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  • dil_k_ahsaas 20w

    " Unusual "

    This happened 2 years back when my mother was too sick due to cancer and almost counting her days.

    One day after returning from hospital after 4 days. In the night she told my father that 4 poeple in black dress came and sat under her bed.

    They're continuously provoking her to hold their hand and come.

    In the morning father told me this and mother also said few people are sitting under her bed and asking her to come and I said to mom ...don't listen to them. Just say I will not come and I always go out with my husband or else with my kids .
    Just ignore them whatever they're saying.

    Due to her illness she started seeing what all is happening around her and she started grumbling non stop day and night. Whole day and whole night we all sit next to her. And I keep talking to her.

    And then one day she said her mother is trying to come near her but inbetween on the way too many people are standing and not allowing her to come. They're continuously telling her to go back. Mom told me her mother want to meet her but no one is giving her a way.

    Her grumbling was increasing day by day and again she stopped eating and drinking anything. Just water she was able to drink.

    Then again we called the ambulance and the moment she was shifted in the ambulance her grumbling automatically stopped and then in the hospital again she said that those 4 black dressed people came in the hospital too and again sitting under the bed.

    One week she was in the hospital. After 2 days of admission she lost the control of her eye lids and now she was not able to see anything because she was not able to open her eyes. She was not able to see family members but she was able to see the spiritual world..

    I keep talking to her so that I can divert her mind. One day before her death she said her mother came. I said no one is here. Right now I am your mother. Then she said no you are my daughter. My mother came to see me and she standing next to you, near my pillow.

    I looked around but found nothing but mom was talking to her. And I understood that now Grandmaa will take her daughter away from me.

    In the night after changing her nurse gave her a new white bed sheet and I was like something is going wrong. I felt something is not good happening here, something is wierd.

    Why all of sudden after so many days nurse covered her with a white bedsheet where as all these days they were giving pink or blue coloured bedsheets.

    And my intuition became strong that something is going to happen and next day my mother left us forever and she was gone to an unknown world with her mother.

    After 2 years still everything is very much alive infront of our eyes as if all these things happened just now.

    It's difficult to forget everything. It difficult to forget that my mother actually saw her death and those devil's who were hidden under her bed for 2 weeks and continuously provoked her to leave everyone and come along with them and when they didn't succeeded they have sent her mother to to convince her to leave us forever.

    Rekha Khanna

  • dshekhawat 74w

    Take your self respect first then other otherwise you will lose your self

  • dshekhawat 74w

    Learn to say otherwise you alway only listening to other

  • dshekhawat 74w

    Don't share your problem with one , but share your problem with right one because that understand you not make fun of ya demoralises you

  • sam_mac 101w

    In your Lies.

    Often many of us lie to our dear ones without realizing that they aren't breaking the trust of their close ones first, rather they break their own trust towards them by believing that they won't understand them.
    That's where Lie take power.

  • i_am_solanki_ritu 102w


    मेरी मुस्कुराहट से जलते हो ,
    मेरे दर्द सह लोगें क्या...
    मेरी ऊचाईयो से खिन्न होते हो ,
    मेरी तरह जमीन पर गिर कर ,
    उठ लोगे क्या ...
    मेरे रास्ते की ठोकर बनते हो ,
    मेरी तरह किसी के राहगीर ,
    बन लोगे क्या ...
    लोगों से मेरी बुराई करते हो ,
    मेरी तरह उनमें अच्छाई ,
    ढूँढ लोगे क्या ...
    हर वक़्त लोगों में खामियां
    निकालते हो ,
    मेरी तरह उनमें हिम्मत भर
    दोगे क्या ...
    चलो मुझमें कोई खास बात नहीं ,
    तुम अच्छे इंसान बन लोगे क्या ....

  • oyeitsaj 183w

    With my 5 years of social media experience I can tell you that nothing is changed a bit same posts are reposted with different font -background-caption by different people having same mind-goals

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    Long distance relationship (-)

    Try /trust /maintain as much as you want dear ,
    But long distance relationships doesn't

  • writer_warriorofwords 203w

    .फरेब करने वालो तुम्हे तो अंदाज़ा भी नहीं होगा
    की तुम हम वफादारों को कितना कुछ सीखा कर जाते हो|

  • anisharoy 207w

    Words to rescue.

    Read More

    Querencia is what I kept searching for,
    Sometimes in an embrace,
    Sometimes in a house maidenly clad beaming with grace.
    However, the home the words created,
    The poems my experiences took shape,
    Is what comforted me,
    Whenever, wherever,
    I planned to escape.
    ©Anisha Roy

  • budhraja_anisha 218w


    I choose to grow, for me every moment is moment of learning. I believe every situation has something to teach u which helps u to become better person, accepting mistake and learning to improve it, I think that is maturity.....

  • swapnil27 231w


    Don't live others exprience,make your own

  • sheshank 240w

    Age just makes you old...but situations give you experience


  • bhavya_tripathi_ 268w


    As I was walking down the lane,two guys smoking in the corner started following me. At the corner, which was quite dark one of them catcalled ''Hello madam" I turned look them in the eye and went up to them to say'' hello sir " . They seemed frightened for they whisked off soon enough I called again ''Hello sir" .
    They started walking faster I followed them calling ''Hello sir " .I started running after them shouting ''Hello sir" at the end of the lane they got tired and stopped and turned around and pleaded Please stop ''following us".
    I said ''excalty " They didn't thereafter .
    ~Bhavya Tripathi ✌