to my feet, with head held up high.
    I know my limits are those beyond the sky.
    Regardless of speedbumbs my soul will continue to try.
    And Ill cherish each memory, the dark with the light as they both pass me by.
    Watching the probable and impossible Intertwine.
    Odd against me seem astronomical but ill keep trying.
    Fight with all I have to stop my soul and this world from dying.

  • eleutheromaniac96 70w

    "You've to learn to live your life in your own terms. If you don't. Others will lay a book full of terms and conditions for you."
    "What if I want these terms and conditions for myself?"
    "You shouldn't say such things, Fatimah. Freedom is a privilege. Don't wish yourself a cage."


  • expresso 77w


    I find the beauty of eyes to be so fascinating.
    They come in so many different colours and see life through so many different perspectives. The diversity of the pain, hurt, longing, sadness or joy behind them is near to compelling. They're the windows to one's soul.
    Despite the diversity, I believe that each has a key - a person. A person that only they can see the secrets that lie behind one's eyes. Even though there are people who are quite perceptive and observant that catches everything, the key to one's eyes catches but one thing - a bit of everything.

    - Excerpts from a Book I'll Never Write

  • afzalhakim 79w

    This post is in continuation to a series of such posts that I had planned earlier, to share with all of you some of the exciting stories I was introduced to as part of what I do.

    Please feel free to leave in the comment section any stories that you'd like to share or make a post and tag me so that I can repost it for others to read. This way we can keep alive the art of storytelling and also capture a lot of amazing tales in the process.

    @writersnetwork #storytelling #excerpts

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    The extraordinary life of a self-made entrepreneur

    "Back in 1930s, our grandfather was a simple paan (betel leaf) trader who used to sit in a tiny shop at Paan Dariba (Paan corner) in Benaras' central market. He was blessed with a sharp business mind and a very honest approach to trading. He used both to his advantage and before you know it, our family became the highest taxpayers in Uttar Pradesh (erstwhile United Province) in the 60s as our brand became international."


  • afzalhakim 79w

    So, I rejoined the app after a very long time and it got me thinking. I've come across a lot of incredible tales from strangers because of the work that I do. These stories and these narrations deserve an audience and so I have decided that every once in a while I will drop in excerpts like this one under an anonymous tag.

    In the meantime feel free to leave in the comment section any stories that you'd like to share or make a post and tag me so that I can repost it for others to read. This way we can keep alive the art of storytelling and also capture a lot of amazing tales in the process.

    @writersnetwork #storytelling #excerpts

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    The extraordinary life of a 90 year old hunter

    "I lived a life of plenty. I really am in a position to say that with both gratitude and no less amount of nostalgia. When I look back at the journey I have made, it makes me realise that I have done some extraordinary things. From hunting wild animals on jungle safaris to flying a plane over the Nordic region I have lived a life straight out of an action flick."


  • layedinpink 88w

    Moon Conversations

    When holding on turns into breaking
    You're 10 feet above ground but it feels like drowning
    In those lipstick stains that fade into hoping
    For moving on actually means you're only trying
    To not lose yourself in the middle of tragedy
    Or wake up to a forgotten midnight memory

    Because falling is falling
    No matter how high
    And moving on is as good as staying still
    In unrequited moonlit goodbyes


  • layedinpink 95w


    I See.

    How you're breaking
    How cracks bleed only after you've realized
    How difficult is breathing
    Because only I have made it possible
    To turn dust into something
    As bearable as snow
    Or rain
    Or autumn winds

    You Saw.

    How I loved you
    How my nights turned into 2am missing
    How every sigh turned into foolish daydreaming
    Because of the push and pull
    The up and down
    The wondering
    And wondering
    If ever your heart was in it
    As much as I was

    As much as I still am


  • maazsiddiqui 99w

    Have you ever noticed a waterfall ? Have you ever been near to it?? Have you ever thought what it stored in for you??
    I’m pretty sure it wants you to be like them. What i mean to say is just be like a floating water.
    Have you ever catch a sight of any stack of litter,debris,waste or mud at corner waiting for someone to pick it up and dump?

    Such things remain unnoticed by many of us.

    It keeps them throwing out sometimes with little effort(pressure) , at times with some extra effort(heavy pressure). Thats the Reason it is so clean n pure that u can see the earth through it. So, when you hear the sound of waterfalls it is so serene,soothing,hypnotizing, it gives you a peace of mind.

    Like wise,you need to throw out ego,negative attitude,grudge, hatred, envy, jealousy, worries,negativity from your heart. Be aware that sometimes it will take little effort and sometimes extra effort to take that burden out. When there’s no burden on mind and heart, your life will be at peace and tranquility.
    That’s when your laugh will be so pure that it will leave everyone amused.


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  • soul_scriber 103w

    I never was sure of the right things, but was willing to suffer for all the wrong ones.


