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  • creyme 4d

    I wrote this poem about my feance who's Nickname happens to be pickle. Just begging him to trust me and let him guard down to fall. Well that was about a year and a half ago now. And this is still saved in my phone as Pickle Poem. It is now a precious memory of ours. I think it worked... Tee hee.
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    Pickle Poem

    You orbit my mind all the time,
    Even when cloaked in night,
    You bring me life, you bring me bliss,
    Even when drowning in an abyss,
    You fight to get us to better times,
    Even when there's none to be found,
    You light me up, with a single touch,
    Even when my fire burns out.

    To make you smile,
    I'd lose mine,
    To make you happy,
    I'd fade out.

    Just to make you see,
    How much you could mean,
    If you'd only lean,
    Lean into me.

    Just put your faith in me,
    I swear I wont let you down,
    Just learn to love,
    Learn to fly,
    And when you start to fall,
    I'll catch you,

    Just follow me,
    I won't lead you astray.

    -Cassandra Reynolds

  • nosnaejwrites 8w

    Its nothing logic can do when you're in the thick of it. I've never been hit by a mack truck but it feels the same. To feel lost and found in the same breath. Like a wild beast that can't be tamed. It will never make sense the path ahead of you..

  • aesthenia 15w

    Over and Over ❤️

    Can we fall in love once again,
    like our first time?
    Can I reject you once again ,so that you can make me fall harder for you than I thought?
    Can we chat endlessly for hours at night?
    Can we not bother about anything but this moment?
    Can we dream and dream ,making bucket-lists,planning for future kids?
    Can we have our silly romantic talks holding hands?
    Can we kiss in the rain like our first time?
    I am ready to do them again and again for the billionth time.
    I will never get bored of you.
    It can only make me fall
    more wild and crazy in love with you.
    But baby this long pause,
    it is killing me inside.
    I wish we could fast forward time,
    to let me hit the play button now.
    I will always be here
    waiting for you
    to come back to our happy nest.
    And my lord is gonna keep you safe wherever you goes.


  • scaredycat2222 16w

    Soaking wet

    I dipped my toe in you like a pool because I was curious.
    I sunk my foot in ankle deep because you felt so good on my skin I had to know what it would feel like if I went in a little deeper.
    Next thing I knew i was waist deep.
    From my hips down to my feet I became completely submerged in you while my upper half waited above your water.
    Keeping a watchful eye i prepared myself for anything that looked unsafe or even a sound that sounded out of place.
    While I was half engulfed in you I wont deny i was still fearful you would harm me.
    But Before I could stop myself l let myself go and sank beneath the surface.
    I splashed and thrashed and tried to reach for something to grab ahold of to pull myself out
    but all I gather in the palm of my hands were tiny little droplets of you.
    Once I worse myself out I stopped and found myself floating there completely at will.
    Void of any fear, any panic, just you and I completely still.
    I felt a warmth wrap around every inch of my body.
    If felt totally weightless but something was still weighing me down.
    As if I were a feather floating in the wind and an anchor steadily falling to the ground.
    I didnt know if I were floating or sinking.
    I believe now i was sinking.
    I Starred up at the heavenly blue that once baisted the sky and it became harder and harder to see.
    I looked down below and all I could make out was a darkness that seemed to go on forever.
    It gave off this illusion that i would never reach the bottom.
    Everything was completely calm and quiet, it felt like that for an eternity.
    It was eerily peaceful.
    I heard no sounds except for the pounding of my heart in my chest.
    I was warm but had goose bumps all over.
    I needn’t come up for air.
    Not once did I have the urge to gasp for breath.
    My lungs filled with you and you did suffice.
    You supported my body effortlessly as I sank lower and lower into the depths of your belly.
    I had never before felt a peace like that.
    Not even once during my entire life.

  • unnamedson 21w

    In Love

    That first phrase you uttered
    It had me hook line and sinker
    You made my heart studder
    And made me fall so much deeper


  • introvert_naari 24w

    Falling in love is like getting
    a new version of yourself,
    every time you do so many
    things to make yourself happy,
    those little efforts for someone
    makes you thousand times blush
    and satisfied, after all real
    happiness is giving not accepting !


  • kp_singh 30w

    Before falling in love
    Make sure you know it's not a walk on roses!
    After falling in love
    Make sure you don't complain about the thorns! -Kps©2021

    #fallinginlove #afterfallinginlove #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #lovequotes

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    Before falling in love
    Make sure you know it's not a walk on roses!
    After falling in love
    Make sure you don't complain about the thorns!

  • kaira_khan 32w

    ❤ Love is blind is a saying
    Does anyone agree to it
    ❤❤ Love has beautiful eyes
    Which loves to fall in love
    Imaging it blind...❤❤❤

  • silvern_art 34w


    Once again I'm lost on the lane,
    Stuck between the tick of time.
    Memories of the past come crashing,
    In the small cocoon called my mind.

    Remnant of the pains I've once buried,
    Their soul rise like choking smokes,
    Reminding of those moments I long to forget;
    When my tears fell like pearls,
    Only to get lost among the river of betrayal;
    When my cries were loud and broken,
    Yet lost to the echoes of rejection.

    But I still out their voices,
    Block out their warnings.
    And once again I'm falling,
    In the endless abyss of love.

