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    It's such a shame how we have so much time in reach of our palms that sometimes we get bored while there are so many things yet unexplored in this world.


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    People who write often are either really passionate about writing or else they are just trying to weep silently through the words. Trying to bleed out the bad blood which may eventually toxicate them even more as the time elapses.

  • seraiah_smiles 23w

    A Far Cry Of A Person Who Wishes To Die

    I locked the door. I lethargically slumped my body and my face against the covers of my bed. Tired.

    What is this, does an anvil pushes me down? Or is it the weight of the world I carry? Suddenly, for reasons I cannot fathom, the dam, O, the dam broke. Tears flowed. I tried to search for answers, "Why?" But I get none. Man!

    A song in the background played. Harmony, melody, pleasing? Couldn't care less. All I hear is my heart that's restless. I tried covering myself. I tried to cover my face, my nose, with this thick blanket, hoping I would stop breathing, hoping all this would end, but even this tiny thing... Won't it cooperate!?

    For three whole days, I haven't got a proper sleep. Yet it feels like all day long I'm in the land of dreams.

    I'm starting to lose myself. Now I impaled you with knives because of my words. I felt like a cat—cornered—so I tried to push you away, run away. Not enough, here's my claws, taste 'em! It's... It's scary, will you be the one that I lose next? NO!!!

    Then maybe, maybe, to end this hellish nightmare, must I end myself?
    It's peaceful now. But all I hear around me are sounds of weeping.

    If... Just hypothetically, if...
    If I experienced even a drizzle, a sprinkle of love, especially at my darkest, at my unkindest, would I have won this test?
    If I tried to pray, and maybe the God above heard... If I tried to pray, would it still go this way?
    If I had let this all out, and at least one person cared to have listened, would it have a better end?

  • khyraaaron 24w

    A far cry

    I feel the pain you endure.
    That look in your eyes,
    I've seen it before.
    The oceans you are currently swimming,
    I swam them too, I still do.
    Just know, darling,
    You are not alone.
    Darkness WILL become light,
    You just have to keep on going,
    Keep up the fight.


  • sop_h10 24w

    Trigger warning: self harm #farcry

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    A Far Cry From Sanity

    Numb numb
    Just a taste for my own blood
    I do not deserve anything but
    So just cut
    Until I bleed
    Then stitch it up
    To do it again
    Again again
    I am not worth anything more
    So I just tore
    The skin off my face
    Because I am such a disgrace
    It is no use looking at
    Such an ugly face
    Again again
    Until all I see is bone
    Next are these fat thighs
    So peel them like little potatoes
    And dump them because they are rotten
    Then my stomach
    It is so fat I cannot even look at it
    I cannot live in this skin
    So I cut
    And cut
    And cut
    Until I kill myself
    It is a far cry
    From sanity
    So why don't I just die

  • jayanthdeshmukh 24w

    A Far Cry

    In front of the audience she is a rock
    You will never see her moan, never see her cry
    But deep inside she breaks piece by piece
    And the pain within her continues to increase
    Her heart is as solid as a gold nugget
    But trials and tribulations she never forgets
    How she fought demons inside and out
    Yet to the audience, everything was fine as she goes about
    Do you dare to look deep into her eyes?
    See the fire dim, a far cry
    Watch her resilience rise, higher than high
    But still she cries a far cry
    Yelling silently, nobody asking how or why
    Emotionless like a stone, feelings hide
    Watch her fight her tears, alone, from the inside

  • manisha_rameshbabu 24w

    People of my blood
    Have always wondered
    They used to ask me
    "Seriously! Aren't you
    Afraid of ghosts"
    I would say "Nah"
    Little did they know
    Am afraid of something else
    Something terrifying
    Than the ghosts

    Anxiety and panic attacks
    Have become my uninvited guests
    But am afraid
    To admit what I feel
    To admit what I go through
    Afraid of people
    Am just trying
    Trying to be
    Strong and bold

    Having done with my
    Office chores
    Around 7PM
    I was walking from
    My workplace
    Towards home
    With my mask

    I just love walking
    It has always been my choice
    Over other modes of transport
    These days it also feels sometimes
    Like a do or die task
    It makes me anxious
    When people stare for no reason