  • wiredweirdly 107w

    Deep in the roots,
    All flowers shudder
    With the uncertainty of their future
    And yet they bloom graciously.

  • fht_451 148w

    A perturbed son

    But was it so terrible to think so low of his father? Gautam wondered. Surely, it was the same man he admired when he taught him about patience, honesty, and hard work, though never practicing the same himself. But, something had changed now. Gautam was an adult now, able to form opinions and judge people. He felt embarrassed now whenever he took his father to a restaurant and he would talk loud or behave ill mannerly when it was only 5 years ago he would have been patient with him, explaining to him what was the correct way to talk. His father had never been this impatient with him.

    As Gautam approached his parents’ home for Deepavali he felt the distance between them growing. Living with him over the weekend, he realized he never really knew his father. He was close to his mother since he was a child but now that she was gone they had nothing to talk about. Both of them had successfully shut the doors of their lives against each other. When he left the following morning he vowed never to do this to his children, never to let the distance grow. And yet, he felt uneasy at the thought.

  • kulkarni_nikita 163w


    There's a light in you
    That shines bright
    Sun and Moon found a way to be together


  • ifoundpeterpan 169w

    "I've become who I said I'd never be,
    and who I once was
    is too hard to find."


  • izzrajne 178w

    She was jealous of those old sweet lovers turned lifetime partners. She thought she could have that, but fate wasn't good to her on the matters of love. She did all good, obedient lovers would do, but is now forced to only think of "They were childhood sweethearts." as wishful thinking. She wanted an old love, and now she can't have it anymore. She was stubborn and wasted a lot of time with little boys. She thought, "If I could find my man under this sea of stars one day, will I be sad of how it took me so long? Or will love prove to me that time doesn't matter in the face of true love?"


  • alfia_qazi 181w

    Heya! Hope you're doing amazing. This is just a short excerpt which came to my mind and I wrote it down. So I'm sharing it here.
    Happy reading ✌

    @lilkay360 @habibasohail @sgv_enigma @soul_words @martinfaisal @aiman_nissar  @optimism @devils_smartest_apprentice @ekpagal #excerpts


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    Melody of Pain

    Pressing at the piano keys with an intensity, which created a painful rhythm. It resounded throughout the hall. Her eyes were closed. The passerbys stopped to listened. They were forced to with power of the melody. It made all the people in hearing range to feel the heart wrenching pain she was trying to convey. Their feet kept pulling towards her. And that's when a young boy, almost her age, stepped forward and wiped a stray tear which had slipped from her closed eyes. She instantly opened her eyes at the soft touch. And in those eyes, he could see the pain and a hint of fear.
    And looking into his eyes, made her feel that he understood.
    And that terrorized her. So she did whatever came first to her mind.
    She ran.
    As fast as she could.
    And at some point far away from that hall, she vanished into thin air.
    He ran after her, she was nowhere to be found. It felt as if she had come, only to show him his real self...

  • sakrishnan 183w

    Ten Minutes to Live

    He looked at the bomb again.
    Ten minutes.
    No one was coming. He had very few friends and none of them could be counted on to come to his help, especially considering the fact that he had been an awesome jerk and annoyed them to no end and he had just managed to piss them off too. His eyes traveled to the child in the photo and that was when his heart started pounding. Badly.
    Daddy's princess.
    He had ten minutes to reflect on how he had let her down.
    For the first time, the man cursed the group who wanted to kill him. They had given him ten minutes. And ten minutes was too long a time to die.

  • sakrishnan 183w

    Tales of the Corpse

    The king was surprised when he heard the sound of the fruit crashing. Because it did not sound like a fruit. At all.
    True enough, Vikramaditya was shocked to see something red inside the fruit. Glowing beautiful red.
    The king’s breath caught in his throat as he pulled out the ‘thing’ and he saw a huge ruby in his hands. The ruby which was the size of his palm.
    "What is this?" He demanded looking at the stone and he looked at Mal Deo who was studying the king with a happy smirk. "Is this stone for real?" Vikramaditya's head was reeling.
    In the past too, the man had offered fruits before. Vikramaditya had ordered that none of his people should touch it as he had put it away... and to think each had a ruby in it.
    Mal Deo got up as he nodded at the king. "My name is not Mal Deo, your majesty. My name is Shita Shil. I know you do not believe me." He said with a small smile. "I know you would have this stone tested, after I am gone." The merchant actually chuckled as he continued. "I live near the forests where the Godavari flows. I have a hermitage there near a cemetery." Vikramaditya said nothing but he was suddenly feeling cold as he let the other man talk. "I have presented you with many gifts for the past two months, your majesty. In return of that I request you to come to my hermitage, during the fourteenth day of the dark half of the coming month. I have a special work for you." Shita Shil told the king.