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  • himayan_writes 2d


    Impermanence haunts a grieving Fool,
    Wearing its dark shroud of despair.
    It slithers around unseen, unheard.
    But feels like a sudden chill in the air!
    It mocks the Fool, toys with his thoughts
    Reminds the Fool of all the good times he had.
    It mocks the Fool, toys with his thoughts
    Tells the Fool, "All that's left is bad!"
    The Fool shivers and shudders and sighs.
    Is the end nigh? An untimely goodbye?
    Down on his knees, the Fool wonders how could it be so?
    That he's been holding on to it, all this while, only to let it go?


  • carlizah 3d


    Never reject what is available
    For what is being hoped for
    It might just never come
    So make good use of that which is available

  • eshamahajan 3d


    We all have some sort of fears,
    Some are hidden and some are bare,
    Some are dreadful and some are terrible,
    Some are perennial and some are ephemeral.
    They are like the deepest ditch in the powerful ocean,
    Which can disturb the silent water with its violent commotion.
    We all hide our fears behind the smiling face,
    But when we confront it, all our fakeness is effaced.
    We don't want to confront our fears,
    But they pursue us in all our worldly spheres.
    Suppressing them will only lead to the outburst of burning magma,
    Which has been accumulating for years in our plasma.
    While shrouding our fears, sometimes we forget our morality,
    Which gives birth to the monstrous mentality.
    Running away from the fears is not the solution of any problem,
    Facing them and winning them can help us to maintain our decorum.
    So let's face-off our deadly fears,
    To live our life afresh as a pioneer.


  • london_sky 4d

    Fear Swallows the Bird

    I want to tear the skin off my bones, to stab myself in the chest.
    "Why can't I move?! Why am I so useless?!"
    I look around me at all the doors in this circular room. I ran up to a door once more, only for it to turn into a mirror once again.
    I went to hit it out of anger however a more intimidating version of myself looked down on me, making me fall back wards.
    My eyes darted all around me, slowly noticing how all the doors turned to mirrors with the same image, however it started to change to different versions of myself, all looking down on me.
    I felt the tears pouring down my face.
    I want to escape, yet this is my own doing.
    There was an open door, yet I couldn't move, I was so enamored with the mirrors and terror, that I just couldn't get the courage to move.

    Getting angry with myself I started scratching at my skin, hitting myself in the head, screaming in frustration. I had to move however I couldn't get there. I looked to the open door once more to see the floors covered with beautiful flowers, a handsome man holding out his hand at the door. I tried reaching out, tried moving however I was stuck.
    I just curled up, hugging my knees as the room around me turned dark, the light leaving. The door shutting.
    I had once again lost an opportunity do to my self pity, for being so stupid, for being so lazy. How dare I beg and wish for something so great but not move a muscle when it comes down to it? I shouldn't be allowed to even breathe, I deserve to rot, yet the key around my neck glowed. Reminding me that I had a purpose, a mission. So feeling numb, I slowly picked myself up off the ground, walking over to the door that was once open, the flowers on the other side now dead, the man from before gone. All the doors shut and grown over with vines.
    I did this to myself, this is what always ends up happening now, so why, why am I this way?

  • sober_diaries 5d

    Its just so sad when absolutely no one's cares around to look what your willing to show or tell because others values the most and then your just an excuse.

  • mangolover 1w

    Addicted to Fear
    Unable to love
    Unable to heal
    Trapped in grey clouds
    Hate runs in their blood


  • kshanbhangur 1w


    वह घना गहन कच्ची थी सड़क
    दिखता नहीं कुछ भी दूर तलक
    व्यापक था तम वह चहु ओर
    था चीख रहा वह विकट मौन
    सहसा चक्षु द्वय हुऐ प्रकट
    जैसे यम ताँके स्वयं विकट
    फ़िर पीत नयन कुछ आये निकट
    सिहरन सी तन में दौड़ गयी
    मानो बिजली सी कौन्ध गयी
    टंक युगल हो शिथिल सा
    आँखों से आँखें मिलने का
    वह क्षण था एक सदियों जैसा
    फ़िर कभी नहीं होगा वैसा
    कुछ धाक अभी भी सीने में
    कुछ भय अब भी है जीने में
    उस दिन मृत्यु से मेल हुआ
    यह त्रास भरा जो खेल हुआ
    था काल खड़ा मेरे आगे
    चितकार उठा डर के मारे
    टूटी निद्रा और आँख खुली
    कुछ रात बची थी और अभी
    स्पंदन था अब भी सीने में
    मैं स्तब्ध व्यस्त था जीने में |

