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  • the_healer_idealist 3w

    Autumn to Spring

    A part of me died last year when autumn came.
    My old branches broke, my leaves gave way,
    The wind chafed my scars, leaving them bare.
    I tried to cover up, tried to grow new parts,
    But I had to embrace it all until spring starts.
    Before spring, winter came,
    Thence my life was never the same.
    I was frozen to the heart -
    Ice-sealed joints and broken parts.
    My heart grew fond of the winter,
    But since spring it surrendered.
    Finally, there was spring.
    That is when I fell for him.
    Everything that was frozen started to flow,
    And new parts of me started to grow.


  • loftydreams101 4w


    Love is on an upswing
    Taking off on a soft April breeze
    Gliding high
    As the jealous ground seethes
    A hero’s broad arc glimmers
    So fearlessly ablaze
    Prison walls are razed to dust
    By the joyous screams of praise
    The song fades with the dusk
    As sparks rain in the dark
    Giving back to the earth
    Yet another mortal scar

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • engineerwrites 6w

    Save me!

    Can you save me
    from falling for you?!..

  • brianna_m_salmon 6w

    After Tears

    On the contrary my dear, 

    My heart fell like brown, crumpled leaves in autumn—


    It did not break for you;

    It still beats for you,

    Whole-ly. Completely. Absolutely.

    (You are the tune to my favorite songs)

    And for the sake of love my dear, 

    I'll withhold none of my care,

    You have me at your whim,

    And in any possible way.

    (I will forever caress you in every prayer to God)

    I am simply yours, 

    Over and over again. 


  • rasheederh 9w

    And next time I find love
    Gift me a castle of heavenly silhouette,
    A silk blanket of melodious poems.
    Make me the reaper of the moon and
    The keeper of the stars.
    For I had tour in it's darkest path,
    Where nights brings solitude.

    © Rasheederh

  • harsh77 10w

    Hope you like this came back after a long time ��
    Love you people❤️
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    A Girl

    A Girl
    I saw her in my people you know
    I don't know how she became best person I've ever know
    She blend with me like suger and water
    She scold me on my mistakes like my she's mom
    I told her please dont talk to me everyday cuz I'm afraid to Fallin love with you
    And idk if someday you left its hard to be alone without you
    And what i thought this happened unfortunately she left suddenly and i told her if you ever wanna come back just make sure you've someone who is waiting for you at corner, just ping me once!
    There is no single day or night i haven't forgot you.

  • creyme 12w


    My Sweet(heart),
    You are my heart,
    The one who's stolen my heart,
    In The sweetest way possible,
    You hold the entire beating entity,
    Cupping it to your chest protectively,
    It thrums against the hollow,
    The hollow where you once held yours,
    But now I, your sweetheart,
    Have now too,
    Stolen your heart,
    Delicately in the sweetest way possible,
    And in complete trust devotion, and companionship,
    We will remain like this,
    Holding one another hearts for safekeeping,
    Hand in hand we will stand,

  • andreakulove 12w

    Confusing af

    I say i am over you,
    But Then,
    You looked at me again,
    And it doesn't look like "you don't have feelings for me " anymore,
    So darling,
    Just stop

  • tarh_tapung 13w

    It's not everyday that we feel alright. Sometimes life takes its toll
    #poetry #songs #life #responsibility #depression #falling #drowning #thoughts

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    Downfall with nothing beneath
    Can't even try and welcome the death
    Vines and roots of responsibilities
    Trying to pull me back

    As I look up falling
    I stare with hopes of familiar faces
    Voices that I'd recognise
    To at least lighten my weight

    Drowning in my own built up sea
    It's becoming a bit hard to breathe now
    My own shattered edges cutting me
    The wounds deep, and so is the pit

  • the_healer_idealist 15w

    My eyes tell.
    My energy exudes
    That longing of wanting to be loved by you.
    I want to be loved.
    I want to feel it in my heart.
    I want to be held,
    So that I don't fall apart.
    I long for someone to look deep into my eyes,
    Tell me it's gonna be ok
    When it's one of my worst days.
    Love will find me again,
    I know this is the truth.
    But I don't want same ol same ol.
    I want to feel something new.
    I long for someone who can look at me and tell I'm not ok
    I want someone who, no matter how stormy it gets,
    They will be determined to stay.
    I want alot.
    Maybe I want it all,
    But I just want to remember what it is like to fall.


  • narmatha_ramasamy 18w

    #love #falling #heart
    By unknown writer

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    Path of falling in love

    A blurry thought inside of my heart

    One that couldn't be put into words

  • rach15 22w

    Loose you to love me.

    falling for you was like falling for pain.


  • fayello 23w

    What comes next

    I think it’s over
    All that ever befalls me
    Is a whole lot of trouble
    Like manacles they become unto my feet
    Preventing me from seeing what will come next
    After all doom awaits me

  • nainxiety 24w


    Those eyes, deep as an ocean
    I want myself to drown in it.
    Those lips, when they curve into a smile
    I wish to melt mine within it.
    Those tangled up curls of your hair
    I always want to run my fingers through it.
    Your voice calm as a winter breeze
    Catches my breath away
    Everytime you whisper my name with it.
    I feel the need, the urge to hold you in my arms, every now and then
    Under a lavender painted sky
    Feeling your skin to mine
    With our fingers entwined.
    You remain as an eternal desire
    That I can't stop craving for more
    Even after having you enough
    So here I am weak on my knees
    Asking you, will you stay with me
    Till the eternity?


