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  • sheismore 201w

    I Beg To Differ (moments in time)

    "You were the Devil on the deck of my sinking ship..."

    blurred skies and carnal thoughts

    a simple fuck 

    mediocre moans of pleasure 

    And surprise

    I wanted you.  In all your filth and decay. Until wanting you was too much. 

    "You see the world through Chanel-tinted glass..." 

    heads nod in unison.  

    The disappointed glares of 

    self-harming eyes

    Tight sphinctered pedestrians 

    on the sidewalks of rage and discovery.  

    There was too much beauty in the variation to turn away.  Different worlds and different times. 

    "You're actions reflect upon us all..." 

    smile.  Throw the low ball at 

    the wall.  

    And walk away.  

    I took a shot and considered the rebellion of the day and the empty words and empty stares. 

    Scars fly in the direction of my youth.

    Shut it down and swallow hard.

    "You fucked the maid in the linen closet..." 

    half-ass efforts of 

    a smothering teen. 

    She was 30 and unsatisfied and desperate for a touch. 

    It was easy enough, I suppose. 

    Absent husbands 

    leave slippery cracks.

    "It was innocent enough..."

    The brush against my skin. 

    The wink, 

    that held undertones of shame and guilt and need. 

    But the rooms to crowded to read between the lines.

    They're dressed to the nines

    Some funeralistic affair

    Steady chit chat and that fucking dare.

    "I saw you watching me this morning," I say. 

    a whisper on a whim 

    "She was in the closet on her knees. Trembling. Swearing to Christ she'd never..."

    "with her ring finger inside of me I had to question her commitment to her vows..."

    "To loyalty and discretion and Rebellion and Lies"