  • amyers 1w


    Trembling body in a cold dark room.
    Fingernails bloody with desperation.
    The worst eye bags you could imagine.
    Not screaming, but whimpering in pain.
    Silent, mouth open, air screaming~ no sound
    A pain so silent tears fall without expressionism
    Or wince.
    Desperate for touch. Any kind.
    Walking down the long dark hallway
    Bags cutting off circulation, turning my hands purple.
    I turn to see him, standing calmly, but firmly.
    Barely opening his mouth as if he's about to speak.
    Over and over.
    But he never mutters a word.
    "Say something.." I think.
    But he never said a word.
    It haunts me.
    Do you know?

  • cassiopeia_sky 1w


    Stand in Love instead of indifference to become a beacon of Kindness for others who are experiencing their own loneliness...Let diversity and curiosity overcome that fear so you will never feel alone again

  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Do away with your fear!

    Try to do away with your fear and you will see how free and comfortable you feel. Your internal fear is something that keeps you away from all ventures. Try to get rid of it and you are really free. Fear is something you can always deal with when you learn not to get affected by what others do or talk about you.

  • mamarhs_ink 1w


    In your words, you asked how long?
    For once light was in sight,
    For once I persived hope,
    For once I could feel my wounds heal
    For once the long lost satisfying laughter soothed my pain,
    For once flushes, blushes and giggles exploded from deep within,
    To my realization it was all a dreamscape.
    I wish I could relive that dream, it's safer to live in the dream than this horrifying reality.

  • zainabikhan24 1w

    A Moment Of Truth

    My dear love, I wanted to share
    My thoughts, my feelings and
    What makes me despair.
    I want to share with you
    What makes me happy what makes me feel blue...
    So you can sense that my love is honest and true.
    Every day, not a single minute
    Passes by without you in it.
    Your skin, your voice, your body and your touch.
    All of these moments, I miss them so much.
    You are so present, so deep in my heart,
    And our souls, I just know, will never part,
    But circumstance and distance can be so overwhelming
    They close doors and create doubt and we start blaming.
    There are actions of mine, and I know that for sure
    That feel so wrong, though my intentions are pure
    They are painful and impossible to bear
    And you feel it's all so unfair.
    You can't run from yourself;
    There is no place to hide.
    It just hurts you so deep.
    It hurts our heart and our pride.
    Then I worry that if I continue to stay.
    Will it be wrong and will I be in your way?
    I fear that I am not at all what you need
    And that this truth will make our heart break and bleed.
    Then I sit here and wipe away my tears,
    Wishing I could kiss away your fears.
    If only you knew how much.
    I miss and need your embrace and your touch.
    I know I can't hide from my thoughts and my fear,
    And I know at these times I don't seem near,
    But we break down these walls
    With the strength of our love,
    And then I feel blessed
    From God above!
    My love for you runs so deep through my vein
    That I dream of you, in spite of the pain.

  • ishubhankar 2w

    When I was a child,
    I feared opened windows,
    The dark clouds scared me
    The fast moving winds that flapped the window panes made me sweat
    I could feel the eyes staring at my soul, right from the roof of the large coconut trees

    Then one day years later,
    When the room had no light
    I kept staring at all my fears
    I scared the dark clouds away,
    The fast moving winds no longer had the strength to shake me weak
    And when the darkness from up above the trees peered straight to my eyes
    It found a burning light inside.


  • be_sometimesartistic 2w


    Light flickers out, the dark tunnel shows,
    Few dim fireflies it brings at most,
    I can hear your voice, dull, from afar,
    Words strung as sentences but I cant make it out.
    It’s windy scary and cold, my knees almost give out,
    To collapse down here is all they want,
    And every step I take fells an achievement on its own,
    All in hopes that you can hear my voice again.

