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  • ep_poetic 25w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 7)

    But thank God for Momma

    helped me to be a man

    'Never disrespect your father'

    I remember her saying

    While fighting ghosts 

    from my past it seems

    their objective's to deceive

    feeding me pieces

    of a broken dream...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP) 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 25w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 6)

    And adolescence wasn't easy

    to kick these feelings 

    i tried

    Reminded on birthdays

    he ain't bother to call 

    to see if  i'm alive...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP) 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 25w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 5)

    i remember

    FIGHTING BACK more than tears.

    i hated him for leaving

    while wishing that he was here

    i was just a kid 

    It was a complicated hate

    To have his image haunt me

    in mirrors 

    all of my days...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP)

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 25w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 4)


    i wanna know

    Do i haunt him indeed?

    Do i ever keep him from sleep

    cause he's thinking of me?

    Enoch Piankhi (EP)

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ep_poetic 25w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 3)

    Fatherless symptoms 

    i couldn't bury

    And when i looked around 

    i saw so many 

    shared a similar story

    We are a tribe

    generated by a heartless kind

    Different methods

    to deal with anger 

    so we could survive

    Enoch Piankhi 

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • ishitabhagat 42w

    Do you hear people calling your daughter a slut?

    Come closer, do you hear people calling your daughter a slut? She has been looking for that father, that father in every man, that father who broke all his promises and ran. Now, every guy touches her, every guy wants - what she wanted from you ten years before. They want to love her, they want to be close to her, they want to call her by name. She falls in love so easily. Assuming that she got her father in a lustful guy her age. Little did she know, that they were in love with her body, that after smoking joints, after spending a night she will be a 'nobody'. That they were never her 'daddy'. I don't want guys my age to give me lovely nick names, I know, I know it's not love, it's just 'love games'. They will trap me in a web of their own, and slowly my heart shall be in pieces torn, they shall act as if they care a lot. But I know, I know, they don't. I know, I know they shall too be gone.


  • leahkaye 105w


    What is a father
    If he isn't there
    Could less to care
    To be there or here
    Or maybe if he appears
    He'll see all my tears
    And make up missed years
    But no, just disappears
    Mending fears
    From cheap beers


  • lietome 119w

    Dear Father

    Dear Father
    I’ve been told you didn’t want me as your daughter
    I’ve had to grow up with only a mother
    Where were you when I came into this world?
    Where were you when I needed you the most?

    I’m growing up now, Dad
    Can you find it in yourself to be proud?
    Can you find the time to know what I’m doing?
    Will you come take a look at the life you’ve ruined?

    Dear Father
    I’ve been told you never wanted to see me
    But in the corners of my mind, you’re in my memories
    Where have you been hiding all these years?
    Where have you been keeping yourself?

    I’m getting older now, Dad
    Don’t you want to know what I’ve become?
    Don’t you want to know all the things that I’ve done?
    Won’t you let me know you care?

    Because I’m sick of making myself sick with these questions
    Tired of all this suppression
    Ready to give in to my teenaged depression
    I just want to know if you even think about me
    If you can even find it in yourself to miss me?

    Dear Father,
    I’m just a sad child without someone to call Dad
    And it’s not the fact that you weren’t around
    It’s just the emptiness that makes me sad
    And it’s my wish that things could’ve worked out
    Maybe then I wouldn’t have these insecurities and doubt

    And I’m asking you to find the time
    To reach out and find a place in this heart of mine

  • toxicthoughtsxxx 165w


    My dad said he loved me
    My dad said he needed me
    My dad said he missed me
    My dad doesn't feel that way anymore

  • goldenraes 186w

    My Pokemon

    No more leaving her behind.

    As she was a child I'd constantly leave her behind,
    She would search aimlessly for her father, yet he was no where to be found, only in her mind,
    She knew something was missing, but she was only but a little charmander, still crafting her skills and coughing up little sparks of fire,
    I couldn't get far without her,
    Day in, and day out, she wanted to evolve, yet the one she needed most wasn't involved,
    As Pikachu Vulpix were evolving, leveling up in their ranks,

    This void consumed her and almost annihilated her soul,
    Because she didn't have the words to tell anyone, her skills weren't yet made whole,
    As she grew older, I finally stopped and took a good look at her as we walked forward, to discover she has fearlessly transformed into Charzard!

    Her fatherless wounds have graciously healed, because I stopped neglecting her, looked in the mirror, and finally stood still.

  • scribeinsoliloquy 209w

    Open message to All poets and writers.

    WE Writers have responsibility towards our reader. Just puking your words in name of liberation and freedom. Won't suffice.

    Be responsible for what you preach. If you can't, mentioning a precaution is your very duty, don't spread false ideology and stupidity.

    In this world of high divorce rates, broken family, single mothers, absent fathers and broken, fragile children. Vulnerable teenagers, and adolescent delinquency. It the moral responsibility of writers poets to spread knowledge, peace, understanding and universal message of peace and tranquility.

    Not to fantasise alcoholism, premarital and unprotected, promiscuous mating rituals. Be responsible what you write, for you know not who are reading and are being inspired to act on them.

    We blame everyone, from the garbage collectors to the president.
    Yet we neglect our own responsibility, and duty towards our society.

    Thats it. Be responsible.

    By: Scribe_in_soliloquy

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersunited
    #writersnetwork #counterquotes
    #misguiding_youths #drunkmothers #singlemothers
    #drunk_girls #onenightstand
    #whiskey #sober #whiskey
    #fatherless #drunk #teenmoms
    #moral_policing #stupid_poets

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    Stupidity Of Poets...

    Women who swills whiskey
    Have wonderful tales to tell.
    Said a famous poet
    Who was raised

    Her mother told him
    All the flings and tales
    When not sober,
    Ain't that obvious
    —Anyone can always tell.

    That is why
    He cowers in attic
    And write poems.

    Reciting her mother tales
    To the girls and ladies.
    Whom he wishes to
    Raise another
    Fatherless Poet.


  • jaded_angel_ 210w

    |A letter to the Fatherless|

    Today, people from all over the world celebrate father's day. However, what do the fatherless celebrate? Another year without dad?So, I say-happy Fatherless day to those of you without fathers. You've come this far without him, you've climb mountains without him supporting you. You crossed oceans without him being your life vest. You've done so many amazing things without his love. Do not hate him however, because he showed you what kind of man to never become or to marry. He never showed you what a father was, however he did show you what a father wasn't. Even in his absence he still taught a lesson.
    #wordoftheday #father.#fatherless @we_support @writersnetwork @writerstolli


    Hey Dad... I did it without you.

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    | Happy Fatherless Day|

    "Even in his absence he still taught a lesson"