  • ixxmmyy 25w


    Underneath this tightrope is a clear emptiness,
    Not me or you is sure about what's beneath.
    But then I'll let myself be.
    For who am I to stop the inevitable.
    And then I fall...deeply in love with you.


  • lokendra__ 27w

    You see, you leave people, places and things behind. you think you've outgrown the toxicity but a very tiny part of you need something from the past. it needs the old 'you' but you can't do anything about it.

    You can move on. you can bloom. you can thrive all by yourself but there would still be something you'll crave for. that something could be from your past that you don't want to face again, just that you miss it and it's completely humane to feel that way.

    You sleep one day. you wake up. you find you feel better and healthier than ever. you do your daily chores but in some part of the day, you can feel the things you've left behind running towards you. it's strange, but you do feel it.

    The memories travel with you. the tiny arguments are still stuck in your mind. the cuddles are still what you think about. the thought of conversations still wake you till 5 in the morning. you want to feel it if life gives you any other chance.

    But then you realise, if you've outgrown something, you need to let it go, completely. you may still feel your past clinging onto you, but then you learn to live with it.

    You compromise with your own self. you breathe and go to sleep, again, only to see a healed and a patient morning. you are better than ever. you're falling but then rising with every fall. maybe, that's how powerful the process of growing is.

    #writing #words
    #Night #Changes
    #Falling #Memories
    Morning 7:45

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    There would still be something you'll crave for.

    It needs the old 'you' but you can't do anything about it.

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  • angels_halo_shines 27w

    Just Like You Said I Would

    Nothing seems to stop my tears. The tears that fall down my cheeks, I can’t seem to have any control anymore. Kinda like falling leaves on a windy day. Only the leaves they fall to welcome winter. A cold and blustery season. The cold, it sticks around me, lingering on. The cold days without you they just go by. Continuing without or without my presence. That may sound like I have lost control of myself. Just sometimes days just go by, I stare into space, lost in my own mind. There is not much comfort in knowing your spirit is always around me. I just wish you could still be here. You can’t, you fought like Hell. I know we meant everything to you. We know that. You must know too, you meant the world to us too. You left your mark on everyone that you ever met. Through nursing school. Through your 30 years of your chosen career of nursing. You had a strong impact on each of us. We were lucky to have had you the time we did. God knows I still wish you were here. The kids aren’t the same. I’m not the same. I guess each day that goes by I should be thankful you’re not in any pain now. I am selfish to want you to be here, but not you being sick. I miss having talks, laughing and watching movies. And just hanging out. It’s the little things as you get older you learn to cherish and keep close to your heart.
    In the end, you just don’t ever know when you say I love you, it may be the last time. I miss you Mom. Just like you said I would. You take for granted, all you can’t get back. I have, I did. I regret it. I guess that you understand now. I do. Like the falling leaves I shed tears, crying at times where I catch myself wishing my phone would ring. And you would be on the other end. Everything happens for a reason. Yea, I guess. Wonder what the reason was for you to get sick. And one thing after the next would just come up. No breaks. I am sorry. So very sorry. For sometimes being angry. My mood swings. My mind. It’s all over the place. With no control. Not many can understand, until it’s them. You told me that on more than one occasion. Turns out you were right. You were right whether I wanted to admit it back then or not. Most of the times not. I know. I am sorry I didn’t realize sooner the importance of the time we had, back when we did. Through the good times, the bad times, you were always there for me. I never needed to ask, you knew I needed you & you were right there. I won’t forget. I will be there for all I can be for the kids. As I see the importance it was for me. If only I could have been more of a daughter than I was maybe everything wouldn’t be so hard. Thank you Mom, for all you did, all the memories we have shared together. I will hold them closely to my heart. I will remember our happiness together. I will always love you Mom.

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    @writersnetwork THANK YOU 🙏 FOR THE LOVE!!💖❤️💕

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    Just Like You Said I Would

    I will remember our happiness together. I will always love you Mom.

  • rohith_mathew_george 28w


    Falling is good, it ain't bad cause' autumn is the most beautiful feeling in the world !!

  • charlieka 28w

    Falling Out

    meteor in the twilights gushing diamonds crushing
    lovers that peer
    into the void they think will fill their hearts and strings of an orchestra stroke the air with a taste of harmony while dusty tapestries unfold fortelling the future calling for


  • averagewhiteman 163w


    I fell for you like a tree falling in a forest,
    Arms flailing and bow breaking.
    I fell for you like a condemned tower block,
    Legs buckled and free falling.

    I fell for you when colours were autumnal,
    Auburn hair, emerald eyes, among turning leaves.
    I fell for you like a boy from a bicycle,
    Arms outstretched, collecting grazes on my knees.

    I fell for you like a dove full of lead,
    Guts punctured in a cloud of bloody feathers.
    I fell from grace like a crooked merchant,
    Caught out with loaded weights and measures.

    And so here we stand amongst the wreckage of our love,
    Scattered debrit under our feet,
    Picking up the pieces among the gathering droves.

    And yes it is true that we gave away much to gain very little,
    We fueled a fire that consumed a trust already so brittle.
    Initials on our hearts like branding forever remain.
    One final silent sigh as we step out into the pouring rain.


    #autumn #miraquill #falling #season

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    I fell for you when colours were autumnal,
    Auburn hair, emerald eyes, among turning leaves.
    I fell for you like a boy from a bicycle,
    Arms outstretched, collecting grazes on my knees.