    When some stranger
    Suddenly appears from nowhere
    I get anxious
    I feel my nerves
    No matter he is good or evil
    My heart keeps beating
    Wishing not to encounter

    It was a pleasant evening
    As calm as an ocean
    The rain had just stopped
    The roads were clumsy
    There were hardly
    People on the road

    It's a short distance
    This pandemic has shortened
    The distance between my
    Personal and professional life
    To a period of five minutes

    Failing to lock my
    Anxiety and fear
    I locked my office door
    I could barely see
    Any people on the road
    I kept telling myself
    "A right and a left
    You'll be back home
    Keep going"

    As I kept walking
    I could see my house
    At the end of street
    The streetlights
    Not so bright
    Were my only company

    Two blocks away
    From my house
    "Just few more steps"
    Echoed my brain
    My heart began relaxing
    Feeling safe

    Before I could feel safe
    "Shall we go", said a voice
    Breaking the silence
    There was this guy
    Staring at me
    "Shall we go", he said again
    As I stared, his eyes withdrew
    He moved past me
    And greeted an auto driver
    Who was standing behind me
    And again said
    "Shall we go"
    I calmed myself telling
    It wasn't for me

    I rushed to my gates
    Opened, stepped in
    And breathe out
    I rung the door bell
    Hoping to hear
    The noise of auto vanishing
    I did hear the noise
    Not vanishing
    But approaching

    The auto came near my gate
    They u-turned , stared
    Laughed and flew
    Leaving me anxious
    And clueless of their act
    Am afraid tomorrow or someday
    This might happen again

    Am not exaggerating
    But it is how a girl feels
    When approached, stared
    Or encountered by a stranger

    I could not tell my family
    If I tell, there are two possibilities
    Either they ll warn those people
    Or stop me from going out
    Mostly the latter
    And it sucks
    The fact that I can't do anything
    I love because of some humans
    Like them sucks

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    Am afraid of something else
    Something terrifying
    Than the ghosts
    Afraid of people
    And it sucks
    The fact that I can't do anything
    I love because of some humans
    Like them sucks


  • sweedle 24w

    Mental health should never be taken lightly, it differs from person to person but nevertheless we all need help and attention and that extra dose of love. Do not make us feel ashamed of our feelings , just hear us and give us

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    A far cry erupts from the darkest corner I own, you would call it my mind but I would say it's a well of all my fears I drown myself in every night. Nightmares roam around trying to trap me in their spells. Anxiety waits around the corner with open arms, Can anyone hear me calling out for help?

    © Sweedle

  • yoyowrites_ 24w

    Table of respect

    I was fed a multitude of reasons
    That if I cross the circle drawn for me
    I'd bring forth the wrath of millions.
    So I was brainwashed by customs,
    Succumbed to hegemonic systems,
    Marked by the seal of patriarchy
    In every choices I made-
    my lifestyle, my clothing.

    When I began to see things differently,
    I became a rebel of the society
    whose merciless rule was it that I have lived?
    To be hidden under my own veil?
    So listen up dear,
    when I say I wanted to be myself,
    It doesn't mean I wanted to be seen,
    To be heard or to be the centre of attention.
    No one needs to apologize if they did.

    Why are we still looking for answers
    when they are lying right under our noses?
    Does it crush your ego when I asked you
    to bring respect on the table just as much as
    you wished to be respected among your peers?

  • tiwarianushka17 24w

    And Here comes you! Ooh, I can't really express, how much I waited for this. Today I'll be the happiest person alive you know why because you are the one I dreamt of every single day, hiding from the world.
    I have rarely mentioned you to anyone. In this flashlight of the city I just forgot to feel you.
    I forgot to admire the thoughts that makes you different form this cliche world that moves everyday but the stagnant its mind is rusting.
    I know it will never ever accept you. They think you are different and that for them, different is never unique, it's always weird!
    This was the only reason I sent you to exile, even when my heart ached for you, my mind was determined that without you this society will embrace me.
    Maybe it did; but I forgot to embrace myself...
    But now I want to embrace myself; I want to embrace you! Now no more differences. Even if you are weird you are mine.

    So welcome my dear self,  come hug yourself. And promise me, you'll never leave me. I can sustain without you but to live, you are compulsory!
    Enough of breathing, after years, I want to live now!