    For I hear the swooshing sound of hope,
    As it whips pass me with a gush of wind.
    That just maybe, this time will be different.


  • pristine_crescendo 35w

    Simple Love

    And one day I met a boy,
    Someone too good to be true,
    Chivalry in his heart and a little shy,
    A man who stays, my heart knew.

    He talked to me,
    Just with his eyes,
    And he called me his sweetheart,
    He said he was gonna keep me,
    He said he was gonna hold me,
    I'd met God's own piece of art.

    And I began to feel safe with him,
    He was my comfort personified,
    I'd call him out, inside my head,
    And surely, he'd be there by my side.

    I'd gaze at him
    And often get lost,
    I wished he'd read my eyes,
    And so deeply did we look at each other,
    Our hearts connected in a trice.

    And lost in reveries of him, I realised,
    That I was in the midst
    Of this beautiful feeling of falling in love,
    In love with the right one.
    The deeper I fell,
    The more I smiled,
    All day long, on his thoughts I'd dwell.

    I wished to listen to his heartbeats,
    They'd sync with mine soon enough
    And all my anxiety would go away,
    The warmth of his hand,
    The sounds of his breath,
    His smile would lighten up my day.

    I'd always wish he'd touch my hair
    In my head, we were a happy pair
    And more than often
    I'd think about kissing him
    I'd miss him for nights,
    And then think about missing him.

    At last one day,
    On 28th of May,
    He actually held my hand,
    And not long after,
    I was in his arms,
    In his fragrant care,
    And then it happened...yes it did,
    He smiled sweetly and touched my hair,
    Oh he touched my hair.

  • madhuripalaji 40w

    Hey.. You!

    You make my heart race
    At a unique pace
    Oh.. your sweet face
    I see it in every place

    You managed somehow
    To my pull my heart's strings
    And give it
    Brand new wings

    And here I am
    Falling in love with you
    You dip my dark soul
    In glittering golden hue!


  • queerchildzw 45w

    I've been catching feelings everytime you walk by.
    Something about the sway of your hips and that beautiful smile you always wear.
    I swear every time you look at me the world stops and all I see is you.
    You waved on Monday and I spent the whole day floating.
    On Tuesday you were in a hurry running for the bus but you still yelled hey when you passed.
    Wednesday you were carrying all these heavy bags and I wanted to help you but somehow being close to you scared me so I held back. I've been admonishing myself for being such an idiot.
    Thursday you walked by but I wasn't there, it hurt too much to see you everyday.
    Friday you were at my door asking about me. It seems while you had become my routine, I had also become yours and somehow your day just wasn't right without me in it. I took that as a sign and on Saturday I asked you out. We went on a stroll around the neighborhood and talked about dreams and possibilities. We talked under the moonlight and the stars straight into Sunday. When Monday came around again all the blues were gone and we were in love.

  • __my__random__thoughts__ 47w

    Our parents would never know that
    Falling in love is not in our hands

  • roel_gonz 46w

    Falling in love with
    you feels so strange
    I had to rearrange
    my entire life
    And change
    the way you
    wanted to
    A challenge
    B with you
    C me go through
    Dis relationship

  • sonalnaik30 48w

    Dark Illusion


  • nimalka 54w


    Fireflies glow ✨ only where they can see true love.❤️
    Fireflies = True Love❤️

  • sisira_simi 54w


    Falling into the deepest oceans of you,
    Wanna Drown away in you!
    Let me sail in you for long,
    For, I found my peace in your storm!
    Take me somewhere only you know,
    And let's love like there's no tomorrow!

    Falling into the valley of love,
    Where there is love above,
    Love below, and everywhere I go!
    Take my hand and know,
    That every time I look at you,
    I am falling and only falling for you,
    My Sweet Man!


  • giri_a10 57w

    with her, is like i'am in
    a sensory deprivation tank
    filled with sodium pentothal

    she has no idea
    what she does
    what she is becoming
    what she is

    To me


  • sakshidubey 58w

    Wild rain

    He came into my empty world like the first rain shower after the wild summer heat
    And my heart was all dried up due to prolonged heat and drought and my thirsty heart drunk up his love like the dried land.
    He clinged me and took me with him and like a lonely cloud I joined the rain to its march
    Without knowing that the thunder will generate when the clouds rage a war and its i who have to burst to pour the rain to rectify heat.
    Poor cloud never knew the fate lost in love of a wild rain.
    They say love with no regrets but love the one who isn't a toxic one dumbed to fall is what u get in cold fate.

  • lemon_eyes 58w

    A Darling From a Book

    Take your time
    I love watching you
    Undress and do your daily things
    Everything that you do
    It's beautiful
    Done with effortless elegance

    You love the little things
    Green trees and small copper rings
    You like blaring music in the car
    Making fun of country music
    And rapping along to wordless beats
    Oh darling you are my all

    Your the character in the greatest books
    Stories that dance in minds
    Even years after they've read the story
    Your kisses are stuck in my mind forever

    Days go by and I need your laughter
    You make me smile and push my boundaries
    You know everything about a person
    Just by looking into their eyes
    And the wrinkles and creases on their faces
    Darling you are loved
    By the world, I, and everything under and above