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  • leaonmars 3d

    Needs & wants.

    If it wasn't for my needs i wouldn't of met my wants.

  • kasminastro 5d

    Bindings of my Life - Books

    I sit quietly
    And observe aimlessly, the sky
    When your warm hands tug at mine,
    Beckoning me to go an adventure with thy
    I tear my eyes away from the dust lost in the sky
    And into wonderous worlds I dive
    Where enchanting magic is innately spun,
    Where mythical gods stir,
    Where the ballads of history come undone,
    Where Rebellious fires burn.
    When I let go of thy
    your pages gently fall together in a bind,
    Causing a clarity to befall me
    Everything appears sharper
    The fire in me glows brighter
    And reality seems... lighter.
    Without hearing a single utterance
    Of the words I so struggle to give form to
    You see me and help me
    Through thousands of the same
    Your are my dear friend for eternity.

  • mounica_saya 1w

    To DAD,
    With LOVE !

    Every daughter's dream is that their father live a health, happy and a wholesome life.

    I ain't different from any.

    But God had different plans.

    Fate separated us, we had to part ways.

    You now stay in heaven.
    I on hell (Earth).
    With heart full of pain.
    Thinking of you all the time.
    Missing you now and then.


  • leaonmars 1w

    Lucifer's Offspring.

    At this point, I'm honestly waiting on Lucifer to come and knock on my door. inviting me to his family gathering as his long lost son. He is the only father I ever made proud.
    I'm that awful of a person...i wonder how I'm even considered as a human.

  • smartsam 2w

    My Daughter!

    A plant beautiful cherished
    plant not but flower!
    Flower so tender now
    will be your lifelong lover!

    Not just flower
    a docile rose petal!
    So is my beloved
    lovely one daughter!

    Im giving you my heart
    young man!
    I'm happy yet heavy heart!
    My daughter is my life
    cherished not just heart!

    Please take care of her
    no words can fill my feelings!
    My daughter tender maiden
    now will be your wife darling!

    Please see she is very tender!
    she don't speak all easily!
    Also very emotional
    homely & she is heartily!

    Please take care
    of this tender flower!
    I bestow you my heart
    Young man a bridegroom
    Im her loving father!
    My heart's closest I give you
    my very lovely daughter!


  • leaonmars 2w

    The beloved.

    I love him so much I can't breathe.
    I'd give him my years so he would never run out
    His smile is engraved on my eyelids every time I close my eyes I see his face.
    He is god's gift to be handed out by the devil.
    How can such a beautiful thing come out from a hideous monster?

  • lairdproductions 2w

    Psalm 56:8

    You keep my tears, Every single one.

    Where my tears have fallen there You are, whether I see You or not, capturing every overflow.
    Storing the sum of my sorrow in a vial upon which You have written the secret name of my heart.

    You see my tears, Every single one.

    Every moment of my pain from the Then to the Now to the Beyond, gathered up never ignored, never to fall unheard.
    Every moment written and marked and timestamped in eternity, awaiting the day of my deliverance.

    You see my steps, Every single one.

    And now I wait for my breakthrough and the moment where I see the vial of my tears in Your hands and the book of my wanderings in Your arms.
    The moment I see Your quill touched ink to paper and the Father of heaven heard and wrote down every single word I uttered here on Earth.

    My tears You will redeem, Every single one.

    When I see You here all along, when You show me the vial of my heart, kept carefully all this time, for such a time as this.
    Every step I thought was in loneliness in my wilderness, there they are, passionately written by Your loving hand.

    You see every moment, Every single one.

    In that moment I will know that despite one or one thousand moments, whether it takes one thousand days or just the one.
    My Father will be revealed to me and all that was seemingly sown in vain, will be redeemed and have purpose, purpose despite the pain.


  • shk_huzaifa 2w

    My❤Dad is my Hero! The real hero! In my childhood he pick up me in his back and I rounded my hand towards his neck to hold him tightly... He always make me to laugh... He speaks for me... He is the special one whom I saw in my Life...
    People say more about mother's but a father is also like a mother... If we see with the eyes of love and the heart of goodness.....
    May Allah give good health to all parents and happiness always... Inshallah... Ameen ��
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    Laying in father's lap!
    The voice of heart beat catching through my ears.
    The up down while breathing,
    The calm feeling, the refreshment.
    The fire of love heating up towards me,
    Feeling ashamed to lay,
    Feeling calm to lay.