    Do a favour to yourself please meet the real you. It's waiting for you, afraid of the society and it's judgements. Lend him/her your hand. Be yourself. Be different, because I don't care what world says; for me different is unique!
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #farcry #mirakee #wod #selflove #theinneryou #stopwaiting

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    Enough of
    after years,
    I want to live now!


  • bonitasarahbabu 24w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost.

    Moments of absolute fear,
    Nights of wet pillows and sweat drenched sheets,
    Yet in the morning, there's a smile.
    Wake up every morning,
    Wash the face, and fix the mask.
    The invisible face of pain,
    The unheard voice screaming for help,
    No help provided, because the mask is strong.
    Scars on the body,
    Jokes made about them, and then forgotten.
    The pain is unknown to most,
    Because they have not been there.
    Each of us face some version of this,
    But for the fear of the opinions of others,
    The pain is not voiced.
    Mental health is not given proper credence yet,
    But this is something that needs assistance.
    We are losing too many,
    Too many to suicide and addiction.
    We need to be the voice,
    The voice of strength and support.
    We need to stand with all struggling,
    Struggling with mental health pain.
    Be the voice of support,
    The voice we needed when we were struggling.

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    A Far Cry

    Moments of absolute fear,
    Nights of wet pillows and sweat drenched sheets,
    Yet in the morning, there's a smile.
    Wake up every morning,
    Wash the face, and fix the mask.

  • tip_of_the_soul 24w

    thank you for like @writernetwork #farcry
    I am here to raise the voice
    Of all the girls and boys,
    Raised like dreadful toys,
    I am here to raise my voice.

    Families separated in the greed
    For their ancestor's treats.
    Their quarrels exhaling negative air.
    How long the kids can bear?
    In the end, they have to breathe this air.

    They are stuck in the maze,
    What can they do,
    even if they know
    About the ways.
    The hindrance of revenge,
    Among their families,
    Have had them unhinged.

    What should they say?
    When their friends ask,
    About their uncle and aunt.
    Should they say-
    Yeah, they are good
    Or we have not talked for ages.

    What should they do?
    When they are all depressed
    Of being suppressed
    Under the family crisis.
    They have to stay quiet about this,
    'Cause not allowed to talk to their cousins
    Or afraid of being judged by their friends.

    How can they let it all go?
    When no one tries to understand them.
    They are sobbing just behind us,
    But their screams are like
    Far cries.

    Everyone craving for the new day
    To live a new life
    While they beg the night to hold them
    And let them burst out in tears
    Hidden from everyone.

    For others new day
    Is to live a new life
    For them
    New day is to die once more
    In a different way.

    Family problems which have been a trending thing in most of the person's life have affected so many children especially teenagers for being raised in such a toxic environment.
    When it comes to rivals, no one wonders about the victims who are not even part of this but are the most affected ones.

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    The screams


  • dhanak_meena 24w

    Far cry

    A child needs nurture
    Instead he faces torture
    He has right to take his pace
    But we drag them in the race
    The moment they utter words
    We start expecting awards
    They want to fly with little Wings
    Like puppet we hold their strings
    From comparison they run away
    Their glowing ideas turn gray
    Match with moderation is a far cry
    Tender minds are scared to try
    Let them stay with their purity
    Their dreams deserve liberty .


  • de_ife_7 24w

    A Letter of Escape.

    Seventeen and half lines run through my crooked palm.
    If I would be an artist, of worth shall it be.
    Fortified entrances beckon to come belong,
    a drop of water in the gaseous sea.

    If I would be an artist, of worth must it be.
    Applauds of lines my simile conceive
    pregnant minds to pour, raw and raw,
    escape from the insensitive mind, of merchant fish,
    as urgent as blood in time of bleed, breathe.

    Seventy and half words my soul shall sing,
    as urgent as blood to escape and bleed
    prime with study to ace true true.
    You can't be king and kiss my shoe.
    ©de_ife_7 adeifeoluwaalo@gmail.com

  • smartsam 24w

    Farcry & Beguile's!

    Whatever they said
    none in acts worked!
    Whole the nation
    in farcry they sucked!

