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    13 june 2021


    A Far Cry

    all about to sigh
    without knowing the reason why??
    I think it's stars ..wait!
    no it's dark clouds
    of my insecurities...
    accompanying me in this lost weather...
    with broken feathers..
    trust me I'm not a nyctophile
    but I used to feel like I'm a closed file
    with lots of loose pages..nd memories
    which I used to wonder in my own windery

    I feel alone ,
    I feel lonely ,
    I feel broken
    though I'm the one to be healed quickly ...
    my heart aches whenever ..
    my thoughts grabs me
    I wonder about those
    phony creatures..
    it's feels like I'm daggered...
    nd blood fills the clouds room
    in the whole sky ..

    I feel like writing all my fears
    with no tears ..
    but it's seems to be impossible for me ...

    sunset of those fake promises..
    took place today..
    just like
    the evergreen tree ..last leaves
    when autumn leads..

    wondering about our seven moons
    the struggle, the confidence,
    the hope ,the love
    nd the support
    they gave me ..

    spring finally came with
    lots of soulful mornings
    nd lots of stunning songs ..
    the heavenly flowers came ..
    creating many fairy tales

    their chilly cheerful songs
    making my winters long
    the mankind of these souls
    making armies rolls

    my nights will not gonna scary now
    but I can feel the rain drowning me once again
    nd my thoughts don't allow me to sleep
    sometimes I'm happy..sometimes I laugh
    nd yes now i know the reason why...

    she is a soft hearted kind girl
    who no more wonder about those
    phony creatures ..,
    she is happy once again
    completely healed ,
    hoping nd hallucinating..
    the heaven
    with blossom flowers
    nd our seven soothing stars..
    shinning in armies hearts

    by :@bhavya_6

    Happy 8th Bangtan Anniversary Armies ����✨
    Feel so good after being with you all
    BTS you give me everything whenever I feel alone you always been there thank you for always making my life better I have never been this much favourable to anybody..armies will always gonna be with you no matters what happens..we always be each other's back.. I purple you
    thank you for bearing till here
    ps: sorry for this long piece
    I don't know what is this
    but my hands are shivering badly
    sorry this is somewhat lame
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