  • ep_poetic 2w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 7)

    But thank God for Momma

    helped me to be a man

    'Never disrespect your father'

    I remember her saying

    While fighting ghosts 

    from my past it seems

    their objective's to deceive

    feeding me pieces

    of a broken dream...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP) 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 2w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 6)

    And adolescence wasn't easy

    to kick these feelings 

    i tried

    Reminded on birthdays

    he ain't bother to call 

    to see if  i'm alive...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP) 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 2w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 5)

    i remember

    FIGHTING BACK more than tears.

    i hated him for leaving

    while wishing that he was here

    i was just a kid 

    It was a complicated hate

    To have his image haunt me

    in mirrors 

    all of my days...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP)

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 2w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 4)


    i wanna know

    Do i haunt him indeed?

    Do i ever keep him from sleep

    cause he's thinking of me?

    Enoch Piankhi (EP)

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • eusmaph 3w

    My Father And I

    Is it wrong for me to want
    To protect my innocence?
    My child-like beliefs?
    The magic that shine in my eyes...
    And you having lost them
    Is it wrong that I want
    To continue holding on to my beliefs?

    Why is believing in this little fantasy
    Such a joke for others?
    Does me believing mean I have not grown?
    Or does it make you covetous
    That I haven't lost my inner child

    True! I am stuck in one of those many Transparent glass baubles
    That hang on your Christmas tree
    Yes, I am protected from
    the cold harsh wind outside
    I am not pierced by biting cold
    Yet to make this glass bauble
    Even I had to bear some heat
    And some pokes

    You talk of the cold season outside
    The harsh cold freezing
    winds of the tropical
    And I talk of the heat on
    the deserts of the same latitude

    Why is it then that your
    words aim to beat the
    innocence out of me
    Why can't I hold on to my
    little fantasy of shooting stars, christmas magic
    And winter wonder!!!

    My mind travels depths
    that I can't comprehend
    Because your words
    hurt me as such
    But I still wonder
    Is it just the way you care?
    Maybe this is not your jealousy
    Maybe it is you showing your love
    Under the hidden layers of being a grinch

    Maybe you poke at my glass bauble
    And break my little fantasy
    So that when others break my bauble
    I am not so deeply hurt
    So that it won't be tough to get up again
    So that I rise like the rising sun
    And the immortal phoenix

    And you always can continue standing
    In the corner
    With the softest smile
    Eyes so proud
    Because I am receiving the award of a lifetime!

    Is this what it is, appa?


  • saral32 4w


    पिताजी बहुत अच्छे हैं, और पिताजी बहुत अच्छे थे!
    इस "हैं" से "थे" के बीच का सफर,मेरे जीवन का सबसे कष्टदायक सफर रहा है.....

  • sahil_poet 4w


    Ese rasmo-rivaaz
    Kis kaam ke
    Jo ek pita ko
    Karzdar bana de


  • deoyesalem 4w


    Dear Dad
    Tomorrow is the 17th
    And it would be
    The twenty seventh one
    Without you
    But it still feels like yesterday
    That last whistling breath

    Why does it hurt more
    Now that I'm a full grown man


  • _rutu_writes_ 4w

    And to all those, who struggle day night to make your life a better one!!!
    In this judgemental world, there are few beast in form of man but not all.....
    Man could be the softest......
    Man still show respect and love for which till now we live in a better place....

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    They said- He is a man, must be leading a happy life, less to feel and more to get.
    They never knew,
    Yes he is that man, who couldn't express infront of society, because the stereotype says men shouldn't be emotional.
    He was that man, who is meant to be strong.
    But they were not aware that, men too need shoulders to cry.
    Men are one of most loving creature of kind.
    They have a cold heart which holds the warm love, may be the warmest one, which you could find in this fake world.
    They have a soft corner, which always gives and never takes.

  • draydee 5w

    If ever I've made you happy
    If ever I've made you smile
    Give thanks for the celestial being that is my mother and the cosmos she formed with my father.


  • amar61090 5w

    माँ पिता

    कुछ लोग आज कर युग में अपने को ज्ञानी ख़ूब बताते हैं,
    पर उम्र ढलते ही माँ-पिता को बाहर का रास्ता दिखाते हैं,

  • piyanshi 6w



    He was the shade,
    She could walk into,
    Anytime when life burned too bright.