  • angels_halo_shines 2w

    The Mending

    Getting to know yourself it's an awakening experience in itself. Realizing old habits are hard to break. The realization you can't go back in time to a turn of traumatic events are then unseen. Trying so hard to coast through. Digging through the dirt on myself. Sifting through the aftermath of a path of self destruction. Wondering why, what if & could things have been different. Perhaps so or maybe not. My path has been knocked off course. I feel & know it has been. Whether I did it as an intentional sway of actions or a course of life forming unbeknownst to me.
    All the events taken place, recollecting the wish that I could use an eraser for the bad. Oh, but yes don't we all have some sort of willingly erasable moment.
    There is no amount of time to give yourself. As a healthy healing process, not on your own. Well, the contradictory statement I could be proven wrong. Just for the sake of it to be proven. Inspiration, it is slim to none these days.
    No concentration. No words to put together I suppose. Knowing all the while writing helps me deal with life. Every day events & occurrences. Only when my mind can mend together to focus. The mending never comes easy. The haunting of the memories eating me alive come to light. Hopefully, for the last time I ever need to speak of them again. I fear nothing. That's a lie I try to convince myself. To be able to face the outside world. Grown so damn frigidly cold & evil. Without hesitation will eat you alive if you allow it to. You can go on ahead & prove me wrong. I don't mind a bit.

  • word_dreamer7 2w

    ~The fear within

    Because worst of all was the fear that she would be broken and left alone once again...

  • puneetkumarpk 2w

    जब भी ये बूंदे बरसती हैं तो आंखो में कहीं खुशी और गाम दरसते हैं कभी कभी आंखें भी बरसती हैं तो कभी देखने को तरसती है कभी खुशी बरसती हैं और सब मे नया उत्साह दिखता है कहीं लोगों में वर्षा में शकुन तो कहीं डर दिखाई देता है किसी के लिए तोफा तो किसी को खतरा देखाई देता है कभी कभी तो बरसात क्यू नहीं होती ये सुनाई देता हैं तो कभी कब रुक जाए बस ये सुनाई देता है हर एक बूंद में एक नया रंग दिखाई देता है


  • bleu999 2w

    i n m y b l o o d

    I'm a monster
    In a temple
    Hiding from the pain I bring
    The urge for harm
    Growing greater
    God above, tell me something
    'Cause there's a hole
    Growing deeper
    I feel it tainting my blood
    I felt the change
    I understood
    When they dragged me through the mud
    I close my eyes
    Open my mind
    Subdued by greater visions
    Moving mountains
    Parting oceans
    Are my only ambitions
    I'll chase my dreams
    Ignore my fears
    And tear down those walls I built
    I'm not a monster
    This ain't a temple
    And I refuse to feel guilt


  • smartsam 2w


    Hopes cut & tears
    whole world living in fear!
    Disease, heavy price
    & worries of beloved dear!

    Exam result fear
    no job or scare
    losing job fear!
    Fear is here
    Fear no less there!
    Fear grim our days
    spread everywhere!

    Fear or living
    fear of dying!
    Anxious of buying
    suspicious people many lying!

    Fear of kids out
    fear older ones in!
    Dread of cheaters
    fear of wrong & sin!

    Aversion to borrow
    trembling of tomorrow!
    Dismay these days so much
    many hearts cold &
    minds many narrow!

    Disease & or accident
    known or unprecedent!
    Fear engripped humans
    mindset & also past incidents!

    Dread of tremble
    earthquake in night!
    Trepidation of unknown strange seen in skies unknown lights!

    Terrorist or terror
    ambush god forbid warfare!
    Fear aghast in heart
    losing beloved or hearts pale
    on one cares!

    Whole world lives in fear
    they eat in fear!
    Work in fear,
    save in fear
    Live in fear finally & they
    die in fear!!

    Grim catastrophic &
    gloom, panic world over!
    In eyes heart fear
    Mind & words also silent,
    this globe all is gripped
    in fear,fear & fear!


  • rooterscooterj 3w


    Sometimes I forget I need to have a voice
    Sometimes I hide because of my fears
    Sometimes deep within I cry for fear of not being worthy.

    BUT then I’m reminded that love conquers fear and I am here
    to have courage
    to speak
    to share
    to love.

    I forget to remember
    so I come back here to remember
    there is love here.

    A MARieee