    Who cares for long term
    it's only till their breath!
    Whatever man boasts goes
    nothing more than waste!

    Hence let's be not blind fool
    be wise not beguile!
    Rest your hopes in JEHOVAH GOD
    not over half life already
    lost uncertain
    & or any man fool!


  • serrated_ink 24w

    When those lusty eyes followed me to home
    When those sexiest comments crawled to my ears
    When those dark nights limited my achievements
    Days turned to black, still
    I was fine..

    Those unexpected touches in the bus
    Those uninvited gestures in the business meetings
    Those unwanted starings in the metros
    Haunted me even in sleep, still
    I was fine..

    When my sleeveless tops attracted those pervs
    When my casual behaviour meant "wanna be" boards
    When my silence turned out to be "go on"
    Body left numb, still
    I was fine..

    we are FINE
    with all the suffocations
    with all the molestations

    But the QUESTION is
    Uptill WHEN..¿?

    #farcry #wod #pod #lalawrites #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #women #mirakee


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    A Far Cry

    we are FINE
    with all the suffocations
    with all the molestations

    But the QUESTION is
    Uptill WHEN..¿?


  • fatema153 24w

    Is it ok
    To make someone cry
    For being fat or thin?
    Is it ok
    To judge someone for
    The colour of their skin?

    Your few words can
    Hurt or heal
    Be careful while speaking
    Them out.


  • georgi 24w

    A Far Cry for Dignity

    A fire within
    A Phoenix
    Among one's ashes
    That scorches soul
    And sets in stone
    That sacred line
    That none can cross
    That "event horizon"
    Of no return
    That separates "slave"
    From "insurgent"
    Do not all deserve it?


  • san_wordzz 24w


    Oh dear zealot of Kenopsia,

    I wish I could tell you that ,
    I have a hippocampus pouch of miseries hung inside my heart,
    Which stores the secret of my fading appearance,
    Propelled by my saliva containing the explosives
    Of your sweet axioms,
    That sabotages my emotions,
    And transforms the magnanimity into the sapphire icebergs.

    I wish I could tell you,
    How my Sundays do not feel the same anymore,
    After the scorching sun burns the paper of my rights,
    After which the discriminatory cirrhosis scars my mind,
    Paralysing my very thought
    that the chasm between haves
    And have-nots will
    be sealed with
    Mutual respect for brotherhood.

    To grow your hydrangea,
    You trample my tulips
    As they stand last in the list of aristocratic flowers,
    Although both could be grown together
    to concoct an orchard of heterogeneity,
    Instead of plotting
    Shallowness on a sun -baked land.

    I wish I could tell you that,
    The trousseau of occhiolism
    that you carry,
    Unloads the small box of rationality,
    And makes you a
    Graveyard of stereotypes,
    That becomes oblivious
    To the equality
    That the azure nimbus sky,
    And verdant field distributes
    Within all the humans
    By manifesting them with
    the same five elements
    And filling them with
    The same crimson.

    I may not be able to tell you all of that,
    But I know
    A rebellion of sanctity will surely reincarnate one day,
    To change the system of first among equals,
    And that day Karma will befall you,
    And invert those seven colours
    That you claimed to be yours,
    Into the white light,
    That was supposedly ours,
    from the prism of utopia.

    This is a POV of a person who belongs to a secluded section (poor, untouchables, servants) of society.


    Note :- Hippocampus is a part of brain.
    And cirrhosis occurs in the liver. Yet they have been used with different body parts to convey how disfigured things are. Also they have used symbolically to explain certain things.
    Read this in a figurative manner and you'll understand what it tries to convey :)

    I know this isn't good, but I still tried for you @theinkdomain

    A lil busy these days. Will read you all soon ♡

    @themoonandthesun Here you go!!

    #temp #farcry

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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork��♥️♥️for the kind repost

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    All my summer songs
    I had written for you once
    With hopes to blossom into nilofers of autumn
    But now it's a bootless platonic love
    A dilapidated far cry romance
    A bleak one-sided tryst
    A camaraderie crumbled
    in rainfed bosky wooded lanes,
    full of gales and mist
    Where ghazals of our duet
    created lovelorn sonnets
    Psithurism of dulcet phrases
    mingled with redolence
    of tomes and vintage pages.